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Turning the vehicle into a pilot's prosthetic extension
New Generation of PSVs at Work

[Image: suborb4.jpeg]

"Replicating a Giselian vehicle is just half the story; piloting the vehicle is the other half, and this half proved to be more difficult than the other one, you see. The autonomic nervous system is no more autonomic as we need to avoid any involuntary reflexes. The entire system must be fully controlled by the crew, but the crew itself must be fully controlled by the system. There must be no difference between the aircraft and the crew. Engaging and destroying an intruding Giselian vehicle requires our biology to be transcended. That's how it goes."

"You cannot just take a human being and fit him with all this array of sensors; you first need to 'tweak' the human somehow to better exploit the capabilities of this technology. In a sense, the pilot ceases to be a human, much as the aircraft ceases to be an aircraft."

"The integration of the pilot with the vehicle must be as intimate as possible if we are to have a chance to successfully deploy these vehicle in the near to mid-future. We need to go a step further from the current paradigm of manned aircrafts and shift towards a paradigm of aircrafts that behave like a human"

"The vehicle is actually an extension of the pilot; fitted with all kind of biosensors ranging from body temperature, eye tracking, heart rate, facial recognition, retinal and iris scanning, and emotion recognition sensors, the entire vehicle looks like a living being"

"The pilot then becomes a wearable embedded into a smart object fully controlled by biosignals. Biosensors are able to capture emotional states and a wide range of physiological signals, and to translate those states and signals into guiding, navigation, and control signals. From the outside what you observe is just a black triangle which behaves as a living form, executing all kind of maneouvers and technical wonders."

"We need to be able to integrate all those signals from biosensors, and we need to be sure that any emotion from the pilot has one and the same association for all the individuals from which data is biosensed. In other words, we need to be sure that - to all effects - the pilots will always behave and respond in the same manner. This is the reason we need to use tweaked humans."


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From radar angels to optical demons
Organometallic chaff and MilOrbs

[Image: suborb5.jpg]

"You want the chaff to show up on radar, and you want the echo to be fully trackable for the enemy to obtain information concerning its radar cross section and motion. At the same time, you want your chaff to be visually detected with naked eye such that once both the visual and the radar information is combined the conclusion be a positive detection of an incoming craft. That's what you need to help the UAVs to silently penetrate the air defense network: a swarm of MilOrbs"

"This particular MilOrb has a cylindrical shape and its external surface is covered with tiny tiles of phosphorescent material, actually a coating made of PHOLEDs; they glow in green bluish"

"Glow-in-the-Dark is a spinoff program that was jointly run by DoE and DoD, though since FY2009 DoE was taken apart due to its responsibility in the Needles incident in which one of the MilOrbs had a malfunction and crashed close to a populated area. Since then, we have designed molecules using the matrix assisted isolation technique with extremely efficient phosphorescent features."

"Esterline produces the classical Al-coated glass-fiber chaff, while we produce the organic luminescent materials used in MilOrbs. Much as classical chaff, ours can also be used to decoy radar-seeking missiles, but here the idea was to replicate the complete signature of incoming aircrafts both in the electromagnetic and the visual spectrum using PHOLEDs. For a casual observer the MilOrb appears just like that: a greenish glowing sphere, but when switched into the kinetic mode, the MilOrb looks like a green bluish rod falling from the sky towards the selected target at high speed."

"Why was NST involved in the recovery of the crashed MilOrb at all? Does the MilOrb radiate gamma radiation of some sort? Is it radioactive? Does the paint contains a radioactive isotope? Did anyone measure the radiactive levels at Needles crash site?"


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Signals as systems
Lessons from PSV Presence

[Image: suborb6.jpg]

Aircraft Type: PSV-MilOrb-2035 Presence
Date of Incident: January 8, 2008 010808-2037
Place of Incident: 4 miles E of Dublin (Texas)
Casualties/Fatalities: 0 Fatal, 4 Minor

Following the successful completion of an electronic warfare training sortie, using transect from ACC Dyess AFB to AETC Vance AFB, PSV-MilOrb-3377 and PSV-2035 of type Presence was maneouvered to home base at 20:37 hrs. Indication of the presence of military aircrafts from Carlswell NAS prompted recalculation of new RTB course.

[Image: suborb7.png]

QAZ and FTW radars were blind to the test vehicle for at least 23 minutes. Same for QYS Primary. Test flight shows the vehicle could have easily disrupted all major radar facilities from Dyess AFB to target point Altus AFB. At 002301 mission time, Presence was made visible to radars and scrambled fighters from Carlswell NAS in order to test collision avoidance systems.

[Image: suborb8.png]


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Inducing mystical experiences in selected populations
The role of slow flying deltoid PSVs

[Image: suborb16.jpg]

"Each of the aspects of UFO phenomenon have significant religious overtones. Let's use them"

"Paradigm Shifter Vehicles have progressed up to the point of allowing the generation of strong mystical experiences in an ever increasing number of individuals, regradless of their cultural stock"

[Image: suborb17.jpg]

Another problem with the claim that (from the subjective point of view) the subjective vivid sense of reality of an experience is the sole epistemological criterion is that this criterion does not rule out experiences which are clearly not sources of knowledge. Relying solely on the subjective vivid sense of reality criterion would seem to give the same epistemological weight to delusions and hallucinations as to mystical experiences.

UFOs and extraterrestrials transcend our limited perceptions and our limited experiences. They seem to be free of the limitations of the laws of nature, of the physical world, and of time-space as we know it. They have more in common with the gods and angels of religious literature than they do with engineering, technology or biology as we know it today. They evoke in their witnesses a sense of awe, of humility, and of personal conviction that rivals that of religious faith.

The test flight of the PSV-25S over the transect Nevada-Arizona, gave birth to the so called Phoenix Lights sighting and caused consolidated the basic premise we wish to induce on the population, i.e. that their technology is vastly superior to ours, their spirituality is vastly superior to ours, and their societies are vastly superior to ours. The pursuit of perfection is of course a fabricated religious goal.

1) it is usually a solitary experience.
2) it occurs in an isolated place.
3) wise superior beings take the initiative, and guide the contactee.
4) light is a dominant symbol in the experience.
5) there is a sexual element.
6) there is an absence of natural sounds, such as bird song.

[Image: suborb18.jpg]

After being exposed to the PSV vehicles, individuals suffer a change in attitude towards death. Death and birth are understood in a new context, and consciousness is understood as separate from bodily incarnations. This is exactly the state of consciousness we need to adequately manipulate vast portions of the target population.

The Illinois flight test over Lebanon proved the suitability of the paradigm shifter vehicles in effecting a radical change in the individuals, belief system.


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Axis From Lightning Bugs to MilOrbs
The Advanced Pilot Training Program

"If you cannot employ them as weapon systems, at least use them to train our pilots in how to cope with the new threat."

"The main purpose of these vehicles is reconnaissance and airspace penetration testing. However, we felt the need to also use them to train our Air Force in coping with critical mission issues under a new scenario. Non-terrestrial vehicles introduce new requirements. We don't want our pilots to get mesmerized by those things and get distracted from fighting the situation the way they were trained. See, taking a UFO for an incoming missile is okay with us; taking an incoming missile for a UFO is not. In the first case, you guarantee airspace defense, while in the second case it would be too late to react and neutralize a real threat."

"PSVs are multi-million dollar sophisticated combat aircrafts. They are more expensive than any other aircraft we currently have. MilOrbs, on the other hand, are less expensive, can be deployed anywhere, can faifhtfully mimick the behavior of non-terrestrial threats, and can be effectively used in training our pilots in responding to complex situations. The problem here is this: our aircrafts are manned by people who are also normal citizens. Some of them do believe in UFOs, some of them do not. They react differently when fighting the same situation and this is something we need to correct. Telling them the UFOs they encounter are MilOrbs used to test their combat abilities will destroy the spirit of the advanced training program. On the other hand, not telling them the truth bolsters their belief in the existence of UFOs. See, this is a problem we need to learn how to manage in the future."

[Image: sub1.jpg]

"Obviously, we want our enemies to believe in UFOs up to the point it becomes too late for them to react to an airstrike by our own air force; and we also need our pilots to not believe in UFOs should the enemy use this same strategy against us. This is easy to achieve with tactical UAVs,
which are those that operate in short ranges and in visual meteorological conditions, but it is difficult to achieve in a high-altitude scenario operating above the manned aircraft airspace structure and above virtually all weather obstacles. But it is frustrating our pilots do get confused when we simply incorporate some modifications into the UAVs design and make them do U-turns, stop in mid air, hover or simply disappear from sight the moment we turn off the EM field. This speaks volumes about how really undertrained our men are. And this is something we need to change."

"Staffing of these weapon systems is our main problem. What is the profile of a MilOrb operator? What could possibly be the career path for such an operator? They are operating in secrecy because secrecy is the key ingredient for the success of the training program. Neither the pilots, nor their commanders and officers are aware of the existence of MilOrbs. This is a requirement in order to be able to test the entire manned airspace structure."

[Image: sub2.jpg]

"Ethical? What do you mean by 'ethical'? You mean we should approach the men after a sortie in which they have been exposed to MilOrbs to tell them 'hey, this was just a drill! No panic, you've met our new toys, no UFOs, sorry guys!' The very moment they know we have the capability to recreate UFO sightings that will become vox populi, and hence the entire training program will be ruined. See what I mean?"

"I'll be honest to you. Many USAF personnel, especially pilots, have a negative impression of flying UAVs and in manning UAV operations. This
contributes to a lack of understanding of what these missions really entail and ignorance concerning their operational impact. The situation
with MilOrbs is even worse: nobody wants a job which requires none of your peers to know you are getting them under test. A different thing would be to fly a real UFO, you see, but this is entirely not the case."

"Have 200 Kw of directed energy pointed at a drone and the drone is dead. Have 200 Kw of directed energy pointed at a MilOrb, and the MilOrb increases its bright and keeps going with its business. That's the difference. By 2030, 60% of all our combat air forces will be fifth-generation aircraft and therefore we will require a modern aircraft to train future fighter and bomber pilots. And 5% of all our combat air forces will be weaponized PSVs. MilOrbs will be an essential force multiplier and a key ingredient in aircrew training devices, including operational flight trainers, and weapons systems trainers. But until that date, think of them as UFOs."

"Missions flown by the MilOrbs are all classified, and not even all of the top decision-makers in the military are aware of the role they currently play. Here we have a saying: global security is too way important to leave it in the hands of the military."

[Image: sub3.jpg]

"Corona East, Akrij, and Sienna are the three PSVs currently in operation. They three can deploy MilOrbs, but only Sienna can deploy weaponized MilOrbs. We have performed tests to see how a supposedly well trained crew react to them, and we have concluded we are far, very far indeed, from being capable to efficiently face the real threat that's coming next. If by 2100 the first wave of DENIED happen to reach near Earth orbit we will be in trouble. Damn it! We cannot even distinguish the optical effects of our own fucking NIR bullets and their multi-photon ionization effect from a real UFO!"

"Yes, I enjoyed activating the system and make my MilOrb look like a point-like UAP, flaring up, pulsating, showing jerky movements, splitting up into three more lights, fusing into one big orb... Yes, it's fun. It's fun to know that by pressing one button you can scan a given volume of air and that by pushing a slider you can control the pulse power"modulating beam. But no, it is no fun when after a sortie you have to go through that creepy medical tests."


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SRUAVs and MilOrbs
Spherical Reconnaissance Unmanned Autonomous Vehicles

"The ability to perform autonomous intel gathering and recce activities is of significant importance to the future battleground. SRUAVs, other than MilOrbs, were developed as part of the military robotic platforms that operate in an artificial neutral buoyancy environment to support such military activities. They all include a six degree-of-freedom control system and have proven a valuable asset in autonomous trajectory-tracking tasks called 'transects'."

[Image: sub4.jpg]

"advanced MEMS-based closed-loop controllers make of SRUAVs reliable free-flying robotic platforms"

"Transects are loaded into the SRUAV either from the satellite network or manually before launch. A transect encodes data about the desired angular and linear velocity, quaternion, and position time histories. A transect defines the trajectories to follow, though the SRUAV has the capability to perform autonomous path planning and to modify trajectories based on task scheduling algorithms according to mission goals."

[Image: sub5.jpg]

"We use two different SRUAVs test range facilities located off-shore. Visual positioning landmarks are deployed at specified in-land locations, and we then release the SRUAV to test guidance, navigation, and attitude control performance. For the first test range operations are monitored mainly from the MilOrb CC near the former Ramey Air Force Base in Puerto Rico"

[Image: sub6.jpg]

"The transect also includes safe-to-crash areas. See, SRUAVs are unmanned and autonomous, therefore we faced an operational paradigm change that shifted attention from crash-free, as it is in the general aviation, to safe-to-crash design for them. We don't want non-authorized parties to recover one of these toys. There are rules concerning the vehicles and rules concerning the operations and that's why requirements on MilOrbs cannot be decided independently of the mission flown. On the other hand, in the event of a crash we wish the vehicle to be totally destroyed so a design goal is to maximize the projectile impact energy, in this case the falling SRUAV. If it crashes, we need to guarantee there is nothing left to be recovered."

[Image: sub7.jpg]

[Image: sub8.jpg]

"We built upon the old NASA's AERCam design, our own SCRAMP project, and other programs. In each of these little spheres there is a lot of new advanced technologies: new control loop algorithms and filters, new miniaturized ultra-dense electronics, exotic metamaterials designed to fragment down to submilimeter size in case of kinetic impact, powerful small-size light emitting devices, and the DENIED technology for propulsion that allows the SRUAV to reach a cruising speed of 15,000 mph."

"MilOrbs is the main program of the SV guys (Special Vehicles). SRUAVs are mainly recce vehicles with a minimum mass of 5 Kgs, while MilOrbs are offensive weapons with a mass range between 3 to 8 Kgs. The technology behind MilOrbs differs from SRUAVs in fundamental aspects of which we know nothing as both the SRUAV and the MilOrb programs are run separately by DENIED."

[Image: sub9.jpg]

"No need to wonder how an artificial spherical craft can levitate in the air without using any known conventional propulsion system once you know there are unconventional propulsion systems."


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No Unknown Traffic

"both companies were researching on the development of transparent conductors and engineering subwavelength metallic nanowires, nano-spheres, and nano-circuits embedded in dielectric matrices. This enabled the development of epsilon-near-zero (ENZ) metamaterials, which were then used for applications such as enhanced transmission, cloaking, energy squeezing in narrow channels, and subwavelength imaging."

[Image: sub10.jpg]

"there was a third company working on trapped electomagnetic waves devices, photon traps. These devices were actually sort of a film which acted as the medium through which light travels. The film consists of atoms with transition frequencies in proximity to the wave frequency. These traps are manufactured in the form of random and periodic lattices, and they have very low loss rate. The atomic medium is used as an excellent wavegiude to form and transmit electromagnetic waves for applications to accelerators and to electromagnetic devices in general. For what I know, the film were filled with a high pressure gas. Light is trapped inside these films and therefore they accumulate substantial energy for a long period of time, leading to the possibility of creating objects which are equivalent to orbs."

[Image: sub11.jpg]

"A MilOrb is just a trapped electromagnetic wave whose frequency is close to the transition frequency between some atomic levels of the air atoms. Initially, they were developed within the framework of a project named Long Lived Plasma Structures, and its acronym was L2PS. Later on, the project was named Long Lived Intelligent Plasma Structures and it was referred to simply as LIPS. The first MilOrbs were just that: stable spherically symmetric plasma structures."

"MilOrbs are really spherical plasmoids which are dynamically stable compared to any other unstructured plasma formations since the latter lose their energy and recombine with the time scale of several milliseconds, while MilOrbs are fitted with an internal energy source that compensates the inevitable energy losses and provides the long life-time of a plasmoid. Tests were always conducted at DENIED, as far as I know"

"Antigravity? For God's sake, no! It has nothing to do with antigravity. The entire plasma is in the superconducting stage. You see, superconductivity reduces possible friction mechanisms and facilitates the creation of a plasmoid. That's what makes the MilOrb nearly immune to the surrounding environment. During the Yulara event one of those orbs twisted and zig-zagged in mid air close to one of our observing positions and then it suddenly exploded and disappeared. It took us just several minutes to arrive to the exact point where it landed. We found nothing, but we took back to the lab samples of soil. After analysis, we found nanoparticles of silica-carbon mixtures. These SiC particles, when ejected into the air by a high frequency discharge, act as a filamentary network that self-organizes back into an orb."

[Image: sub12.jpg]

"The MilOrb's size depends on the amount of energy transferred during its creation. However, once created, its size depends only on its ability to act as a cavity able to absorb at resonance radiant energy. The presence of attractive electrostatic forces acting between the net negative space charge localized at the external side of the double layer and the positively charged gound's surface makes it float in mid air. The interesting thing is that such an orb can penetrate through walls and into an aircraft. This is just an apparent penetration because what's really happening is just a re-generation of the orb at the other side of the dielectric wall."

[Image: sub13.jpg]

"Well, there is a heating which is based on the orb capability to absorb radiant energy from eventually present RF sources, and this extends the lifetime of the orb. Therefore, the protocol establishes you should immediatly switch off all RF sources around if you wish the orb to vanish. In other words, the more you track the object with radar, the longer its lifetime. In the absence of an RF source, the PSV provides the MilOrb with the required RF. So no, it is not a PSV chasing a MilOrb what you see: it is a PSV feeding a MilOrb."

"The Hypersonic Aircraft of Low Observability - HALO - was first deployed in 1977. The entire surface of the aircraft was electrically conductive with minimum discontinuity. Later on we essentially turned the entire craft into something different. There were two approaches we followed; the first one led to the design of modern PSV's, while the second one led directly to the development of the Veena-type MilOrbs."

[Image: sub14.jpg]

"PSV's were originally intended to win the radar game by implementing stealth technologies, but we soon learned about the new DENIED radars which makes stealth technologies useless for our purposes. It was a long path til the Sienna PSV was finally developed. Sienna includes everything we dreamed of... a metal-organic framework, a thin film of glass-silica covering the entire craft, chiro-optical properties, metamaterials with self-repair, surface healing and self-assembly properties, ultraporous coatings, shape-memory alloys, superhydrophobic surfaces, organic electroluminiscent devices, you name it."

"DENIED are diamond-shaped probes; it is made of DENIED with a coating of DENIED polymers with th ability for self-organization, that is, self-healing, self-lubricating, and self-cleaning. The entire design is biomimetic and the external coating is a Kagomé lattice coupled to a transparent conducting film that act as a photon trap. They are bright as sunshine. Their role is just sounding and probing the environment, but they can release the trapped light energy in a given direction and you won't like to be in its line-of-sight. Yes, they can get really nasty."

[Image: sub15.jpg]

"Detectability? No, I feel you don't get it: the entire craft is transparent to radar. There is no single metallic piece in the entire craft. Neither a bolt, nor a nut. Nothing. Just conducting transparent polymers and ultrathin flat sheets. And a lot of electromagnetism. That's what it is."


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Non-state actors and the weaponization of underwater unmanned systems
From narcosubs to sea-denial weapons

"Anticipating a disruptive threat is critical to mitigating its impact."

"Drug-trafficking organizations (DTOs) are at the vanguard of nonstate actors" ventures into the undersea domain, and they likely will be among the first to employ UUVs. Over the past two decades, Colombian DTOs developed the ability to build sophisticated self-propelled semi-submersible (SPSS) vessels to thwart surface-based detection and interdiction forces patrolling their trafficking routes. These "narcosubs" convey an estimated 30 percent of the maritime flow of drugs from South America."

[Image: suborb.jpg]

"From the military point of view, UUVs are meant to sense, track, identify, target, and destroy a hostile asset autonomously, and they must fulfill this mission operating within a full net-centric battlespace. UUVs can play many key roles, but here me and my team just focus on the capability to deliver ordnance to a target with sensor-to-shooter closure measured in seconds. By launching a weapon from a UUV we are in a position to get a launch point closer to the target resulting in quicker response time for prosecution."

"See, the paradigm has changed. It is not a question of unmanned aerial vehicles versus underwater unmanned vehicles; it is a question of developing a vehicle that operates both in the airspace or in the underwater theater. "Tangent" is a vehicle than can plunge into the ocean from an altitude of DENIED, and carry on with underwater operations at a depth of DENIED before re-emerging out of the water back to the sky. Furthermore, there is a minimal impact as it enters the water. No whirlpool, no sound, no way to track it."

"The lessons learned from the drills is clear. Naval forces must be able to counter undersea threats to be effective in the modern world. During a war game in 2005, USS Ronald Reagan suffered five torpedo hits from a Gotland-class sub. There have been multiple exercises where the US Navy played war games and in which we used MilOrbs and PSVs to test the overall response. The result of these exercises is exciting. While protection for air platforms has evolved to the point that there is an effective synergy between onboard and offboard countermeasures, protection against MilOrbs and PSVs threats is not developed at all. This means we can sink any warship out there, including any aircraft carrier, without anyone having a clue how we did it. The bad news is that we can even sink our own warships, so it is a matter of time our enemies develop their own PSVs and MilOrbs against which there is no defense."

[Image: suborb2.jpg]

"MilOrbs and PSVs have put an end to the old concept of Army, Navy, and Air Force. What's the point of talking about aircrafts and submarines when the same object behaves as an aircraft to then descend to the sea surface and submerge, to just re-emerge miles away from the surface and behave as a cruise missile?"

"The undersea environment is a challenging one; the development of undersea weapons involves special technologies, adaptations of other technologies, and unique integration of all these technologies in a way far more complex than that required for the development of other weapon systems. DOLYN was mainly supported because there was a need to confront deadly unidentified submerged objects in our oceans and because we felt the need to track waferprobes and other nano-UFOs that are literally overpopulating our skies and oceans."

"Funds were diverted towards the development of both the neutrino radar and the development of a high-speed, supercavitating vehicle. The currently N3 doctrine - National Naval Need - focuses on upgrades of existing torpedo systems, therefore paradigm-shifting vehicles and MilOrbs is not part of the Navy, neither DARPA, nor the Army or the Air Force run these programs. So the question remains as to who is really behind all these tic-tacs, MilOrbs, USOs, and MilOrbs."

"This also involved developing and deploying advanced distributed sensor arrays and its related data fusion and undersea communications systems. This in turn means advanced signal processing, new power concepts, and a brand new defense doctrine. The presence of narcosubs and sophisticated self-propelled semi-submersible operated by drug-trafficking organizations is just a nuisance, though it provides us with the perfect excuse to fund DOLYN-related defense programs."

"We would be in a priviliged position if the fighting environment were In the atmosphere, because in that environment objects are generally visible, locatable, and identifiable. The basic principle in that environment is based on the fact that electromagnetic radiation is reflected, refracted, and absorbed to a manageable extent, and the boundaries do not cause major problems. Electromagnetic emissions from sources occur at the speed of light, resulting in high data rates, which facilitate detection, classification, localization, and engagement. By comparison, the underwater challenge in these respects is limited by the speed of sound in seawater. Furthermore, radiation is strongly absorbed and redirected at boundaries, thus deep water provides cover."

"Tic-tac UFOs? No, sorry. They are kinetic weapons at hypersonic speeds. Do you know what the result would be if three of them impact against the USS Nimitz? I'll tell you: the smallest piece you'd find will be the size of a tic-tac mint. The incredible thing in that incident is not the kinetic weapon itself; it is the fact that we operated them from Tangent and Sienna and yet none of the assets in Carrier Strike Group 11 detected them. That's the situation."

[Image: suborb3.jpg]

"While you were looking for them up in the skies, they were safely operating under the sea."


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Small-scale High-Power-Microwave weapons
A Guide to the Drones Fauna

[Image: 21.jpg]

"In 2001, a U.S. Comanche helicopter, flying in New York while performing a radar test involving HPM weapons, generated a low-level energy pulse that reportedly disrupted for two weeks the global positioning systems (GPS) being used to land commercial aircraft at a nearby airport in Albany, New York"

High-Power Microwave (HPM) electromagnetic energy is produced as an instantaneous pulse created through special electrical equipment that transforms battery power into intense microwaves that are very damaging to electronics within a much smaller area.

[Image: 22.jpg]

[Image: 23.jpg]

[Image: 24.jpg]

Weapons now being developed by the U.S. military for electronic warfare can disrupt the trajectory of missiles while in flight, and can overpower or degrade enemy communications, telemetry, and circuitry. Other HPM weapons being tested by the military are portable and re-usable through battery-power, and many are effective when fired miles away from a target. These weapons can also be focused like a laser beam and tuned to an appropriate frequency in order to penetrate electronics that are heavily shielded against a nuclear attack. The deepest bunkers with the thickest concrete walls reportedly are not safe from such a beam if they have even a single unprotected wire reaching the surface.

[Image: 25.jpg]

[Image: 26.jpg]

[Image: 27.jpg]

Get used to them. They are cheap, they get the job done, they are multirole, and they are intelligent and autonomous.


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[Image: fl2-5.jpg]

Neutrino counter nuclear weapons

In silo detonation of nuclear targets

It can hit a target such as a nuclear submarine from the other side of the globe and can penetrate a deep underground concrete bunker and missile silo.

[Image: fl2-6.jpg]

Disguised as a high particle physics experiment, it is in fact the deployment of a remote detonation of nuclear weapons made possible by a neutrino counter weapon, such a weapon consists of a neutrino beam and an antineutrino beam together in a small region to allow them to annihilate so that high energy radiations are released as reaction products. Subsequently, the reaction products detonate the target nuclear weapon on site.

[Image: fl2-7.jpg]

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... ns-in.html

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[Image: 15.jpg]

War Algorithmics

Quantum Game Theory for Autonomous Weapon Systems Beyond meaningful human control

When you advocate the need to regulate AWS, you really mean you advocate the need to regulate who can take the decision to use them; fully autonomous weapons are as unlawful as the president of any state. In any case, the use of AWS does not render an operation illegal under rules of ius ad bellum. A different scenario is that of terminal wars, in which AWS are designed from scratch to disobey all and any command they may ever receive from whatever disrupted command and control center happens to survive the first strike."

[Image: 16.jpg]

"PSVs are inherently indiscriminate during the post-strike theater as, by design, they consider a target anything surviving the first strike. The idea behind PSVs is that if they are launched it is as a very last resort and in order to guarantee the mutual self-destruction. In other wars, their operational goal is to guarantee that the war in which they are used is the last war. That's why they are classified under the so-called 'no-future wars'."

"According to the Treaty, states undertake not to place in orbit around the Earth any objects carrying nuclear weapons or any other kinds of weapons of mass destruction, install such weapons on celestial bodies, or station such weapons in outer space in any other manner. However, PSVs and MilOrbs do not orbit the Earth, they carry no nuclear weapons, and they are launched from Earth, therefore the Treaty obviously does not apply. But the crux of the matter is this: once they are launched there will be no way to stop them and, if they succeed in their mission, there will be none left to complain about violation of any treaty whatsoever."

"they have total algorithmic autonomy in war; and though it is true that today’s technology is, at its core, designed, developed, and deployed by humans, it is also true that liquid software encodes quantum game theory algorithms which rely on the principle that the “real” is to be taken as a type of program, to which we are, however, not forced to cling a priori."

[Image: 17.jpg]

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... heory.html

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[Image: 22.jpg]

Do Orbs behave as SRPs?

Self-Replicating Probes and Fractal Trajectories

Simulations consistently show the orb phenomena behave as self-replicating probes; more specifically, the sightings of orbs ejecting orbs, and orbs coalescing into a single orb, match the expected behaviour for a self-replicating probe.

[Image: 23.gif]

Freitas (1980) outlines the specifics of a SRP, estimating the mass of each component of the spacecraft, and the material the spacecraft would need to accumulate to be able to produce a copy of itself and provide fuel. They suggest that a spacecraft may capture comets and use atmospheric mining to acquire these materials. They state that in their minds there is “little doubt that such a machine can, in theory, be designed”.

[Image: 24.jpg]

With constant mortality, leading edge colonists don’t launch seeds until after local net growth rates start to slow down.

computational power has increased sufficiently to allow the creation of detailed simulations of probes exploring a sector of the Milky Way.

[Image: 25.jpg]

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... ating.html

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[Image: 46.jpg]

Long Range Detection of Consciousness Fields

Detecting Intelligent Life Through Mind and Matter Weak Interactions

"connected information between brain signals and sub-consciousness states can be detected by analyzing variations in the Rabi frequency which occur when the space volume under search is radiated with a characteristic light field"

"Field of consciousness extends well beyond the technosphere, therefore its detection would allow a swarm of exploring probes to detect intelligent life in a target planet"

"Actually, it is self-awareness what's being detected. Whether self-awareness can be taken for consciousness or not is not our problem. The very moment we could detect self-awareness emanating from a planet, we can be sure that planet hosts life and we could thus instruct our probes to focus on that planet, saving us a lot of time in the exploration strategy while traversing the galactic search space"

[Image: 47.jpg]

"Any life form fitted with consciousness distorts the vacuum field causing fluctuations which arrange in specific pattern comprising the so-called consciousness fingerprint. Detecting those patterns equates to detecting the presence of intelligent life forms within the search space"

"Whereas waking consciousness represents a complex form of awareness corresponding to a complex state of neurophysiological functioning, the brain is also capable of sustaining simpler and more integrated states of functioning, corresponding to more silent and more unified states of awareness"

"the experience of pure consciousness does not only have physiological correlates, it also leaves a dictinctly detectable signal in the vacuum state. Detecting these signals would allow us to not only detect in advance the presence of intelligent life within the search space, but to also obtain an assessment about what type of life forms do live on a target planet and how advanced they are"

[Image: 48.jpg]

"Obviously, the field of consciousness is non-Abelian, that is, it interacts with itself. This means orbs, as probes, cannot be manned or otherwise the crew's consciousness field would interfere with the measurements."

"During a near-death experience you do not see bright lights and beautiful landscapes; what you actually see are probes which have detected your altered state of consciousness; you are not "experiencing", you are being probed"

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... sness.html

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[Image: 5.jpg]

Opsins and the all-optical physiology

Optogenetics and Future Wars

"There were 98,611 males over the age of 21 reported missing in the U.S. in 2018"

"viral-mediated gene delivery has become the method of choice for opsin expression in the field. Expression through viral-mediated gene delivery provides a superior ability to flexibly target any brain region in humans as they naturally penetrate into host cells and efficiently exploit the native transcription machinery to drive the expression of viral genes."

"the third generation of viral vectors drive robust levels of opsin expression, which is a must in the development of new neural enhanced units complying with the demanding requirments of the Soldier 2.0 program"

[Image: 6.jpg]

"the NEU-1233 is a brain nanoimplant that control specific brain areas where previously transgene-encoded proteins are synthesized, transported anterogradely out to the axon terminals and integrated into the membrane to allow optogenetic modulation of axonal projections. The vector is an adenovirus of type DENIED who was initially used in primates and DENIED humans."

"The enhanced brain contains a specific arrangement of light-sensitive proteins capable of producing light-evoked modulations of various physiological functions, ranging from changes in excitability to activation or inhibition of distinct biochemical pathways, gene expression and enzymatic activity. The readout unit serves as an interface with the PSV avionics so that, overall, you have a completely integrated pilot-vehicle setup. On the other hand, the control of the aircraft is specific to that set of biochemical signatures so that only the intended pilot can naviagate the aircraft"

"The helmet integrates intimately with the brain and light is used to transiently and reversibly modulate the physiological properties of defined cells, typically in the context of an active neural circuit in vivo. There is practically no time difference between the pilot's thought about locking a target and the actual lock, and the entire system reacts smoothly and timely to whatever decision the pilot takes. To be honest, the pilot takes no decision at all. It is the on-board computer the one that takes the decision as per the war algorithms. We don't really need a pilot at all: we just need his brain; in fact, we just need any brain."

"this method allows targeting of neurons based on specific synaptic connectivity in what we call 'monosynaptic circuit-based targeting'. After the proper targeting of optogenetic tools to neural circuits of interest, the next step consists of designing an optical neural interface for in vivo light delivery into deep brain structures. The selected optogenetic configuration requires optical fibers to deliver sufficient light to shallow or deep brain targets, all of which is integrated in the helmet. The helmet is a complex pice of technology consisting of LEDs, optical fibers controlled by a waveform generator, and advanced optical shutters."

[Image: 7.jpg]

"An ape and a human have essentially the same brain. While in combat, we can dispose of some 20% of the brain capability and focus on the remaining 80% so, yes, we could use apes instead of humans. However, the mammalian brain is comprised of billions of neurons which are spatially organized in different brain structures to process different types of information and the goal of system neuroscience is to understand how groups of neurons work together to perform efficient information processing. It happens we do have at our disposal a corpus of human neuroscientific knowledge which is lacking on what concerns the brain of apes, so we naturally go for humans instead of apes."

"What do you mean by 'normal'? Are you asking whether the pilot is a normal human like you and me? No, it is not. The optogenetic network modulator is an implant that impairs the normal behavior of the subject. To all effect, he is a walking dead, a flying dead, to be precise. He excels in navigating a damn compex vehicle like the PSV as he and the vehicle act as one. No human could do that, I mean, not the human you could have a drink with. PSV's pilots are subsystems themselves. Again, the pilot ceases to be a human, much as the aircraft ceases to be an aircraft. You don't fight non-humans with humans, otherwise you'd have no chance at all."

[Image: 8.jpg]

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... ology.html

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[Image: 23.jpg]

Rainbow UFOlogy

The Nevanlinna-Pick UFO Paradigm

icha 25, 1951, Lubbock rinerse (TX)
harkels, 26, 1980, Rendlesham rinerse (UK)
tir 13, 1997, kir rinerse (AZ)
erind 8, 2008, Stephenville rinerse (TX)

Rainbow UFOlogy, where UFOs are studied according to control theory, the objective being to find the transfer function, that is, the mathematical representation of the relation between the input and output based on the differential equations describing the UFO phenomena. The Cassini interpretation takes UFOs as inputs to the system, while the XViS interpretation takes UFOs as the output of the system."

[Image: 24.jpg]

The Stephenville-2008c exercise had the following components: a beam projected from the ground in a way as to give the impression that it was
projected from the object, a PSV (unmanned Akrij Type) at one end of the beam, a military radar station at the other end, a tactical command and control center, as the controller, and a power amplifier to drive the PSV. The objective is to control the position of the sensed end of the beam as per the reaction of unaware observers. In this setup, neither the radar station operator nor the crew of the scrambled jets were aware of the fact that an exercise was being executed.

[Image: 25.jpg]

Consider the usual UFO-Observer system with a transfer function P and controller transfer function C. It is hypothesized that P is not fixed but belongs to some set P'. The robust stability problem is to find, if one exists, a controller C that achieves internal stability for every P in P'. We would like to know two things: conditions on P' for C to exist and a procedure to construct such C. In this generality the robust stability problem remains unsolved.

[Image: 26.jpg]

Phoenix-1997a was a closed-loop system in which the inputs (the UFOs used were PSV-25S flown over the transect Nevada-Arizona) were determined, at least in part, by certain responses of the system. However, the particular setup of the Phoenix-1997b experiment used a different approach. The flyover used the transect from ACC Dyess AFB to AETC Vance AFB, using both a PSV-MilOrb-3377 and a PSV-2035 of type Presence, and the output being analysed were the reaction of the crew from jets scrambled by Carlswell NAS.

PSV Presence was made visible to radars and to scrambled fighters from Carlswell NAS in order to test collision avoidance systems. As required by the experimenters, the regulator maintained the physical variable at some constant value in the presence of perturbances (the jets scrambled by Carlswell NAS). Now, what would happen if the crew of the PSV were kept ignorant to the fact they were being chased by jets which were not controlled by the experimenters? Could we gain any insight about the transfer function of this system that we could apply to the Lubbock lights incident?

Are UFOs inputs or outputs of the system? If they are proven as outputs, rather than inputs, wouldn't that mean we need to rethink our entire weapon assignment theory? From the control system theory it seems better to take a hostile incoming missile for a UFO than to take a UFO for a friendly aircraft. That's our challenge right now.

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... k-ufo.html

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[Image: 75.jpg]

Drone-UFO Encounters

The reification of otherwordly life-forms

"an artificial intelligence would simply not be interested in us, and may deliberately ignore us until we develop our own artificial intelligence"

"the avoidance of communication is not conscious, but rather a side-effect of the optimal use of resources by an artificial entity."

"Drone-UFO encounters are amazingly higher than manned aircraft-UFO ones. We suggest that this is so because the prevailing intelligences are artificial and they are not interested in biological life-forms. Once the UFO detects biomarkers inside a vehicle, it consistently avoids interaction. The case for drones is just the case in which two machines meet and, judging from our experience, it seems UFOs are more interested in drones than in manned aircrafts."

[Image: 76.jpg]

"if an artificial intelligence discovered a biological intelligence not related to itself, it would probably consider it neither a threat nor a resource. Actually, given the relative scarcity of biological intelligences, it would not consider the biological intelligence as a significant competitor for resources"

"the increasing use of unmanned aircraft to patrol borders to crack down on drug smuggling correlates with the increasing number of drone-UFO encounters. It is noteworthy that manned aerial means used in the past never reported such a high number of encounters. In one such event, the drone was flying some 12,000 feet above sea level when it was approached by an unknown flying object which virtually performed a dance around the drone at a kissing distance. The entire incident was recorded by the powerful on-board cameras and fully analyzed by SV17q. There’s no other airplane out there that can go and fly for the number of hours that drones do, and cover the vast distances drones do, so you should expect more and more incidents in the future. Why UFOs show a clear preference for unmanned vehicles is a mystery for us."

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... on-of.html

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[Image: 16a.jpg]

Amorphous computers, liquid software, and Artificial Chemistries

The strange computers in Tired Light 2

"Generally speaking, membrane computing is a branch of natural computing which investigates computing models abstracted from the structure and functioning of living cells and from their interactions in tissues or higher order biological structures. The problem here is that though we understand what we are facing, Tired Light 2 systems -so to speak- refer to non-Earth biological structures, therefore in order to understand how these systems work and perform computations, we need to gain a knowledge about the biology of those non-terrestrial biological structures."

"Earth’s core must influence all materials and life situated above its position inside the rotating planet."

"In order to realize any logical function, we not only need to be able to realize elementary logical functions but also be able to interconnect them in an arbitrary way, something at which organic tissue-like computers excel."

[Image: 16b.jpg]

"AND and NOT logical functions form a logical basis, that is, any logical function can be realized from a combination of ANDs and NOTs only. This, however, only holds in a 3D world. In higher dimensions you need more than just AND and NOT gates, and this would explain the extra complexity we find in Tired Light 2 systems. The computer, if it is a computer, might be performing computations using a logic unknown to us."

"We were naively expecting to find some sort of extremely advanced control room, with beautiful displays and pulsating lights, I mean, an extrapolation of our data centers somehow. What we found has nothing to do with it, it was like entering inside a giant jelly fish, with organic tissue-like structures, fleshy membranes, carthilages here and there, and a highly toxic environment. That's what the computers of these beings look like. No wires, no metallic parts, no chips, no lights, just sticky organic substances everywhere"

"Were we to judge future developments in advanced computing by what we've found in Tired Light 2, quantum computing is not the path to walk. Membrane computing is."

"I for one, would prefer to have non-organic, physical hardware; I cannot see how an organic computer would withstand the radiation levels you find in outter space. But again, it may well be the case this is not a computer, but a being, a life form. It is as if we crash in a remote planet and they wonder whether the dead crew inside the crashed spacecraft is a computer, or it is the crew. What is a human? Isn't an organic computer after all?"

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... e-and.html

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[Image: 37a.jpg]

From Military Engagement to Ritualised Encounters

The analysis of behavioural sequences in nonhuman-human interactions

"humans establish territorial boundaries by prolonged confrontations involving ritualised fighting"

"human colonies are mainly distributed over much of coastal areas. An energy surge-sink analysis allows to easily map the overall distribution of human colonies all over the planet. Most colonies consist of a single nest connected to smaller nests through well defined trails leading out to satellite nests. The distribution of larger and smaller colonies does match the energy surge-sink networks."

[Image: 37b.jpg]

"The destruction of larger nests does not cause the destruction of satellite nests, therefore the destruction strategy should be applied nest by nest. Energy surges should be destroyed along the nests."

"The interaction between 2 adjacent nests involve a two-way movement of humans from one nest to the other. Destruction of one nest implies a massive transfer of humans from the attacked nest to the next adjacent nest."

[Image: 37c.jpg]

"Direct encounter with a single human lasts approximately 9 seconds. Humans exhibit a complexity of territorial and aggressive behaviour and engagement always follows a ritualised protocol. As these are evolved behaviour patterns, there is clearly a payoff between the cost of sacrificing humans in battle to the extra gain to access to a resource achieved by death of the contacted human compared with the energetic cost of ritual battle."

"Coordinated remote viewing - CRV - is one of the non-conventional techniques used to gather intelligence about them. We use everything available to us when everything else is not enough. CRV works as follows: when we detect anomalous air traffic or non-terrestrial events we identify the location and send the geocoordinates to the CRV centers. There, competent remote viewers the XViS system to engage in states interactions that are unconstrained by time, distance or conservation laws. A team of computer scientists generates the artistic renderings of what each group of remote viewers describe during their interaction, and finally SV17q analysts study the images and drawings. That's how we know a lot about them, though we don't always understand what we see"

[Image: 37d.jpg]

"You need to understand that these orbs are not simply machines, no matter how advanced they are. They are more like... I mean... ants, life forms. They do not simply sense the surrounding environment the way we do with our aircrafts. For what we've seen all along these years, and after analyzing a vast amount of data about human-Giselian interactions and encounters, their 'probes' behave more like what you would expect from two different species having an encounter in a forest. More specifically, we have used NodeSpaces to find out what patterns do match those ones we have studied and the result was that, to all effect, the highest correlation score was the one showing the encounter of 2 ants of the same or antagonistic colonies."

"We have a complete set showing points in the behavioural sequences at which the contacts happen. We now have a full understanding of the phases of the repertoire and we have been able to modify the traditional way these encounters are run. No more scrambling of jets, no more chasing lights, no more lock-ons of radar. We now instruct the pilots to follow a specific engagement protocol which, you see, it is the most promising approach."

"In the past we always executed our COAs according to strict air warfare theory. Today, our course of action is based on biology, and not on military theory. Only that way have we been able to extend the duration of the interactions and to make of the encounter a successful learning experience."

"An encounter always begins with 2 object approaching head to head: the orb, and our aircraft. We send pulses towards the object at specific frequencies, and the object responds sending back a train of pulses. We match the characteristics of our signals to theirs. This stage is called 'active antennating'. This approach is the one ants follow, you see. In ants, antennating occurs vigorously, the antennae being applied to the sides of the head and alitrunk. If the ants belong to the same nest, contact is broken, each ant grooms its antennae several times with the combs on its front legs, then passes the front legs through its mouthparts. They then move off on an irregular, looping path until another ant is contacted. Similarly, we try to mimick this behavior each time we engage in a contact with Giselians."

[Image: 37e.jpg]

"All we can ever know about them is through interacting with them. The question is how to interact with them. We always assumed that as they are far more advanced than we are, it should be taken for granted they will design the interaction to match our limited capabilities. But this is not at all the case. The new contact paradigm suggests that a UFO acts as a life form and that the UFO is therefore associated with a collection of interactions with other objects; we reproduce those interactions. So far we have been able to be 'accepted' as a sort of handicapped member of the flock such that we have been able to fly with them. During a wonderful transect (the so-called Armadillo Transect) our PSV flew in the middle of a formation of 5 UFOs, just as a member of the group. Within our limitations, we mirrored all their maneouvers, no matter how weird they were from a tactical point of view. At a given point, the formation performed some maneouvers out of our capabilities, so we simply kept flying. They stopped and came back scorting us, as if we were a wounded member of the flock that needed help somehow."

[Image: 37f.jpg]

"Consciousness is not limited to human beings or even to biological life forms. It is an emergent property of complex systems, and the complex system here is not just the UFO, the aircraft, or the crew. The complex system here is the encounter itself."

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... lised.html

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[Image: 8a.jpg]

The Art of Jamming Gravitational Waves Communications Systems

Taming those who tamed gravity

"The magic-like effects observed during the maneouver of a PSV craft are all guidance, navigation, and control related. We achieved instantaneous space displacement in the early 70s, but we never achieved a working weapon engagement system able to destroy selected targets. We are still quite far from using gravitational fields as weapons."

"there seems to be very little offered for the success of gravitational control weapons. If you can destroy a multi-billion dollar Mil-Orb with just a FGM-148 Javelin man-portable missile, the entire thing is worthless. In my view, we should proceed with the technology transfer to the civilian sector, giving them the means to build mhd airplanes and space vehicles. For us gravity propulsion is just another tool in our toolbox, but is neither the ultimate weapon, nor the ultimate defense system."

"the main hindrance in the design of advanced Mil-Orbs and PSVs came not from the propulsion system; gravity has been finally tamed and you can see military crafts silently hovering and moving all over the intel battle field. The problem is the onboard communications system. If all your comms is based on electromagnetic waves, how can you use that comms with a gravitational-field-based vehicle that is high in electromagnetic interference?"

"magnetohydrodynamic probes are acoustically silent, but visually noisy: you see them from far away. They can only be controlled using modulated gravitational waves, and this is where we need to focus: how to jam and interfere with those HFGWs to neutralize those targets. Now that we've built those nice Mil-Orbs, we need to learn how to destroy them should our enemies learn tomorrow how to build them, too"

"PSV-MilOrb-2035 Presence was extensively tested in the Fort Worth and Arlington test areas in 2008. We tested new ways to interfere its GNC and OBC subsystems by chasing the vehicle with two F-16 fitted with Li-Baker HFGW jammers. We concluded there is no need to actually detect a covert gravitational wave communication link prior to its jamming. Rather, it is better to simply sweep the search area with HFGWs at random."

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... waves.html

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[Image: 26a.jpg]

Next persistent area denial strategies

Differential Game Theory and Future Subwars

[Image: 26b.jpg]

"The simulations suggest that if an engagement is continued after missing the first time, the attacker is successfully able to intercept the target subsequently. Results also indicate that the evasion and intercept trajectories are strongly coupled, that is, the behavior of the evasion trajectory affects the intercept trajectory and vice versa."

[Image: 26c.jpg]

"On a typical Sol-3 game, the interceptor tries to minimize the miss-distance in order to achieve an intercept while the target tries to maximize the miss-distance in order to avoid intercept. If as soon as both parties detect and identify an UV both agree on attacking the UV, then the scenario changes into a stochastic game theory problem. The UV is expected to follow the known pattern of evasion and splitting into two spherical UAP (typically a larger greenish sphere surrounded by two smaller reddish ones)."

[Image: 26d.jpg]

"An unsolicited visitor's target first appears as a semi-solid object that slowly becomes a greenish solid diamond-shaped target; engagement during this phase is always impossible; due to the nature of the object they get geometrically bounded to our vectors (missiles, aircrafts) and they co-move as a single system. When the splitting occurs, two red semi-solid spherical objects emerge that quickly move to both sides of the first object, and that co-move with it, but not with our vectors. This means the interception must occur when the splitting phase begins if we want to stand a chance to get a hit. It also means those objects are not radar or radio bounded: they are geometry-bounded."

[Image: 26e.jpg]

"the object appeared to us as a self-luminous spherical UAP. We tracked the object for about 4 minutes. The object was suspended in the middle of the sky and it was obvious it started the splitting sequence when we decided to fire a DENIED against the search volume, as per the DENIED protocol. The object suddenly disappeared and we lose the signal on the radar screen."

[Image: 26f.jpg]

"We think UVs represent a component in a larger dynamic system created by the interaction between the environment, the particular interceptor used, and whether or not the observer is human or non-human. This last point is a sensible one, for it means we should use manned interceptors autonomously guided. I'll be clear on this: a requirement to successfully intercept those objects seems to be that the interceptor has a crew, yet the engagement parameters and the fire decision must be machine-controlled. The crew is therefore totally expendable if we wish to down one of those diamond-shaped unsolicited visitors."

[Image: 26g.jpg]

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... egies.html

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[Image: a1.jpg]

Orbs and the new generation of deceptive weapons

Mimicking high-energy plasma balls to obfuscate RS probes

"A large ball, like lightning, would have a bright silvery-metallic appearance by day, and shine brightly by night. Irregularities in the field could produce light or dark spots on a ball; the color could vary, depending on the effective surface temperature. A row of evenly spaced lights might arise from a circular form of bead lightning, which probably consists of a standing longitudinal electric current wave. Intense heat, light and ultraviolet light would be radiated, as well as possibly radio interference or microwaves."

"Free energy devices and electron-muon decay levitation is proposed."  

[Image: a2.png]

"The plasma ball is formed when a lightning stroke induces a circular eddy current in a pocket of plasma adjacent to the lightning channel. As the eddy current absorbs energy from the stroke, it would necessarily exert a back-EMF on the channel, causing a voltage drop across the region. This “bottleneck” in the channel could cause a tremendous amount of energy to become concentrated in the region and transferred to the ball."

[Image: a3.png]

“The deployment of the system over the skies of Mexico City proved how efficient these remote sensing probes are; that our orbs can be seen both with the naked eye, and that they leave a radar signature, means the system is now mature”

[Image: a4.png]

"Electromagnetically-Induced Transparency (EIT) may be defined as the reduction (or ideally, elimination) of resonant absorption, or enhancement of transmission, of a probe (also called signal) EM field in an otherwise opaque medium, via the prior application of a suitably intense, suitably-tuned, suitably-enveloped pump (or drive, or control) EM field."


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[Image: b1.jpg]

Artificially Induced Magnetophosphenes

The phosphene interpretation of plasma orbs

"Return strokes are characterized by a fast rising phase and a slower decline phase of the nearby local magnetic field strength. The calculated pulse shapes of transcranially induced electric fields begin with a strong field peak in the order of kilovolts per meter and duration of microseconds caused by the large time derivative of the magnetic field in the short rise phase".

"Cortical phosphenes perceived as luminous shapes within the visual field were reported by engineers and maintenance personnel working in the hangars where PSVs were stationed for service activities. It was concluded that these effects happened when the cloaking module was enabled, producing a direct TM stimulus of the visual cortex of the subjects involved. Measurements indicated that the local induced field amplitude exceeded the non-operational safety values in the range of 50-150 V/m"

"Although the electromagnetic pulses of the stepped leader and first return stroke could lead to induced fields above the phosphene threshold, these are of minor importance for the long term field evolution of high multiplicity flashes".

[Image: b2.png]

"transcranial stimulability"

"The activation by (time varying) weakly damped penetrating magnetic fields allows observation within closed buildings or aircrafts".


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[Image: c1.jpg]

Orbs as post-extinction signals from the past

Telling future civilizations we were here

"All of the properties of the orbs that we currently observe can be easily explained if we assume they are sonoluminescent phenomena belonging to a distant past" The Darwell Hypothesis

"The probability for a contact is so small that the best strategy is to signal future civilizations of your existence, once you are long ago gone"

[Image: c2.jpg]

"... that the only really durable technology to signal your existence to other civilizations is to send orbs ahead in the chronal time line. Obviously, there would be future civilizations that won't understand what they are seeing; civilizations that will fear the orbs, civilizations that will mistify them, much as we mistify the ancient pyramids or the orbs themselves. But there will also be at least one civilization that will understand the message."

"A sufficiently advanced civilization of the past would had known that the absence of observable aliens means that the rise of intelligent life on any one planet is sufficiently improbable, so much unlikely that they must have concluded they were the only such civilization in the entire observable universe. They also would have reasoned that at some point in the future, long after they get extinct, a new civilization will emerge. They then would devote themselves to signal their past existence to this newly emerged civilization. Stellar engineering won't be of any help, for megastructures do decay in time. Thus, what other means do they have to make their existence known to future civilizations, once they become extinct?"

[Image: c3.jpg]

"initial hot spots in the beam profile self focus earlier during the propagation. You will then observe multiple filaments occuring closer to the focusing optic in a zone of larger diameter. ECM equipment detects the presence of longer chirped pulses such that the peak power is lower, hence multiple filaments occur nearer the geometrical focus where the diameter of the beam is smaller.In the end, a glowing color-changing orb materialises that moves slowly in mid air."

[Image: c4.jpg]

"All civilizations implode sooner or later. Life's all about dying. Building pyramids, palaces, etc. won't stop fade and dissolution. A neutrino beacon is a good option to signal the existence of a civilization, but even neutrino beacons cannot stand the test of time. An orb, traveling along a closed timelike curve would be a better way to do it."

"The Darwell Hypothesis can be formulated as the hypothesis that holds orbs and plasma-like phenomena are probes from a distant past, sent by a Type III civilization before their collapse. They travel along CTC lines and emerge at specific points in the worldline. The probes are the message, ready to be interpreted only by those sufficiently advanced civilizations that can manage the Planck energy."


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[Image: d1.jpg]

Mil-ORBs and the penetration of Chinese Airspace

High Level Events for the Suppression of Chinese Air Defenses

[Image: d2.png]

"the pessimistic scenario yields the predictions that all T+1 targets can be destroyed in 229 hours, T+2 targets in 114 hours, and T+3 targets in 208 hours. Thus, under this version of the model, the United States can be expected to suppress Chinese air defenses after 23 days"

[Image: d3.png]

Yongyi Air Base was completely neutralized by a single Mil-ORB 2234/12 to the extent that they didn’t even notice

[Image: d4.jpg]

[Image: d5.jpg]

[Image: d6.jpg]

[Image: d7.jpg]


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