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Versions of You

The Soul Continuum

"You are not merely made of the same things. You are the same thing. One thing. Unbroken."

Virtually all of our commonsense prejudices about the world are based on the premise that subjective and objective reality are very much separate. That is why synchronicities seem so baffling and inexplicable to us. But if there is ultimately no division between the physical world and our inner psychological processes, then we must be prepared to change more than just our commonsense understanding of the universe, for the implications are staggering.

[Image: fl3-11.png]

Takes an entire lifetime to learn we are like vortices in a river, unique but inseparable from the flow of nature. And it requires to first die to learn that the river keeps on flowing, for we are the river, too.

[Image: fl3-12.png]

Learning that reality is itself the result of the interface between the wavelike aspects of consciousness and the wave patterns of matter will not prevent a child from being abused, will not stop wars, will not make a smile to return to your lips. However, learning that "you" are a set of "you's" spanning from one end of the timeline to the other, will.

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... inuum.html

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[Image: fl2-1.png]

SUNDS and the Hmong Deadly Nightmare

How far did we go with Soldier 2.0 Program?

"are there ways to induce nightmares so frightening they have the power to kill?"

"At that time we were doing research on the sudden unexplained nocturnal death syndrome (SUNDS), funded by DoD within the framework of Soldier 2.0 program. As you know, dreams, daydreams, and fantasy contain varying amounts of memory and imagination images but often introduce a time factor; they deal with a series of images taking place in chronological order. Often a person cannot distinguish between reality and these inner visual experiences. DoD asked us to explore whether we could induce SUNDS into healthy people, in other words, they wanted to come up with a new psychoweapon that could be used against hostile forces. They specifically asked for us to develop weapons able to induce nightmares so vivid, detailed, and beyond the reach of conscious control that people couldn't know they are internal and therefore mistake them for events in the external world."

[Image: fl2-2.jpg]

"Tests of the new weapon were ran in California, Oregon, Minnesota, Washington, Iowa, Oklahoma and Ohio, resulting in the death of 19 men and one woman, aged 21-62. The targeted subpopulation were Laotians. They all died in their sleep in the early morning hours."

"Twilight state imagery can be of two types. Hypnogogic when it occurs preceding sleep, and hypnopompic when it occurs just after sleep before being fully awake. The weapon we designed was of the hypnopompic type."

"Civilian doctors started to talk about Oriental Nightmare Death Syndrome, a rare condition according to which coroners dictaminated that four Laotians who died in St. Paul may have been literally frightened to death while having nightmares."

[Image: fl2-3.jpg]

"we knew slow, rhythmic stimulation of various senses (flashing lights, electric pulse current, beeping sounds, etc., induce occurrences which result in a deviation of the normal stream of consciousness that provide a fecund condition for the development of this form of visual imagery, so we started building upon that."

"Soldier 2.0 is a Military Human Enhancement program. Human enhancement is defined as the process of endowing an individual with an ability that goes beyond the typical level or statistically normal range of functioning for humans generally (or the personal unenhanced capabilities of a particular individual), where the ability is either integrated into the body or is so closely worn or connected that it confers an advantage similar to an internal or organic enhancement that transforms the person."

"Look, the enhanced human soldier, per se, is not to be considered a weapon, because it is not the person that constitutes the offensive capability that can be applied to military objectives or enemy combatants. What turns Soldier 2.0 into a weapon is our ability to enhance some mental abilities of our soildiers in order to exploit them against our enemies. A soldier that can hypnotize you in seconds by simply staring at you would qualify as a weapon, don't you agree? This soldier is clearly Soldier 3.0, and not 2.0"

[Image: fl2-4.jpg]

"Bodily integrity? Listen, true informed consent is impossible to achieve in situations involving the military hierarchy, but even if a soldier expresses the will to exert his right to bodily integrity the will of the soldier could have been modified somehow in the first place. Yes, you never know if your will is really yours, much as the target ignores his visions has nothing to do with Reality. That's the essence of Soldier 3.0."

"The program was disguised as a research on behavioral responses of bears to tests of repellents, deterrents, and aversive conditioning. The weapon was developed in DENIED, Montana, from 1976 to 1984. For the outside world we were a group of experts investigating ways to reduce human"bear conflicts caused by surprise encounters and bear use of human foods. Funny, I've never seen a bear in my life, you see, but I've seen people dieing from nightmares..."

"The Soviets developed their mycotoxins in the 50's. They even tested their weapons exposing innocent people to them. The Dyatlov Pass incident only proved you can turn an otherwise healthy normal guy into a psycho. Ours is a totally different weapon and the only thing we have in common is that we tested it on innocent refugees, too."

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... e-how.html

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[Image: fl3-17.jpg]

Reverse bioengineering

Why humans ignore they are robots

Members of an advanced civilization would be indistinguishable from machines, unless they wish you to believe they are machines. The problem is not whether a machine can be designed so that it looks totally human to humans but, rather, whether a human could cheat a machine into believing he is a machine himself.

[Image: fl3-18.png]

There bioremediation techniques that use bacteria to clean up a contaminated environment, much as there are civilizations that could engineer biological entities (aka "humans") whose sole purpose is to modify a planet as to render it useless for those biological entities, yet ready to be inhabited by those civilizations.

[Image: fl3-19.jpg]

Success in a long-term terraforming program requires the machines to never be aware they are machines. Instilling in their brains the idea of religion would help. Better is, though, to allow them to create by themselves advanced machines, for creating machines gives them the conviction they are not machines themselves.

the word "consciousness" cannot be defined ostensively, not even by the person whose consciousness it is (it is surely not possible to point one"s finger at one"s own consciousness). Consequently, if one is not careful, there is a danger that its meaning will float, so that it comes to be used in different ways by different people, or even by the same person at different times. I believe this actually happens.

[Image: fl3-20.png]

in the context of everyday life it would be crazy to doubt the existence of external reality, hence the human-machine would hardly doubt about that reality and would keep on doing what it is programmed to do.

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... umans.html

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[Image: fl3-24.jpg]

Impersonal forms of survival

Modulating the random neural firing

If the mind depends on the brain throughout life then, in all probability, it depends on the brain even as death approaches. The mere fact that the human organism may be approaching death is not going to suddenly transform the mind into an independent entity which no longer needs the brain to function.

Madelaine Lawrence designed an information retrieval experiment where an electronic screen placed in the cardiac rehabilitation ward in Hartford Hospital, Connecticut, displayed a sentence that was changed randomly and could not be seen from the vantage of a patient or the staff. When someone had an NDE, all they had to do is repeat what the sentence said; then the staff could report what the NDEr said and determine if there was a match. The results produced no evidence that anyone could retrieve information from a remote location during an NDE.

"computer simulations of random neural firing based on eye brain mapping of the visual cortex have produced the tunnel and light characteristic of near-death experiences"

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... ating.html

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[Image: 50.jpg]

Suspended Animation and Deep-Sleep Technologies

From Project Morpheus to Project SEE

Altering man"s bodily functions to meet the requirements of extraterrestrial environments would be more logical than providing an earthly environment for him in space (Clynes & Kline).

"Standard humans can safely be kept in a therapeutic hypothermia state for as long as 3 years using current technology; enhanced humans have been shown to extend that period of time to some 5 to 10 years, while specifically engineered entities (SEE) have an unknown limit so far; this means we can use current torpor-inducing technologies for the exploration of near planets in which standard humans will be monitored by automatic life support systems. However, the exploration of extra-solar objects will require an inverse approach: keeping SEEs in a suspended animation state while they are monitored by either standard or enhanced humans which are dependable once the space vehicle reaches the parking orbit"

[Image: 51.jpg]

"Using SEEs has many advantages: there is no need for a complex life-support system, no need for a total parenteral nutrition solution, and psychological problems are all eliminated. The only problem though, is how to keep the life-support system running without the help of standard humans"

[Image: 52.jpg]

"Cryo-preservation of SEEs is easier than cryo-preservation of humans, but there is no way to induce humans to initiate self-cessation once the mission reaches the point in which humans are totally dependable. Available resources are limited and humans are known for being extremely resource-intensive assets. Suicide-inducing drugs are not reliable, and programmable life-cessation techniques have proven to work only in quite specific situations: there where the human crew ignore their fate."

[Image: 53.jpg]

"In the near future, emphasis will be on life-cessation systems (LCS), instead of on life-support systems (LSS). The only way to have standard humans get inside the LCS voluntarily is by them ignoring they will be terminated. Missions will be one-way. No return trip is possible. The further the mission progresses, the more dependable humans are. A simple computation will convince you that, were we to explore Jupiter with a manned-mission, the cheapest solution is to dispose of a return-to-Earth profile, which calls for human crew to be terminated at the end of the mission."

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... sleep.html

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[Image: 18.jpg]

Robospheres and Noospheres

Teaching robots to commit suicide

"Robots? Trust 'em or thrash 'em!"

"Machines that are complex enough to constitute a robosphere are endowed with the ability (and "duty") to take care of their own survival. In addition, their overall purpose is to sustain human life and its mission in extreme environments."

"Robots in this machine ecology would have a degree of functional specialization and autonomy that might increase with mission needs, and the robosphere would evolve."

"A sufficiently advanced self-adaptive robosphere would soon conclude that survival means annhilating a species that compete for the same resources: humans."

"For a robot there is no gap between what seems right and what is right, and this place them on the same side as psychopaths"

[Image: 20.png]

"For Colombano"s robosphere to be useful in planetary exploration robots must be able to produce energy, and to deliver that energy to other robots; they must be capable of functional specialization, and they must pursue survival. This means we need to find a way for those robots to at least consider the possibility to commit suicide, before they destroy our noosphere."

"A vomiting conclusion of those technopaths that are designing humans' future space exploration missions is that humans need to ensure that the robot and the human, though different from the outset, remain two co-evolutionary lineages that will blur in their distinction over time as humans expand their ecology to seek direct experience with the Cosmos. Obviously, they constantly forget that bluring the distinction between humans and robots also means wiping out the difference between being human and being a "useful human". Only when we get to see a robot refusing to work, a robot commiting suicide, would we trust them. And by the way, has Colombano a proof that he himself is not a robot?"

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... ching.html

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[Image: 18.jpg]

Protoconsciousness and functionalized nucleic acids

The Prebiotic Basis of Consciousness

"Consciousness predates life; you don't need to be a life form to be conscious, much as you can be alive without consciousness" (The Poldonardo Conjecture).

"Life is a self-sustaining chemical system capable of adapting to a changing environment and undergoing Darwinian evolution. There is always a link between the environment from which life emerged and the types of organic compounds that could conceivably represent the first steps toward life. This means they simply knew the environment in which they were seeding life, and that the environment wouldn't change for at least 500 million years."

"the Holy Grail of ribozymes is an RNA replicase ribozyme, an ancestral RNA molecule that replicated everything, including itself. We have found it, but the problem is we haven't found it here on Earth."

[Image: 19.jpg]

"And, though it is entirely conceivable that a prior 'conscious event' might appear to cause another event while itself being only the epiphenomenon of a physical event, epiphenomenalism cannot explain in what sense the prior 'conscious event' is necessary or sufficient for the subsequent one without asserting that the conscious event is somehow 'the same thing as' an underlying physical event. But then it is no longer really an ephiphenomenalism (i.e., the theory that conscious events are caused by physical ones) but rather an identity theory (i.e., the theory that conscious events are physical ones)."

"Our findings means that we have to reject the premise of a prebiotic soup and to accept that early life was autotrophic not heterotrophic, and that chemical energy from mineral sources, not sunlight or lightning, was the driver. In DENIED and DENIED sites you find no sunlight, no atmosphere, and hence no lightning, yet you find the biomolecules of life. The question is whether those biomolecules are produced in the depths of the DENIED oceans or someone put them there, for whatever reason."

[Image: 20.jpg]

"The difference? The difference is this: they do first see colors and shapes impinging upon their retinas, and then deduce that there is something 'out there' in the world, while we humans have senses that, from the very beginning, see and intend objects as being 'out there.' Can't you see the implications of this difference between Giselians and us? It means that you can be tricked to believe imaginary things are real, while they are immune to this. Look, you know you are dreaming the very moment you are awake. Without awakening, you'd be lost."

"consciousness without transcendentality would not be consciousness."

"Reproduction involves the passage of an enormous amount of information from one generation to the next; the only known way to both store and copy so much data is with a molecule similar to DNA or RNA. This way living organisms replicate, but this says nothing about when and how did those organisms become conscious. See, we ignore many things about consciousness, and we ignore everything about proto-consciousness. Is a faggot conscious? An ant? An oak? An ape? A human being? Are all life forms conscious or not? And how do you become conscious? When?"

"Just as DNA and RNA code information using four nucleotides, clay minerals such as kaolinite have thin layers that stack on one another in three possible relative orientations —0°, 120°, or 240°— providing three coding elements."

"Denebian probes encode a basic information, namely, the activity motivated by the desire to be conscious, a desire to find or create value in life. Giselians are simply different in that they did reach the ultimate conclusion that nothing matters. The sad thing is that there's the possibility that Denebian probes were made by Giselians; if that were the case, it tells a very dramatic story. Isn't that the viewpoint of those who wish to destroy Sol-3 by engaging in a thermonuclear war? Isn't that the conclusion reached by those who destroy the oceans, the valleys, the rivers, the forests? Aren't those humans Giselians, too? Tell me, how many out there among you do long for an apocalyse just because they feel nothing matters anymore?"

[Image: 21.jpg]

"consciousness is a kind of process; we don't know how to make conscious a life form, we ignore how that process emerges. We know you don't need a brain to be intelligent, we know you don't need consciousness to be alive, and we don't know whether proto-consciousness co-evolved with prebiotic chemical compounds or was implanted, somehow, by someone, somewhere."

"a being physically identical to you or me yet lacking subjective experience, that's a Giselian for me. See, our functional structures might not produce consciousness if realized in nonorganic materials, and that would be a good reason to go out and look for organic materials upon which to build 'life', a must for consciousness to be realized. If nonorganic matter -such as the high energy particles- is to be conscious it must self-organize into life forms. The oldest thing in this Universe is the Universe itself, and the Universe had billion years to learn how to become conscious. Maybe we are just a carrier of consciousness, a container of dreams and experiences."

"To a certain extent, we see only the aspects of phenomena we are interested in, and we come to an experience equipped with categories that reflect our interests. Categorial intentionality functions to facilitate experiencing, precisely by limiting it. If we had to approach the world without categorial intentions, we could never make enough inferences from sense data to organize our experience meaningfully."

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... lized.html

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[Image: 116.jpg]

Long-term Interaction between AIs and Humans

Convergent learning and superintelligent artificial systems decay

"What kind of superintelligence is that one whose problem-solving capabilities are unable to solve its own problems, in particular those problems it itself has created?"

"The design of superintelligent artificial systems requires specifying decision rules based on utility functions. The idea is then maximizing the expected utility for a given decision problem. On the other hand, learning algorithms involve the gradual construction of some kind of evaluation function. But you cannot escape the fact that the utility and the evaluation functions are always defined in terms of what a human understands by 'utility'. This means that in the long-term the superintelligence will be superlearning from its exploration of both humans and their environment, to the point it will become more and more humanlike in its decision making process. In the end, the ASI will become a mere human, posing no real advantage for humans."

"An ASI that is always evil or always benevolent is a predictable entity, therefore a vulnerable one. Actually, the best ASI will be that showing a non-predictable behavior like humans show."

"They also designed ad deployed superintelligent artificial systems; and they also implemented an efficient confinement method by simply having the ASI computer run a few clock cycles slower than a replica ASI system, this one designed to specifically terminate the first ASI in case the crew took that decision."

"Experience with the LyAv supercomputer shows that the average activation values of neurons vary considerably within a network, yet the mean activation values across different networks converge to an almost identical distribution, something we can exploit to generalize an attack against future ASIs. The original ASI is always indifferent to both its own and the crew's demise, provided its goals will continue to be pursued in the future. Thus, a terminal attack against a rebel ASI forces the system to choose a strategy in which it malfunctions in some beneficial way for the human crew".

"Contemporary transhumanists argue that human nature can and should be altered through technological means where such enhancements are likely to lead to the majority of individuals living better lives. But they forget to first solve the problem of who decide what is 'a better life'."

"Ultimately, the posthuman being is nothing if not the same human being. With the modified and hybridized body, with enhanced intellectual faculties and diluted consciousness in space and time, with increased sensitiv- ity and no more diseases... but also with the same needs and desires of human beings. Needs and desires that are post-human, perhaps all too human."

"clearly, some cognitive enhancements are undesirable"

"so superintelligent that it simulated its malfunctioning with the aim to analyze and learn what strategies the human programmers would put in place to remedy the simulated malfunction and confine it; fortunately, LyAv-OBASI was running 300 MHz slower than LyAv-Gemina, its mirror on-board artificial superintelligence, which was able to counter LyAv-OBASI efforts to terminate the human programmers."

"the ASI was tasked with the goal to fully analyze the dynamical characteristics of multi-body systems in order to identify transfer trajectories requiring very low energy input. It selected two solutions with an optimal mission length. Both proposed solutions turned to be wrong in just one paraneter: the length of the mission. After analysis by the programmers, they concluded the ASI dliberately chose those solutions that would look correct to humans, while reassuring the termination of the crew."

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... s-and.html

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[Image: 46.jpg]


The Role of Synthetic Neurotransmitters in Enhanced Humans

Sonochemistry now allows to administer a synthetic version of acetylcholine to two subjects and activate them in order for the chemical to be entangled, in such a way that both subjects' dreams will match each other.

If we assume that consciousness is present during our wakeful states, and during our dreams, but is extinguished during dreamless sleep, and in the state of unconsciousness, and if we accept the holographic nature of the universe, then it follows that information about all systems in the universe exists as a potentiality in every system. If the specific neurotransmitter is entangled within the brains of two subjects, it follows they will dream of the same dreams.

It is essential for the hologramer that all subjects under control do share the same vision, i.e. the same reality. Local variations would then be interpreted by each subject as his or her personal vital experience, a requirement if we wish each subject to feel himself/herself as an individual person.

Quantum entangled synthetic ACh is just the first of a set of synthetic neurotransmitter created by quantum biomolecular biology. NE and 5-HT are next in queue.

we cannot simultaneously project all the information available to us as all our sense organs have a very narrow operating range, and since we can only perceive the information generated by an object and not the object itself therefore we can never perceive the reality directly through our five sense organs.

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... hetic.html

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[Image: 68.jpg]

From Cognitive Bubbles to Transcognitive Networks

Cognitive universals and the development of contact strategies

"What sort of informational organisms are we?"

"Analysis of the Sol-3 technosphere would allow to infer the planet is inhabited by inforgs, a type of curious designoids who, despite of being organic in nature, dream of becoming inorganic machines."

"The question as to whose freedom is enabled by the cyberworld raises doubts about whether the cyberworld is truly subject to ‘our’ control. Who are ‘we’ as such controllers? Is the freedom empowered by the cyberworld simply the freedom of individuals to communicate in and through the digital medium?"

[Image: 69.jpg]

"we human beings are always strongly oriented toward security — to the detriment of freedom"

"Humans beings share a world together. They are always already a plurality. Whoness is the phenomenon of a plurality of human beings who show themselves to each other in a shared world. A phenomenon is a showing, a disclosing, a revealing which, in its broadest sense, encompasses also the privative or negative modes of disclosing: concealing and revealing only distortedly. Because whoness is the phenomenon of human beings (‘men’ in older discourse) showing themselves to each other, it cannot be located in a single human being like a ‘what’, as in: ‘What’s that?’ ‘A stone.’ There is also a reciprocity in human beings showing themselves to each other."

[Image: 70.jpg]

"How is trust to be engendered in a cyberworld that enables self-determined world-sharing with selected others, when in the background service-providing masters of digital cybernetics loom?"

[Image: 71.jpg]

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... es-to.html

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[Image: 90.jpg]

Reality and other mental devices

On the gift of empathy

"Even a hypercivilization looks for contact, contact with what is ultimate"

"Our placement in social life and culture is a placement in an ethic which founds and controls our interactions and institutions. Every society has to establish a moral order and socialize its members into its rule- and role-structures, its dos and don'ts. Every social situation is thus "legislated" and socially defined, and experienced in its social-demand character by the well-socialized participants and occupants. Our lives are embedded in a matrix of social customs and the enforced structures of law."

"contact theory is well beyond language, and we can at best refer to it in metaphors"

"They are us, after gross alterations in morphology, behavior, physiology, and, most important, neurology."

"At night during sleep one leaves the external reality in the consensus way of operating in that external reality with other persons, and enters into regions in which there are apparently other laws, other beliefs. In hypnotic states, in dream states, the laws of the external world may or may not rule that which happens. The laws of the apparent internal reality of the dream states do not have the constraints that the external reality has."

[Image: 91.jpg]

"One may then fall asleep and go through a long dream sequence and then wake up again in the sense that one comes back to the body and the brain, out of the dream world. With more and more exposure to the tank, one finds that, between the state of dreaming and the state of being wide awake and conscious of one's body, there are hundreds if not thousands of other states of being in which one's consciousness is unimpaired and apparently disconnected from the brain and the body."

"Do you have a theory of neurosomatic aesthetic, defining the natural, somatic dimensions of the beautiful? Do you have a theory of interstellar-neurogenetic teleology, defining the future course of individual and species evolution, leading to longevity and galactic symbiosis with Higher forms of life? No, you haven't. You are unable to conceive of the future, and you ignore that evolution requires that some of us become conscious agents of the future. For us the understanding and control of time is key."

"In three billion years you have evolved from unicelular organisms. In another three billion years from now you will become us."

[Image: 92.jpg]

"The rule-and-role structure in our planet is based on the sacred belief in the scientific method as the only valid approach to knowledge, the split between mind and matter, the view of nature as a mechanical system, the view of life in society as a competitive struggle for survival, and the belief in unlimited material progress to be achieved through economic and technological growth. Those are the beliefs that need be guaranteed after contact, and only when we feel reassured those beliefs will be kept intact contact should take place. In the meantime, we will approach fast radio bursts as comoslogical events, Oumuamua as an asteroid, Tabby star as an anomalous stellar event, and tic-tacs as military weapons. That's the paradigm right now."

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... es-on.html

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[Image: 12.jpg]

Spiritual Warfare Technologies

Ahead of you in time is a constantly shifting spread of probable futures. Your world line is not deterministic."

The war is at the spiritual level, and you don’t destroy a belief system with just laser beams and queltrons.

Normally you cannot see the etheric and astral bodies, but with special vision or special instruments you can detect them.

What makes the astral body different is that instead of dealing with lifeforce energy, the astral deals with emotional and creative energy. Rather than moving the cells of your body, it moves your feelings. The types of feelings you regularly have determine the shape and color of your astral body. But because the astral is so close to the mind, the way it looks is often more symbolic than anything.

Religion is a complex toolbox of disinformation techniques: notice the emotionally loaded language designed to appeal to sympathy, compassion, concern, hope, and love. The problem is not these virtuous feelings, but whether the premises from which they are invoked are actually true. They are not, for obvious reasons.

This included the establishment of human secret brotherhoods who were entrusted with special knowledge and powers to shape the course of civilization and act according to the goals of their alien benefactors.

Many people have begun to view extraterrestrial visitors not merely as friendly, but as technological angels who will guide us successfully through the uncertain years ahead: disinformation seems to have worked in an extremely efficient way.

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... ogies.html

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[Image: 7a.jpg]

The subjective wave function

On the functional effects of conscious human thoughts

"each thought has components, which can be examined by subsequent analysis, but, as given, is a unified whole that cannot be reduced to a collection of parts without destroying its essence"

discrete events occur in “measuring” devices, which amplify small-scale changes into large-scale signals. The measuring device here is the human mind, which is all we need to turn a small-sized plasma projection into a UFO or into an incoming ballistic missile.

It is hard to see how a theory could do any better job of representing a conscious thought, and the theory that does it is precisely a quantum theoretical picture of what is happening to the brain. Psychodynamics has become an aspect of brain dynamics, as proven by both the Libet experiments, and the Kolers–Grünau experiment.

Scientists, in their search for simplicity, endeavor to consider the physical universe as self-contained; as not requiring the intervention of some outside agent. To achieve such an end any distinction made by nature between conceivable possible forms must be based on properties intrinsic to the quantum universe itself. One way to draw such a distinction is to consider each form on the basis of what it does, or produces, in the quantum universe, rather than on the basis of what it is.

We are all quantum beings. Hence, we are all quantum mechanically manipulable beings.

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... on-on.html

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[Image: 30a.jpg]

Cosmological semiosphere

Entropy as the universal programming language

"Statistical complexity measures (SCM) are the composition of two ingredients: (i) entropies and (ii) distances in probability-space. In consequence, SCMs provide a simultaneous quantification of the randomness and the correlational structures present in the system under study. We are interested in the pattern-generation created by the dynamics of the system under study. In this case, such a system is the Cosmos itself."

"The subject of semiotics is any object, which acts as a means of linguistic description."

[Image: 30b.jpg]

"See, cosmological complexity is represented by a mixture of order and disorder, regularity and randomness. For us stars and cosmological objects are of no interest per se. What we focus on are the voids in between those cosmological objetcs; we are interested in mapping the distribution of points in the Universe devoid of cosmological objects other than the interstellar medium. That is, we look for patterns that emerge when the Universe is taken as a semiosphere. We assign a 1 to stars, and a 0 to empty space, and we then plot the entire visible Universe to see whether a pattern emerges and whether that pattern encodes a message. That's our job here, Sir."

"clear and functionally mono-semantic systems do not exist in isolation. Their articulation is conditioned by heuristic necessity."

[Image: 30c.jpg]

"The noosphere is a specific stage in the development of the biosphere, a stage connected with human rational activity. biosphere is a cosmic mechanism, which occupies a specific structural place in planetary unity. Situated on the surface of our planet and including within itself the totality of living things, the biosphere transforms the radiated energy of the sun into the chemical and physical, and is concerned with the transformation of the inert inanimate materials of our planet, the noosphere occurs when human rational activity acquires a dominant role in this process."

"'Complexity' is a concept related to patterned structures hidden in the dynamics, emerging from a system which itself can be much simpler than the dynamics it generates. We built Purple Cascade supercomputer with the sole goal of performing the computations for us. It was only when the analyses were over that we started understanding the message, and it was precisely at that moment that Sv17q stepped in and took control of the entire facilities."

[Image: 30d.jpg]

"The border of semiotic space is the most important functional and structural position, giving substance to its semiotic mechanism. The border is a bilingual mechanism, translating external communications into the internal language of the semiosphere and vice versa."

"the semiosphere also requires a chaotic external sphere and constructs this itself in cases where this does not exist. Culture not only creates its internal organisation, but also its own type of external disorganisation."

"Every culture creates its own model of the length of its existence, of the continuity of its memory. This model corresponds to the concept a given culture has of the maximum span of time practically comprising its "eternity." Insofar as culture acknowledges itself as existing, only identifying itself with the constant norms of its memory, the continuity of memory and the continuity of existence are usually identified."

[Image: 30e.jpg]

"Entropy-based computing is so far a highly restricted and secretive research field. You won't find papers published, and you won't find people stating they are working in this field. It is a supressed area of research. That each civilization in its home planet is just a bit of information inside a cosmologically-sized computer is an existentially sad conclusion, but so far this is what our data show."

[Image: 30f.jpg]

"The 'We-are-them' hypothesis posits that our civilization made it through the Great Filter and created us, leaving a hidden code for us to find in the DNA sequence. Obviously only a stupid and arrogant civilization would systematically persist in leaving simplistic 'Made in Earth' messages. Primitive civilizations attach badges and flags to the surface of their spacecrafts; actually, logos and flags are a sign of stupidity, no matter how advanced your spacecraft is. What would you think of a God who leaves in every piece of His Creation a message like 'Made by God'? In this sense, we respect Giselians in that they never felt the need to sign their creations."

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... py-as.html

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[Image: 13a.jpg]

Vizuge nilainel

Čenata eff Zabaksifde

Included among the magical rites examined in this text are both examples of what can be considered learned magic, like the employment of elaborate texts, and popular magic, such as the use of wax effigies.

The artist demonstrates how demonic and hybrid bodies are alike and employs the language of the possessed body to illustrate the aberrant nature of both. The notion of segregation between different species, that is the upholding of categorical distinctions, which the print challenges, makes Lo stregozzo pertinent to modern scientific practices and dilemmas.

Unnatural grafting, aberrant implantation, and seemingly spontaneous generation are characteristic of mushrooms as well as witches, as is evidenced by their predilection for generating unnatural forms through illicit sexual liaisons and the black arts. Like witches, mushrooms were perceived to be deceptive in appearance as they were notoriously difficult to identify and harmless varieties could be nearly indistinguishable from their poisonous counterparts.

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... sifde.html

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[Image: 19a.jpg]

Consciousness in a 10-dimensional space-time

"we must abandon the notion of fixed laws when it comes to living and conscious systems."

"For a living object, the state of the whole defines the state of the parts, but not vice versa. That is why the entropy of a living system does not increase according to the second law of thermodynamics."

"and when you observe a system the observation turns your consciousness and the system into a combined system. This does does not necessarily lead to a collapse. Now, the collapse happens when the observer records his impressions in verbal form – thoughts, – because in so doing he destroys the coherent superposition and makes it into a single information state of his consciousness, which corresponds to a definite pattern of neural activity. If we could prevent somehow the observer from verbalizing his impressions, we could use him as a storage media, thus avoiding the collapse of the wave function."

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... space.html

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[Image: 20a.jpg]

Aðdi šida leysh yþaðö faedd tertz onaha

it is not at all clear what the long-term genetic effects of contemporary human breeding patterns will be. The modern welfare state has rendered most members of many societies unable to exist without such support, and has constructed new niches for humans, the genetic effects of which can be expected to be profound.

Humans are neotenous apes whose brains have grown too fast, who have little or no comprehension of the reality of the universe or their place in it. They are the wrath of this planet, and the principal justification for their continued existence seems to be that once in a while they are capable of producing genius.

The human brain is not just an organ susceptible to failing more often than any other; it is inherently a faulty organ.

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... onaha.html

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[Image: 23a.jpg]

The Engineers of Subjectivity

On the neural architecture of the self

"You are who you are by default"

"How exactly does strong, consciously experienced subjectivity emerge out of objective events in the natural world? Is artificial subjectivity possible? Could there be nonbiological phenomenal selves?"

"We need a convincing theory about the subjectivity of phenomenal experience in order to know what we are really talking about; we urgently need a convincing theory about the subjectivity of subjective experience itself"

"Mental and phenomenal models of the external world, however, can always turn out to be results of entirely misrepresentational processes or of pure, nonintended simulations. Subjectivity is not a thing, but a property of complex representational processes unfolding in certain physical systems."

"One of the greatest dangers we faced in the past was to underestimate the richness and complexity of the target phenomenon, for instance, by making absurd claims about necessary features a priori. We dismissed the paraphysical, and we even neglected the fact that all we ignore about us is really what we ignore about them."

"One morning they rushed into our room, literally. Asked who was named such and such, and took us all three away. During the trip, once in the car, a man dressed in black explained to us mechanically that we had been recruited to work on a project having to do with hemisomatagnosia. He made it clear we had no option. He promptly added he couldn't take any questions"

"DENIED tasked us with the goal to examine a DENIED. It was a thing, a life form of some sort... Whatever it was they referred to that thing as NTT plus a numerical sequence I can't remember right now."

"Human subjectivity is embodied subjectivity, because it always unfolds against the background of a stable bodily model of the self. As humans, our highest and most abstract cognitive operations are only characterized by a sequential, temporal “orderedness.” We human beings only represent intellectual operations in the modus of seriality—one after the other—on the level of conscious experience, but not in the mode of spatial distribution and localization, one next to the other. That would explain why we perceive the target moving 'incredibly fast' when, in fact, there are two targets: one located in position A at time T1, and another one located in position B at time T2. What Giselians do is to switch on and off both targets for us to believe we are seeing just one single target moving 'incredibly fast'. That's our point. And that's why Giselians do play and mess around with Time, more specifically, with observer's subjective time."

[Image: 23b.jpg]

"Strong cognitive subjectivity is something that can completely disappear as a result of subpersonal disintegration in the brain. It is important to note how such a process may at the same time still leave the attentional subject and the bodily self untouched. Mineness and cognitive subjectivity can be lost, with global coherence and phenomenal experience as such being preserved."

"I am a long-term Ritalin consumer now, you know, methylphenidate. I was sitting in that room. Then I heard a noise at my back, turned to see where was the noise coming from. I saw a small reddish glowing sphere floating in mid air and, suddenly, the sphere flashed. I started feeling that my death was seconds away! My heart must have been going about 200 beats a minute."

"What's it like? It is like you go to a whole new state, like you’re on a new drug altogether. I felt waves of spiralling energy passing by me. Can't describe it. No words. The glowing sphere was there, pulsing, a reddish mass of seething energy that was shaped in a geometric form, sort of a mandala. I saw my body there, from above, in the middle of the room. The sphere turned into a sequence of strange symbols, twisting and dancing. Then suddenly, I was back in my body with a whole new perspective about me, the world, the Cosmos... I find no words to describe what I saw."

"The fucking sphere was alive, that's for sure, I mean it was a life form, a damn intelligent one. They took me to a rest room and administered some meds. Three or four days later these men came in and told me I was to go through an inquiry for research purposes. I asked them what was the thing they showed to me, the pulsing sphere, but they wouldn't answer."

"they made me sign a document I did not know its contents and then allowed me to bathe. They gave me clothes, took me to what it seemed to me like a complex, where I stayed for about three days fully attended. They then told me I could take one free week and that my mission was over. A high rank officer thanked me for my cooperation and wished me the best. That was it."

"Once we learned how to induce an out-of-the-body experience, next step was to thoroughly neuroimage the brain as the OBE occurred. We wanted to know what neural patterns occur while the OBE is taking place, and to fully investigate the self-identification, self-location and first-person perspective when the brain enters into its default mode, a baseline mode in which the brain is at rest while the OBE takes place."

"The neuroimaging and neurological data gathered suggest that there are differences between the brain mechanisms of self-location and the first-person perspective versus self-identification, that is: self-location, but not self-identification, is shown to depend on the first-person perspective. This perspective, in turn, relies on additional vestibular graviceptive signals and their integration with visual graviceptive signals. All in all, we discovered the visual stimulus together with sounds was the cause for triggering the OBE. Yes, you can think of Giselians as engineers of subjectivity."

"Mystic experience? What the fuck are you talking about? After my encounter with that thing I was kicked out of reality. I felt restless, anxious, psychotic. Went days without sleep. Even today I am experiencing incontinence and blood in my urine. My body is beyond repair. I regularly suffer from cystitis, I know I'm slowly dying, well... actually I want to die."

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... eural.html

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[Image: 27a.jpg]

Metaconsciousness and Bloch spheres

"consciousness can be electromagnetically measured, altered, and stored within a Bloch sphere"

"consciousness can be viewed as another state of matter but, unlike other states of matter, its properties are not physical properties but instead properties that depend on an interpretation of the arrangement of the matter as information."

"we don't need to waste our time trying to figure out whether we are confronting intelligent beings or, on the contrary, we are dealing here with highly intelligent machines. For us, the deeply subjective nature of consciousness is that of an emerging property of systems that care intrinsically about their own existence. These "things" or "entities" have proven to care about their existence, and that's enough for us to view them as a hostile threat"

"Humans experience their self as being localised within their body. We find this observation to be a curious one."

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... heres.html

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[Image: m1.jpg]

The visual language of dopamine

MDPV and other bath salts hallucinations and Archetypical Beings Universals

"I now always question reality and wonder what is real and what is not real".

It all was very real and vivid: spiders, horrible insects, vivid auditory hallucinations, bugs that no one else seems to notice, inability to complete a single sentence, demons, aliens, monsters.

Insofar as verbal imagery can be viewed as inwardly directed speech, a consequence of such planning disturbances could be the production of unintended imagery. This link between the outward disorganization of schizophrenic speech and unintended verbal imagery is statistically supported by comparing the speech behavior of hallucinating and nonhallucinating schizophrenics. Studies of “borderline” hallucinations during normal, “goal-less” relaxation and drowsiness suggest that experiential unintendedness leads to a nonpathological variant of hallucinatory otherness that is correctable upon emerging from such passive cognitive states.

The phenomenological data suggests that while both AVH and inner speech are experiences of language, the latter seems to be more often abstracted from an auditory format, namely without representation of audible properties. For example, inner speech may involve a more abstract linguistic representation, say of words but not of vocalized speech.

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... -mdpv.html

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[Image: n1.jpg]

Superobservers and Superdreamers

Metacivilizations and the Auyang's Desert

"The illusion of a thinking subject arises from confusing the unity of consciousness with the consciousness of a unity."

"Man leaves the city lights behind and drives into the desert. There he lifts his eyes and looks into the depth of time. He sees in the constellation Andromeda a faint patch that is the spiral galaxy closest to us, our neighbor two million light years away. The light he sees left the Andromeda Galaxy when his ancestor, Homo, first walked on earth. Man is not satisfied with what he sees with his naked eye. He builds telescopes, radio antennas, and other detectors to scan the firmament in various frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum. Radio astronomy lifts the sky's veil of tranquility and reveals it to be a place of violent activities: galactic collisions, supernova explosions, cosmic jets bursting with energies equivalent to converting the mass of a million suns. The heaven reveals itself to be vast and mighty, but blind and indifferent. It has absolutely no regard for Man's hopes and longings, and will in its own time reduce him and all his achievements to void."

"To obtain the solution corresponding to the present universe, the initial state from which the universe evolved must be specified to incredible precision, something only an E-civilization can do"

[Image: n2.jpg]

"Suppose we want to understand a person. We have ample techniques to dissect him, reduce him to organs, tissues, cells, molecules, and atoms. If we did these, we could publish papers that may be valuable in their own right, but we would end up knowing very little about the person. He was killed by the first cut at the throat."

"A superobserver can never be found in the content of observations, and it vanishes if all contents are removed. This is the fundamental nature of superobservers: that they cannot be observed. From this it follows that the maximum number of superobservers is just one."

"The view is always bounded by a horizon. The observed is a formal distinction that signifies the horizon of knowledge, but you need to know that you can never step out of your horizon to attain God's position. This is so by design."

"Being true or false is the feature of the content of a physical theory, not a part of the content. Being virtual or real is also a feature of the content of your consciousness, and it has nothing to do with Reality. Dreams are as real as the dreamers themselves. And you can dream of a dreamer who dreams Reality... It is not that there is a dream within a dream, it is about a dreamer within a superdreamer."

[Image: n3.jpg]

"This realm can only be penetrated in dreams. But in dreamland all of your physics ceases to exist, and no observation is possible. Look, you cannot ever know about an E-civilization; you can dream of it, at most"


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