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Poems from Chantilly

Waverly Hotel and the design of the general test of social control

"The crisis of 2008 was the crisis of a financial system based on a currency (the petrodollar) that was already overstretched, and instead of
recognising this fact and embarking into a new multipolar financial system, The Idiot decided to patch the system and inject into it vast amounts of public money"

"We've heard so many times that the system is going to explode that when it is exploding we do not see it. It seems we have problems recognizing facts that scare us. These facts are hidden behind COVID-19, the last attempt to innoculate our minds with a permanent fear that will get the army in the streets and will keep us locked down inside our houses, lest we suddenly became aware of what the outbreak really means. So many virtual realities have been created for us that when the crudest reality is here, we are not able to see it."

"In 2000 Iraq started selling oil in euros, and (coincidentally?) the Twin Towers were demolished in September 2001. In 2002, Iraq changed all of its petrodollars into euros in its vaults. A few months later, the US started its invasion of Iraq began, and oil sales were traded again in dollars. "

"Iran has launched a weapon far more deadly than war: a stock market that sells its oil in euros instead of dollars. China, India and other countries have already showed interested in the new Iranian Oil Exchange."

"In 2011 Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi was overthrown and brutally murdered after his decision to sell oil in euros and introduce the gold-dinar. In 2014, Iran, Venezuela and Russia jointly began the "de-dollarization" policy. But the final attack begins in 2017, when these countries signed with the BRICS, led by China, the sale of oil in yuans, based on the old gold standard (the standard that Nixon broke in 1971)."

"... giving us instructions to set up a detailed program to achieve the quick political destabilization of Brazil, and Venezuela"

"In June, 2013, the fund of Qatar became the owner of 2.95% of the authorized capital of VTB [Russian bank – ed], in September, 2016 — the owner of 24.99% of stocks of Pulkovo airport [Saint Petersburg]. In December of the same year it acquired 19.5% of the stocks of “Rosneft” in a consortium with Glencore, and in June of 2017 active negotiations on the purchase of a 25% share in the Independent Oil & Gas company began (which at this time was under direct American sanctions). Today the fund widely supports cooperation with the Russian direct investment fund and studies projects worth $6.5 billion."

"They were dreaming of a pipeline from Qatar to Europe through Syria, but with the emergence in Syria of the Russian Airforce the project failed, the pipeline became unrealizable, and Doha quickly changed its current negotiation positions. The oil market crashed in 2014 and Russia was pushed into recession in 2015. Saudi-Russian oil war in 2020 is just an attempt at killing off US shale oil production. Won't last. But what they don't realize is that until you find a vaccine for COVID-19, you will need to stay idle and off-the-maket. Maybe you find a vaccine in 2 years, but by that time, too many US shale oil companies will be long dead."

"The deal Russia+OPEC already showed that cooperation between Moscow and Riyadh can have a serious impact on the global energy market, and a joint and simultaneous departure from the dollar-denominated oil trade by all our countries — Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, China, Venezuela, and others, moreover can produce a real revolution in the global financial sphere, for the benefit of all our countries."

"US Missile Defence Agency is about to start deploying ballistic missile tracking and interception systems in space in the near future. The development and implementation of a sustainable space sensor architecture should be completed by the end of 2022."

"They rely on Rapid Global Strike, involving the attack and destruction of critical enemy facilities by non-nuclear weapons anywhere in the globe within an hour of receiving the order. The strike is planned to be launched by hypersonic missiles from sea and air carriers, as well as from space platforms."

"In 2018 China, at the Shanghai Summit, signed all 30-year oil and gas futures contracts in yuan-gold, with all the producers that have wanted to sell it. And all this dismantling of the unipolar world of the dollar, is being combined with the development since 2013 of the so-called "New Silk Road", the largest Chinese investment and commercial infrastructure plan ever proposed. Not only does it include roads, rail routes, ports, airports, and transport infrastructure, it also includes norms and standards, customs, courts, electronic commerce, and all countries and continents can be included, from the Arctic to Latin America."

"If we cannot destroy Greenland, let's buy it"

"Any country prefers yuan-gold, than dollar-paper, this has made Saudi Arabia start selling to China in this currency. The weekend of 6-8 March 2020, Saudi Arabia has stopped with the help of the Russian espionage an attempted coup d'état, organized by a faction of the royal family itself, and has accused the United States of being the instigator."

"in order to authorize DENIED operations using biological vectors located in South Africa to hit China just in time when EU states are considering using China's Huawei 5G technology, Italy's Northern League is supporting the Russia-China axis at all recent world summits, and Italy had just bought oil in petro-yuan for the first time. Targets are selected on a DENIED basis."

"The infection struck a blow to the confidence of unrestrained liberalism in the market, all the victories of which were erased in an instant. Wall Street is gripped by an unprecedented crisis, hundreds of billions of Euros evaporated in just one day. Faith in finance has definitely faded away."

"Because of the prospect of an American default, Beijing has no choice but to urgently start selling off treasuries. This could completely destroy
the US public debt market – investors will stop buying new bond issues because of the excess supply."

"In then end, the design of the COVID-19 general test of social control by DENIED was a success in that it accelerated the needed changes for the paradigm shift to consolidate. From now on, climate refugees is the next scenario to work on up to year 2100."

"The post-2100 scenario is the one in which geminoviruses are released, killing virtually 90% of the world crops. DENIED estimates that by 2100 Russia was producing 300 million ton of grain, that was totally devastated by the SV17q-designed DENIED geminovirus."

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... l-and.html

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Poems from Chantilly

The Orderly Shutdown

"the design of a disruptive crisis must also be done according to procedures; once the cryptocurrency system has been deployed and successfully tested, the collapse of the dollar-based monetary system can proceed as planned. Actually, we are moving from a system based on the gold standard - in which the actors do believe that the declared quantities of gold are really what they are told - to a system based on altcoins, in which the agents do believe secrecy and anonimity is guaranteed. Of course, this is not true."

"Social Security is essential for millions of retirees, therefore destroying Social Security is the main target. If we want to hurt the maximum number of people we need to hurt them there where they least expect it: in their future."

"lending to those who can afford to repay was the main mistake; under the new strategy, we will first knock down those who lend, such that there will be no one left to lend the money. APT-variant viruses are designed to tamper with the blocks within the blockchain; a compromised blockchain is all we need to turn down any cryptocurrency-based system. Once public confidence in the safety of the blockchain is lost, you should expect a major impact on markets."

"destroying the entire global financial system is the only solution to speed up the paradigm shift; cryptocurrencies do have but one and just one key advantage for us: they will allow us to finance black projects in even a more secretive way. In fact, altcoins and cryptocurrencies are also one of our black projects, you see. We control the data flow, and we control the blockchain. Next step is introducing cryptocommodities; ever heard of artificial water?"

"Compromising electrical power generation and distribution infrastructures should be handled in an incremental way before the final cutoff, which includes transportation networks, air traffic control systems, nuclear power plants, the water supply and food production, and industry. Bringing everyday life globally to a sustained halt is the design goal of these new persistent threats."

"The algorithm simulates the effect of a major water crisis, which triggers a global food crisis causing profound social instabilities. For each cycle, ops are devised to promote failure of national governance, a rampant unemployment, staged interstate conflicts, and large-scale involuntary migration. Migration has been weaponized; flooding your enemies with a flood of migrants is just tactics; intermixed with all this is the forced bursting of asset bubbles, the collapse of trading routes, the modulation of energy prices, and a widespread cyberattack strategy against major infrastructures. Finally, pandemias are also included. This is called Chantilly Generic Scenario."

"There's always a physical connection to the outside world and the internet; and there's always a stupid employee clicking on the wrong email attachment"

"See, there is a small number of key risks wielding great influence; a well-designed water crisis can account for most of the crises"

"A bubble? Yes, of course. Bubbles occur when the price of an asset rises to an extreme level, far beyond the fair market value. Global security is an asset, and we wanted to rise its price. Wars, terrorism, and 'natural' disasters are meant for that. But how do you design a global threat such that the entire planet would be ready to pay whatever you ask in return? Directed asteroids are meant for that, you see. Creating pandemias and then selling the antidote is not working anymore, and it is difficult to prevent the viruses mutation. However, contaminating water and then selling the decontamination process at a high price is wiser, as long as you use the right xenobiotics. And believe me, no better xenobiotics than those who are not found on Earth."


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Synergetical models of cultural collapse

It is understood that such an approach gives no information regarding the mechanism of the cultural collapse process. However, it does give information regarding the extent of the processes, such as that of cultural aging in civilisations.

In capitalism it no longer matters what circulates " whether it is money, goods, information, or even the feel-good messages of feminism, multiculturalism and community " as long as there is constant exchange. Therefore, it is tweaking the rate of that exchange what allows a civilisation to force the collapse of another one.

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... lapse.html

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[Image: suborb19.jpg]

USOs and the end of MAD
Highly Unfriendly Threats in the Artic Sea and the next Nuclear War
On the end of the Mutualy Assured Destruction paradigm

Deep concerns are being expressed over the fact that two nuclear weapon states " the United States and the Russian Federation, which together own 95 per cent of the nuclear weapons in the world " converge on the Arctic and have competing claims. These claims, together with those of other allied NATO countries " Canada, Denmark, Iceland, and Norway " could, if unresolved, lead to conflict escalating into the threat or use of nuclear weapons.

[Image: suborb20.jpg]

The US Geological Survey reckons that the Arctic"s share in the global conventional resources yet to be found amounts to 13 per cent for crude
oil and 30 per cent for natural gas. These resources are probably offshore for the most part (84 per cent).

In August 2008, Canadian Forces quietly deployed naval and air assets to investigate a report of a foreign submarine sighting near the eastern entrance of the Northwest Passage. The sub sighting, based on what the military described as a reliable report from hunters, occurred near the northern end of Baffin Island on August 9, 2008. The sighting was linked to a report a few days earlier of a mysterious explosion in the area, widely reported in the media. Another group of hunters heard the explosion, which was so large it shook their cabin. They emerged and saw a plume of black smoke some distance away. But in the case of the explosion and submarine sighting, the military commented only on the explosion, and rewrote planned responses for journalists, removing any reference to the submarine.

Nobody recognizes Canadian sovereignty claims beyond 12 nautical miles from the coast, and everybody considers the Northwest Passage international waters.

[Image: suborb21.jpg]

Listening devices and land-based sensors on Devon Island were installed in 2008 as part of the Northern Watch program, with the expectation that the full system woulb be completed by 2012. The new threat they face is, however, invisible, silent, fast, and lethal.

[Image: suborb22.jpg]

the underwater games of "cat and mouse" continue as before, and several near-collisions have been reported as the Russian subs become increasingly successful in shaking off their American "tails." The Cold War is not entirely over beneath the rapidly melting Arctic ice, and Russia"s nuclear submarine bases north of the Arctic Circle are yet another powerful signal that the Russians intend to enforce their claims in the Arctic. So, while the prospects of major progress on U.S.-Russian bilateral disarmament have never been brighter, the gradual rebuilding of the Russian Northern Fleet"s roster of ballistic missile submarines and the ongoing mission of American SSN"s to track them aggressively has meant increased rather than decreased U.S.-Russian naval competition.

the Arctic is becoming a zone of increased military competition. Russian President Medvedev announced the creation of a special military force to defend Arctic claims. Russian General Vladimir Shamanov declared that Russian troops would step up training for Arctic combat, and that Russia"s submarine fleet would increase its "operational radius." Recently, two Russian attack submarines were spotted off the U.S. east coast for the first time in 15 years.

[Image: suborb23.jpg]

Norway chose to buy 48 Lockheed Martin F-35 fighter jets, partly because of their suitability for Arctic patrols. In March, that country held a major Arctic military practice involving 7,000 soldiers from 13 countries in which a fictional country called Northland seized offshore oil rigs. They did not plan for USOs and other non-terrestrial highly unfriendly threats of which so far 5 have been positively detected.

Sweden held its largest northern military exercise since the end of the Second World War. About 12,000 troops, 50 aircraft and several warships were involved. The exercise was closely monitored by unfriendly forces and at least one large USO was detected by military radars.

[Image: suborb24.jpg]

Arctic boundaries are difficult to draw. The delineation of boundaries between Arctic states remains therefore an unresolved matter. Climate change has made that this region is increasingly accessible, both for possible energy exploitation and for maritime trade routes. The Arctic constitutes one of the planet last frontiers, and all states bordering it are racing to make sure they will get their piece of the action. This region entails very serious issues of military security, terrestrial and extra-terrestrial.

[Image: suborb25.jpg]

According to international law, and if Russia manages to prove that geological structure of oil-rich seabed conforms to the type found on the continental shelf, the area under Arctic Ocean will be considered the extension of Siberia and hence, belong to Russia.

while the United States continues to operate its nuclear-armed submarines at rates similar to Cold War levels, and conducts more submarine patrol missions than the rest of the world combined. In 2008, Ohio class subs conducted 31 patrols, most of them from the west coast base at Bangor, Washington. The average patrol lasts 72 days submerged, and some missions have gone past 100 days, yet the USO-1340 incident clearly showed how meagre this force is. Having in mind the USO was repeteadly able to appear and disappear at will, and even to hide from radars and sonars, it is clear that terrestrial forces should operate jointly.


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[Image: china.jpg]

China and the American Circus

The territorial control of energy resources

"We too have a grand strategy from which regional strategies derive. We need to confront China in two decades from now, before China gets on par with us from the technological point of view. However, we need first to rethink the implications for interstate energy relations in a world which is transitioning towards renewable energy. Basically, our grand strategy relies on taking China into a war in two decades"

"Russia is no more a main contender within the Cold War II framework. Central Asia is being readily and increasingly falling into Chinese hands by means of building major infrastructures, particularly pipelines and 'silk roads' and therefore the Russians would be more than happy if we engage in a war with China; actually, the meddling with US elections had
that one goal: to get The Idiot in the White House in order for him to confront the Chinese. But the timing was wrong. It is SV17q position to reframe the operations such that by 2050 we should be fully ready for a devastating preemptive war against China based on airspace denial and in-silo detonation of Chinese ICBMs, and that means we need to have a new Idiot ruling US by that time. Not before."

"We have clearly opposed any shift to renewable energies because the current paradigm is based on one single fact: that the geographically fixed and finite nature of fossil fuel resources, their general reliance on large centralized production and processing installations, and their ease of storage and transportation as solids, liquids, or gases around the globe, allow us to easily protect those assets with our current military technology. Renewable energy production, on the other hand, lends itself more to decentralized generation and involves rare earth materials in clean tech equipment while requiring a clearly different distribution infrastructure which is difficult to protect from hostile attacks. It is only now that we have advance and radically new military technologies that we could guarantee protection of those assets, and thus we conclude a war against China by around 2050 is our best option"

"Look, energy geopolitics revolves around depleting and geographically concentrated oil and gas reserves in politically unstable countries either in the Middle East and North-Africa and Central Asia and Caspian Region. We've been introducing the needed instability in those countries as required. Our problem is that Russia is clearly lagging in developing renewable energies and therefore they are reluctant to leave their oligopolistic markets as a net-producer of gas and oil. We expect the Russians to remain formally neutral yet covertly supportive in the implementation of the grand strategy, though"

"The development of MilOrbs, and the associated progress in AI systems and nanomaterials, is clearly a game changer shaping the future energy geopolitics, but it is not enough. We also need a favorable social climate that guarantees social support for our military activities in the future. This means we need to increase the number of Idiots in top policy-making positions, and this is why you should expect to see more and more idiots as prime ministers"

"there exists a distorted exchange rate between the yuan on the one hand and the euro and dollar on the other hand which does not reflect the real economic position of China. Moreover, China has so many energy plants working on coal that they can afford a low price for electricity. The labour cost in China is also low at the expense of civil and labor rights. This means energy plants and the Three Gorges Dam will be a key military target during the first days of attack"

"China is deliberately pursuing a policy to protect its own rare earth reserves. This creates potential dependencies, and will force other countries to be more subservient to China"s wishes as only the less dependent actor in an asymmetrical relationship uses its dominant position to coerce concessions from the more dependent actor, for example, by threatening or actually enacting disruptions to trade."

"A decentralized global autonomous renewable energy system means nothing if you don't get rid of central banks and a centralized greedy banking system, something you could do if you implement a sound global cryptocurrency-based system which, in turn, is infeasible because by its very nature cryptocurrency mining is a highly energy-intensive activity. Your only way ahead would be a space-based cryptocurrency system, but satellites make a nice target both for antisat platforms and hackers. Accept it: you'll never become a Type-1 civilization unless you really and truly get rid of the very concept of 'money'. If you wish a true paradigm shift, start by removing the concept of 'money'."

"We've learned a lot during the past five years. See, one thing we've learned is that the rise of renewables depends ever less on the "push" of governmental regulations and ever more on the "pull" of market forces. This shift is disruptive to the oil industry and spells trouble for the major producer. The switch away from oil puts into question old assumptions of oil economics, and requires a damn new way of making war. During the stress tests we tested how cities reacted to a power outage; we used PSVs to cause outages in Darwin (Australia), the entire Northeastern US, Chile, Brazil, Cyprus, Turkey, Canada, and even entire countries like Iceland, Venezuela, Indonesia, and half of India. Never wonder why China has never been tested on? I'll tell you: because we wish them to believe they have a stable power grid."

"We designed, funded, and launched the global climate change denial groups not because we doubted global warming was an unfounded claim; on the contrary, we knew climate change was a coming reality, but we needed time to refine our predictive models and run simulations in order to know how the shift to renawable energies would impact our global strategy. We now have a roughly clear idea on the future's landscape and what to do to adapt to it. We know where the scarce water resources will be, we know where renewables will be feasible and where not, and we know where to locate hubs and how the supergrid will be arranged. And we are acting accordingly, now."

"China dreams of leading by 2050 a number of international institutions that will shape the global energy landscape. That would mean less transparency in emissions reporting and an improvement of its emissions targets, something we are not ready to tolerate. In the future, countries will embrace protectionism as clean energy industries rise in value, and that means the end of free trade. Maybe is time for us to place a new Idiot as prime minister there as a first step for its disintegration. And if that fails, then there will be no other way than a war. That's the grand strategy: preserving Sol-3 at the expense of humans, if required."

"It is always the same, presidents and prime ministers are either ambitious individuals who have received their training at prestigious diplomatic schools, and who see themselves as the ones ultimately in charge of their nation"s independence, or dumb clowns businessmen ruling a country; in either case, they all have a head and if you put a bullet in it that's the end for those presidents and prime ministers. You see, we cannot leave the future of the planet in the hands of people who die if a bullet gets into their heads, especially when the cost of a bullet is a mere $0.05"

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... rican.html

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[Image: 101.jpg]

The US Food Crisis of 2030

Seeded Skies and the Recreation of Drought Cycles

"It's time to set the basis to fight against illegal food export, and this implies active participation in the legislative process and agency sponsored public hearings, yet both of these - legislative process and public hearings - is a luxury we just cannot afford. Secrecy is our life insurance if we wish to cope with what's ahead"

"Bioweapons available, as any other weapon, must undergo operational testing in order to provide a valid estimate of overall system effectiveness and suitability in an operational environment. This is a national security strategy."

"Jade Helm 15 allowed us to gain an insight of what resistance are we to expect once social unrest spreads due to lack of food. We need to implement adequate policy actions, we need an experienced evaluation of statistical data, and we need to face the fact that the food crisis will erupt with no warning"

"Our crisis management systems are designed to be interoperable with our mobilization systems, our deployment systems, our planning and execution systems, and with our sustainment systems. But this time the hostile forces would be groups of our own citizens starving and ready to kill for food. We need to be ready for scenarios in which Americans will be killing Americans amid a global disruption and social disintegration"

"A massive drought in the American Midwest, Australia, and South America, coupled with a sharp increase in food prices is all you need to witness widespread hunger and social unrest. From the Inmitt Experiment (by which we introduced price peaks in order to force food riots which in turn triggered widespread revolutions such as the Arab Spring), we have learned how to manage the timing of events in order to cause the required collapse. We expect by 2073 our strategy will be mature enough as to be implemented in all critical areas of Sol-3"

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... skies.html

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[Image: 47.jpg]

Poems from Chantilly

What was inside Pandora's box?

On umbraviral profitable infections

"Pandora was designed having in mind the potential phytosanitary risk to other crop plants grown in the same season and vicinity."

"the seminal team had experience designing and testing new Begomoviruses in India; they also have experience in the few host plant species where umbraviruses are naturally confined."

"Field tests show that Pandora may pose an important constraint on the yield of opium poppy crops all over the world. Its effects are devastating. Severely affected plants became completely rotten and collapsed. I've witnessed entire fields in DENIED collapsing in just two months after release of the umbraviruses. Sure, I've also witnessed hell's doors opening in those cities where heroin stopped selling, but that's how the laws of supply and demand work, man."

"I think the definite impulse for the design of the new umbravirus was the observation that some of the Luteoviridae showed limited manual transmissibility when in the presence of the umbravirus LSMV. The task for developing an umbravirus exhibiting rapid systemic spread in plants was then taken over by SV06n. Lot of funds went into that program."

"It is a complete kit comprising two new umbraviruses and an incredibly easy deployment mechanism that guarantees quick and efficient worldwide infection. Opium poppy is grown for pharmaceutically important alkaloids such as morphine, thebaine, codeine, papaverine, and noscapine, so we don't want all poppy fields in the world to collapse. We will only use the kit on target fields all along the transect from Afghanistan to North Burma as a way to regulate the market. Ruined and collapsed poppy fields will make heroin price to skyrocket, and that means more money for us."

"The new variants used by Pandora were bioengineered from opium poppy mosaic virus, that was first isolated from Papaver somniferum (opium poppy) with leaf mosaic and mottling symptoms in New Zealand, in 2006."

"The third variant is not included in Pandora. It is a military variant that modifies the alkaloids quantitatively yielding a superpoppy, that is, a plant which is highly enriched in morphine from which you can produce the purest heroin so far; in fact, the heroin you obtain is so pure that simply smelling it can get you addicted. The development of that heroin is meant to create chemical incapacitating weapons. Imagine deploying that heroin via aerosols through the ventilation system of an office building for 3 days. Has no color, no odor, I mean, you won't notice. In three days you'll become addicted without having a clue on how that happened to you. I heard they once planned a test using Tower 270 in New York as a target."

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... nside.html

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[Image: 25a.jpg]

Thiesfield and the afternoon the RSA-ECC died

Backdoors, electrical cords, and the winter in Fort Meade

"in August 2015, the NSA announced that it plans to replace Suite B with a new cipher suite due to concerns about quantum computing attacks on ECC"

"undermining mathematical formulas, in particular elliptic functions used in widely deployed encryption systems, is a key activity for us; we were manually crafting elliptic curves that look random, and encouraging the industry to make use of them in their belief they were random. That way we could decrypt whatever message we were interested in; however, after the Yulara event, we were given a gift by DENIED asking us to test it in the analysis and decryption of RSA-encrypted messages; to all effects, the gift acted as a neural network, assigning a pixel values to chunks of RSA-encrypted message and, after a while, an image appeared in the screen. Looked random to us, but then the 'gift' started its pattern recognition analysis on that image to finally decrypt the message. We got speechless."

[Image: 25b.jpg]

"Carnivorous is the project under which massive encrypted data is collected. We call data 'flesh'. So, one group generates massive amounts of encrypted data, feeds Carnivorous, and then we train the neural network, which is further used by a second group to fine tune the decryption process. The algorithm is based on Ivanenko polynomial maps for pattern recognition and works on the visual representation of the elliptic function-based RSA-encrypted flesh."

"Obviously we cannot compromise the global trust environment; GTE is one of the cornerstones of the actual financial system and the internet itself; you can't go out telling people RSA is not working anymore, or even worse: that it does not work since 2015. At the end of the day people must go to bed thinking all of the transactions they've made during the day are safe, otherwise the world would be in chaos. Electronic commerce is the only commerce we have, so why destroying it?"

"Yes, safe encryption is a myth, the very moment you need to write down in plain text what you wish to encrypt you are lost. A system that encrypts plain data is a bad system, anyway. Always was. Suffices to steal the data before any encryption is performed, and that's what we do most of the time. Quantum encryption won't solve that problem either, you know. What we really need is a brain that generates encrypted data from scratch, because nodody has figured out how to read a brain. Yet."

"We found the guy in January 2015; we couldn't determine the cause of death because the body’s breakdown process took too much of a toll to offer any forensic evidence. We found no signs of a break-in. Officially, the guy worked for the Department of Veterans Affairs as a computer programmer, though in reality he was our man for the Carnivorous project there. See, a deep knowledge of maths comes with a price: schizophrenia and dementia. Think of Nash, think of Gödel. It is as if someone or something is dictating you the maths."

[Image: 25c.jpg]

"We found a much faster integer factorization algorithm, we were happy about it. We used this new algorithm to decrypt a significant proportion of Internet traffic, but that was not enough. We then received the 'gift'. How they got it and from whom is something we ignore. The fact is we can break both RSA and ECC since 2013. Then the same group came one morning to the office, showed as a strange disk-shaped object that they connected with a special gear to one of the monitors and the screen got filled with strange symbols. They asked us if we could make any sense out of it. It was short after that we learned DENIED was found dead with a black electrical cord knotted around his neck. Without his help the decoding of those symbols was simply impossible. Damn! You cannot replicate someone's brilliant brain!"

"The private key? The private key in this cryptosystem is a specific genetic polymorphism sequence that only the person who receives the message bears in his DNA, that is, he and only he can decode the message. Actually, it is more complicated. The private key is the sequence that remains after the genetic sample from the receiver has been exposed to UV radiation of a wavelength unknown to you for a period of time unknown to you, thus even if you obtain a sample of DNA from that person you still need to figure out a lot of parameters."

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... -died.html

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[Image: 33a.jpg]

Oneirology and National Defense

Pushing forward the Consciously Dreaming Program

"The Idiot wanted to cut down the black budget to some $25 billion; we invited The Idiot to see what progress we've made in some specific areas, so we invited him to the Advanced National Dream Research Lab. He got interested in Project Next Door. We explained to him this is a project on assessing the potential for using dreams to gather intelligence about future events within the framework of military oneiromancy. The Idiot inquired about what specific predictions, if any, did we obtain using Next Door. Three days after the visit, The Idiot increased the budget to over $60 billion."

"Dreams as defense assets to confront highly asymmetric threats"

"Across human evolution, dreaming has been a vital survival mechanism. That has not changed today; dreams are our best early warning system, in particular when we are engaged in a highly asymmetric war as we currently are."

"There is no memory biases and no chance. The dreamers predicted the events, and this was thoroughly and rigorously proven not once, not twice, but five times. See, it is not that precognition exists, it rather has to do with how space-time works. It is about physics what we are talking here, not magic. And we need to keep these secrets to us."

"We have no scientific explanation for how our dreams predict the future, at least not yet. The Yulara Event was the long-sought proof we needed to finally accept NTT is working, and what we now need is how to use this knowledge. We tried to explain the Altadena Anomaly as a memory bias, but the dreamer was born in 1990, you see, so she was 3 years old when the 1993 fires happened, and she was living in Montana, not in California. All in all, both the Yulara Event and the Altadena Anomaly are our best evidence that NTT is working and that is working even better than expected."

"- Are there any side-effects on the dreamers? I mean... are they 'normal' subjects?

- No, they are not. We keep them confined, Sir, not because they are valuable military assets, but because they pose a danger to others. They are psychotic individuals, Sir, having a rare and unusual kind of psychosis. They all suffer from reduplicative paramnesia."

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... shing.html

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[Image: 18a.jpg]

In situ deterrence

The Name of the New Game

"Once briefed by the intelligence officers, the idiot gets to know what the real situation is. He gets to know, that the world is a complex place in which Islamic and Serbian extremists, though they hate each other, promptly cooperated in a most unusual way. He learns that the Islamic terrorists got the detonator in Tajikistan, from North Korea, and that the Serbian extremists got the uranium from an obscure organization of Russian extremists; he also learns that the Iranians mediated in the dealing in Tajikistan, that the Israeli agent infiltrated in the Islamic group already reported the deal to Tel Aviv, that the Russian authorities were also informed by their agent infiltrated in the Serbian terrorist group, and that the Chinese were also aware of the project through their infiltrated agent in North Korea. The idiot is also informed that the elements comprising the bomb were introduced and assembled on USA soil, and that the bomb was finally planted somewhere in a big American city, ready to be used. He is also enlightened about how things are, that the bomb is now in the market and deals are being made to sell it to the highest bidder, no matter if the bidder is a fanatic American Christian religious group, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Russians themselves, China or any of the thousands enemies the idiot has, including his own secret services for whom he, the president, is just that: the new idiot."

"The idiot is also informed that a similar bomb exists somewhere in Moscow or Saint Petersburg, ready to be used, and he learns the name of the new game: in situ deterrence."

"They got the device from North Korea somewhere along the Wakhan road. Payment was made hand-to-hand when both negotiators met in October, 27th in Dushanbe during the Economic Seminar on Investment Opportunities, hosted by the Prime Minister of Tajikistan Qochir Rasulsoda. Only two months before Syed Tariq Fatemi was on tour to Belarus and Kazakhstan to bolster international support for Pakistan's bid to join the Nuclear Suppliers Group. The Chinese were obviously aware of the deal, and they provided the necessary coverup for it to happen."

"Islamic radicalization in the Balkans worries them much as it worries us, but they got the idea that managing the deal with DENIED group will get them to a control position of the bomb. The meeting between both DENIED and the Serbian extremists took place in Syria, where the Serbian elements took advantage of the presence of Serbian mercenaries in the field. We know the two individuals flew from the Russian village of Molkino to Syria as part of a Wagner-contracted fighters deployment there. The meeting was held during the Tal Areen hill battle, near Palmyra, on September, 2016."

"NEST (Nuclear Emergency Support Team - NEST) thinks the bomb is a recycled Russian RA-115s tweaked in North Korea and capable of yielding some 6 kiloton explosive power that was introduced in a container."

"The only way ahead to know whether that ship was carrying a portable nuclear bomb or not was using the LBS-Glider System fitted with the muon tomography sensors; unfortunately, the Chinese navy seized our underwater drone, so we couldn't verify whether the information we had at the time was true or not. This was around December, 16th."

"In situ deterrence is the name of the new game: you plant small nuclear bombs in big cities, you then give your enemy the exact coordinates of the location of one of such bombs for them to verify the credibility of the threat. Finally, you inform them you have 5 or 6 of those bombs planted in their cities. The deal is clear: the minute they cross certain red lines, you detonate the bombs."

- Is the idiot informed at some point during the process of the existence of the bombs?

- Yes, once he takes office

- Is the idiot informed on how many bombs are there and about the location of the bombs?

- No, the idiot has no right to know

- Why so?

- There're five layers of secrecy on top of the presidential one. The president has the right to know everything pertaining to national security and the governance of the nation, but he has no right to know about worldwide security. He is the president of a nation, not the president of the world.

- Who knows the exact locations of the bombs?


- Who takes the decision to denotate the bombs?


- Is the situation the same for the other idiots?

- Yes; idiots have no saying in this, neither here, nor there

- Why using terrorists to deploy the bombs? Why not military from the special forces?

- Terrorists are special forces, Sir.

- What does the number 9243186 mean?

- Is the IMO number of a tanker ship.

- Can you be more specific?

- Saint Louis Express, that's the name of the tanker.

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... -game.html

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[Image: f1.jpg]

Zafar-1 Satellite Beautiful Failure

On SV17q dangerous war-gaming

"SV17q has intercepted two DENIED targets while performing a targeted disruption of Iranian network data. The operation was run from February, 7th to February, 9th, 2020. The operation caused extensive disruption to telecommunication networks in Iran on the morning of Saturday, 8 February 2020 lasting several hours. On February 9th, SV17q guided two MilOrbs over the DENIED area as Iran airspace at altitudes below Flight Level (FL) 250 was closed"

"Authorities have issued a preliminary statement that the internet shutdown is being implemented to repel a cyber-attack on the country’s infrastructure."

"The goal was to inject code into the Zafar-1 OBC. Zafar-1 was the heaviest satellite Iran has attempted to launch and was termed a priority Alpha target as the satellite intended use was remote sensing and communications."

"PSV 'Presence' was parked at DENIED orbit as planned. However, on February, 9th, 2020 at around 15:57:25 UT, the Simorgh rocket suffered an unexpected failure which, according to SV17q, was not due to code injection by the MilOrbs. It seems that while lift-off was succesful, soon after the fairing separation around 15:52:08 UT the upper stage failed to reach the necessary speed to put the satellite into Sol-3 orbit."

[Image: f2.jpg]

"Both the upper stage and satellite reached an apogee far away from PSV 'Presence' intercept orbit before making a long ballistic flight back to Sol-3 surface, impacting against the Indian Ocean at DENIED coordinates"

"On that same day - 9 Feb 20 - two incidents were reported within an interval of an hour after the re-entry of the failed satellite and the Simorg upper stage to DENIED ships while underway in the eastbound lane of the Area of Denial promptly established by SV17q assets. Parts were lately recovered at taken on board DENIED ship, where an initial investigation into the seized parts was carried out."

"MilOrbs were re-assigned new targets in order to force a collision avoidance vector onto two civilian planes that happened to find themselves intersecting the falldown trajectory. Planes were identified as an Airbus A380-861, flying at a calibrated altitude of 39,004 ft, with track 131º, and a Boeing 777-2DZ(LR) flying at a calibrated altitude of 33,000 ft, track 127º, both of them belonging to Qatar Airways. Both planes went unaware during the entire operation under way."

[Image: f3.jpg]

"SV17q operation was authorized by DENIED to take advantage of the tensions between the United States and Iran at the time after a U.S. drone strike killed high-ranking Iranian general Qasem Soleimani in early January, which prompted Iran to retaliate with missile strikes on several sites in Iraq that housed American troops. Operation was termed timely given the mentioned scenario in the area at the time."

"As far as The Activity is concerned, we have already informed both U.S. and Iran that they should exercise caution when operating in overwater airspace within our established Area of Denial, which include the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman in OKAC, OEJD, OBBB, OMAE, and OOMM. The area is of SV17q direct interest and though we wish to keep a no-contact profile with DENIED, we will not allow any delay or interference in our current operations."


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[Image: j1.jpg]


Patterns for Puppet Societies

He said everything began to change when Haiyu Mozambique Mining, a subsidiary of China-based Hainan Haiyu Mining, was awarded a concession in 2011 to mine heavy sand minerals such as ilmenite, titanium and zircon.

... from where Hubei-based Wuhan Steel imports about 80 per cent of its iron ore to meet steel production needs.

The source of COVID-19? Ask SV09n what they know about Chinese workers in South Africa who died in late October, 2019. SV09n assets passed as researchers working for the Endangered Wildlife Trust of South Africa working for a Bat Conservation Group which engages in research and conservation of bats. They know nothing on bats, you know, but they know a lot about coronaviruses and everything about monitoring Chinese mining activities in Africa.

"... that both individuals were repair and servicing technicians responsible for the maintenance of the LW1200KN machine, the largest-tonnage loader manufactured by Xuzhou Construction Machine Group...

SV09n recorded 23 bat alphacoronavirus and 7 betacoronavirus sequences from South Africa; one sequence was clearly identified as the same viral species as SARS-CoV-2. We knew of MERS-related betacoronaviruses, but no SARS, in DENIED region where the LW1200KN faulty machine loader was deployed. Technicians from the Wuhan Iron & Steel Group and Xuzhou Construction Machine Group were dispatched via Wuhan Tianhe International Airport to Johannesburg, through Hong-Kong Airport, on DENIED 2019. The three technicians were reported ill on DENIED at DENIED by DENIED

SV09n was monitoring the China General Nuclear Power Corporation’s Husab uranium mine in Namibia. Husab is one of the biggest uranium deposits in the world, and the Chinese built a huge uranium mine there. SV09n mission was to DENIED by closely monitoring the site

he declared he came from Kamoa copper deposit located in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), and that he fell in an ill condition with fever and DENIED; he declared his condition started to deteriorate after staying for one night at DENIED site

The roads to reach the mine open up access to the forest. There are caverns at DENIED where bats are known to gather; the destruction of the habitat in order to build the mining site was determinant in keeping in close contact humans and bats

The idea that COVID-19 was imported from South Africa to China by workers from the Wuhan Iron & Steel Group is not being taken into consideration because, so far, no viruses related to the cause of COVID-19 disease have been reported from African bat species. I do concot coronavirus surveillance studies in bats in the DENIED area have been mostly one-off studies and haven’t included all the species or considered seasonal shedding of viruses, though

Look, the spread of the virus was so lighting quick because the detection kits developed were unreliable, to say the least. Initially, all RT-PCR and PCR based detection strategies targeted the wrong genes, except for the one developed by - guess who - the Vector Institute. Anyway, you don't have a vaccine yet because you are in the middle of a vaccine war, battling to be the first one who develops a vaccine for COVID-19. Again, that virus is of no interest to us; we developed our vaccine to stop a nuisance to our operations. We do not consider COVID-19 a threat to us. And by the way, you are calling by the same name three different viruses... Think about it.


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