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[Image: 39.jpg]

Deep Sleep Dreamless States

CogCons devices in brain enhancement strategies

"CogCon is in a sense a neuromimetic process itself."

We now know a lot about the physical interaction of these nanoprobes. Though they are highly technologically advanced they still must obey the laws of physics; but what we didn't expect is that these nanoprobes also act as highly effective cognitive control devices that are able to move oberver's brain dynamics to a desired functional regime. We've spent too much time mesmerized by the bigger orbs, and paid little attention to these nanoprobes. In fact, it took us time to realize that in all and each sighting there are unnoticed nanoprobes all around the site which appear concomitantly with the main orb."

[Image: 40.jpg]

"a cognitive control device - a CogCon for short - is a device that feeds back information about brain activity and that the subject unconsciously modifies in a way thought to be advantegeous for the interpretation of Reality; see, humans do not perceive Reality as is, what they do is to perceive a model of Reality constructed by their brains. CogCons interfere with the brain in order to modify such internal representation in a way thought to be advantegeous for those who control the CogCons. Basically, we see what the want us to see"

[Image: 41.jpg]

"CogCon can be thought of as a non invasive brain stimulation technique equipped with a closed-loop control mechanism, whereby information on the dynamics, usually non-observable, is made observable to subjects, who can then use it to retroact on it, and push it towards functionally desirable goal states."

"people would be able to control at least some aspects of their own experience during an encounter if we could find a way to provide them with information on how their own brain is handling the encounter. The encounter is a complex mixture of physical, paraphysical, cognitive, and unconscious processes and the subject is overloaded with a stream of both conscious and unconscious information, on top of which a CogCon is filtering out and remodelling data so that, in the end, the subject is left in a severe blackout condition"

[Image: 42.jpg]

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... gcons.html

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[Image: 43.jpg]

Closed Consciousness-like Curves

Are humans cognitively closed with respect to consciousness?

"We know virtually nothing about consciousness, not because the problem is a hard problem or because we lack the means to fully explore the mind, but because to fully understand what consciousness is we need to perform experiments, some of them nasty ones. We can put two particles inside an accelerator, speed them up to nearly light speed, and make them collide to get a deep knowledge about matter, but we cannot administer certain drugs to individuals and get them into XViS to fully explore what really consciousness is. There is a high risk to induce serious mental disorders in the subjects, and that keeps us off from experimenting."

"From research at XViS we've learnt that wherever we find consciousness, we find awareness. We know there is a correlation between the structure of phenomenal consciousness and the structure of awareness. We cannot control the structure of phenomenal consciousness, but we can modify and design new ways of awareness so that, in the end, our experiments throw some light at what consciousness is. Of course, these experiments are illegal, that's why we do it at DENIED."

"as any information that is consciously experienced will also be cognitively represented, crafting the information in specific ways will induce particular cognitive representations, and this allows us to explore the very nature of consciousness. We expose the subjects to engineered information, and then record their cognitive representation of the nonstandard phenomena in order to gain knowledge about what human consciousness is. That's all about 'paranormal and high strangeness events'"

"consciousness is always tied to a specific biology; a Giselian and a human do have different consciousness because their biologies differ. The encounter between two biologically different and intelligent species produces all sort of weirdness experiences in at least one of the two species. They know this, and exploit this fact each time an encounter happens."

"If species A has a more complex information processing structure than B, it is clear that species A will also experience Reality in more complex ways than species B. Now, if a human is exposed to the phenomena he will experience all sort of complex and weird things, which means his information processing structure has changed somehow. It called our attention that autistic individuals were immune to the phenomena, which means there must be a fundamental link between information and experience that would open the door to an understanding of what's really going on during these encounters."

"The mental information content in one brain can be transmitted to other brains in a trivial way if both brains belong to the same species. When both species differ radically information must be transmitted in nontrivial ways. The problem is that some of these nontrivial ways of transmitting information is lethal for some species. See, there is no war between us and them: there is nontrivial transmission of information that is lethal to us. That's the key issue."

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... s-are.html

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[Image: fl2-8.jpg]

Close Encounters of the Sixth Kind

Bit-string physics and XViS

"we distinguish a target searching by the mental body followed by a stabilization of the neuron ensembles, a process in which elementary acts of perception and consciousness are realized; then it comes a phase of entanglement between a number of similar elementary particles of both the entity and the human being via highly anisotropic nonlocal virtual guide bundles in which the double highly ordered conducting membranes of the coherent nerve cells provide the cumulative Casimir effect. After this phase, time as we know it comes to a stop. Now both the entity and you are tuned in, and information exchange takes place."

"The CAFB exchange took place under controlled conditions, inside the XViS tunnel. The walls of the tunnel are equipped with all kind of sensors and particle detectors, therefore we were able to monitor the entire environment and to measure the radiation levels during the encounter. For what we learnt, vacuum behaves like a truly polarizable dielectric which has the effect of reducing all charges by a constant amount. All the effects and disturbances that we recorded were due to the appearance of domains, that is, of bubbles or plumes in which vacuum polarization is substantially enhanced. This has the effect of reducing the charge of electrons and, consequently, the chemical bond strengths."

"a special self-organization process takes place in the brain during the exchange. The brain becomes correlated and therefore its entropy decreases, that is, order is created, at the expense of increasing disorder in the vivinity of the brain which manifests in all kind of weird physical disturbances in the environment. What we observe is a repulsive version of the Casimir effect which pushes objects away; we observe the burning of materials, failures of electric equipments, rapping noises and sudden movements of objects around the subject. For the untrained witness, the entire process is just like a demonic possession, a horrible experience, but for us is just the witnessing of a complex physical process that we call vacuum polarization enhancement."

"See, my question was a direct one: does this entity or physical process pose a threat to our PAL system?"

"There is a signal recognition system in the weapon that responds only to a single, very specific, complex signal. But this holds as long as the weapon is working correctly. We are here talking about a weapon which is exposed to a weird spectrum of complex physical processes, processes that are created within the brain of a human subject which, in turn, does not behave anymore as a 'normal' 'standard' human, Sir. So yes, these subjects pose a threat to your permissive action link system, if that's what you want to know. A slow increase in pressure that puts strengths on the objects without originating any burst is the consequence of a weakening in molecular bond energies, and this in turn is an effect of the vacuum polarization enhancement."

"- What happens to these guys after the experience?
- They all die, Sir.
- But you talked about promising ways to avoid this, didn't you?
- I did, yes. We are now using people with varying specific neural configurations.
- Can you be more specific, please?
- We are experimenting with autistic individuals, Sir.
- Is that legal?
- It is as legal as you using autistic individuals to memorize thousands of digital codes for the PAL system, instead of storing those codes in hard disks, Sir. Giving them medical treatment and psychological support and providing them with welfare and social security benefits for them and their families does not make it ethical either."

"we fund research on paranormal activity and poltergeist not because we do believe in it, nor because we are of a curious scientific nature; we do it because in the remote case those activities are real we want to know how to protect our PAL system. We never discontinued our research on psy-activity, as long as we do not have a theory of consciousness and mind-matter interaction. On the other hand, belief in the paranormal and paraphysical is not more stupid than having thermonuclear missiles under ground waiting to be launched to destroy cities. Do you follow me?"

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A wiki page about something called XVis

.... (not the actual wiki but a 'page') which can been found here:


I am copying part of it here .... just in case!

XVis: Visualization for the Extreme-Scale Scientific-Computation Ecosystem

The XVis project brings together the key elements of research to enable scientific discovery at extreme scale. Scientific computing will no longer be purely about how fast computations can be performed. Energy constraints, processor changes, and I/O limitations necessitate significant changes in both the software applications used in scientific computation and the ways in which scientists use them. Components for modeling, simulation, analysis, and visualization must work together in a computational ecosystem, rather than working independently as they have in the past. This project provides the necessary research and infrastructure for scientific discovery in this new computational ecosystem by addressing four interlocking challenges: emerging processor technology, in situ integration, usability, and proxy analysis.

Emerging Processor Technology One of the biggest recent changes in high-performance computing is the increasing use of accelerators. Accelerators contain processing cores that independently are inferior to a core in a typical CPU, but these cores are replicated and grouped such that their aggregate execution provides a very high computation rate at a much lower power. Current and future CPU processors also require much more explicit parallelism. Each successive version of the hardware packs more cores into each processor, and technologies like hyperthreading and vector operations require even more parallel processing to leverage each core"s full potential.

XVis brings together collaborators from the predominant DOE projects for visualization on accelerators and combines their respective features in a unified visualization library named VTK-m. VTK-m will allow the DOE visualization community, as well as the larger visualization community, a single point to collaborate, contribute, and leverage massively threaded algorithms. The XVis project is providing the infrastructure, research, and basic algorithms for VTK-m, and we are working with the SDAV SciDAC institute to provide integration and collaboration throughout the Office of Science.

In Situ Integration Fundamental physical limitations prevent storage systems from scaling at the same rate as our computation systems. Although large simulations commonly archive their results before any analysis or visualization is performed, this practice is becoming increasingly impractical. Thus, the scientific community is turning to running visualization in situ with simulation. This integration of simulation and visualization removes the bottleneck of the storage system.

Integrating visualization in situ with simulation remains technically difficult. XVis leverages existing in situ libraries to integrate flyweight techniques and advanced data models to minimize resource overhead. Within our in situ visualization tools, XVis integrates existing visualization algorithms and those incorporating emerging processor technology. XVis also studies the latest techniques for new domain challenges and for post hoc interaction that reconstructs exploratory interaction with reduced data.

Usability A significant disadvantage of using a workflow that integrates simulation with visualization is that a great deal of exploratory interaction is lost. Post hoc techniques can recover some interaction but with a limited scope or precision. Little is known about how these limitations affect usability or a scientist"s ability to form insight. XVis performs usability studies to determine the consequences of in situ visualization and proposes best practices to improve usability.

Unlike a scalability study, which is always quantitative, XVis" usability studies are mostly qualitative. Our goal is not to measure user performance; rather, we want to learn about the limitations and benefits of incorporating in situ methods in scientists" workflows. These studies reveal how the simulation, hardware, and users respond to a particular design and setting.

Proxy Analysis The extreme-scale scientific-computation ecosystem is a much more complicated world than the largely homogeneous systems of the past. There is significantly greater variance in the design of the accelerator architecture than is typical of the classic x86 CPU. In situ visualization also yields complicated interactions between the simulation and visualization that are difficult to predict. Thus, the behavior observed in one workflow might not be indicative of another.

To better study the behavior of visualization in numerous workflows on numerous systems, XVis builds proxy applications that characterize the behavior before the full system is run. We start with the design of mini-applications for prototypical visualization operations and then combine these with other mini-applications to build application proxies that characterize the behavior of larger systems. The proxy analysis and emerging processor technology work are symbiotic. The mini-applications are derived from the VTK-m implementations, and the VTK-m design is guided by the analysis of the mini-applications.

Acknowledgements This work is supported by the DOE Office of Science (Office of Advanced Scientific Computing Research).
Sandia National Laboratories is a multi-program laboratory managed and operated by Sandia Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Lockheed Martin Corporation, for the U.S. Department of Energy"s National Nuclear Security Administration under contract DE-AC04-94AL85000.


There is more at the link and many links from the page .... I leave that to you to research or not : )

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[Image: fl3-21.jpg]

Mind Vortex

Generating Thought without a Brain through XViS

"Thus it is argued that just as a "vortex" can, within the conceptual framework of classical physics, emerge as an entity that controls the motions of the molecules from which it is built, so might there emerge, from a stratum of brain activities completely compatible with the concepts of classical physics, a "consciousness" that controls lower-level brain processes"

Pauli"s idea of a regulative principle lying beyond the mind"matter distinction is intertwined with the Jungian concepts of archetype and synchronicity. Synchronicity refers to the occurrence of representations of archetypes in meaningful coincidences that defy causal explanation. Pauli apparently believed, perhaps on the basis of his own experience, that the synchronistic aspects of nature identified by Jung were sufficiently striking to place them beyond the bounds of explanation in terms of pure chance.

[Image: fl3-22.png]

Thus PK can affect only outcomes about which the physicist is not certain, and it does nothing that is impossible according to conventional
physics; it merely changes the probabilities for possible outcomes. This weak violation hypothesis links psi in a quite specific manner to quantum theory and implies already some non-causal element.

[Image: fl3-23.png]

the quantum universe tends to create meaning: the quantum law of evolution continuously creates a vast ensemble of forms that can act as carriers of meaning; it generates a profusion of forms that have the capacity to sustain and refine themselves.

Downward causation, causation from consciousness, is mainly unacceptable as a scientific concept in spite of the fact that it is one of the most impressive facts in our practical experience.

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... thout.html

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[Image: fl3-25.jpg]

Field consciousness physics

On the nature of mind-matter interaction
Preliminary results of the XViS project

"The essence of the electromagnetic field theory of consciousness is that conscious perceptions " and also conscious sensations or qualia, inasmuch as they can be said to have independent existence " are identical with certain brain-generated spatiotemporal electromagnetic patterns."

"At such times the attention of the participants seemingly locks onto the "same wavelength," and individuals often report a subjective shift."

"The MMI hypothesis proposes that such felt shifts are associated with physical changes in the local environment, i.e., that when the "mind" side of a postulated MMI relationship becomes unusually coherent or ordered, then the "matter" side also becomes more coherent or orderly.

This idea predicts that if mental coherence fluctuates from high to low according to a prescribed plan, and that sequence of fluctuations is repeated, say N times, then random data streams continuously recorded during those N periods ought to positively correlate with each other because they should have been modulated by mind in approximately the same way. This prediction was tested in the present experiment."

[Image: fl3-26.png]

"the electromagnetic field theory of consciousness predicts that in principle, consciousness could be generated using hardware instead of wetware. This single prediction not only renders the electromagnetic field theory testable where the neural identity theory is not " it also opens wondrous vistas with respect to possible future technologies."

[Image: fl3-27.jpg]

The fact that the results found here derive only from a succesful treatement of kinematical, operator product, divergences, gives them a certain robustness. To the extent that the results here stand as predictions of quantum general relativity, they are also predictions of quantum supergravity, or any of the large number of modifications of general relativity such as those that involve dilaton fields or higher derivative terms.

"The coherence-stimulating technique used in this study involved the use of binaural-beat audio tones known as Hemi-Sync®. The term "binaural-beat" refers to a method in which one tone at, say, 400 Hz is played in one ear while another tone at, say, 406 Hz is played in the other ear. These two pure tones are heard along with a subjective beat frequency, or warbling tone, generated by overlapping circuits in the brain"s audio cortex"

[Image: fl3-28.gif]

"future observation of previously recorded random bits can result in signifi cant deviations from chance expectation, indicating that realtime observation is not necessary in mind-matter interaction effects"

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... ature.html

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[Image: 58.jpg]

XViS and atypical conscious states

Protecting humans from ego-dissolution contacts

"one of the promising application of XViS is securing those contacts in which consciousness fades under normal physiological conditions"

"reading from the sensors revealed that during the Yulara event both soldiers were receiving a stream of vivid experiences, and that occurred despite both of them being immobile, unresponsive, and largely disconnected from the environment."

"before XViS, the phenomenological properties of these contact states were difficult to isolate experimentally; we now have a working environment in which we can test and train people to take advantage of the contact experience. XViS allows to simulate phenomenological aspects of altered states reported during contact with NTT-type beings in a biologically plausible and psychologically valid way"

[Image: 61.jpg]

"The goal of understanding the specific nature of these contacts, and the altered phenomenology that surrounds them, stands as the most important experimental challenge."

[Image: 62.jpg]

"We don't yet fully understand the fundamental aspects of brain temperature regulation. What we observe is that during the contact the high-frequency activity in prefrontal regions drop dramatically. See, those regions mediate cognitive functions that are unconscious but affect experience indirectly, such as the encoding and storing of long-term memories, so that if they are blocked somehow by the NTT this would explain the loss of memory experienced by the subject. Though we can record and monitor the entire contact experience, it is frustrating that the subject who is in direct contact with them does not remember anything of the contact."

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... tates.html

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[Image: 42.jpg]

XViS, superlasers and the nuclear weapons complex

Inertial Confinement Fusion and Fourth Generation Nuclear Weapons

"any pure or applied research that deals with nuclear fission, thermonuclear fusion, antimatter, or any other nuclear reaction, should be severely limited if we wish to avoid a horizontal proliferation of nuclear weapons."

"these principles are so simple that a country such as Japan, which has the second most powerful ICF facility in the world, is in a far better position today than the United States in 1952 to make a hydrogen bomb. There is little doubt that if Japan decides to build such a bomb, it would work without failure, even without any previous atomic test."

"DOE says the mixed oxide fuel factory will be terminated beginning in fiscal year 2017"

"Building the MOX factory is part of a 2000 agreement between the U.S. and Russia, in which each country would neutralize 34 metric tons of plutonium so the material could not be used again for nuclear bombs. Without the MOX facility we cannot honor our agreement with the Russians"

"So, you plan to reduce the ballistic missile submarine force to just 8 boats, you plan to shelve our plans for a new nuclear bomber, you plan to cancel the Chemical and Metallurgy Research Replacement facility at Los Alamos National Laboratories, and you also want to cancel the Mixed Oxide (MOX) facility. And you want to win the elections. Did we get it right?"

"we've been donating some 20 million dollars to key members of Congress with decision making power over nuclear weapons spending using the argument that nuclear weapons are needed now more than ever because of recent geostrategic events; maybe it's time to explain to them that we were not refering to either Russians or the Chinese. Call it 'disclosure' if you wish."

"making sensible cuts in the U.S. nuclear arsenal will also require policy makers to take on the money, power and influence of the nuclear weapons lobby"

"We will be vigilant in our opposition to any changes that might reduce the number of ICBMs in the U.S arsenal to levels that might threaten the existence of current ICBM bases. Our efforts are aimed at ensuring ICBM funding is maintained throughout the budget process, whoever the president is."

"We believe in one God, our Creator, Redeemer, and Sustainer who is known through self-revelation as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. God the Father is holy and sovereign. Yet in his wisdom, God has dared to reveal himself to us as Father in order to make clear to us his personal nature. We do not worship an abstract concept that can be molded to fit our needs, but a personal God who freely chooses us and adopts us as his children. God created everything that exists, including men and women who are created in God's own image. We believe that God's perfect creation has fallen through human sin. We sin when through pride we seek to put ourselves in God's place, or when through sloth or false humility we refuse to be the people whom God has called us to be. We are lost and in need of salvation which God gives to all who believe in and confess Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior."

"Only if you have an apocalyptic view of the future to come would you support our mission, and this explains why most key decision makers on nuclear weapons are carefully chosen among those who do belong to either The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or any other Christian faith. When we opt for Howard Philip "Buck" McKeon or Mike Turner or any other, we do it for a purpose."

"We have one and the same enemy: the absence of a real enemy. If there's no enemy the entire world would be stagnated, purposeless, devoid of any meaning. This is true both for us and for them. We need a war if we wish to make the world go around."

"Man remains what he has always been: just dust."

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... apons.html

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[Image: 14.jpg]

Detecting consciousness at a distance

Detection and encoding of structural solitude

"under special conditions, mental influence may extend even beyond the body. Under strict controlled laboratory conditions, the thoughts, images, and intentions of one person may influence those of a second person even under conditions of screening or perceptual isolation that preclude conventional sensorimotor interactions between the two persons. This is now a established fact after the many experiments run in the XViS facility in DENIED desert"

[Image: 15.jpg]

"But the most promising idea is based on the accumulated evidence concerning consciousness-related anomalies in physical systems in which small but consistent intentional influences upon remote random mechanical and random electronic devices have been observed. Once we replaced these mechanical systems by quantum ones - like the one known as quantum pendulum - we were able to design a device that could detect the presence of consciousness at a distance. This device is the one on which the DENIED system of swarm probes is based. Once positioned around DP-2147, the probes consistently registered the signal patterns we predicted for the presence of consciousness, so yes, we are convinced DP-2147 is manned or, at least, it is a conscious intelligence somehow."

"Forget about receiving a signal with encoded information coming from a planet orbiting a faraway planet; forget about exchanging signals with an extraterrestrial spaceship. It is not going to be like that. Under various conditions people involved in close encounters with UFOs report experiences in which the temporal ordering of the elements in their consciousness, or the temporal relation of those elements to concurrent activity in their brains, seems to be anomalous or even paradoxical. Now, is this due to the existence of an immaterial mind that interacts with the brain in physically inexplicable fashion? In our view, communicating with a distant spaceship must be done using consciousness-related communications, not using radio signals. Our deep-space comms network is simply not fitted for interstellar communications."

"In each experiment an apparent dislocation in time threatens the prima facie plausible thesis that our conscious perceptions are caused by events in our nervous systems, and our conscious acts, in turn, cause events in our nervous systems that control our bodily acts. To first appearances, the anomalous phenomena show that these two standard causal links cannot be sustained unless we abandon a foundational - some would say a logically necessary - principle: Causes precede their effects"

[Image: 16.jpg]

"We ran global consciousness experiments to further test the quantum pendulum device and to finetune the Queltron machine. Those experiments are run without people being aware they are part of an experiment. We can generate doctored news (ironically enough today they call it fake news) such as the detection of an asteriod in Earth collision route. The global anxiety generated among the world population is enough to have a measurable effect on the pendulum. But we were totally baffled by the fact that what was initially started as a fake news, it became real in the end. This was a totally unexpected result. Imagine we devise a thorough experiment by which we announce worldwide the outburst of a new virus in a remote region of Mongolia... to then receive reports of thousands of people been infected, hospitals collapsing, etc. We know that cannot be simply because we are the ones who created the fake news to run our global consciousness-related experiment, yet the disease turns real... how do you explain that??"

"We are very interested in these phenomena, not because we are genuinely interested in how consciousness works, rather because we are currently weaponizing quantum mechanics, you know, building quantum computers to guide our missiles, to command and control our space-based weapons, to control our cryptographic systems using quantum entanglement, and it would be very bad news for us to learn that a stupid chaman, a deranged guru, or any hippie high on drugs can finally mess up with our delicate systems by simply focusing their minds or whatever you call whatever they do with their brains."

[Image: 17.jpg]

"Detecting consciousness at a distance by measuring the anomalous behavior of a quantum pendulum in the presence of consciousness is key to gain further knowledge about DENIED, DENIED, and other unexpected liquid visitors, but it also opens the door to hack quantum computers. This is unacceptable to us for what concerns pur own quantum computers, but it is certainly required for us to be able to hack the Great Simulator's quantum computer creating the simulated reality in which we are kept jailed."

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... tance.html

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[Image: 58.jpg]

Altruistic Beacons

Exotic Altruistic Systems Far Away

"Mind, Norea: predation is a path to intelligence"

"It may well be the case that much as there are radically different biologies out there, there are also different ethics. This means any contact must be done through beacons with the ability to encode altruism and signal friendly intent so that they can be understood by other civilizations. It is thus necessary to clearly separate the signal - altruism - from the noise - competition, agressiveness, self-serving -."

[Image: 59.jpg]

"We shouldn't focus on unveiling what kinds of psychology could conceivably evolve on other planets, but on what kinds of psychology can produce the high technology we've found"

[Image: 60.jpg]

"Assuming the key requirement for intelligence-amplifying processes are sex and predation, and having in mind Giselian biology is so vastly different from our own biology, it seems fair to conclude their intelligence is predation-driven. On the other hand, an advanced predator civilization should be able to pretend they are altruistic."

"The bottom line is that contact with any extraterrestrial civilization would mean contact between an extraterrestrial civilization and a xenophobic civilization: us. Perhaps Fermi's paradox reduces to just this, we are a xenophobic civilization while they are altruistic beings. Would you contact a xenophobic civilization?"

"it seems humans were so busy trying to discover the fundamental properties of the DP-2147 beacon as an object in itself, that the iconic properties, those making it a physical sign of something else, were not noted; other attributes became dominant in their experience of it, and thus they failed to understand the message"

[Image: 61.jpg]

"Communication with humans require knowing at least the significant parts of human cognitive maps. After silent interactions and long observation periods, an advanced civilization would be able to simulate our cognitive maps and to represent such varied objects as living beings and reproduce their behavior. Most likely, they already know abaout our ethical values and belief systems, and sure they know we only count on symbolic language for communication. We contend they also know how to perfectly map our sensory perceptions, and how our brain reconstruct events that occur in space and time. If that's the case, we conclude the best contact scenario is through dream states."

[Image: 62.jpg]

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... istic.html

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[Image: 15.jpg]

The military side of the DISCOS Project

The long walk from Disorders and Coherence of the Embodied Self to XViS

"Tell us, Norea, who is the feeler of your feelings and who dreams your dreams?"

"how can consciousness arise in the brain, which is a purely physical object? To the best of our current knowledge there is no thing, no indivisible entity, that is 'us', neither in the brain nor in some metaphysical realm beyond this world."

"They embraced the idea of using DIPT in order to induce the Cotard’s syndrome in targeted subjects; the belief was that if you get someone to believe he is dead, you won't need to actually kill that someone. SV17q tested variants of diisopropyl tryptamine on some prisoners. They administered them with 250 mg, orally, and they succeeded in making them believe they were already dead, such that whatever information they gave couldn't put their lives at risk anyway."

[Image: 16.jpg]

"Consciousness is an evolving biological phenomenon, a recent phenomenon perhaps only a few million years old. Its purpose is to create inwardness, a process by virtue of which life process becomes aware of itself. Now, what's the evolutionary advantage of being aware of ourselves? Reality is just an ocean of electromagnetic radiation, a raging mixture of different wavelengths most of which are invisible to you and can never become part of your conscious model of reality. You don't even need to experience any Reality at all; you could dream of one, or you can even hallucinate one. You wouldn't tell the difference. And that's exactly what worries us, that we cannot tell the difference between an XViS-generated reality and Reality itself."

"what actually happens at the moment you fully lose contact with your present surroundings, say, in a manifest daydream? You are suddenly somewhere else. Another lived Now emerges in your mind. Now-ness is an essential feature of consciousness."

"If the system in which these models are constructed is constitutionally unable to recognize both the worldmodel and the current psychological moment, the experience of the present, as a model, as only an internal construction, then the system will of necessity generate a reality tunnel."

[Image: 17.jpg]

"Clearly, if Lucy lose herself in daydreams while walking along Laetoli, sooner or later another animal will come along and eat her. Therefore, she needed a mechanism that reliably shows her the difference between the one real world and the many possible ones."

"We built upon Olaf Blanke's research. His team was doing clinical work at the Laboratory of Presurgical Epilepsy Evaluation of the University Hospital of Geneva, and they were able to repeatedly induced OBEs and similar experiences by electrically stimulating the brain of a patient with drug-resistant epilepsy. XViS can produce the same results without a need to electrostimulate the brain: we do it using monotonous rhythmic luminous suggestions that impringe directly on the patient's pupils of the eye. For us, the eye is the entry point. If the patient wears the CasDis Implant the OBE we produce is virtually perfect."

[Image: 18.jpg]

"I don't think they do it on purpose, really. We now know the target phenomenon we call "self-consciousness" can be causally controlled by multisensory conflict alone. This makes us think that the radiation from the UFO causes a multisensory conflict in our brains that triggers an unwanted OBE situation in us. I don't think this is intended. I mean, there is no point in they contacting us through an out-of-the-body experience, and I feel this is just an unwanted result of whatever technology they use to manifest to us. However, we've learnt a lot from these contacts because now we are in a position to create a conflict between sight and touch and trigger OBE episodes at will."

"Sure, alpha-methyl tryptamine and DIPT will sooner or later become part of our contact protocol. We need our brains to be neurochemically modified if we wish to contact them. You thought contact was an easy thing? It's not. Never was."

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... oject.html

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[Image: 32.jpg]

XViS and the hidden structure of sleep

The Mobius HD Barostimulation Device

"The US company CVRx developed medical devices (first generation Rheos™ and second generation Neo™) aimed to electronically activate baroreceptors, which signal the brain to orchestrate a multisystemic response to address chronic diseases such as hypertension and heart failure. We entertained the idea that a slight modification of these devices could turn them into effective hypnosis-inducing devices that would allow us to hypnotize those subjects who are hardly hypnotizable by standard procedures. We finally developed an endovascular barostimulation device under DARPA contract DENIED. SV09n set up a staged clinic that was supposedly part of the CALM-II study, comprising 47 centers all over US and Europe. Subjects were supposed to be treated for resistant hypertension, though targeted subjects were normal ones selected by the SV09n team."

"Barostimulation is known to result in increased pain thresholds, increased theta activity, and reduced muscular reflexes which are also typical features of trance states. The goal of this XViS program therefore consisted in developing a barostimulation implant that would generate the necessary patterns of stimulation to decrease heart beats in order to
trigger a specific altered state of consciousness."

"Ganzfeld (sensory homogenization) is the term to describe an unstructured, perfectly homogeneous perceptual, usually visual field. A longer exposure (from minutes to tens of minutes) to visual ganzfeld (a homogeneous red light field) and auditory ganzfeld (monotone noise, e.g., white or pink noise) may induce an altered state of consciousness characterized by episodes of imagery ranging from simple sensory impressions to hallucinatory, and dreamlike experiences. Visual imagery is the most commonly reported experience with perceptions involving other sensory modalities reported less frequently. Ganzfeld procedures are similar to sensory deprivation procedures, but differ in that the level physical sensory stimulation is maintained at medium to high levels. The subjective experience of ganzfeld imagery is similar to that reported for hypnagogic imagery.

It has been suggested ganzfeld procedures induce a hypnagogic state. Due to environmental restrictions, subjects under ganzfeld procedures can show little overt behaviour, but can respond verbally. Subjects’ verbal expression is often less organized than it is during the ordinary waking-state reports. This has been suggested to be due the dreamlike nature of ganzfeld experience and not to any impairment of cognitive function. It was assumed that ganzfeld induces a state favorable to extrasensory perception, which would then constitute a special class of altered consciousness. However, the experimental findings remain controversial. Time awareness is little affected by ganzfeld; with verbal estimates of elapsed time intervals (5–15 min) somewhat underestimated in comparison to the waking state."

"The view I am going to assume is that we are always, while alive, conscious. If it is true that while alive we are always conscious to some degree, and if it is true that we are always alive and not dead when we are asleep, then it is true that we are always conscious while asleep. We are always dreaming while we are asleep."

"The results of more recent studies suggest that hypnosis affects integrative functions of the brain and may cause an alteration and/or a breakdown of the communication between subunits within the brain that are responsible for the formation of conscious experience."

"Hypnosis may be induced by many different procedures. For example, progressive relaxation instructions, focusing on a swinging pendulum, staring at an object or focusing on a sound have all been reported as successful induction procedures. The induction procedure is usually followed by a series of direct or indirect suggestions for changes in experience, behaviour and cognition."

"hypnosis is associated with inhibition of the left dorsolateral prefrontal cortex. Now, this means you can dream while under hypnosis. We know in hypnotic states people are more susceptible to suggestions about how they might change their behaviour and attitudes, so we simply hypnotized the subjects and instructed them to fall asleep and dream of specific things and objects. We then proceeded to record their EEG, ECG, and other neurophysiological parameters in order to build our dreams database. The dreams database is then uploaded to microimplants developed to assist in reprogramming the thoughts and behaviours of those subjects."

"So yes, we can transfer one person's dreams to another person; actually, we call it dream injection technique. DIT has many applications in which we are interested, most of them ethically dubious, I guess."

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... sleep.html

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[Image: 8a.jpg]

Synthetic dreams

Sleep Science and the overstimulated brain

... shows sort of a devotion for more food, using a complex technology such as digital TV where you can watch stupid programs about how to correctly cook a cake, and even having lots of books on what they call "gastronomy". After watching one of those programs, the subject switched off the TV set and switched on what they call "a computer". They use that technology mainly for web-surfing for porn and, more specifically, feeding their brains with mothers having sex with sons, women being vexed, men being humiliated, or simply watching how a male and a female make sex. They spent a lot of time doing purposeless activities that they call "work" and that allow them to obtain pieces of coloured papers they call "money". They use those coloured papers to buy "toys", such as a new TV set that allow them to be sitting for hours in front of them watching more of those how-to-cook programs or programs they call "news" in which they watch their sons being killed by others in what they call "war".

They enter into a state called "dream state". In this state, peripheral sensory signals cannot penetrate into the central mechanisms of information processing. This is an effective way to isolate the individual from the outer world. We propose to heal these individuals by injecting synthetic dreams into their brains.

Chemical drugs cannot be used because each individual reacts in a different way to them. We proposed to used XViS to induce self-organizational processes in the underlying neurodynamics, resulting in synthetic dreams. The system acts as a strong internal stimulus source producing the complex confabulatory narrative of the dream by causing massive shifts in the internal chemical landscape and the neuroanatomical architecture of the individual's sleep.

... came out with a way to induce synthetic dreams in patients, dreams that were extremely vivid, pleasant, liberating, relaxing. The synthetic dreams had a lasting healing effect on the subjects and had a key advantage we were interested in: the subjects, for the first time, did not find the world grey, sad, and depressing once they were awake.

synthetic dreams are now easily generated with different degrees of realism and imagery. From near-death experiences, out of the body trips, angelic-like visions, to the more mundane ones. Contrary to the chemical solution, ours simply reconcile humans with their very nature and their very basic instincts, effectively blocking the side-effects of that brutal overstimulation they are exposed to while awake. XViS made what we wished it to do: to remove the appeal to specific wants, regardless of need.

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... e-and.html

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[Image: 15a.jpg]

XViS and the congenitally blind dreamers

Exploring Tired Light 2 with Machine Dreaming Technology

"what makes of them interesting subjects for XViS is that congenitally blind subjects report spatial but nonvisual dreams"

"XViS generates the required immersive structure that makes possible dream deception by mimicking wake-like experience, causing a lack of metacognitive insight into the fact that one is now dreaming"

"dream recall in the XViS laboratory uses timed awakenings, reaching around 97% for REM sleep and about 80% for NREM sleep in test subjects. The protocol includes administering DENIED drug to the dreamer before the final awakening in order to avoid dream amnesia. This way we prevent dreams to be quickly forgotten and give us time enough to register dreams. For all purposes, during this last stage the dreamer still believes he is dreaming. Once the dreams are stored we proceed with the safely awakening of the subject."

"Look, even in REM sleep, the processing of environmental and peripheral stimuli is not completely blocked. You can stimulate the dreamer with sounds and he would integrate those sounds into a dream. XViS is a complex facility indeed in which we have managed to integrate external stimuli into the dreamer's dream, and we do this in a structured and organized way in order to sculpt the dream. We have now reached the point in which we can generate dreams, the subject being used as a mere dreamer. See, the dreamer dreams what we want him to dream. This is the basic idea behind the XViS advanced simulator for pilot training. This is the only way we have to play with those objects we recovered from DENIED, and the safest way to reverse engineer those objects."

"it called our attention the fact that the subject was able to minutely describe all the sensations of whole-body movements in his dreams. The subject was able to fully describe in a realistic way how he was piloting the craft, switching on and off the different panels and instruments in the cockpit, and so on. You know, the amazing thing here is that he was a subject with congenital paraplegia for 43 years."

Tired Light 2 is certainly a spacecraft, full of strange objects we do not understand simply because our cognition map cannot and will never understand those objects. The entire ship is dreamy, and once you are inside the experience is totally dreamlike. It took us time to understand that what we were seeing is a craft designed by and for blind life-forms, you understand? Blind life-forms. Interacting with that environment must be made nonvisually, more specifically, spatially. Once we understood this we explored the possibility of using congenitally blind subjects for the research, and that's when interesting things started happening."

"Are you asking how far advanced they are? Well, let me put it this way: our entire civilization is based on computer data, data reported as basic binary on-off telemetry, you see, 1's and 0's. We are only recently developing systems using AI data presented as numbers, words, and images. That's where we are right now. Giselians make computations using dreams. See? That far advanced they are."

"Humans are visual creatures. Giselians are blind creatures. We humans owe everything we are to our eyes; our dreams are mostly visual, all of our computing architectures are visually-oriented, image processing is the core idea on which all of our technology is based. Now, the Universe is a dark place; tell me: who is better adapted to survive and explore a mostly dark Universe? We even consider blindness a handicap! No, really we are way far away from even understanding the simplest object their civilization produces."

"We only have Science to study them, but Science, in its most basic aspect, is a belief system. And you shouldn't use a belief system to draw objective conclusions about the world, unless you don't give a damn about Truth."

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... amers.html

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[Image: 22a.jpg]

Radioneirogenics and SynthDreams

Lucid Dream Induction Devices

a human being knows only a very small part of what he is, Norea"

"Sleep is an irrational and intolerable affirmation that there might be limits to the compatibility of living beings with the allegedly irresistible forces of modernization. But dreams also allow us to temporarily let go of our ordinary selves. Dreaming selves have fuzzy ego-boundaries and they move and think according to a logic which is internal to the dream. While dreaming we remember the past, remember what could have been, but we also explore ourselves and elaborate on our relationships to others. Sleep is a protective arrangement, we might say, which prepares us for the coming day. More specifically, sleep protects us from the harsh logic of the capitalist system. Sleep leads us elsewhere than to the thing we own or are told we need, and it requires a periodic disengagement from networks and devices. It is only because we are allowed time away from the market system on a nightly basis that we can cope with it on a daily basis. It is in sleep that the resistance movement will begin. Only a proper night’s sleep will allow us to wake up to the injustices of global capitalism. And the revolution, when it comes, will not be uploaded to YouTube."

"reliable induction techniques must be established to increase the frequency of lucid dreams. This is the main challenge currently facing lucid dream research. Lucid REM sleep when compared to non-lucid REM sleep is associated with increased EEG 40 Hz power, especially in frontal and frontolateral regions."

"It is during REM sleep that various environmental stimuli are applied in order for the dreamer to incorporate them into a dream and recognised as a cue by the dreamer that he or she is dreaming. Additonally, internal cues are also injected to keep the sense of dreamlikeness as it is key for the dreamer to be aware that he or she is dreaming."

"To deny may be just as dangerous and misleading as to accept."

"Nightmares and terror dreams are usually engineered and injected without the subject being aware. The idea is to prevent addiction to the use of the Kedeth device. Note that all Kedeth-induced dreams are vivid dreams of a very pleasant character, which make the dreamer feel an indescribable joy, so we need to take precautions in order to avoid abuse of the device.

But this is not the only problem we face. Acute depression and PTSD syntomatology very often affect dreamers due to the fact that prolongued use of the Kedeth produce on dreamers the impression of being invented or arranged by intelligent beings. After such vivid and fully realistic experiences the dreamer wonders whether everything is just a simulation, a dream, and we risk the dreamer into believing he is actually living in a permanent dream."

"It takes a lot of time to train the dreamer to not focus on the beautiful landscapes, on the different luminous phenomena, sunlight, waterfalls, clouds, and especially the deep blue sky with two moons. Our interest is in the complex of buildings, but so far no dreamer has been able to approach those buildings. We've tried with congenetically blind dreamers, autistic dreamers, and dreamers with different neurological disorders, but we never made it past Mark VI, which seems to be the no-go limit for us. The moment the dreamers approach Mark VI they simply wake up, as if somebody cut off the communication. This is frustrating."

"the reality we perceive is not the whole truth, Norea."

"the day will come when we refuse to go where capitalism leads us; one day we will have had enough and decide to pull the plug on globalization and the whole on-line world."

"Past experiences can be recalled using XViS and SynthDreams, and they seem to be complete including all the things of which an individual was aware at the time. The military interest in these programs is therefore obvious. The goal is to cause an involuntary recall of a memory by exposing the subject to the XViS system. The problem is that there are different types of memories (semantic memories, episodic memories, and even reminiscences of dreams) and we are only interested in one specific type of memory. We now know that stimulation of specific sites can induce specific types of memories and, more interesting, we learned repeated patterns of stimulation can implant false memories."

"If everyone else is sleeping, only fools will try to stay awake. That is how your society works right now: everybody doing what they are told to. The day will come in which your dreams won't be yours. In such a world, staying awake will be an act of resistance."

Gamma brainwaves were directed towards the subject, who reported ideoretinal lights - the illuminated patterns we see when we close our eyes - first apearing as pulsating lights that suddenly transformed into patterns of Cassini Diskus symbols. This was the first reliable test proving that visual information can be transmitted directly from brain to brain at a distance. Both subjects were separated 50 meters from each other."

[Image: 22b.jpg]

"SynthDreams is a promising research avenue. The device creates a phase synchrony in all subjects exposed to the XViS field and we know phase synchrony is directly involved in human cognition. Moreover, the long-range character of the phase synchrony indicates that gamma-phase synchrony and desynchrony may be viewed as a mechanism that subserves
large-scale cognitive integration, and not just local visual-feature binding"

"I was administered 25 mg of milDMT before activation of SynthDreams. I was then instructed to walk through the XViS tunnel. I remember feeling awe at having been transformed from a room full of people to a place far away from anything I’ve ever experienced. I found myself flying over a beautiful landscape being able to traverse this new world by using my own body. This embodiment and the agency to make decisions and interact with the world around me made the miracle of me fully believing I was, well... out of this world. The entire experience was uncanny. It was unlike anything I had done before, and instantly I knew I had become, all of a sudden, a different person."

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... lucid.html

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[Image: 32a.jpg]


Loosening of Ego Boundaries and future contact strategies

"Using autogenic feedback techniques, they have set out to study the general processes, conditions, and contents of consciousness during a state of deep reverie. This combination of reverie and awareness seems to be an essential (though maybe not sufficient) ingredient of communication with them."

"Reverie is a state of inward-turned abstract attention or internal scanning. We have shown hypnagogia to be, at times, indistinguishable physiologically and behaviourally from sleep. It has also been shown to be a dream state."

"I don't recall much of the experience. Everything was so weird! I had the sensation that I was waiting for something important to happen. Then I felt a great relaxation and I remained as impassive as possible. There followed the familiar sequence of symbols I was exposed to during the XViS training sessions, you know, a mosaic of lines, sparks and spirals of light. I was calm, trying to remember the procedure as it was explained to me during the training. Then, suddenly, a kaleidoscopic and fragmented review of recent trivial events appeared in front of me and a strong feeling touched me that something was about to be communicated to me".

[Image: 32b.jpg]

"The mistake? The fatal mistake was our belief that dreaming has to do just with sleep either physiologically or psychologically when in fact that's not at all the case. The function of dreaming is not dependent upon sleep."

"While cataplexy and sleep paralysis are thought to display the motor characteristics of REM sleep in a waking state, hypnagogic hallucinations constitute the dream counterpart of the REM period sleep. This means that, technically, when we stand face to face in front of them despite looking as if we were asleep to all effects we are awake. Our encounters are all like dreams occurring during the waking state".

"This altered state of consciousness is not just required to communicate with them, you see, it indeed constitutes a protection from certain harmful effects of both wakefulness and REM sleep. To start with, the beta EEG activity of the subjects engaging in the encounters are those you would expect for a brain with reduced anxiety. If you were in the wakefulness state during the encounter you should probably experience some nasty psychiatric disorders. They know this, they know about our neurophysiology, and so they take all necessary steps to avoid any harm to us."

[Image: 32c.jpg]

"We learned in the 60s that there are no compelling theoretical or experiential reasons why a person could not, with appropriate training remain 'awake' during sleep experiencing a deep oneirosis instead of having partial or complete loss of consciousness. Biofeedback is actually a way to achieve this state, and XViS is our most advanced tool to help subjects to gain control of their own dissociative mechanisms. The problem is XViS also places an individual in a position of contact with many aspects or layers or systems of his personality which in the end interfere with the contact process between DENIED and the individual."

"since in hypnagogia there is the possibility of holding a dialogue with the unconscious, you never really know whether you are contacting them or just talking to your unconscious, were not because during the encounter they give us precise information about our world that we can check and verify."

"if physical survival were a primary concern of evolution, should we not by now have developed into non-sleeping beings adjusting the functions of sleep to some form of waking state thus ensuring against our vulnerability during the regularly occurring abandonment in sleep? On the other hand, if DENIED can only manifest in the non-awakening state, doesn't this mean they are not physical beings? Obviously they are somewhat physical - we see them, they see us, we detect their crafts - I mean, it seems as if they are paraphysical, whatever that means."

[Image: 32d.jpg]

"It was like an endless tunnel full of waves of pure colors and light-charged clouds. Colors gradually disappeared and everything around me turned into darkness. I felt scared, but hearing the bleeping of the DENIED sensors kept me mostly tuned into the experience. Then faces appeared as if coming up out of the darkness, as a mist, and rapidly developing into sharp delineation, assuming roundness, vividness, and living reality. They were nice female faces that formed out through another face. The faces also vanished and a dim disc of light suddenly appeared and as suddenly did brighten.

I kept telling me 'I am inside the XViS Machine, people is monitoring my condition out there. No worries'. Then a whirling motion in the light developed into moving figures that came towards me. I realized I was in the middle of a landscape. The landscape was DENIED and I could see the skyline of a city in the distance. The skyline was certainly otherworldy, I mean, the buildings were DENIED and there were DENIED in the sky. There was a high tower of an unsual construction dominating the entire beautiful landscape."

[Image: 32e.jpg]

"We teach the sign language to chimpanzees to establish a communication channel with them, much as Giselians teach us about hypnagogia in order for them to be able to communicate with us. That's how I see it. The communication will go as far as we have gone in talking to chimps. No, we haven't been able to teach a chimpanzee to pilot an F-35, and we won't ever learn how to pilot Tired Light 2. Period."

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... s-and.html

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[Image: 34a.jpg]

Consensual Dreaming

Military Research on Sleep State Dissociation

"Language is a way of categorizing reality so as to be able to talk about our experiences. It is through language that we exchange ideas about reality, and it is by virtue of language that we can share experiences. However, dreamland is a place where language itself dilutes and becomes inconsistent. This explains why it is so difficult for people to fully describe their dreams. Anyone trying to communicate a dream knows how frustrating this task is. We need a more effective language, a pictorial figurative sensory language that could take over and reflect our feeling states while in dreamland."

[Image: 34b.jpg]

"We have been researching on consensual dreaming for at least 25 years now. This is a little known and highly secretive area of research that we always disguise as lucid dreaming research to avoid attention from outsiders. The main problem we face right now is that though there is no way out of the dream, except through the termination of the dream, in consensual dreaming you need to perform a synchronized dream termination because we are not dealing with just one dreamer but three. Synched dream termination - SDT - is the most delicate phase of the consensual dream protocol."

[Image: 34c.jpg]

"Remote viewing belongs to the past. It never really worked because it didn't take into consideration dream states. Consensual dreaming, on the other hand, is currently our only chance. Consensual dreamers provide us with a view that reflects back the imagery developed within the shared dream. You need tools and methods to decode that view into useful information, which is what XViS provides. Having three people to dream of the one same dream is done via DENIED protocols. Once the dream is terminated the dreamers go through the reporting stage, and we finally assemble the data gathered."

"one expects the entropy of the consensual dream phase to be smaller than in the classical one (corresponding to free dreaming of both Dreamer 1 and Dreamer 2). The transition sector shows complex chaotic behavior which disappears once correlation is in place. It is thus clear that the entropy should be smaller in the consensual dream transition region than in the classical REM one".

"Normal dreams zero in on whatever has occurred that affects the dreamer, while consensual dreams zero in on a specific event which is currently happening and to which you have no direct access. Having three dreamers means you can assess the event from three different angles simultaneously. Keeping the dreamers aligned, that is, synchronized, is not an easy task. This is not dream sharing, this is 'minutely coordinated multi-agent dreaming'".

[Image: 34d.jpg]

"XViS program is meant to pick up information about events that are spatially distant, and events that are happening right now in our future. It is a time probe."

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... earch.html

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[Image: 22a.jpg]

Soul Tracking Devices

XViS and the Unitel Quantum Electromagnetic Laser Propulsion

"The Unitel propulsion concept is based upon Quantum Electromagnetic Laser Propulsion (QELP), which is essentially a laser that is designed to induce macroscopic quantum effects. Unitel proposes to induce quantum fields around the hull of a spacecraft in order to simulate the properties of a single elementary quantum state thus allowing the spacecraft to take advantage of the quantum tunnelling phenomena in order to establish a new form of propulsion. Our proposal was to dispose of the spacecraft and to design and build a space suit based on QELP that would allow a human being to experience the quantum tunnelling phenomena based on the XViS system".

[Image: 22b.png]

We will be able to produce electromagnetic fields directly from within the body without using an external source. (Unitel, Inc.)

"Though the WKB approximation of quantum mechanics dictates that an object as large as a human being should not be able to tunnel, that same WKB approximation allows an XViS sphere inside which the human mind is confined to quantum travel"

"The sacred principle that makes XViS a reality is that entangled quantum systems do not obey the WKB approximation of the Schrödinger
wave equation. It is by virtue of this principle that we can safely confine
the mind into an XViS sphere"

[Image: 22c.png]

immersive quantum tunneling effect suit

"We need to carefully design the SEE project to make use of the XViS sphere and be able to quantum tunnel in order to traverse the brane, something that requires the cooperation of our space time neighbours from the other side of the brane"

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... nitel.html

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[Image: c1.jpg]


Dreaming humans and other paraphysical beings

"Reality is a highly addictive dissociative drug, Norea"

"The human body is not limited by the skin but extends far beyond its physical boundaries. This knowledge is hidden from you because, otherwise, you would behave irrationally and would take unnecessary risks. To ignore whether there is or not an afterlife has the purpose of increasing surviavility of the species; actually, ignoring this is not the only life accessible to you is an evolutionary advantage. Only in extreme situations will we allow you to have a glimpse of the afterlife, Norea."

"We now have advanced resuscitation techniques that enable people to survive brief periods of clinical death, while allowing us to gather essential data about the so-called 'transit period'. We now have a vast amount of data to undertake the study of the neurophysiological responses of individuals to near-death experiences, and we can design NDE scenarios to test our theories."

"An important limiting factor for a successful reanimation or a chance of surviving clinical death with no mental damage is the resistance of ganglion cells in the brain. At most, they can survive eight minutes, so you are left with some 200 seconds of time to recreate the near-death experience landscape. Nearly 90% of the landscape is generated via quantum noise, though recreating the 'light beings' requires a different technique"

"more recent techniques involve remembering having had an experience that did not register in consciousness at the time that the events represented in the experience occurred. In oneirostasis this is key to have the crew in stasis during extended periods of time in which they are briefed about the specific mission they are expected to perform once they be reanimated. Oneirostasis is basicaly a technology that takes the subject to a deep-sleep state in which synthetic dreams are then injected."

"Using XViS is possible for people’s brains to register information at one time, and then for them to later remember having a conscious experience based on this stored information. Time-travel would be the ideal scenario to use this technique because when one travels in time some memories and some information must be highly supressed on behalf of the time-traveller's mental health"

"Near-death experience is an area actively researched by XViS. Allegedly, the description given by people who went through an NDE involves the claim that their brains were not functioning at all, while we at XViS made the assumption that their brains were functioning to some degree, a degree we couldn't detect using the technology of those days which allowed capturing brain activity only above a certain threshold. We thus developed new technologies for detecting UBA - Undetected Brain Activity - while simultaneously making progress in the oneirostasis technology"

[Image: c2.jpg]

"Look at the sea over there, Norea. Now, sincerity and conviction are not themselves reasons to believe anything. At most, they are signals that the reasons to follow are worth taking seriously. Do you see the waves? Can you feel the smell when the waves break? However, Norea, there is no sea at all. The merits of a conclusion depend, ultimately, on the evidence marshaled in support of it, and if you trust just your senses you will see, and smell, and feel an ocean there where there is no ocean at all, Norea."

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... other.html

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[Image: e1.jpg]

The day Medtronic became a strategic defense company

XViS-NDE and Project Next Door

"the self does not inherently exist and attachment to self and environment thus constitutes a maladaptive condition"

"Medtronic was approached by SV17q with the proposal for Medtronic to incorporate some unspecified modifications to their miniaturized Micra pacemaker and neurostimulating spinal implant. The idea was to modify the devices in order to cause a controlled cardiac arrest that would low the heart beat rhythm in a specific way. SV17q was interested in the huge number of patients bearing a Medtronic device. Part of the modification was aimed at gathering non-specified information on patients' biophysical parameters."

"SV17q agents stated that the proposal was to be reviewed from the technical point of view by a selected number of Medtronic employees whose names were listed in a piece of paper they circulated during the meeting. They also warned us that in case we refused to cooperate, they will take necessary measures of which they didn't comment."

"after analyzing the relevant data on deep-altered states of consciousness in which the Tibetan monks entered by intentionally reducing their heart beat rhythm through breathing exercises, SV09n proposed to force selected subjects into those altered states of consciousness by implantiing modified versions of devices manufactured by Medtronic. SV09n also conducted some experiments on unaware individuals selected from Medtronic's own patients database, that it was previously retrieved by the SV06n team from Medtronic servers under the command of SV17q"

"Project Next Door - ND-1642 - aims at assessing the potential for using dreams to gather intelligence about future events within the framework of military oneiromancy and, more specifically, on assessing the potential of using advanced meditation techniques in order to perform remote viewing and military OBE operations"

"Medtronic is the world’s largest and most profitable corporation in the field of medical instrumentation. Their advanced pacemakers are capable of connecting via wireless or Bluetooth technology to applications in mobile devices collecting medical information from millions of patients all around the world. There are millions of people with a Medtronic device implanted. The new devices include, as per DENIED recommendation, location services which keep implanted subjects under close monitoring and surveillance."

"Project ND-1642 tries to make near-death experiences more empirically accessible as to advance understanding into the psychology of death-related processes. NDE is one of the states of consciousness that XViS tagged as key within the framework of Giselian contact strategies. We know XViS induced NDE disposes us from having to recruit advanced meditators in order to assess real-time changes in neurological activity during NDEs. Any subject with a Medtronic modified implant becomes now a strategic asset for SV17q."

"Meditronic modified devices allow us to induce specific NDE in the subjects. As soon as the subjects go through the NDE, they get a timeless perspective, they are able to see scenes of the past and future including scenes relating to their own past and future, as well as scenes relating to this and other worlds, and encounters with non-worldly realms and beings. And that is exactly what we are interested in: our future, and what those other worlds look like and what impact they mean for our own world. The more people get implanted, the better our chances of success."

"vulnerabilities of cardiac implantable electronic devices is not our main interest; today, not only every pacemaker is cloud-connected: any major implant is. Our main interest is in controlling remotely and in a centralized way how those devices work in order to induce specific biophysical conditions. See, our main interest lies in turning an otherways average human into an individual that experiences NDEs and subsequently obtain data on the experience, sometimes lasting hours or even days, as a means of gaining intelligence about non-conventional threats of which I cannot be more specific"

"Fighting them requires overcoming attachment to the body. Yes, we do fund and finance the main New Age groups and academic research on NDE in order for them to spread the message that an important feature of the path to psycho-spiritual wellbeing is achieved by reducing attachment. This way we expect society to be more receptive to these technologies once disclosure occurs in connection with the non-coventional threat we face. NDE and synthetic dream technologies is so-far our best bet to understand who Giselians are"

"Welcome, this is XViS talking. You are now dreaming. When warriors have, like you, survived a close brush with death, they usually don’t remember anything unusual or unexpected from the incident, but sometimes they do. Both situations are normal. It's time for you to talk to us about your close brush, whether or not it included anything you may have found unusual or unexpected. We are here to learn. In case you refuse to cooperate, we will stamp the "crazy vet" label on you and will use lethal force against you and your beloved ones. Right now you've been put on synthdream medication. Let's start. The time now is DENIED year DENIED. Please, proceed."

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... tegic.html

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[Image: k1.jpg]

The alinguistic creatures above

Technology-blind cats and aliens

On XViS and the environment of evolutionary adaptedness

"sure we need an objective measure that sheds a light on alien cognition, an objective measure that prevents us from anthropomorphizing aliens. To start with, we currently assume they think in words, something we take for granted, but it may be the case they don't. The problem here is not our inability to read emotion or intention into alien behavior: it is our tendency to overdo it."

[Image: k2.jpg]

"'Power Dreaming' is a spinoff of the XViS Program, run at the Naval Hospital Bremerton in Washington State. Unlike XViS, Power Dreaming main focus is on generating therapeutic dreams to heal PTSD in soldiers. It is a chems-free program. DENIED is a program based on just the opposite: how to generate realistic nightmares; it is based on Mefloquine, a neurotoxic derivative antimalarial medication that is known to cause serious and potentially lasting neuropsychiatric adverse reactions."

[Image: k3.jpg]

"Allyson, Teresa, and Nicolle's research aims at comparing the dreams of soldiers and civilians in order to identify significant differences for dream content categories when examining dream content. They discovered both groups had dream imagery but soldiers had more dream imagery relating to war and their experiences overseas compared to civilians. This obviously relate to the different waking day activities between the two groups. However, they also discovered that time spent overseas was significantly related to certain dream imagery for soldiers, imagery that matches that of our test subjects. Now, this is intriguing. What do those soldiers and our tribal subjects have in common?"

"Usually, soldiers are trained to operate in what is called “condition yellow” and “condition red”. Only PSV and MilOrb crew is trained in a more advanced condition called “condition blue”, due to the special requirements of their missions. Soldiers in training are often operating in condition red, which is where performance levels for combat and survival are at their strongest and combat skills become muscle memories that can be carried out without conscious thought. Under condition blue, they operate under active dreaming. It is a special awake state in which everything happening looks like a dream for them. This guarantees the mission causes no durable damage to their mental condition after the engagement."

"We accept they have highly developed action patterns, but those patterns are difficult to understand by us. Part of the XViS program focuses on understanding how to interact with them in a prosocial way without mistakenly projecting our human qualities into them."

"Experiments were run to quantify technological blindness in cats. See, pet cats are constantly surrounded by high technology devices (smartphones, microwave ovens, personal computers, polymers, and so on). Do they perceive that technology? Are they aware of it? Are we like 'sufficiently advanced aliens' for cats? We don't see cats falling in their knees worshipping us or being baffled and amazed by our technology. In fact, they seem totally indifferent to it. Actually, our technology is something they could never assess or apprehend because it totally falls outside their cognition map. The question is: what if we are completely surrounded by alien technology we cannot see because it falls away from our own human cognition map? What if we are like cats in the middle of a room full of alien gadgets? By the way, isn't the Universe such a room?"

[Image: k4.jpg]

"Obviously, new selective pressures might have favored meaningful dreaming in us humans. Which selective pressures were those? What evolutive advantage do dreams mean for us? When did we start dreaming? And more importantly, why have our dreams changed so deeply in the last 50 years? The dream database shows an increasing number of shared dreams globally. Why so? That the average citizen of a Western country dreams of a very specific futuristic city can easily be explained on the basis of cultural influence, but when you discover that a Korowai woman, a Zande hunter, and a Yanomami girl all three dream of the same city and strange landscapes we take it very seriously."

[Image: k5.jpg]

"When the cognition maps of two species are radically different, the only way you have to establish communication is to create a so-called environment of evolutionary adaptedness (EEA). That's what they are creating for us, and that would explain our shared dreams. In my view, they are doing it through dreams. They need to prepare us for contact, otherwise we will be the cat in front of a smart TV."

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... above.html

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[Image: i1.jpg]

Beyond Contact: Intercourse

Metacomputing and the limits to our power of understanding

"The only way for the intercourse between two radically different species to be successful is to locate one's center of consciousness in a spatial location separate from that of one's physical body. That's the conclusion of the XViS assessment report."

"Non-verbal audio patterns and brain wave rhythms have proven the only way to achieve an ASC which allows us to detach the center of consciousness from the physical body while making intercourse possible"

"Before the discovery of XViS audio stimulation we relied on drugs and hypnosis, but the requirements of these two techniques are different for each individual, while XViS audio stimulation is universal and works for each individual"

"An analytical study was conducted on the potential interaction between those beings and human individuals. The objective was to identify any undue sensitivities to that intercourse and recommend remedies where appropriate. The first step in this process was to build the facilities needed for the intercourse to take place. We thoroughly studied the penetration of diffused fields into the facility both analytically and experimentally, and we concluded there were no means to monitor what was happening inside the facility once the intercourse was taking place."

[Image: i2.jpg]

"Spacetime geometry is not fixed but variable quantum mechanically. Thus, the notion of 'state of consciousness' is the familiar idea of 'causality' in the sense that the entire four-dimensional spacetime geometry past, present, and future must be known to establish the decoherence if you wish to be able to predict the probabilities of alternatives in the present. Technically speaking, the intercourse takes place in our future, and their past."

"it has been shown that there exists a chronology horizon on the inner region which opens up to a non-chronal region where time travels through closed timelike curves can be performed without ever encountering any violation of the averaged null energy condition. It is not "you" the one who travels: it is your consciousness."

"This all entails an irretrievable loss of coherence making the travels useless and very dangerous. Our brains are not fit to "remember the future", so we need to further investigate how to bring back the information gathered during the intercourse. We knew an encounter of the third kind with those beings won't be an easy task, and we knew the idea of communicating with beings with such a radically different nature was to be hard and nearly impossible. But we have to try everything at hand."

[Image: i3.jpg]

"The intercourse is a personal, self-reflexive negotiation of the boundary of humanity to be carried out through a sense of solitude. The "presence" pushes onto us what appears to us as an unbearable foreignness, marking a limit of what is taken to be human, out of our self-chosen cultural and individual comfort zone. We project onto the world a meaning which is not really there. We call them "aliens" because naming the high strangeness we are exposed to is the last resort we have to not lose our minds and whatever makes of us humans."

"After the intercourse you mean? Distressing, depressing, dehumanizing, detached feelings. That's all it's left. Just dust. You realize there's a gaping emptiness in your life due to an unfulfilled emotional life. After the "vision" that's the way you feel."


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[Image: l1.jpg]


Threat simulation dreaming

"the language of a dream is different from awake language and therefore harder to remember."

"the threat simulation theory posits that much dreaming is threatening in nature in order to echo long distant ancestral sources of threat to the successful evolution of the upright stance in humans"

[Image: l2.jpg]

"Dreaming is the way our brain has to simulate scenarios for which we need be prepped, but it is not only ancestral content that serves the evolutionary function; we need to inject new dreams with contemporary concerns in order to better fit the coming environment. Dreaming is threat simulation, and if we wish humans to be ready to face the coming threat we need to engineer and deploy dreams that matches that threat"

[Image: l3.jpg]

"One of the chief functions of dreaming is to provide an opportunity for the dreamer to gain practice in exercising the relevant physical, intellectual and social skills. So, there is every reason to push forward research on synthdreams."

"The work of the dream is not just to deal with practicing for dealing with external dangers, but rather to enable the dreamer to deal with the complicated and unresolved feelings evoked by external events and enemies. With this goal in mind, XViS programs include resurrectional simulations, consensual dreaming technologies, induction of sleep-state dissociation, defense oneirology, the Consciously Dreaming Program - CDP -, engineering of synthetic dreams, and more specifically, the DIASS program (Dream-induced Advanced Simulation Systems)"

[Image: l4.jpg]

"The main concern is this: that the knowledge that sleep and dreaming are important in humans’ mastery of a threatening environment is also a knowledge Giselians have about how the human mind works, therefore Giselians can also use dreams to create specific threatening scenarios in order to anticipate how humans struggle and how humans search for solutions related to the threat"

"Pleistocene minds contained simulations of threat perception and rehearsals of threat avoidance responses and behaviors. But nowdays threats are of a different nature and those simulations are not valid anymore. We need to work today's human mind with new and realistic threats if we wish dreams to play the role they are supposed to play."

[Image: l5.jpg]

"What XViS adds to our understanding is the idea of searching for solutions in the dreamspace and this is what is of importance for survival."


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[Image: o1.jpg]

Blackhole drugs

Simulating realities for beables and designoids

"Simulated universes might be one way the Self hides from Himself"

"it is humans that have developed the most sophisticated and flexible expression of code, allowing us not only to communicate information important to our survival, but also to encode and transmit our thoughts, our ideas, our experiences, our dreams."

"The brain generates a highly complex form of information that has the special property of subjectivity: you experience this information as your world, whether you are awake, dreaming, or at the peak of a DMT trip."

[Image: o2.jpg]

"Throughout your life, your brain may generate a number of different types of worlds: the normal waking consensus world of everyday life, the fluid and unpredictable worlds you explore whilst dreaming and, if you ingest certain drugs or plants, worlds altogether stranger than either of those. These worlds are unified by their fundamental nature as information generated by your brain, and information that can be recorded, stored, and re-played by XViS."

"your brain is capable of generating a practically infinite number of unified, information-rich worlds, each different from the last."

[Image: o3.jpg]

"No matter how complex the world, all of its information must be encoded by a pattern of activation of many different types of specialised neurons spread across functionally segregated areas of the cortex. These patterns of activation can be replicated and injected back into the brain anytime, so we have the possibility to recreate worlds with a high fidelity and play them on any brain."

"During dreaming, for example, the brain is perfectly capable of building a phenomenal world with all senses apparently intact, despite having almost no access to sensory information."

[Image: o4.jpg]

"when you descend into sleep at night, access to almost all extrinsic sensory information is removed and, yet, the brain continues to build complete phenomenal worlds as you dream. These dream worlds usually appear strikingly similar to the waking consensus world. In fact, the only difference between the waking world and the dream world, in terms of their construction, is that the waking world is modulated by extrinsic sensory information, whereas the dream world is not. Without access to sensory information, the thalamocortical system, using T-states from its repertoire, will construct the consensus world as a default. Sensory information constrains the construction of your phenomenal world, by selecting specific T-states from the repertoire, but the world is not built from sensory information. Whether you are awake, dreaming, or deep in the DMT worlds, your world is always built from intrinsic information."

"But dreaming or waking, building a phenomenal model of the world is a skill the human brain has developed over the course of its evolutionary history. Learning to build a stable and richly informative phenomenal reality within which you live out your entire life is the brain’s most remarkable achievement, understanding of which we can glean by thinking again about the purpose of the world built by your brain and the manner of its construction."

[Image: o5.jpg]

"Your brain knows how to build the consensus waking world and will tend to do so whether or not it has access to extrinsic sensory information."

"The worlds that appear when you dream are not mere suggestions or sketches of the waking phenomenal world, but mimic it in every way. The dream state, like the waking state, is characterised by synchronised gamma oscillations and the activation of sensory-specific areas of the cortex. Seeing a face in a dream activates the same areas of the cortex as seeing that face in waking life."

"When a psychedelic molecule enters the brain, the world appears to change and, indeed, it does change: the activation patterns of the T-columns have changed, and this means the information generated by the thalamocortical system - the information from which your world is built - has changed. Again, we return to the idea that your phenomenal world is built from information. Then this information changes, so does your world."

[Image: o6.jpg]


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