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Has the anti-Christ just bought 9.2% of Twitter?


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The antichrist is only relevant if you practice Christianity, for a new dawn we need dark times to see the light.  The Antichrist is actually three of them to make up an unholy trinity.   They will be pure globalists who want Babylon 2.0 there will be 10 nations who will rule this system.  The New World Order theme has been going since the first civilisations. Virus to screw up the old system, wars to clear out the population, rebuild a new system, rinse and repeat. 

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I cant be arsed to read all of the posts, but I will say this.. if X is taken offline we have lost a massive mouthpiece to the world.

I genuinely believe that Elon Musk is a good guy.

He has some weird traits but don't we all?

He wants to put chips in our bodies which is totally fucked up! But is it because he just wants us to have an easy life?

He made an  absolute fortune out of Tesla. When Tesla first came about Electricity was a lot cheaper than todays prices.

The powers that be realised this. And backed him to the hilt, now look at the price of electricity.

I think the whole Electric thing is an easier way to put Taxes up. One day you will pay... for example 25p a kwh and the next day you will pay 30p. Difference is you will be paying that on both your transport costs and your home costs. Too easy for the fucking scum who decide this to get more out of us. 

I would love to start a web page where here in the UK you have enough followers where you can say... For example with rising food costs. In 2 months time we will boycott.. say Asda for one month.( prices have gone up but so have PROFITS.) All it would take is one month. Play them at there own game.

I guarantee if we all stuck together and did this. Life would become so much easier... Think about it. ( Asda is just an example), could be (Shell) Next.

I know its impossible as the media, government or companies wont allow it, especially if they can shut mouthpieces down for whatever reason.

World is shite at the minute but its only because we allow it to be..





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I do believe that Elon Musk and one of his woman "Grimes" and her Music has really f'd with a lot of kids minds and continues to do so, especially this "anime" trend and video game culture/sci-fi heroes wearing Robotic masks and stuff like that is really culling mentally ill (possessed) people into that type of culture that I believe is actually the real video game simulation of what his (elons) idea was to sell a game to a computer company...

Elon musk and his girlfriend are anime enthusiasts to and like the other creeps you see Have a creepy fetish for anime and Japanese/Asian stuff as well like the kind of shit you would see out of a 1984 animated Tokyo horror film...Demonic sick twisted shit...cryptic...

Which I believe is what inspires or culls twisted people to accept that they are nothing more than a depressed NPC or video game character that they like to fantasize is being fucked hard by Daddy (elon) ...


I think that Anime/video games/digital art/visual art/ is the Main "Cryptography" used in the harvesting of Children, and is the same method that has been being used since it was introduced to the world and quote video games, is the main Indoctrination tactic of summoning Demons digitally via dopamine combined with Drugs that summons a Woke lunatic that may dress up as a woman or vise versa and sometimes Quote talk about how it's important that they Lock their favorite cheese up in cages, or, Lock their Ice Cream in a freezer so nobody can discover it...Real lunatic (pedophilic) behavior...


PiZzAgAtE type stuff...https://www.bitchute.com/video/kftvQhTH08U/



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Is it just me? This is an embarrassing farce, a pathetic ritual of power dynamics in which the master in control rubs his chin and ponders while people who should know better (but don’t) plead with the master to view them with favour




Alex calling Musk a hero will surely help the case, sir?

Just reinstate him Mr Musk – you know you are going to but people have to plead a bit, right? Makes you feel powerful? Shows the little people where the power really is? As for those doing the pleading – get a bloody grip.

You are pleading to someone who is fronting up major aspects of the Cult agenda. Please Cult that we claim to be opposing, please reinstate our man. Please sir, thank you, sir.


Just do it Mr Musk and cut the power ritual crap.


Embarrassing and pathetic indeed.

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1 hour ago, bamboozooka said:



"They only see what is in front of their eyes, not what is weaved through what they think they see. The decision was made a long time ago and the Carlson interview with Jones was just the calculated prelude to it. The interview was the set-up for what was long planned. Musk could have simply done this long ago, but the ritual had to be played out to both eulogise Musk, the new MAM God, and to put Alex Jones centre stage as a symbol of the Mainstream Alternative Media alongside Musk, Carlson, Rogan, Tate, Peterson, Brand, Vlaardingerbroek, and all the rest. "




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7 minutes ago, bamboozooka said:

i could take the piss out of musk or any leader and

it'd still trigger those that cant recognise humour anymore


opinion does not equal fact.


Where is the question of how someone can be officially the richest man in the world while opposing the Cult without whose support his business empire would collapse in a day? 


but i understand ,a mission is a mission....manipulate,deceive and program the average people 

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