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Evolution, perception, and communication

On the use of engineered messengers for communication with exotic logical beings

"Most advanced alien species will likely have developed forms of communication completely unrecognizable to us."

"there are probably as many distinct life forms and intelligences as habitable planetary environments in the Universe"

"unrecognizable exotic logic systems"

"though we do not understand the meaning of those messages, we insist that each of them displays exactly the same logical information content. They correspond to the same underlying set of ground atomic formulæ in the 4-dimensional logical language that we call Cassini Diskus. There is a clear intent to communicate with us, and all of their exploration strategies are meant to acquire data about our environment in order to understand our relationship with that environment and, thus, finetune their communication to match our Earth-specific biology. We think Denebian probes are not just deep space exploration probes: they are engineered messengers that self-organize according to the exotic species with whom they want to communicate. Yes, in that sense they act as viruses sensing a potential host."

"I'm sure a jellyfish dreams too. In its dreams, a jellyfish is less of a jellyfish, and a dreaming human is also less human, I mean, belief systems and logic dilute in dreams, so I find it more than natural that Giselians based their communication with us through dreams."

"What we need is a comprehensive integration of the concept of coevolution of life and environment, and we need to fully grasp the essential role this may play in the structure of Giselian environmental sensing systems. That is, we need to understand how we establish a relationship with a logical system of which we ignore everything, a logical system that fundamentally affects how they perceive their world, how they intellectualise that world, and how they communicate it. Understanding how a virus works says nothing about how a virus 'think', much as understanding how the human body works says nothing about what humans think about the world."

"we spent only a small part of our time looking for symmetries, supersymmetries and hidden structures in those messages, yet we were so primitive that we devoted much of our time in trying to understand the messenger instead of focusing on the message"

"In the past we thought that, in order to be able to communicate with intelligent beings, we needed a common language, though it is obvious that we cannot agree on a common language because it is impossible to exchange messages prior to having a common language. We therefore had to design a suitable language such that we could teach the other party this language. The main idea was that once they learned the language, they would understand any messages that we send them. On the other hand, Giselians act differently; they first explore our environment, our biology, probably our neural system too, and only after they decide on what language to use to communicate with us. They chose dreams, and for a very good reason."

"What is really important to understand is that in logic the abstract information content is monotone increasing with the development of the proof, and we should not confuse this information content with the varied representations of it."

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... ation.html

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[Image: 49.jpg]

Geometric Shapes and Emotional States

Cassini Diskus and its cognitive significance

Autism Barrier: breaking on through to the other side

electromagnetic vibrations of sound and light create positive healing changes in humans. When certain frequencies are reached and sustained the brain produces hormones such as serotonin and melatonin which in turn affect emotions.

[Image: 50.jpg]

Entrain means synchronization, when a periodic frequency stimulus such as aural, as in the case of binaural beats or else visual, as with a Dreamachine or electromagnetic radiation and aims to cause brainwave frequencies to fall into step with the exciting stimulus, having a frequency corresponding to the intended Delta, Theta, Alpha or Beta brainwave state. Brainwave entrainment depends upon a frequency-following response, where the human brain has a natural tendency to change its dominant EEG frequency to correspond with the frequency of a dominant external stimulus.

Persingers research uses contemporary brain analysis technology, EEG, fMRI, positron emission tomography (PET), and single photon emission tomography SPET to determine if spiritual experiences may result from a hallucinogenic neurochemical release from the pineal organ (Persinger, Hill, 2003). Persinger’s nume reports analysed cerebral blood flow during Glossolalia (1984), transcendental meditation (1993), meditative prayer and Buddhist meditation (2003) to determine if spiritual activities may have been responsible for altered states of consciousness.

transformations can be attained in three different ways: through symbolic body gestures exerted in dance; using the voice to sing mantras or other evocative vocalisations and by using the mind in meditation.

The pedagogical exercises in eurhythmy begin by forming the body into straight lines and curves and proceed through successively more complicated geometric forms to develop coordination and concentration. Eurhythmy has been used successfully to improve the attention and learning capacities of school children especially within the Waldorf teaching curriculum, also initiated by Steiner, in 1919.

the viewer is asked to remain attentive to the sounds and the visuals but to let their mind drift and wander as much as possible without direction. It is suggested that the viewer remains in a comfortable sitting position and allows the colours and patterns take them wherever they go.

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... tates.html

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[Image: 63.jpg]

Distant Light Nanopulses

Language Emergence through Shared Communication

many of the behaviors associated with acts of naming involve general kinds of cognitive abilities that are specific neither to humans nor to language.

the diskus is a tool needed to decipher what they are trying to communicate to us, in their own words, out of the depths of who they are and where they come from. We therefore need any interpreter we can muster if we wish to fully understand what they are communicating to us.

[Image: 64.png]

In cooperative communication about detached goals, a particularly important case of sharing inner worlds is to jointly refer to objects that are not present on the scene of communication.

[Image: 65.png]

The beauty of the diskus is that it operates as a language creation tool. It seems they know we will not be able to understand their language, and it may be they also accept they will not understand ours, hence the idea of using a device in order for both communication partners to create a language is the best option. Language emerges naturally during this interaction between us and them, a language which just serves the specific purpose it was intended for: to establish a contact.

a stable communicative system can emerge as a result of iterated interactions between artificial agents, even though there is nobody who determines any ”rules” of the communication. A general finding of the experiments is that the more ”speakers” and ”hearers” are involved in communication about the same outer world, the stronger is the convergence of the reference of the ”words” that are used and the faster is the convergence attained. Still, different ”dialects” in the simulated community often emerge.

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... guage.html

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[Image: 18a.jpg]

Xenolinguistics: Communicating with other lifeforms

How are we to explain what animals can and cannot learn about language, and what children can and do learn?

If we can bring animals to the limits of their capabilities we may be able to see if what they are doing has anything to do with the precursors of human language, and if so, what must have taken place in our evolution to enable us to come so much further in our language capability.

It is always possible to compare, the question is whether the comparison
is valid and interesting. It is not sufficient to merely juxtapose two instances of a phenomenon, begin listing the components of each and performing an item by item comparison. First we must establish a basis
for the juxtaposition.

[Image: 18b.png]

Human language complexity is but a myth. The only complexity, if any, arises from the fact that humans are both predators and preys, thus one would expect a certain degree in complexity in human language. But except for this, human language is not more complex than, say, wolf or dolphin language.

Barks appear to be unsuitable for stable information transmission, but they are appropriate for a few other purposes, including acoustic ranging. Barks are short, vocalizations that cover a broad frequency range – from below 500 Hz to over 2.5 kHz. This type of sound has some distinct advantages when used in the context of agonistic interactions or as an alarm call. Barks are likely to trigger the acoustic-startle reflex in nearby animals, which causes them to increase their alertness and orient towards the sound source.

Actually, human language is extremely predictable, highly unefficient, and easily learnable. I guess xenolinguistics will be a matter of second language acquisition, as usual, if and only if, the biological species we wish to communicate with are humanlike lifeforms.

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... -with.html

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** Note .... Just to add that Cassini Diskus is a created 4 dimensional language intended to be used in order to contact and interact with another set of beings who 'share' the same 'space' as humans!

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