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[Image: fl2-9.jpg]

The queltron machine

"once an event is earlier than another event, is it earlier at all times?"

"What kind of physical description is provided by the retarded, advanced and symmetric versions of the Schrödinger equation?"

"As a natural consequence of this, if there is not a precise static instant in time underlying a dynamical physical process, there is no physical progression or flow of time, as without a continuous and chronological progression through definite indivisible instants of time over an extended interval in time, there can be no progression. This may seem somewhat counter-intuitive, but it is exactly what is required by nature to enable time (relative interval as indicated by a clock), motion and the continuity of a physical process to be possible."

[Image: fl2-10.jpg]

"Minkowski space-time also illustrates time to be a derivative notion, not actually flowing as our subjective conscious perceptions often seem to suggest."

"The wave function does not react instantaneously to the external action, but reacts after an interval of time which is characteristic of the described system. That Earth-3100 visitors to Earth-1964 could be detected, measured, and seen, simply means those visitors from the future belong to a specific type of systems: those systems in which the functioning of the queltron machine has been learned"

[Image: fl2-11.jpg]

Civilization and Description

Type I
They ignore it exists

Type II
They could have discovered it, but they didn't

Type III
They discovered it, but they didn't understand it

Type IV
They did understand it, but they didn't know how to build it

Type V
They built it, but didn't know how to use it

Type VI
They learned how to use it, they use it, and now they are here

Moving in the jerky way implied by the conjunction of continuous space and discrete time, instead, only requires being at a place at one chronon and at a different place at the immediately subsequent chronon. Moving this way is surely not incompatible with the staccato run, but it does not entail it either, so our observer may not see any jerky motion of the latter kind. What she will certainly see, on the other hand, is teleportation.

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... chine.html

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[Image: 13.jpg]

Modelling future worlds
Tracking reality to model global collapse

Models consistently forecast collapse after 2050, with a peak around 2075, largely based around climate change impacts within a fossilized geopolitical framework, with features akin to the LTG comprehensive technology scenario. The conclusion is that in order to extend current civilization lifetime to around 2120, that geopolitical framework must be changed, either "silently" (selective elimination of current political actors) or abruptly (total devastation of large industrial complexes in Western countries and the Gulf).

[Image: 14.png]

The main parameters to control are population (actually, you can only control depopulation); food supply per capita (by interrupting logistics vectors), industrial output per capita (by disrupting or directly destroying industrial complexes), services per capita (by implementing the orb-based energetic blackout acting on the power grid), fraction of non-renewable resources available (through hostile geoengineering activities), and persistent global pollution.

[Image: 15.png]

different social dynamics might become relevant to either exaggerate or ameliorate the collapse either by forcing social models through global leadership, or by generating regional and global wars, while carefully shaping people's beliefs and views.

Means to make doubtful what it would otherwise be obvious, that is what truth supression is all about. Modern society has shown some capacity to deal with long-term threats, at least if they are obvious or continuously brought to attention, and that is why truth supression is so essential for the global collapse to succeed.

collapse is not avoided according to our predictions but simply delayed by one to two decades, and when it occurs the speed of decline is even greater. We estimate that by 2075 the collapse will be visible to the general population, which implies we need to reinforce the mind shaping and truth management strategies starting 2030, with a convenient disclousure around 2100 in order to make collapse unavoidable and global.

[Image: 16.png]

The change in the global energetic model has already been successfully blocked by forcing a lack of credit for funding any coordinated transition.

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... cking.html

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[Image: 11.jpg]

Consciousness, Information, and Future

Debasing stellar civilizations

"You need a global consciousness to process the vast amounts of information that would allow your people to build a future for themselves."

"Actually, removing the capability to communicate through symbols would result in an increase of other senses and, more specifically, would allow them to develop telepathic and direct brain-to-brain communication skills. This would take them a step further in evolution. And that's why the designers implanted the verbal communication instinct in their DNA, so as to guarantee they will never evolve into free beings. Verbal communication is a cancer that keeps you down in the evolutionary chain"

[Image: 12.png]

"the four usual kinds of expansion (in production, population, geographic extent, and knowledge) is always followed by decay and collapse. Expansion means weakening: a vast increase in population while knowledge stagnates leads always to self-destruction."

"The ending of geographic expansion and of the growth of knowledge is difficult to establish in the core of any civilizazation as long as that civilization is continuing to expand in its peripheral areas. In fact, the expression "geographic expansion" can apply only to the society as a whole and could never be established for some limited portion of it."

Landing on a moon does not mean a particular civilization has expanded. It does not even mean that particular civilization has gained any knowledge about that moon at all. Knowledge requires understanding.

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... uture.html

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[Image: fl2-12.jpg]

Kaons and time reversibility

One future, many pasts

"The laws of Physics are not identical going forward and backward in time. Processes which violate T symmetry induce destructive interference between different paths that the universe can take through time. The interference eliminates all paths except for two that represent continuously forwards and continuously backwards time evolution"

"T violation can induce large scale effects via interference. T violation may give an explanation of why the universe appears to continue to move in one direction."

"There is a preference for one time direction over another. You do not travel in time, you do travel in space-time, and this understanding is key for the working of the queltron machine"

[Image: fl2-13.jpg]

"Nature is not deterministic, not because the initial state was a low entropy one. Consider the Paintsville UFO incident. The model explains how two Sol-3 crafts chasing a Giselian probe, in STO-2710, jump to Sol-3 STO-2002. Once the Giselian object jumps to STO-2002, it maneouvers to hide and avoid detection, landing on the train tracks. Local time is 20020114. Some seven minutes later, the two chasing Sol-3 crafts appear in the area, slow down, and start combing the nearby river searching for the Giselian craft. The second Sol-3 craft detects the presence of the Giselian object, hovering over the train tracks, and attempts a proximity operation, causing the Giselian object to speed up at low altitude along the tracks moving towards an incoming coal train from the opposite direction. The first Sol-3 craft quickly positions itself over the train to neutralize it and avoid a frontal collision with the Giselian object, which finally impacts against the coal train. Both Sol-3 crafts jump back to STO-2710."

"Some subatomic processes have a preferred direction of time, which means some processes have a higher probability to manifest in some directions of time, and a lower probability in other directions."

"the movement of masses in a world with discrete time and continuous space cannot correspond to a discrete geometry in the sense that only a discrete geometry could reflect the ordinal properties of the set of places in that world that are occupied by some object. You need something more than just antigravity to avoid a collision, and that's exactly what the B anti-B meson experiment is telling us."

"a macroscopic time evolution is possible only if there is some energy flux between system and environment. This is a must. Now, the states described by the symmetric equation are basically equilibrium states, without nett dissipation or absorption of energy by the system as a whole. Sure we can also conceive the symmetric equation as describing a closed system - Sol-3 in STO-2012, Paintsville - which does not exchange energy with the external world. But the fact that the Giselian object collided against the train must have been as astonishing for the Giselians as it was for the Sol-3 STO-2012 beings."

[Image: fl2-14.jpg]

"A chronon and an x-structure describe an immediate causal priority of monads. If a creation causally precedes an annihilation this is a chronon. If an annihilation causally precedes a creation this is an x-structure, and this holds both for B mesons and for kaons, both in our world and in theirs"

"It was exciting to design an experimental analysis that enabled us to observe, directly and unambiguously, the asymmetrical nature of time"

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... uture.html

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[Image: fl2-18.jpg]

Agginntu Eimut

"if the laws of Relativity allow us to revisit the past, then it never really passed, and a time that fails to pass is no time at all. The Queltron Machine proves what we alreay knew, that you cannot teleport matter, but you can teleport information."

"Is it possible to send an object or even just information backwards through time, without bringing temporal paradoxes with it? It all looks as if the Universe were a computer in which 'the present' is the runtime, data is read from 'the past', and results are generated in 'the future'."

"There have been several experiments where photons appear to travel faster than the speed of light, and hence backwards through time. However, the real test is whether any information can move backwards through time, and so far only once we had success in demonstrating causality violations, and it wasn't fun at all."

[Image: fl2-19.jpg]

"You need to understand that quantum teleportation is not the same as the common term 'teleportation' because no matter is transported at all, just information. It is also known as entanglement-assisted teleportation because as well as using a conventional communication channel, it uses entanglement to transmit quantum information non-locally. However, because classical information cannot be transmitted instantaneously, quantum teleportation cannot be used for communication at superluminal speeds, so teleportation alone is not a valid form of time travel."

[Image: fl2-20.jpg]

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[Image: fl3-1.jpg]


Trap Doors in Space and Time and the Mirror Universe

Learn this: when you travel in space, you also travel in time. The faster you move, the deeper into your past you get. You are locked into your perception of time and causality. That's why you fear... those lights in the sky.

the vastness of time is also the vastness of space. And life. Fear Death not, child of Sol-3.

[Image: fl3-2.png]

[Image: fl3-3.png]

[Image: fl3-4.png]

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... e-and.html

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[Image: 17.jpg]

Queltron and The Great Filter

"It is not farfetched to suppose that there might be some possible technology which is such that virtually all sufficiently advanced civilizations eventually discover it and its discovery leads almost universally to existential disaster."

"Count yourself extremely lucky never to have been visited by them. They will do to you what you would, were you to be in their future. That's the future to come: famine, overpopulation, pandemias, global natural disasters, and an oppressing global government ruled by a couple of companies. That's the future they're escaping from."

"If we discovered the fossils of some very complex life form, such as of some vertebrate-like creature, we would have to conclude that the probability is very great that the bulk of the Great Filter is ahead of us. Such a discovery would be a crushing blow. It would be by far the worst news ever printed on a newspaper cover."

"Strategy? No, there's no strategy at all. Staying alive: that"s really what it"s all about, as far as avoiding the Sixth Mass Extinction goes. It"s time to get down to business and start building our future, and this requires to be able to identify the Great Filter, learn how it operates, learn about its weak points, and fight it."

"Our need to produce food has both direct and indirect effects on other species. The direct effect is to take that third of the planet"s icefree lands we use for food production out of play for other species. The melting of the ice caps is good news after all: it will make available for us more icefree land to grow plants and produce food."

"What are we willing to pay to get what we want? Are we ready to decimate the world population and replace some billions people with robots? Wouldn't that result in a really sustainable planet for the remaining billion people after all?"

"De-extinction works as follows: because DNA degrades so fast and there is no safe way to store it permanently, the only strategy is to mix it with some other species DNA. The portion of DNA stored is what you call 'junk DNA'. De-extinction is based on replicating as many as possible of those bits and pieces of their DNA from humans, arrange the pieces in the right order, fill in the missing pieces, and come out with viable non-human DNA back again. For them we are just that: the storage media. When they did that in the first place we don't know. When they'll come back to retrieve their DNA we don't know either."

"Posthumanism, postbiological civilizations, and all that shit related to consciousness uploading is a set of brutal, retarded, and psychopathic ideas we need to counter. There is no overpopulation and no famine: there is a criminal distribution of land and food on behalf of a few ones, the same ones that decide who should survive and who should perish. No wonder those who support posthumanism are the same who don't care about the thousands migrants dieing in the Mediterranean Sea. And by the way, those who fear an alien invasion are too the ones who fear migrants. If you dream of a future postbiological world that is because you were never human."

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... ilter.html

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[Image: 60.jpg]

The Queltron Collider

Indirect searches for CTC's

"It is the continued existence of a physical body and brain with the right relations to one"s body and brain at earlier times what ensures one"s continued conscious existence."
"we really ought to clarify that the time traveller cognitive apparatus will undergo a severe reorganization and that, as a result, only a small part of it will be able to support conscious thought. This explains why the first experiments resulted in travellers turned into mindless zombies."

[Image: 61.jpg]

"one is not permitted to expect a state of affairs that combines facts from distinct worlds."

[Image: 62.jpg]

"Much as dreams are understood as emergent structures whose emergence is due to a phenomenon known as 'dreaming', worlds are to also be understood as emergent structures whose emergence is due to a phenomenon known as 'environmental decoherence'. Waking up destroys dreams, so, what would destroy worlds?"

[Image: 63.jpg]

"like the tiles in a glass mosaic, any attempt to remove one part of the drawing results in the breaking of the glass, extracting objects from the spacetime could result simply in some type of nothingness."

[Image: 64.jpg]

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... rches.html

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[Image: 65.jpg]


Humans as Chronesthetic Creatures

"The last function of reason is to recognize that there are an infinity of things which surpass it." Blaise Pascal

"it may be the case after all that there is some fundamental limit to time intervals, and so it becomes a matter of curiosity as to how far we can go along that road."

[Image: 66.jpg]

"intelligence could have evolved in our galaxy 4-5 billion years ago, since the oldest stars in our galaxy formed about 10-11 billion years ago; several lines of evidence agree that extraterrestrial intelligence could have emerged several billion years ago."

[Image: 67.jpg]

"this is the first observational evidence that we do live in an acausal universe. On the other hand, though it is widely believed that the existence of time machines must lead to some paradoxes in fact not a single such paradox has ever been found."

"In a now seminal work in the field of memory research, Tulving (1985) presented the case of patient K.C. who, at the age of 30, suffered a traumatic brain injury as a result of a motorcycle accident. Although a good deal of K.C.?s cognitive faculty was left intact following the injury ? for example, his general intelligence and language skills were preserved ? he displayed an unusual pattern of memory loss. While he could recount knowledge of the world (e.g., semantic memories) and recite very recently encountered information (e.g., short-term memories), K.C. was unable to recall the details of his personal experiences. He knew, for instance, who the members of his family were but was unable to remember any specific event relating to them. When asked describe occurrences from his past, K.C. simply reported that his mind was blank. This led Tulving to suggest that K.C. displayed a total loss of episodic memory (i.e., memories of personally experienced events). Notably however, K.C. also reported the "same kind of blankness" when asked to contemplate personally relevant future events, such as what he might do the next day. Put simply, K.C. had lost the ability to travel mentally through time. In the same way he was unable to revisit past experiences, he was also unable to prospectively look into the future, leaving his mind perpetually stranded in the here-and-now."

[Image: 68.jpg]

"the metaphorical arrow of time is grounded in a perception action system which integrates temporal with spatial information, that is, the core cognitive capacity of mental time travel may be grounded in the embodiment of spatio-temporal information"

[Image: 69.jpg]

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... hetic.html

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[Image: 26.jpg]

Detecting Kardashev 3 YeV neutrino sources

Is the Universe a huge particle collider?

"Survival of a supercivilization can only be answered with cosmic engineering."

"The Yulara event is so far the only credible and unambigious signs of ETs. Obviously no Kardashev 3 supercivilization is interested in consuming the Galaxy for the mere sake of consumption. And obviously curiosity as a motivation for cosmic engineering is not enough to explain what we observe. If you wish to probe space-time beyond the Standard Model you need a particle accelerator that is as big as the Solar System, and most likey the size of the Galaxy. But if you wish to probe space-time at the Planck's scale, then you need a collider the size of the whole Universe."

"It is not that ETs are interested in fundamental physics so that they resort to such cosmic engineering. It is that they need to, if they wish to transcend the collapsing Universe in which we all live. Creating a replica Universe requires an accelerator the size of the entire Universe you wish to replicate. Those supercivilizations living close to the Omega point have no option if they want to escape this Universe."

"Yulara event is YeV–XeV radiation for which only one source is known: an advanced class of accelerators. It comes from the right source, at the right time, and there is no natural phenomena explaining the radiation. Planck accelerators require a lot of fine-tuning, a lot of control parameters, and there is no chance at all that Nature could produce such a device without intelligent intervention."

"A type KII-BΩ civilization soon learns that using the Queltron Machine to move back in time does not avoid the big crunch; it too learns that jumping to a parallel Universe doesn't, either. Only creating a replica Universe ex novo can. But to build the Queltron Machine you need to be a KIII supercivilization."

"A Planck accelerator is probably close to collapsing into a black hole, based on the required electromagnetic energy density, and we now know black holes can be harnessed. The distribution of this class of black holes is not at all random but, rather, it follows a rational scheme. There is a purpose behind that distribution."

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... trino.html

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[Image: 10a.jpg]

LEB Contact Strategies

Memoryless Operators and TT Scenarios

"You need to wait for the biological system to enter into the sleep state; they always do, and this is something you cannot induce at a distance. Humans tend to sleep some 7 hours and they tend to do it by night. This has to do with both their photobiological nature and the orbital parameters of their home planet. Once in the sleep state you can initiate contact. Unless you leave behind a physical evidence of the contact, the subject will never tell the difference between the contact an a dream. Visual imagery must be fed carefully as the human brain tends to fear what it does not understand and readily turns inocuous images into a nightmare, a special kind of dreams that are frightening and unpleasant for the dreamer."

"Contact using the paraphysical channel should not be made during the first few hours after falling asleep as most humans do not recall their dreams upon awakening. The LEB contact strategy requires a delicate balance between different sleep states which do differ in duration and intensity."

"How does memory work in a time travel scenario? What do we recall once we've traveled in time? Time travel does not involve changing the past; it involves changing what we do remember about the past. This is what we've learned from Giselians."

"Of all possible dream states a human can experience, hypnagogia is the one showing a higher success probability for the LEB strategy. However, loosening of ego boundaries is experienced as a frightening condition by humans. It is thus essential to make them have the impression of familiarity toward the person, place, or objects upon which our contact visual imagery is built."

"Dreaming helps to create, rather than reveal, past experiences. This is why dream technologies are key in any successful time traveling development."

"The desired information isn't lost over time; it is either never registered in memory to begin with, or not sought after at the moment it is needed, because attention is focused elsewhere. Another issue to avoid is the one related to persistence, in which the subject entails repeated recall of disturbing information or events that he would prefer to banish from his mind altogether, that is, remembering what we cannot forget, even though we wish that we could."

"we will need to immerse ourselves in the dark sides of memory and dreaming if we wish to make of LEB a valid contact strategy, and we need to fully explore the properties of the environment in which the memory system operates if we wish to have a slight chance of making contact with them."

"It is clear that a time traveller is not as simple as a spatial one and to visit your younger ego cannot be like a journey to an old aunt in the countryside. If occurrents and continuants can coexist and can be caught in ordinary language and ordinary thought, an object going through a CTC is not simply an occurrent or a continuant. It is possible that we have to leave place for this third type of temporal object, something that isn’t yet present in our language and cannot be accommodated with our minds. The presence of a time traveller can be considered as a third type of existence: he is in a real world but he can influence no objects in it that are temporal parts of the whole to which he belongs. It remind us of the difference between quantum particles and macroscopic objects or the difference between wave and corpuscle. It is better to accept it as a new type of temporal existence and not to force it into our classical view of occurrent and continuants."

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... yless.html

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[Image: 21a.jpg]

Detecting Queltron-capable civilizations

"if one could show that quantum field theory forbids violations of averaged weak energy condition, one could rule out advanced civilizations maintaining traversible wormholes."

"In the Queltron machine, the Cauchy horizon is fully stable and thus constitutes a counterexample to the conjecture of strong cosmic censorship."

"if the laws of physics permit traversible worm holes, then they probably also permit such a worm hole to be transformed into a time machine with which causality might be violatable"

[Image: 21b.jpg]

"one can imagine an advanced civilization pulling a worm hole out of the quantum foam and enlarging it to classical size"

"we are far away from knowing how to build a Queltron machine, but our main interest right now is not to build one, but to learn how to disrupt it in order to avoid unsolicited visitors from using it. We need to find ways to avoid the energy-stress tensor from violating the averaged weak energy condition or, at least, to restore it the very moment we detect a wormhole is about to appear in our vicinity."

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... tions.html

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[Image: 28a.jpg]

Third state of the soul

"... for to consciously travel into the past is different from time itself flowing backward..."

"Every mental choice has, by definition, a cause, and is therefore not free of past influences. On the other hand, if a given mental event is purely random, then it cannot be considered as a conscious choice. This means free choice cannot exist for all and any time traveler. So yes, both they and us can time travel, but every "time" we do it we turn ourselves into different persons, in different worlds, with no memory of our past."

"Could there be any survival of individual knowledge beyond death? What about survival of collective knowledge? If Denebians knew in advance they were to face total entropic extinction, wouldn't they had used the Queltron machine to at least save their knowledge?"

[Image: 28b.jpg]

"Extensive analyses on the subjects who were sent through the Queltron machine showed that their memories are stored in holographic form, rather than photographic, by the brain. That they couldn't recall their memories, either at destination or once they were back, shows we do not quite understand the effects of time travel on one's brain."

"In a way, XViS analysis shows the Queltron machine is sort of a dream machine: while we experience higher levels of reality during our sleep, we do not remember those experiences upon awakening. Or if we do, we do it lously."

"the objective physical reality which gave rise to your civilization has receded into the past. If you wish to go back in time to recover that objective physical reality you'll find yourself travelling like a sphere of light, wandering through the forests of Sol-3, hovering over its lakes, volcanoes, mountains, and valleys. That won't last, for Death means death of matter, mind, and consciousness. Life and love are volatile."

[Image: 28c.jpg]

"Do you remember when we first met them at Lake Laberge? Put them into dream state, if you want them to see you. Show yourself as a rhythmic white light, over the lake. The very moment you feel fear in their eyes, gently fade away. That's all the interaction you can get."

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... -soul.html

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[Image: q1.jpg]

Detection of timeline shifts

Traversing transparent futures

"Meaning is achieved through our life story, and this life story is something we have to construct ourselves."

"On arriving to the target timeline the idea is to fully and completely recreate a single event belonging to that timeline. Events depend on others events, and they are all causally connected, hence recreating a single event would theoretically allow you to recover the entire timeline. However, there are serious contraints. The capability to reconstruct an event is constrained by the duration of that event. The longer it lasts, the harder to recreate it. That's why the visitors always attempt to reconstruct short-duration specific events, though this is in no way an easy task."

"In the simplest form of event structure, a prime event structure, an event is associated with a unique causal history, its prime cause. However, it is quite common for an event to have disjunctive causes in that it can be enabled by any one of multiple sets of causes. Sometimes the sets of causes may be mutually exclusive, inconsistent one with another, and sometimes not, in which case they coexist consistently and constitute parallel causes of the event. The established model of general event structures can model parallel causes. On occasion however such a model abstracts too far away from the precise causal histories of events to be directly useful."

[Image: q2.jpg]

"Time travel engineering is solely based on the idea that a general event structure comprises three events A, B and D where D can occur once A or B have occurred and where all events can occur together. The events A and B constitute parallel causes of the event D. Thus, recreating event a would be enough for events B and C to be recovered."

"Time traveling forward in time requires to select futures that are transparent. That is, timelines in which when the result is ready, they become the result. If a message is sent to a future, it waits until it turns into the result before processing the message. Transparent futures are powerful because they allow travelers to minimize timeline blocking while also freeing the time traveler from managing the fine details of worldline synchronization."

[Image: q3.jpg]

"Queltron exercise in reconstruction of the STO-04600b37w-1991 event - Piper Aerostar crash in which Senator Heinz was killed - was chosen due to the fact that the event was deemed easily triggered by sending DENIED message to the specific point in that timeline, forcing the collision of a Bell 412 helicoper with the Piper Aerostar. The kickoff event was the blocking of the landing gear of Heinz's plane - event STO-04690b37w-1991 - and the subsequent dispatch of the said helicopter to assess the situation, which resulted in the subsequent collision."

"The Queltron machine was programmed as per the events described in NTSB/AAR-991/01/SUM, having in mind we are here talking about a specific event - STO-04600b37w-1991 event - that happened in a parallel timeline separated from ours by at least three other worldlines. On the other hand, Sol-3b37w is a totally different world from Sol-3b12wr. The first world was a trivial Sol-3 world in 1991, while the second one was a modelled world roughly resembling the former, though with big societal differences that would make of it a strange unreal world for any time traveler coming from our world"

"That it was a simulated event is a conclusion drawn from the fact that there were some variations in the altitudes for both aircraft, including a possible increase in altitude by the helicopter just prior to the collision. Those variation are totally absent in the replica event in Sol-3b12wr"

[Image: q4.jpg]

"At 1210:16, on April, 4th 1991, local Sol-3b37w Bell 412 pilot reported that everything looked good from his position, something weird because at that exact time the time traveling message made it through his worldline and, for what we know about DENIED, he ought to have seen a flash of bright light just in front of his position signalling the entry into his timeline of the message sent by us in 2029."

"Most of the witnesses reported that before the collision, they saw a blueish flash of light as the aircraft were flying straight and level and that their flight paths were parallel. The reference to the flash of light was conveniently removed from the final NTSB crash report by SV17q assets in both 1991 timelines."


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