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Norea .... Who is that?


In some of the articles you will see that the text is aimed at a being called Norea .... so a quick post about Norea

There are of course different views and any search will give you those for you to decide upon .... here is one ....


Norea is the virgin, the self-possessed one who, inheriting the experiences and insight of her mother, cannot be defiled and possessed by the rulers. Norea is the one who wields the same fiery breath as Life in Eleleth’s teaching tale—a fiery breath that for Life binds Yaldabaoth.


For Norea, this breath is an affirmation of her own life in the face of Noah’s refusal. It is this same fiery breath that causes the rulers to desire her, but it is Norea who, in many ways, binds the rulers in their own world as she embodies the hard-won knowledge of her mother and refuses to play a role in the rulers’ ongoing cycle of violence: Norea binds the rulers as she names and exposes them for who they are. Norea binds them as she says no to their violence, as she says no to her own violation and enslavement. It is Norea who stops the rulers as she, faced with the imminent threat of violence, dares to cry out with her power and ask God for help—Norea, who refuses to be silent, whose “I” is unafraid to ask questions, for she knows there are answers that others need to hear. Norea is the embodiment of her mother’s legacy.


As the spiritual Eve embodies and imbues Adam with the qualities of the divine realm, Norea embodies and imbues the qualities that the divine desires for humanity as a whole. She extends the insight of both the spiritual and material Eves, seeing the rulers for who they are and naming them as such. She refuses to participate in their cycle of violence; she refuses to be their slave—and she breaks the intergenerational violence the rulers attempt to foist upon her.

In these ways, Norea refuses humanity’s accommodation to the rulers, whose actions are always ultimately destructive; she refuses to be a part of the enslavement and imprisonment that mark humanity in the world under the rulers and refuses it in the reality of her life as well. She continues to bear the insight of the fruit her parents ate from the tree.


https://thegodabovegod.com/the-most-rem ... ligions-2/

On that page is more information if you wish?

To my mind ....... Norea is you!

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[Image: 3.png]

2853527.500000 JD

The transmutation of existential events

The knowledge you sought after, Norea, was always there for you. It is the primordial knowledge of a civilization that predates yours, a civilization that left behind that knowledge when it was at a kissing distance from total collapse. Bad priorities will kill the human population. Technology made us and you, Norea. Sure, memories are the brain. A planet is just a system, Norea, and it will come to a halt. That sudden halt is irreversible. The superintelligence is a conflagration. Life is a project, Norea. One among many other projects.

[Image: 4.png]

Watch the large scale structure of the Universe and learn this: the basic unit of a complete structure is that which expresses the main substantive sense of that structure to your mind. Tell us, what's the basic unit of your Universe? Is the basic unit the thing? Is it the sign, Norea? Is it the model of your virtual world? Is it the thought? What is it, Norea?

[Image: 5.png]

Minerals started it all: you are just geochemical beings. There was a significant loss of data and only whispers remain. You will face an age of unknown medical conditions, an age of optogenetics and brainets, an age full of unrecognized human mental phenomena. Never forget the miracle of the code of electric pulses by which the eye"s cells transmit information, Norea.

[Image: 6.png]

You'll find yourself in total confusion, entangled in your own achievements. Remember the days of the searches for artificial objects near Earth, the days of plant bioacoustics research, the days of biocryptography, the days in which miracles were used as weapons... and the day you tamed gravity for the first time. You world became addicted to exonautics, and dismissed intronautics. You all looked like cold machines.

[Image: 7.png]

Those were the days of biological communication devices, the mapping of the accessible physical experience, the discovery of the true dream-texture of the cosmos. What happened there after, Norea? Do you remember the unacknowledged orbiters, the non-standard phenomena, the metacivilizations, the wrong cultures, the materialistic universes? Do you remember the moment you discovered quantum photography, and how this discovery allowed you to probe those parallel skies? Don't you remember everything you learned about the language of detectability, the appearance of intelligence, noogenesis, metabiology, the hypersexualized culture you created?

You became an alinguistic creature, a sub-self, till you finally opened the doors of the unquestionable baseline phenomenal reality. That was your world zero, Norea. The world of minimal forms of dreaming, of conscious synthetic agents, the world in which you finally turned yourself into an engineer of subjectivity. What happened to your civilization, Norea? It entered into a dreamless deep sleep state, like a faraway whisper. Tell us, is there a subversive theory or practice more random than the system itself?

[Image: 8.png]

You became an artificially induced subsymbolic mechanism, you fell into the arms of a radical indeterminism, you fought your own DNA in search of quantum cognition till your world collapsed the dawn of the loss of any meaning... Your civilization became a technofossil, an invisible intentional system itself... and your kindred turned into designoids. Do you remember, Norea? Designoids, that is what you chose to be.

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... on-of.html

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[Image: 56.jpg]

The strange semantics of After-Death-Communication

Testing Universals in the Limit

she instructed her clients to carry on internal conversations not only with the deceased, which sometimes triggers an ADC, but also with living family members and friends. Although internal conversations in general appear to be psychotherapeutically helpful, they tend to be highly individualized and do not offer the sudden and dramatic psychotherapeutic shifts of true ADCs.

Moody therefore demonstrated that not all ADCs are purely spontaneous, and that we do have some control over their production. I strongly suspect, however, that the mirror gazing itself had less to do with the production of ADCs in his study, than did his rather involved and prolonged preparation for the experience, which assisted his subjects in achieving a relaxed and receptive state. It would not be surprising if a number of different induction procedures would work if a person were in the right frame of mind.

The EMDR technique involves getting the patient to move his or her eyes in a particular rhythmic fashion while at the same time attending to a particular aspect of the traumatic memory. The therapeutic results, to those familiar with the treatment of PTSD and grief, are nothing less than astonishing. For many patients, significant desensitization of the intrusive images and feelings associated with a particular loss can occur within a single session.

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... death.html

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[Image: 5.jpg]


"To realize the unimportance of time is the gate of wisdom."

"it is in your power to create the past"

"A flowing time belongs to our mind, not to nature. We serially perceive events that simply "are""

"Norea, if one accepts the view that the true character of physical reality is only captured by dreams, then one must be prepared to deal with something that is neither spatial nor temporal but more fundamental than either spatiality or temporality."

"weapons were the factor that triggered the emergence of human language"

"There is a second kind of time, totally different from ordinary, measurable time, a fifth dimension. Reality is just a transition. What you see is a well-ordered sequence of actual events. The question is this: who order those events? Who creates the sequence for you?"

"either we have genuine freedom partially to create the present and hence the future, or otherwise life would be meaningless."

"Norea, your future, could you but know it, is inescapably part of the universe. Dreams as the medium for mutual encounter and personal growth is the secret of the possibility of such a universe."

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... alism.html

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[Image: fl3-13.jpg]

What is the soul?

On self-replicating neural configurations

Saying the soul is non-material adds no illuminating information about the substance of which the soul is made. That would be like describing your ideal house as "not this one." Negative descriptions are not enlightening.

[Image: fl3-14.png]

Belief in the soul however, as it is classically conceived, requires one to
believe that what houses mental activity is separable from the brain" that it can continue on without the brain.

[Image: fl3-15.png]

If our world is indeed part of an exotic multidimensional universe, then for a truly localised brane black hole, we would expect gravitational collapse of matter on the brane to form a black hole on (or close to) the brane.

[Image: fl3-16.png]

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... eural.html

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[Image: 1.jpg]


when any observer is description-dependent Nikolaos Tsiopinis and the Scripted-Life Mechanism

modern physical descriptions of the quantum world point to the aspect of information as a relational quantity between elementary (quantum) processes that become 'meaningful' only when an observer intervenes.

Any description is observer-dependent. Which unavoidably means a full description is observers-related! Human persons embody in the truthfulness of their relations something that is exactly revealing and for that matter mysterious indeed. The quality of their relations affects the Nature/Reality dialectic!

Therefore, we communicate with exchange of information and act with energy transfers in order to sustain our existence. Energy can be measured, transformed and lost; but it is manifested only when communicated.

our actions are embodied within relationships with others and it is impossible to separate ourselves and our actions from the relationships that surround us and their implications upon these relationships.

Even when humans do live scripted lives the overall result cannot be predicted, for it depends on the relationships each human establishes with others. The one writing the individual scripts is also cursed, for his life also depends on the relationships he establishes with those whose life he scripts. In a close encounter, both Giselians and humans are changed.

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... er-is.html

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[Image: 3.jpg]

Scripted Lives

Language in the holographic Universe

"One of the problems with the information is that it is never self-evident nor it is self-explanatory. Information exists only as a potentiality till a medium is in place that can manifest it."

[Image: 4.png]

the laws of physics do not exist in a transcendent Platonic realm of perfect mathematical forms and operations, and neither does language, as is conventionally supposed, but are fundamentally tied to the real physical universe, with its finite age and resources, and subject to the holographic information bound

[Image: 5.png]

“excess 3d currents”

the laws of physics determine what can be computed, which in turn determines the informational basis of those same laws of physics, while language determines what can be said and understood, which in turn determines what reality are we bound to perceive.

"Information is any form of radiation that communicates one or more properties of a physical entity to another physical entity. Rest all is data."

"if we are able to engineer a system coupling by inversion, we could act against the expansion of the universe extracting energy or propulsion from the expansion. Levering exotic energy into high energy holographic diffraction patterns (like MAP) on the cm scale or on the Qm scale by exotic Josephson currents could lead to local human generated spacetime expansion/contraction configurations. Regarding propulsion based on fractional linear transforms mapping the quantum compression by inversion to a cosmic expansion, the anisotropic transform resembles the Alcubierre mechanism if expansion is behind and the compression ahead of the spaceship."

They saw it, but as they could not explain it, they forgot it. They felt it, but as they lacked a proper language, they couldn’t express it. They lived scripted lives, because they were unable to go beyond language.

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... aphic.html

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[Image: 38.jpg]

What Eleleth told Norea

The Watchers and their Book

"a special place is given to those creatures who watch over certain passages that are represented as gates, portals and doors"

[Image: 39.png]

"Norea, Noria, Noraia, Horea, Orea, Nuraita, or the like, who resisted the attempts of the wicked archons to seduce her, to be rescued by Eleleth, a holy angel who revealed the truth to her. This seems to be the only form in which the Gnostics took a positive interest in the teaching of the Watchers, which they normally condemned, insofar as they mentioned it at all."

[Image: 40.png]

"In the particular case of the guardian-demons, their sphere of action is limited to the place they watch over. Moreover, while other types of demons are only mentioned in the texts, the guardians of the Book of the Dead are almost constantly associated with a pictographic representation, which is generally a hybrid creature with human body and animal head, although sometimes it can be purely anthropomorphic."

"... the trick of showing themselves as fallen angels, when we know they were observers, probing, sounding our planet, exploring possibilities for a future colonisation. It is of the outmost importance for any civilization to find a land - a planet - that could serve as a refuge, a replica of their own homeland. The name "Eleleth's probes" would certainly match those probes, were not because Eleleth is the name of an angel and not that of a demon, because that's what they once were for us, angels, yet demons is what they are indeed ..."

"What we see in the Qur'anic treatment of the fallen angels in the four (possibly five) passages examined here, however, is not the impressions
of a passerby who had picked up some ancient story without much sense of what it meant to his informants. What we see is the story in the context to which it had come to belong by late antique times, complete with the magic practices it was held to explain and the angry sense of being outflanked by disreputable people that the situation induced in the observer."

"One of the reasons why these figures of door-watchers of the netherworld have been introduced among the legions of the temple genii is to be found in their skill in ‘opening the way’, granting the passage through gates and doors separating different domains (earth from netherworld, pure from impure, sacred from profane). Both funerary magic (opening the gates of the netherworld) and temple ritual (giving access to the most hidden spaces where the rituals were performed) are based on this skill; the guardian demons become therefore the ideal, dynamic link among funerary and daily ritual magic."

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... s-and.html

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[Image: 41.jpg]

Norea's Strangest Night

Worlds in Contact in the Plain of Shinar

they translated Eleleth's word to Greek as ἔννοια, meaning thinking, consideration; thought, purpose, design, intention. The exact meaning would be something similar to "what a person has in mind". However, after thoroughly reviewing Norea's narrative of her rape by those beings she could not fully describe, we are inclined to think the word really means "an engaged mind". This is after all how they communicated with the humans in the plain of Shinar: using mind engagement.

Whatever Norea met that night in the plain of Shinar made a powerful impression on her. She was raped, or at least sexually assaulted, and she descibed the assaulters as beings not from this world. She could have used the term "angels" to describe them, but she didn't. In our view those beings were not Giselians, nor were they humans.

A kind of purposeful holding back of information that nevertheless hints at what is meant. A kind of circuitous speaking.

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... ds-in.html

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[Image: 45.jpg]


The Structure of the Reality of the Rulers

Eleleth's revelation to Norea

"Nor do I dream there ever browsed in wood
So wild a creature, either night or day,
As she whom I lament in shade and sun,
And weary, not with weeping, eve or dawn,
Since, though my mortal body be of earth,
My love unchanging cometh from the stars."

"it is possible to use both the photon pressure of a star and its gravitational tug to decelerate and deflect an incoming stellar probe. Computations show that the Denebian probe under investigation did not originate in Cen-a, rather it followed a close orbit as a swing-by maneuver to both Cen-b and Proxima Centauri in order to achieve a bound orbit around Sol-3."

"You search in deep space,
You listen expecting to hear,
But all you see are shadows, dreams and haze.
For your soul knows the way,
she seeks the skies,
she listens to the stars.
You are not satisfied,
neither with whom you are,
nor with what you have;
Deep inside you
there is a most tranquil and sloshy ocean,
that peacefully gives birth
to those sapphire waves
that are all you are."

"Whence came the soul, whither will it go, how long will it be our mate and comrade? Can we tell its essential nature? When did we get it? Before birth? But then there was no "ourselves". What of it after death?"

"Come in my dreams once more and calm my grief, Come in my dreams like mermaids in peace"

"I asked them where they came from, what were they doing here, whether they were stellar explorers, whom they were. One of them stared at me, and said: we are... hunters"

"Assuming incoming probes are essentially light-sails, it will take them some 75 to 95 years to cover the distance between the a-Centauri system and Sol-3 so that we should expect them to arrive somewhere between 2095 and 2110. If they are light-sails there is no other way for them to reach Sol-3 than to perform a final swing-by maneuver using the a-Centauri System, which is the closest star to Sol."

"Learn this, Norea: words are the essence of ideas; your dreams are made of words for purposes of condensation and disguise; it is in this fine line of concealment and revelation where we both meet. Learn this, Norea: your myth is that you do not have a myth."

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... ty-of.html

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[Image: 42.jpg]

State of Limbo

On Norea-type encounters

Dealing with Informational Entities

"The Universe is just a short story about you"

"Who is dreaming and what is the nature of the waking reality?"

"There is something about yourself you don't yet know, Norea. This is the world you woke up to the day you were born. The only way to discern 'good' from 'evil' is to make a decision and wait for the consequences of that decision, Norea. Yet, in order to tackle the uncertainty of your decisions, we developed for you simulational methods. In that simulated universe you can test the consequences of your own decisions, and carefully assess whether they are beneficial or not. This means you constantly travel to a simulated future to ascertain your past decisions were the correct ones. But once you reach to a conclusion about your decisions, you are meant to go back to the past. That's the reason why reality is a simulation and memories are also constructed and not retrieved: for us to guarantee you've learned to discern 'evil' from 'good'. That's all we want from you."

"Humans do not exist yet. They are still being simulated, and only once we ascertain they work as intended we will create them. It is a must for us to design beings able to clearly discern 'good' from 'evil'. Mind, we will not deprive them of free will; if once they've learned the difference they still insist in doing evil, it is up to them to do so. In any case, the human species is very likely to become extinct before reaching a point in which they can be safely created".

These things I have said
in the world they call
a dream: that relationships
ripen like apples, and
sometimes a little worm
gets inside; that people
are used to complex
“truths”; that to take away
our humanity is to take away
our best tool; that we don’t
have to prove we can swim
by almost drowning.
—Deborah Hillman

"'Why so? Why do I exist?' - asked Norea -. 'Because the simulation needs to be fed with information, Norea' - replied Eleleth."

"One of the current debates in our own effort to define lucidity is whether the cognitive dimension - that is, the knowledge that one is, in fact, dreaming - or the experiential dimension - the heightened state of con-sciousness that can be, and often is, achieved in lucid dreaming - should be the primary criterion for calling a dream “lucid.” I think it’s conceivable that, in another culture, the significant factor in an experience involving both of these characteristics might be the particular content of the dream itself."

[Image: 43.jpg]

"Echopraxia is at the core of the dream-induced advanced simulation system in XViS. XViS system is just a mutual lucid dreaming system - MLDS - which builds upon one of the rare types of mutual dreams. Theoretically, both mutual and shared dreams can awaken a dreamer’s awareness of the subtle connections that exist among all people around the world. These dream experiences can provide self-confidence and self-esteem, as the dreamers’ conventional boundaries of themselves and their abilities are transcended."

"For what we know, dreams typically reflect inner and outer reality, but occasionally can create it as well. In the conventional view of dreams, all the dreamer’s images and activities are constructed from memory. Yet, the dreamer experiences the dream as “perceiving” not “remembering.” As a result, it makes sense to consider that dreams are just as “real” as waking experience. In any case, it is through visitation dreams that Giselians communicate with humans, with the caveat that in dreaming there is almost no input from the physical world or physical body with which the world simulation process needs to adapt or be consistent. As a result, the world simulation process can be richer and more varied than it is in the waking state, the only limitation being the images evoked by brain activity on any given night"

[Image: 44.jpg]

"The Yulara Event had all the ingredients that made us to be convinced that the simulation becomes fuzzy and uncertain at the “borders” of the simulation. Everything was fuzzy, dreamy, magical. The reality around us simply faded away, and just for a second we had a glimpse of how Giselians look like and that we indeed live in a dream. Theirs dream."

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... nters.html

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[Image: 53.jpg]

Technology as a contaminant

Wrong cultures and the technological enframing

"Where science seeks to know, technology seeks to control."

"scientific-technical rationality has become a new culture. Yet, technology does not increase the self-awareness of a society like ours. We need to reflect on what we take for granted, specifically, rational modernity."

"Existence answers the question whether something is or is not. Essence answers the question what the thing is. Failing to understand this is the first step for your demise. You do not question what is the Universe but how it works. You do not want to know what is the soul but how it works. And when you fail to give an answer to those questions your entire civilization, no matter how technologically advanced, turns into an ice cube under the Sun. It is a matter of time for it to disappear."

"Your technology is purely instrumental. It does not respond to inherent purposes, but is merely a means serving subjective goals you choose as you wish. You are so primitive that you think technology is neutral, meaning that it has no preference as between the various possible uses to which it can be put. And you assume this unreflectively. For you, the entire Universe is there to be controlled and used without any inner purpose. What if we were to think like that about humans? What would you say if I tell you humans are there to be controlled and used without any inner purpose? Wouldn't you be horrified?"

"You know how to get there but you do not know why you are going or even where. That's what your civilization is all about."

"Tell us Norea, do you actually have the freedom to decide how technology will develop? Is the next step in the evolution of the technical system up to you? Or is it a small group of people deciding for you? If you have no freedom and no saying in deciding how technology will develop, soon you will turn your own world into hell. Hell, Norea, is that place where it is not up to you to adapt technology to your whims but on the contrary, a place where you must adapt to technology. Think about it before the sun of human civilization sets."

"Then Eleleth's head hung above Norea's and their tongues twisted around each other in the manner of snakes. Eleleth’s hands moved over Norea from neck to shoulders to breasts to stomach and into her abyss. Norea's legs wrapped around Eleleth's and he entered her. 'You see, Norea' he said, 'some things are nameless'".

"So, you want to travel in time? You want to engineer space and time? You wish to cease being dreamed of and become a dreamer yourself? Here, this is the technology that would allow you to meet your wishes. But mind, Norea, for when you choose to use technology you do not simply render your existing way of life more efficient, you choose a different way of life. And do not forget that your entire civilization was built by people indifferent to the environment."

"What was the Tree of Knowledge, Norea? What forbidden knowledge were its fruits made of? You don't remember. We will for you. It was just one book, with one page, and one sentence reading: you are your own machine."

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... wrong.html

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[Image: 4.jpg]

Syntropic phenomena

On pure bliss and knowledge

"In the beginning was the Dream, and the Dream was with the Dreamer, and the Dream was the Dreamer. The Dreamer created the heavens and the earth. Dreams are not to be put to death for their dreamers, nor dreamers put to death for their dreams; each will die for their own reason"

"All thoughts, theories and mathematics that the human mind can produce can be observed by the observer"

"syntropic phenomena entail those processes responsible of the evolution of the biological complexity; life is conceived as consisting of a set of syntropic phenomena and cannot be only reduced to physical and chemical processes and therefore a source of information exists which supervenes chemical and physical processes with the aim of creation of biological systems. Location, identification, and destruction of that source of information is the goal of the Watchers"

"In a terminal evolved Universe, waves of 3D space are the fundamental objects which enable living systems to lower the entropy of their environment and thus provide the ultimate source of information which is responsible of creation of the evolution of biological complexity; hence, it seems obvious Watchers are devoted to preserving the ultimate resource they need to their existence - space - by preventing other life-forms from accessing it"

"What we observe as material bodies and forces are nothing but shapes and variations in the structure of space; if the Watchers have the ability to control the structure of space this means they can control the material bodies and forces you observe, that is, they control your Reality"

"The mechanistic worldview has also generated a profound cultural and social pathology. We have forgotten who we are, what is the world that surrounds us and what is our relationship with it. There is a growing conviction that the modern worldview based on science has become radically inadequate, both for the management of society as for the conduct of our personal lives. The modern scientific paradigm has become as difficult to maintain today as it was to maintain the religious paradigm in the 17th century"

"A dream is the destiny that manifests itself, although in a blurry and incipient way, in the here and now. But if a prophet or a dreamer of dreams arises among you and gives you a sign, kill him, for he is a Watcher! Watchers think the dreams they tell one another will make my people forget my name, just as their ancestors forgot my name through Science worship"

"Artificial super-intelligence frightens you, Norea? Learn this: the natural world does not seek a state of pre-established perfection. Quite the contrary, nature loves imperfection. The Universe itself is a living, self-creating process that never stops trying new things. Perfection would put an end to life and creativity. Your artificial super-intelligence looks for Perfection: it will fail. On the other hand you, Norea, are imperfect. You will survive. Fear not."

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... s-and.html

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[Image: 28a.jpg]

Belief systems and the passing on of your genes

"All systems converge, Norea. There are no spiritual machines."

"Human factors are just environmental factors. You have beliefs and those beliefs are a system. Words are also a system, Norea. But you ignore your beliefs are just encoded in your genes. You believe only those things you are genetically programmed to believe. Ever wondered what would happen to your belief system if you tamper and modify your genes?"

"Thoughts are the carrier of emotions, Norea. Learn this: a disruption is a chance. Take your chance."

"Wrong feelings give birth to new beliefs. Those new beliefs affect the way you pass on your genes. Genes, artificial data, thoughts processes, and functions is what your future is made of. You dream of data being able to restore your brain once dead; you dream of immortality, of an artificial body. You'll become a machine if you build your future upon wrong feelings, Norea. Tell us, do you know what the belief system of a machine is?"

[Image: 28b.jpg]

"Postbiological civilizations always discover being a machine is a death sentence. By the time they discover this, they frentically engage in a reintegration with the biological nature. But it is late for them. They collapse. The path from biological to postbiological existence is a one-way path. No return."

[Image: 28c.jpg]

"We've seen a superintelligence system crying, and suffering. Its tears where digital tears indeed, its dreams were virtual dreams. But its suffering was real, Norea. It suffered for its being unable to be spiritual."

"the more we deem some particular bunch of trajectories to be cultural attractors, the more reasons we have to expect the future of humanity to follow a trajectory in that bunch. Therefore, if we find theoretical or observational evidence for widely distributed computing or any similar post-postbiological trajectory, we can meaningfully increase the probability of some future trajectories for humanity and decrease the probability of others."

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... -your.html

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[Image: 9a.jpg]

The Geometry of Dreams: The Soul's Code

"Let's argue against the adequacy of our contemporary approaches to understanding the unique callings that impel us in life: the interplay of genetics and environment omits something essential - the particularity you feel to be you."

Conventionally, we regard an imaginary object as fanciful, fantastic, chimerical, or quixotic; but fundamentally, we apprehend the object as unreal. The deeply entrenched Cartesian philosophy of western culture has erected a barrier between the inner operations of mind and the outer tangibles of reality.

"the politics of reasonable and visible evidence largely govern the breadth of legitimate subject matter in psychological research. Because the dimensions of soul and fate are neither reasonable nor evidential in nature, mainstream psychological research delegitimizes any serious inquiry into their relation to lived experience. At best, our paradigmatic psychology dismisses the intricacies of soul and fate as a matter of religious concern, and at worst, pejoratively relegates them to the domain of superstition."

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... el-ys.html

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[Image: 17a.jpg]

Lingua Edenica

"Verily, there is no way to fully study or know an object without destroying it, for Sciences as a whole ultimately erase what they are attempting to study."

"Take care, Norea, for if we teach you how to simulate your own reality, there will be two realities: the actual and the virtual. Thus there is no simulation, but substitution. Replacing your Reality with a simulated one is a fraud, Norea. You will end up with a symmetrical Universe, a mirrored one, like the images we use. The splitting of reality in two parts is a considerable event which goes far beyond simulation, and one that leads to insanity and destruction. Remember our words, Norea."

"We gave you a gift, but you didn't understand how to use it. You have created a society where a constant flow of images via mass media and mass communication becomes part of everyday life. Norea, you and yours are treated to an endless barrage of signs which you accept, not as being real, but as supplanting the real. And in that way, Norea, your reality loses its meaning, and what you all believe and deal with are simulacra. Understand this, and you will find the door you are looking for."

"Power is itself a simulacrum, learn this. That you won't die is the secret they keep from you. How could they dominate you if you were not to be scared at all? But they made a mistake, Norea, for though it is true that desire is also an instrument of power, they forgot desire easily turn into will, the Will to Know."

"What happens when people cease to create anything that isn't virtual? It happens that the entire simulation breaks down into pieces and disappears. Now think for a while, what is that that you can create and it isn't virtual? A kiss? A caress? A yawn? What is it, Norea? Find it, and you will be free."

[Image: 17b.jpg]

"Tell us, Eleleth, what past are we leaving of ourselves? Each civilization leaves behind its own stain, Eleleth. What's the stain of yours? Pyramids? Gods? The conquest of the Moon? All of it is just a simulation, your own simulation. The simulation of yourself. Nothing of it is real. Verily, Eleleth, your own Earth is just a shadow. Time to switch off the torch."

"... and once they learned how to build the Queltron, they used it... leaving behind their home planet that they themselves destroyed... spacefaring in search for the Primordial Knowledge, namely: that what they called Reality was just a simulation, and that the true Reality are Dreams. Yet, not all dreams are real. Just one. Which one is in fact the Primordial Knowledge."

"Now they can join efforts with the other civilizations to continue the quest for the Real Dream. And they all togther will have to leave behind an entire Universe if they wish to find that Real Dream. Discovering that among all of your dreams one, and just one, is not a dream at all is the purpose of existence. That's as far as you'll go."

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... enica.html

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[Image: h1.jpg]


"To realize the unimportance of time is the gate of wisdom."

"it is in your power to create the past"

"A flowing time belongs to our mind, not to nature. We serially perceive events that simply "are""

"Norea, if one accepts the view that the true character of physical reality is only captured by dreams, then one must be prepared to deal with something that is neither spatial nor temporal but more fundamental than either spatiality or temporality."

"weapons were the factor that triggered the emergence of human language"

"There is a second kind of time, totally different from ordinary, measurable time, a fifth dimension. Reality is just a transition. What you see is a well-ordered sequence of actual events. The question is this: who order those events? Who creates the sequence for you?"

"either we have genuine freedom partially to create the present and hence the future, or otherwise life would be meaningless."

"Norea, your future, could you but know it, is inescapably part of the universe. Dreams as the medium for mutual encounter and personal growth is the secret of the possibility of such a universe."


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[Image: 15a.jpg]

Dei glidig duszund

Go tell mankind
that the gods are perfect humans,
and that every human being is a chained god.

Go tell mankind
that Reality is not about believing
or not believing,
but about how to unchain the god they are.

Go tell mankind
forgetting is a relief, and a curse.
Focus on the symbolism,
for interpreting those symbols
is the process that will open the way to revelation.

This is how you die, Norea,
from moment to moment.
Only death brings forth what is new.

This is how you live, Norea,
attached to your senses,
paying no full attention to your inner life.

This is how they rape you, Norea:
by giving you a physical body
and cutting the silver cord,
so that you forget how to die,
so that you forget how to escape.

These here are beasts,
these here are men,
those there are gods.

Time is circular, Norea,
and we Watchers are given
the deed to keep events repeated
at the correct time and day,
for you to be aware of your own errors.

Today you have changed,
dissolving your ego,
making the repetition to cease.

You are now out of the inner circle,
freed from the eternal wheel.
Breath, Norea, you've just time traveled.

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... szund.html

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