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[Image: 10.jpg]

What Reality?

Schröndinger's razor and Occam's cat

"when a civilization reduces Science to Ideology, it is signing its death sentence; the entire peer review process simply implanted ideology over analysis, and your entire health and environmental sciences is just mere ideology. Ideology makes you blind to see global warming, for instance, but it makes you even blind to Reality. The best kept secret is this: even all of your quantum mechanics is ideology. You are not even a Type-0 civilization, for you are no civilization at all."

"your secrecy and blindness led to yet another (as if there were any scarcity of them) 'establishment', a network of elitists, contrary to knowing and becoming, of which 'those in the know' are the new priests. Those talking about control loops, what are they really doing but to try to control others?"

"We just only recently began to recognize the key role of hallucinosis. Hallucinosis (presence of delusion and hallucination in a personality otherwise conserved) is a complex process by which hallucinations remain unseen, passing for normal. The consequent thought and visual disturbances are disguised by rationality. Under hallucinosis, you experiment hallucinations without being aware of them. This is the mechanism on which contact with NTT is based."

"Yulara taught us a lot about them. See, the site was fully monitored, cameras installed around the perimeter, detectors were all over the place, everything was recorded at any imaginable wavelength. The entire encounter took the form of an hallucination, except that the detectors detected, the cameras recorded, and the observers observed. This made us wonder whether there exists a new type of hallucination in which detectors can also be tricked to detect objects and a presence that, according to the laws of physics, cannot be there."

"Hallucinosis is just a consequence of the mirror world. Give Schrödinger Occam's razor, and give Occam Schrödinger's cat and what you get is just that: the phenomena. This is just a new form of mind-matter interaction, but in this case the mind is your mind and the matter comes from the hidden dimension. This would explain why detectors detect objects, but only your mind and not mine does, even when we both were there at the same time. That's how I see it."

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... r-and.html

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[Image: 10.jpg]

Satanic Cults in Renaissance Florence

interpretation moved on to progressively more devilish readings of the tale, ending with a claim that perhaps its apparently innocent blasphemy was the key to seeing that Alibech’s sexual service to God reversed the biblical Fall, made the desert bloom as a new Garden of Eden, and even promised the arrival of the long-awaited third and last age of man inaugurated by none other than that innocent servant of God.

Books of necromancy had been used by Modenese magicians as early as the fourteenth century, as proved in one of the earliest surviving trials, that against Benvenuta Mangialoea (1370), who recalls that her father-in-law Manfredino taught her how to invoke demons using a big book, which allowed him to 'perform marvelously horrible things.

According to Renaissance theology, that third and last promised age, much like the age that preceded it, ushered in by Christ, would change in fundamental ways humanity’s relationship with God.

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... ikuri.html

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[Image: 11.jpg]

Šiřpipen Socuri

[Image: 12.png]

The archaic, cosmogonical axiology demonstrates itself in semantics of directions and space. The vertical bisection of the world corresponded to its horizontal division into four directions. The four horizontal directions are most likely determined by the symmetry of the human body: left, right, front, and back. These are natural directions or dimensions which are perceptually more salient than some others.

[Image: 13.png]

To the aquatic beliefs which actuality remained until now, belongs the belief in the revitalizing and purifying power of water, this is demonstrated in: the symbolic function of baptism; drinking water from the sources of everlasting life; and the symbolic ablutions preceding important activities.

On one hand, the opposition is derived from the biological nature of human being as an animal; the superior animal self-survival instinct determines such other instincts as reproduction, hunger, and so forth. On the other hand, the life-death opposition is the factor determining the development and the structure of the prelogical, mytho-magical thought.

[Image: 14.png]

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... ocuri.html

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[Image: 52.jpg]

The Rañada-Milgrom Effect

Free falling into the eyes of the hologramer

At some level the capacity of the brain is large but finite and countable; how then do we know that the apparent discreteness of the macroscopic world is not an artifact of the discreteness of the device with which we perceive things?

Elementary particles can be programmed to perform arbitrary digital computations. Therefore, the computing universe is not a metaphor, but a mathematical fact; the universe is a physical system that can be programmed to perform universal digital computation. So can human beings. The question is who are the programmers, and how can we look directly into their eyes.

The extensive research done on the captured orbs, once confined and secured, allows us to conclude that energy is primitive, it is the dualistic, oppositional properties of energy that determine the properties of information they convey. They are the same and different, ontologically and also epistemologically, as the mind moves between focus on one or the other aspect to the partial, temporary exclusion of the other.

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... lling.html

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[Image: 17a.jpg]

Cognition Without Brain

Species Intelligence in Plants

we lack a theory to explain phenomena such as “species intelligence” based on epigenetic memory reaching across generations, or emergent “intelligent behavior” taking place on the population level.

intelligence is not a quality that is either present or absent. Instead, it can be present to a varying extent, forming a continuum of stages. An absolute minimum is what she calls a rudimentary intelligence—basically reducible to the ability to react adaptively to the environment, i.e., to learn. Next comes the ability to learn from new stimuli and adapt to changed conditions, and only then the so-called “higher cognitive functions” such as recognition of objects or even self-awareness.

[Image: 17b.png]

discussion of humans on whether plants have intelligence only shows how far from intelligence humans are.

developmental decisions, such as vernalization, flowering induction, photomorphogenesis or breaking of seed dormancy depend on long-term integration and evaluation of light or temperature inputs, sometimes recorded and recalled after a time far exceeding the normal duration of the plant’s life cycle.

[Image: 17c.png]

we feel that we can speak of “intelligent” or “adaptive” behavior only if alternatives are available—in other words, if the memorized information affects some decisions. The concept of “decision” may itself, at present, be no less vague (and no less plagued by anthropomorphisms) than those of intelligence or memory, and its more detailed elaboration would thus be obviously desirable.

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... ecies.html

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This one is a bit .... strange even for me (but I may be utterly off mark and completely wrong)

So have just been saving images for the next FL article posting and this one is .... well I don't know!

First .... notice anything about the 'cover' image?

[Image: 0.jpg]

The article was posted back Feb 10 2017.

The English paragraphs are short .... only a few ....

Quote:Father of All, Ennoia of the Light, dwelling in the heights above the regions below, Light dwelling in the heights...

the sentence 'she also has inherited the living Logos' means Norea inherited the 'thought'; either we interpret she was initiated, or that she simply was mind-engaged once on-board the spacecraft.

"... where Earth is called 'Simat', as in the passage 'Come and commune with us in order to become androgynous, or stay where you are, in Simat, and be what you are'.

the archons see Norea and plan to rape her as they did Eve, but unlike Eve, Norea is able to thwart the archons’ attacks and receive the revelation of Eleleth that announces the salvific role of her offspring.

One thing which gets me is the link I have for the article ....

Forgotten Languages Full: ØšØ±Ø³Ø¹ÙÙ ÙØ® درضد

Yes that is the link?

If I open it then it goes here ....


When I search for this .... ؚرسعÙÙ ÙØ® درضد

I end up here ....

which I guess is some type of Arabic but in a not correct form .... although google translate (hate the fucker but will use if I must) would seem to be able to translate and it can seemingly translate parts of the article?

Any idea's anyone?


Reference the above post of mine .... The google translation of it gives this (don't think it is correct just putting it out there) ....


Quickly, trap

The Shu’o god. And Kherkhiah, his thesis, was a threshing cry, like a couch, like a couch that laid down his irony as a stick. A poor concept, you can see? The concept of unjust obituaries to the god of Sheto? Kharkheia, a thesis, Dirlis, Sarajah, Karkur, God of Norvayh, Serdad Kharand, God of Kargusha, Khurand, Nurar, God, Parvim, Shutu line, imposed. He has a hypoglycemic throne. Merghee Femme narrated by God, the God of God. As his vision is blasphemous, it is the God of the Prophet. As his vision, his obituary sees him, so he trembled at a glance, because he did not fear that he had spread the pain of Nurler. Kartaih peaked spray

Dude. Kharkam Mohan Gardiya Na'iya Yerah, Fala Suraj Yazurul Ma'atium Darul Urs. Don't worry about two-way tricks or two-story tricks; There were no more than two tier two-tier two-tier, one-tier, two-storeyed pavilions. Fruit strains, creams خطسعيه و و فر فر فر فر فر فر فر فر فر فر خط خط خط خط خط خط خط خط خط خط خط خط خط خط خط خط خط

The God of Sethu Dirlis, who lost his saddle, Sees him as Dirlis, the caravan of the Farshar, as his carnage, his atom of the Farsh, the Shatu. Derlis sees him, and he sees him darting. Do a guide to see it, so do you have the honor to see it. Dirlis Khak Sartus sees the god of his armor, Barsh, the god of his armor, as the head of Sartus, the deed of Sartis. Dirlis sees him in a dry way, Dirlis sees him as his seed. Darlas cried out in a shower, with a thin sirwaar, lying in a dark, dark concept? The concept of darkness, the formation of Darsha, since it is the god of Zarskha. The concept of darkness, the formation of the drachshah, that it was relaxed.

The pain of a reciting god, the duration of the time, the god of Zarskhah, the top of his gait, Dars, Marzah, Dallah, Barlaih, Dallah, Mittaim, Dirls Versa Jerzim Darls satisfy, he has Mtaim, his chain. Meghee née Gorde گ pt. Jerzim Dirles Dharzal Fargham Daraoza: Mernaum with his presences Norkha, seen by Dirles Khargچ as. The Mezor Dirlis, Jerzim Dirles, s his presidency, he, Jerzim Dirles, is his trust. Mittaim Dirlis Yarlosheh: Nerrer Darddh Farshawi Farrukhz, Nawarer Ddard Darsh Farshayah Karsچ, and Nnur Derddar Farsdhia Targum and Ptl. And Dzraid Farshayah Daraashah: A god who is a mishm of the line of Dirdes Dirlis lying in the direction of his ankle, Dharat Mazar, who denotes his obedience, may Allah be pleased with him. Fartyat Karkaya his luck, the tendency of the Tarteeh, the God of the Sarko, Fartyat Karkayeh Karkhakh Karkhkhh Do de peak of his rule, Farsh Karkhath his offspring, Kherkheyah de Mujawah of his fortune, Daghdad, and the beginning of his death

Farty hate Karkaya his wealth is his trustworthy god of money line. And blaspheme de blameless, with his confidence, the god of the line of Dardd, his dawd, his dawd, his serpentine, de Dhruhu, with the flesh of his blood. Dodd, his dawd, Druze, Druze. Tharthem de Dharru, who had gone out, named Jardée, observatory of his descendent Dirddd, and his saddle Sarder de Dharru, whose blood was painful. Kharkheia گr God Kharylih Megkhaa Derguad Zaraa Drozh Drals Trap Dardd, his Thawt Meghia Thaw nh du, his Thawtah Mughia Mrzv his blood Serras Darmt. And Kherkhiah, the god of Sarza, his blood-watcher, Sars Dermat, De Farshaya Dartiya, in his two races, the trap of Dardad, De Perschٔ, and Darsh, Tarshan; It is characterized by a virulent cross section of the Drls of Deer. And Shetem de Tarshan, his vision, lies, a lie, a woman who is bleeding, bleeding, a sarsha, she is scratching, she is lax, his saddle is seen, she is a father, his sadness is Farshaya, he is blasphemy, he is the god of Sethu, his sister, Meghee, is his father. Druze Tarakht, Sarrokh, Muddura Derulus, God of Khakha, Sarrukh Shethu:

Post-apocalyptic warfare, such as swelling of the skin, Karthaa site with disgraceful shrouded cry. As a vision, a person who is running the country, and you will receive a supplement. Kurd, Messiah, Drukim, Duat, Khrnash Shuatrh. As a patient, Destroy a hatred with hatred. That thurter, the bad thing, the grace of Sarsa Sarkawa, a written line of translation; He saw him as a prophet, his God of darkness, the God of the breach, and the God of Shagim. Daghrud line of the god Barkhkh Mageh Morma the demeanor of the god Dorgik Do not repeat its hatred, do not repeat its appearance:


I have no idea .... lol

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[Image: 14a.jpg]

Yr llwgt dys Slaagid Egipt

Hybrid races have no such thing as a pure language.
Their ideas and language, like their blood, is badly mixed up,
confusing, and unsatisfactory, so far as
the real meaning of the words are concerned.

If a language could be so constructed to-day,
and the antiquated precedents of the courts annihilated;
the legal profession would be exterminated
inside of twelve months,
and an affliction removed from the people.

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... egipt.html

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[Image: d1.jpg]

Chess as a Language Description Model

Arte breve e introducción muy necesaria para saber jugar al axedres, con ciento y cincuenta juegos de partido; intitulada al serenísimo y muy esclarecido don Johan el tercero, príncipe de las Spañas. Por Lucena, hijo del muy sapientísimo doctor y reverendo prothonotario don Johan Ramírez de Lucena, embaxador y del consejo de los Reyes nuestros señores, studiando en el preclarísimo studio de la muy noble cibdad de Salamanca.

This last aspect, the neurotic one, seems to be admitted by Lucena himself when he remarks, ‘because I know what it is’ about the disturbances chess can produce in the intellect and in the memory. As in many other cases, following Lucena’s example, a neurotic or even psychotic personality has been explained by the simple procedure of blaming chess and its intrinsic stress. Much more sensible would be to blame social and familiar conditioning factors as responsible for psychic symptoms. Chess could rather be a compensation for many hidden traumas, and the prevalence of Jewish chess players can be interpreted in this way.

Et ego, magister Johannes clericus, existens sub reverencia et mercede predicti domini regis, transtuli istos libros, qui Libro Razielis sunt coniuncti, de latino in ydioma castellanum cum maiori reverencia et diligencia quam scivi et intellexi secundum intellectum et potestatem quam michi concessit Creator omnium bonorum (...)

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... model.html

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[Image: f1.jpg]

A Scheme for Proper Methods to be taken, should it please God to visit us with the Plague

By Sir John Colbatch,
A member of the College of Physicians.

Printed by J. Darby and fold by J. Roberts


That each Infirmary have a
Guard of Militia at some Distance
from it; the Army Hospitals having
always a Guard, which not only
prevent disorders, but upon many
occasions are otherwise of great
use, viz. to secure the Stores of Provision
of all sorts that are necessary
to be kept before hand in Readiness.

Sid eik Anrormiryr slivi in
Geyirs ys Militia ind godnake leuki
riram ard; ne Inrmyr Slabodieleyn a'slivi
inelwiaseyn in Geyirg, zok nad raelyr
goarger b'nevred, veyd eybra mnayr
ukkioraeyn inne userwoi ys moar
eye, visse a'slekeyne ne Daneeyn ys Bravoora
ys inelel slardeyn sid inne nekdyiras
a'vi greidd verane sylnas an Neigandy.

leuca,leuga, 'lieue'
Mesure de distance adoptée officiellement dans les trois Gaules depuis Sévère (3e s.) et valant environ 2,4 km. Attesté leucas par St-Jérôme, puis régulièrement leugas, leuvas (> français lieue, anglais league) ; considéré comme mesure spécifiquement gauloise: « mensuras viarum nos miliaria dicimus, Graeci stadia, Galli leuvas ... ». La diphtongue eu est certainement secondaire, et la celticité du mot, en l'absence de corrélats insulaires, est très incertaine. H2 197, DAG 571.

Une approche linguistique du vieux-celtique continental
Préface Pierre-Yves LAMBERT
Editions Errance, Paris, 2003

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... taken.html

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