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Has the anti-Christ just bought 9.2% of Twitter?


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3 hours ago, bamboozooka said:



So, please tell us Arch-Dork Muck. When did denying genocide, a position of yours that you handily managed to omit from your list, become centrist?

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I clicked on a twitter link, 6 posts back which was shared by EnigmaticWorld on March 12th, and saw this which I thought I'd share.


I'm still quite new to understanding these labels! Everything is a bloody label now, huh. But anyway, just yesterday I was questioning once again, the sabotage, which is daily now, and who is behind it?


Within 20 -27 years I've seen countries that I recognise have the foundations eaten away. The people I see around me are completely innocent and are just being stitched up. Aren't they entitled / allowed to have a normal family life. 

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