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Persistence of Structure

"The classification of stellar civilizations as per the Kardashev scale is solely based on the use of energy by such civilizations. From the point of view of information theory, stellar civilizations are classified as those civilizations of type Data (D-civilization), those of type Information (I-civilization), those of type Knowledge (K-civilization), and that of type Experience (E-civilization). D-civilization (say, Sol-3) is used by I-civilization to generate information, while I-civilization is exploited by K-civilization to generate knowledge, which is finally used by an E-civilization to design and build universes."

"I-civilization controls D-civilization by feeding it with perceptions and memories by stimulating it in order for the D-civilization to perceive a fictitious world. From time to time, I-civilization's probes visit the host planets in which D-civilizations dwell. D-civilizations wonder whether they are inhabiting a simulated reality, designed to emulate true reality, but they ignore how to answer this question. On the other hand, I-civilizations need data to get the information related to whether the world they live in is a simulation or not. K-civilizations process the information generated by I-civilizations in order to get the certainty they do live in a simulated reality. Once they conclude they do live in a simulation, they wonder how they could escape the simulation, a knowledge that is only attainable by the E-civilization. Therefore, all those civilizations need each other. The game is called 'Let's escape the Great Simulation'."

[Image: 2.jpg]

"The only thing a D-civilization can truly be sure of is the reality of its own subjective experiences at that stage. Everything else is questionable, even the existence of other intelligent beings in the Universe. It is a must for an I-civilization to never reveal its existence to a D-civilization, for that would destroy the data it requires to get information. A bit must never be aware of the existence of a data structure, much as a data structure must never be aware of the algorithm that operates on it. Additionally, an algorithm must never be aware it is part of a program, much as a program must never know about the existence of a programmer."

"An E-civilization knows the principles on which to base the final experiment, namely, the experiment to finally settle the question on whether the universe is or is not a simulation. Kaon scattering, if conducted in a specific and detailed way, could probe the limits of the Universe. For the experiment to be run, an E-civilization requires almost the entire energy of the Universe in order to break the physical world and go beyond the local coordinate systems"

[Image: 3.jpg]

"it is key for the experiment to guarantee persistence of structure, and this involves the cooperation of all intelligent beings across the Universe, corner to corner, end to end"

"Nevertheless, assuming that the universe is finite and therefore the resources of potential simulators are finite, then a volume containing a simulation will be finite and a lattice spacing must be non-zero, and therefore in principle there always remains the possibility for the simulated to discover the simulators."

"beacons and repeaters are key elements of the final experiment aimed at determining the initial conditions which in turn determine how the simulation evolves in time; this means setting the initial conditions with almost infinite accuracy in the real world. The main idea is that non-linearity is also programmed, simulated, and hence there must be a way to map it. Escaping the hologram requires a coordination between the many agents interacting with each other within the system."

"What the hell were you expecting? An E-civilization whose intelligent beings were similar to you, with two eyes, two ears, two hands? Learn this: the size of an E-civilization is 10 to the minus 43 seconds. Their realm is the quantum realm, and their entire civilization is much smaller than the smallest quark. That is precisely their power, that is exactly why they can play the magic on the entire Universe. Look for D-civilizations out there, in the exoplanets; look for I-civilizations in the interstellar medium between galaxies. Look for K-civilizations in the active galactic nucleus. But if you really want to find an E-civilization use the Queltron Machine"

"letting the algorithm run new knowledge is generated and the design of algorithms and the existence of algorithmic solutions become relevant; you will learn that the structure and complexity of each agent can be ignored when one focuses on their interactional structure. Simplicity is the fuel for complexity. That's how the simulation works."

"A K-civilization is the one that discovers that there exists a still undetected fundamental force in the universe which drives it to ever higher levels of information processing and hence ever more complexity. They gained the knowledge that the physical universe is the manifestation of a template universe outside of existence."

[Image: 4.jpg]

"A D-civilization has an acute lack of collective intelligence, does not understand the relationship between its own consciousness and physical reality; but such a civilization plays a crucial role in the persistence of structure: it excels in conceptual engineering. A D-civilization transitions towards an I-civilization the very moment it abandons the distinction between information and reality."

"Deep within the structure of reality, consciousness is found. That is the reason persistence of structure is so fundamental for any civilization. At the heart of reality, an E-civilization finds a computational engine which needs to be fed with information. That's why a K-civilization, an I-civilization, and a D-civilization are always needed. Escaping the hologram is a collective endeavour."


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Postwork Civilizations and Games

Testing Darwell Hypothesis on whether Sol-3 is a game board

"There is no mastery without mystery, Norea"

"One of the predictions of the Darwell Hypothesis is that advanced civilizations will be postwork civilizations, that is, civilizations in which all kind of sophisticated robots take over all forms of human employment, leaving the members of those civilization focused on games and ludic activities."

"W-2 civilizations would be metabiological in nature, solely devoted to any activity which is executed only for pleasure and without conscious purpose. Obviously, under this scenario every activity that brings pleasure is a game. We wanted to put under test the idea that Giselians were simply doing that, that is, playing games. Giraffe is based on a neural network that can learn how to play chess by simply analyzing thousands of games, more specifically, it taught itself to play chess by evaluating positions and with no pevious knowledge about the rules of chess, so we wonder if a more advanced system like NodeSpaces could draw the rules of the UFO game. We wanted to know whether the sightings could be considered just a game and, if so, what the rules of that game are."

[Image: 10.jpg]

"We fed the system with frames taken from three footages of UFO activity: the Mount Isa Event, the one from Zhezkazgan, and the one from the Atacama desert encounter. These are 3 out of the only 6 events that we currently recognize as extraterrestrial in origin. We instructed the system to analyze the footages and to try to derive the 'rules of the game'. As a control set, we also fed the system with footage and mission profile data from the Mars Exploration Rover - A in order to find out what NodeSpaces figures out from it. As simple as that."

"Given the scientific requirements of the mission, current machine learning algorithms can reliably determine a certain number of landing sites so that we can focus on other areas of planetary exploration. We then asked what landing sites would be selected if the planet under exploration were Earth, instead of Mars, that is, we put ourselves on aliens' shoes and asked what would be the best landing sites on a planet like Earth, assuming Earth-2016 as it currently is. The system identified two landing sites: one in Atacama, and the other one a location near Tenoumer Crater, in Mauritania"

[Image: 11.jpg]

"The experiments show that UFO activity does not follow a planetary exploration pattern but, rather, a game playing pattern. See, fed with descriptions and footage of various natural phenomena the system was able to correctly classify an electric storm, a tornado, a waterfall, and polar lights as just natural phenomena. Incidentally, Hessdalen lights were also classified as a natural phenomenon, while Atacama, Yulara, and Zhezkazgan footages were not."

"The pseudo fictionality of events and encounters do not depend on a preference of the fiction over the rules of a game. But this poses the intriguing question of whether Giselians want their games to trigger the interpretation of some events as pseudo fictional events."

"machine learning algorithms are leveraged to make sense of large datasets and to work out the most appropriate course of action for realizing some particular goal; what we have done is to fed the system with the course of actions performed by UFOs and get it to work out the particular goal of those UFOs. The main conclusion is that, except for just one case, the goals detected by the system do match the goals you would expect from a game. This is exactly Darwell's hypothesis: that Sol-3 is not a 'zoo' but a game board."

[Image: 12.jpg]

"Complex and sophisticated games would help a lesser civilization to realize a distinct value: knowledge. Mentoring of a less developed civilization by an advanced civilization requires gaming. The pattern of behavior we observe in those objects when they fly by our nuclear facilities is not the pattern of a probe sounding and gathering data, it is the behavior of 'someone' playing games."

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... games.html

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Retroseeding in a Timeshifted Universe

Doom Engineering

On complete global sterilisation events

"Sure an advanced civilization would engage itself in some sort of stellar engineering; however, it is more likey they would also engage themselves in doom engineering, therefore we need to figure out possible ways of engineering global sterilisation events in order to be able to detect them beforehand."

"he suggested that life on Earth might have originated accidentally from a pile of waste products dumped on Earth long ago by extraterrestrial beings, and that those beings are now involved in a planetary remediation program under which they are repairing the damage they accidentally caused. He added that this remediation program involves wiping off life forms from the planet they used as a waste disposal site."

"You normally expect each and any civilization to self-destroy or be destroyed by a third civilization; in the extreme cases in which a civilization escapes self-destruction and becomes a supercivilization, you need to guarantee it will also decay. Ruling out ecocide, astronomical events, GRBs, supernova burst, or deep cosmological events, the only possibility is to retroseed that civilization in order to increase galactic entropy."

[Image: 11.jpg]

"Obviously, an advanced civilization should have in place a life self-termination program that will activate the very moment they realize they themselves are a threat. According to this, once humans learn they have initiated the destruction of their own planet up to a point of irreversibility, they should self-destroy themselves. If you were an honourable man about to committ a hideous crime, wouldn't you committ suicide? Having a self-destruction mechanism in place proves whether an advanced civilization is or isn't sufficiently advanced."

[Image: 12.jpg]

"none of the stars in the Alpha Centauri system are large enough to go supernova, therefore this scenario is not taken into consideration. On the other hand, life could perdure on a rogue planet long enough for it to be recaptured, and thus the proposal is to use spacecrafts designed to physically destroy whatever is left of a planet after an allegedly global sterilisation event."

"Finding life on Mars would indicate two things; first, that it had an atmosphere and oceans, and second, that the global sterilisation event didn't work as expected. On the other hand, if no life is found it would only mean that the global sterilisation event worked as expected, and that the same event should be used for Sol-3"

"Suppose you are to design a spacecrat that should reenter Sol-3 atmosphere ten million years from now; the spacecraft carries a payload devised to cause a complete global sterilisation event within the framework of the Life Forms Reset Program; the idea is programming a highly eccentric orbit to prevent the spacecrat to be detected by current humans; the return path would take the spacecraft back home 10 million years after. To all effects, whatever intelligent life forms inhabit Sol-3 by then would consider the incoming spacecraft as 'alien'."

"Tardigrades can survive for a few minutes at temperatures as low as -272 °C or as high as 150 °C, and -20 °C for decades. They withstand pressures from virtually 0 atm in space up to 1200 atm at the bottom of the Marianas Trench. They are also resistant to radiation levels ~5000–6200 Gy. For complete sterilisation we must establish the necessary event to kill all such creatures."

[Image: 13.jpg]

"The idea of launching spacecrafts which include time capsules for humans or aliens in the far future is not new, and not exclusive of humans. Sol-3-STO-2000 humans already launched spacecratfs and satellites containing plaques with boring 'peace & hemp' messages, and even one satellite, LAGEOS, which will re-enter the atmosphere in 8.4 million years, contains a plaque showing the arrangement of the planet's continents in the past, present, and future. Five million years from now there will be no humans - as we know them - on Sol-3, due to the total degradation of Y-chromosome by that time, as a result of a natural genetic decay process."

"We are more interested in Denebian probes, sent by a unknown civilization, and reentering Sol-3 atmosphere around 3,100. How do you design a message that could be understood by present-day humans? Actually, what kind of message would humans in the year 2017 understand if a probe launched during the Cambrian were to reenter the atmosphere today? That's a design challenge we need to solve."

[Image: 14.jpg]

"In biology, networks depict how molecules (metabolites, proteins), cells (bacteria, neurons), or organisms (ants) interact to jointly solve problems and coordinate responses. In computer science, they depict how processors, machines, and devices communicate and process information. However, assume you are eavesdropping on a given channel; is there a way to discern whether you are listening to communications between probes or biological entities or between a probe and a biological entity?"

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... verse.html

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[Image: 2.jpg]

Yupido and the Consumerization of Technology

What fails in technology transfer and why

"Some civilizations produce technology that soon advances to an extent beyond the control of those who have made it. Other civilizations don't use that technology: they trade it to other civilizations for them to self-destroy."

"In the old days the first ethics concern with any new military weapon or system was whether its development or use would violate existing international law; nowadays the concern is whether we have been smart enough to enact soft laws that would allow us to deploy our systems without the worries of violating any international law."

"in the beginning, we had no problem showing us to them. They took us for angels or whatever other beings their mythology contained. Then, we had to perform the transfer of primordial knowledge disguised as monks or astrologers. Today, we can operate in the open disguised as consultancy firm, a technological company, or as a group of investors".

"soldier survivability is the goal of these black programs, and they all incorporate technologies to eliminate human emotions such as fear or anger. There was no debate about whether these enhancements and others must be temporary or reversible, mainly because, you know, these programs already recognize that in the future fighters will never return to civilian life"

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... on-of.html

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[Image: 6.jpg]

On the emotional fireworks you’re so prone to

"both the local theory of mind and the local practices of mental cultivation affect the kinds of unusual sensory experiences that individuals report and the frequency of those experiences. In mentoring a lesser civilization in a specific stage of development, for instance Sol-3 in the Upper Paleolithic, you do not display a spacecraft in their heavens. What you do is to display an impossibly huge deer, or a deer with sparkling horns. In mentoring a lesser civilization you must never forget that cultural ideas and practices do affect mental experience in such a deep way that they lead to the override of ordinary sense perception. On the other hand, you do not display a huge deer with sparkling horns crossing across the blue sky to humans just after they have built their first nuclear bomb; you are supposed to match their current theory of mind and their cultural beliefs and put in their skies flying technological objects or eerie lights."

"when direct communication with a mentored individual is required, you can use either hallucinations or illusions, depending on what you wish to communicate. A hallucination is a perception, while in a conscious state, in the absence of an external material stimulus, while in an illusion there is an external stimulus too, but the individual is mistaken about what it is."

"The first basic decision a human takes when exposed to our presence is about whether the source of the experience is internal to their mind or external in the world. It is crucial for them to know this. Therefore, if you project an orb in the middle of a forest to a group of humans, and if you want them to believe the experience is external to their minds, take care to introduce small details affecting their external world, such as breaking a branch of a tree as you pass by, topping upside down some stones, moving the leaves in the opposing direction to that in which the wind blows, or splashing the water surface as you hover over a lake. Make sure they get convinced the experience is external in the world."

"Remember that someone who is exposed to an ambiguous vision is more likely to interpret it, someone who needs an answer is more likely to listen for one, and someone who believes that an answer can be heard is more likely to hear one. Feeling as if one lacks control makes one more likely to perceive illusory patterns. Take advantage of that."

"sensory overrides are associated with the capacity to become focused on what humans imagine or see around them, and to allow that focus to increase while diminishing attention to the myriad of everyday distractions around them. The result is that the individual becomes caught up in ideas or images or fascinations, and it is only then when you can transfer your knowledge. Don't forget that the conditions under which someone is expected to experience a vision are socially specific, and that there are prevailing notions about who can be believed and what can be seen and heard according to the belief system and its authority. You need to leave a track on a radar screen if you want to be believed. Popping up in the night sky must be done according to rules, but you are expected to break those rules in quite specific manners for the entire experience to be valid."

"Remember: visions, dreams, hallucinations, and illusions are far more important than a rational mind when you are to transfer primordial knowledge to lesser civilizations. Primitive archetypes have influenced the development of specific cultures and civilizations. Do not forget that now... the vision are you."

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... ne-to.html

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[Image: 18.jpg]

Downing UFOs

New Strategies for the Downing and Recovery of Unconventional Non-Terrestrial Manned Objects

"Colonization is the fastest, most complete way for life to fill the galaxy, a strong argument for its inevitability. Once a settlement wave started it would be virtually impossible to repress"

"Unfortunately, we are an eligible nearby system for them"

[Image: 19.jpg]

"the 10 million year infestation is happening around us now"

[Image: 20.png]

  • Life tends to expand to occupy all available space.
  • Life adapts to the requirements of every available space.
  • Life evolves higher levels of organization.
  • The higher the level of organization, the faster such organization increases.

[Image: 21.png]

We hoped our entire solar system to have been missed; the mathematics of theoretical ecology predicted substantial colonization gaps in an otherwise saturated galaxy. Unfortunately, we were wrong.

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... wning.html

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[Image: 27.jpg]

Earth and other artificial planets

Self-organization and Programmed Self-Destruction

"If you are really going to make really complex systems, it might be stupid to use a test tube to do it, when you could use a bug instead and engineer it. It might also be stupid to use an engineered bug, when you could use a human being instead and engineer it"

Advances in biochemistry and molecular genetics are producing the tools to isolate these biological components, reverse engineer their function, and synthesize complex molecules and devices that combine the natural and the artifi cial. Viral motors could propel nanobots. Solar cells could generate energy using photosynthetic proteins from plants.

The next phase will be to build a biological platform from the bottom up. In 2005, J.Craig Venter, the biologist who famously led the commercial effort to sequence the human genome, launched Synthetic Genomics to develop industrial synthetic biology applications, particularly bio-factories for ethanol and hydrogen production.

It is not just that we are not alone. It is that this planet is not our planet, and that we are someone else’s rat labs. We are just bio-factories.

people may pursue hormone and antioxidant treatments to protect themselves from disease and reduce the ravages of aging on the body. Artifi cial organs, tissue engineering, and neuroprosthetics will line the shelves of the human body shop. As the safety and effi cacy of cochlear implants, robotic appendages, and bionic eyes are proven, the technologies will slowly shift from the realm of “treatments” to “enhancements.”

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... -self.html

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[Image: 64.jpg]

Bok globules and the wait-and-see strategy

Avoiding the Contact-by-Chance Scenario

"Contact, Norea? Intelligence requires intelligence, and you are first required to show some."

"Genesis probes are used in missions aiming to offer terrestrial life new evolutionary pathways on potentially habitable but hitherto barren exoplanets. These missions are designed to establish an ecosphere of unicellular lifeforms on potentially habitable but hitherto barren exoplanets. A Genesis probe is a wafer-sized interstellar probe, of which several of them are launched comprising a swarm targeting a selected star system. Bear in mind that a Genesis probe is a slow craft and that they are only one part of a major system."

[Image: 65.jpg]

"The study of non-terrestrial interstellar probes requires to avoid any assumption about the intent and motivation of any exo-civilization seeking to settle other planetary systems. We know nothing about the engineers of those probes, therefore making assumptions about the logic behind them is futile. The requirement to study those probes without taking into consideration the motivation of the creators of those probes is fullfilled by considering the probes exotic logical systems - ELS's - operating under classic metabiological algorithms"

"Our best bet so far is the indirect detection of exo-civilizations by searching for technosignatures from distant sources outside the solar systems. However, this also means that we need to accept the assumption that the technology of those exo-civilizations is somehow akin to ours in what concerns the basic principles upon which that technology is based. This, clearly, need not be the case. The other approach is direct detection of material evidence for an exo-civilization's visit to Sol-3 or our solar system. Denebian probes fall into this category, while Giselian beacons fall into the first category."

"Biological civilizations have finite lifetimes, thus an eventual balance should be achieved between the settlement of currently empty worlds and the death of biological civilizations on previously settled worlds. This also means that if civilizations have a finite duration, then it is possible that Sol-3 was settled some time in the distant past and all traces of that settlement have been erased by geological evolution (this is the so-called Cambrian Probes Hypothesis)."

"Some researchers hold the idea that that expansion proceeds via short-range Geneseis-type probes which travel to a nearby system and seed it. This is done via Cambrian-type probes. Once life emerges on that planet evolution would proceed as programed giving rise to human-like beings able to engineer new probes and launching additional probes to an unsettled nearby system. In this approach, humans are the result of the Cambrian seeding probes and they are expected to engineer and launch probes to the nearby Alpha Centauri star-system. Though this approach seems to be a slow settling one from a biological species' perspective, we need to bear in mind that the original exo-civilization is metabiological, therefore settling time is not an issue for them."

"The settlement strategy based on hopping from one star system to the next assumes that there are always plenty of neighboring systems within range. But what happens once the colonization front reaches the Local Void? In this case short-range Genesis-type probes wouldn't do the job and a new type of probes with a more advanced technology would be needed. This could be done if every new settled planet is seeded with increasingly more intelligent and evolved lifeforms, but it is hard to find a solution on how to achieve this starting with an original Genesis-type fixed design, unless some sort of super-AI could emerge during the settling process."

"My objection is that, for what we know, purely informational or synthetic robotic lifeforms are not expected to arise from the evolutionary process and, in any case, they are not the starting point of intelligence. Rather, they are products of additional cultural and technological evolution. In other words, synthetic, robotic lifeforms are produced by biologically evolved intelligences and not the other way around. Quite a different thing is whether the biologically evolved intelligence that created the Denebian probe is long ago gone by the time the probe reaches our solar system. But if that's the case, my view is the biologically evolved intelligence already took that scenario under consideration and perhaps the probe encodes all the necessary elements to replicate life and recreate it in the target planet. There's no need to ask about motivation and intent, for we are biological beings ourselves and we perfectly know what the motivation behind our acts are, namely: survival of the species."

"Should be a slow, graded, step-by-step process. Probes should remain at the edge of the target star-system; probes must wait for the contacted civilization to always make the first move, and the reply must carefully match the technological level of the contacted civilization."

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... ategy.html

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[Image: 49.jpg]

Saraswati and the Neutron Stars

Stellar library and the flow of knowledge

"though neutron stars radiate very intense beams, you still need massive detectors to realize this type of communication. That the decryption of the modulated neutrino signals still requires being able to detect hidden photons to extract the information conveyed by those intense beams speaks about a level of technological achievement which is still far away from most galactic civilizations. Only when you have achieved an advanced technological development, a planetary communion of all the inhabitants of a world, and a mastering of the hidden quantum sector, can you attempt to gain access to the vast knowledge contained in those intelligently designed beacons"

"the Glimpsing Heat from Alien Technologies survey isolated 3 clear beacon candidates, 2 of which sweep our position within the galaxy"

"The idea is that a highly advanced civilization is able to predict the collapse of their world, and it would seem natural for them to preserve all of their knowledge by using the Sarawasti machine, a complex stellar engineering structure by virtue of which electromagnetic pulses are used to modulate the neutrino radiation from a neutron star in such a way that their entire knowledge, their entire culture, can be encoded and radiated across the Universe to distant places and thus be preserved for the entire age of the Universe, whatever the final fate of their home stellar system"

[Image: 50.jpg]

"We are clearly talking here about a Type III supercivilization, or perhaps a Type II civilization in its latter stage"

"By using radioactive ions and modulating the neutron star neutrino beam, one can produce clean, intense neutrino beams with specific spectra. Such beams could encode information that can be sent to all corners of the Universe with a minimum degradation. The electromagnetic modulation is possible due to the features of the hyperfine structure of H-like ions, of which the Sarawasti machine seems to be a prolific source."

"As the neutron star does not radiate anisotropically, and as the beam is clearly directed to specific directions in space, could this explain why Giselian are interested in Sol-3? Could it be their home planet, whatever that is, is intersected by the beam of another neutron star yet they need to also decode the beam intersecting Sol-3 in order to get the complete original message?"

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... ellar.html

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[Image: 70.jpg]

Echo Universes and Cosmic Voids

Where does the master computer dwell?

"There are three possible scenarios here. Either the Universe is a computer itself, therefore located externally to the system it is controlling (a); or the Universe is a system which contains computers internally (b); or the Universe is just the result of a simulation being run by a computer located externally to it ©. The question we face is whether we can find a way to discover which of these three scenarios does best fit our current observations."

[Image: 71.jpg]

"voids in the galaxy distribution occupy approximately 95% of the total volume; this means voids do play a crucial role in the configuration and functioning of the Universe. On the other hand, due to the physical features of voids they would be the ideal choice for a hypercivilization to locate quantum computers"

"Galaxy evolution is the complex result of internal processes and external effects, such as large-scale environment and galaxy mergers. But what about the Universe? What are the 'external effects' affecting the Universe?"

"The operation of a massive quantum computer to be able to manipulate realistic quantum systems (i.e., Universes) faces the acute problem of the computer being unavoidably subject to an interaction with the environment it is controlling. Specifically, this interaction causes decoherence, which in turn makes the quantum computer to behave unpredictably. It seems a logical option to place such computers at the center of cosmic voids to minimize interaction with the environment, but even in that case you are to expect some interaction, which means those computers could be hackable by another hypercivilization. Obviously, the best arrangement would be to have the quantum computer outside the Universe itself, which leads us back to the old problem of controlling a system without being part of that system."

[Image: 72.jpg]

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... voids.html

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[Image: 1a.jpg]

PGC 3074547 and the Galactic Computing Zone

any practical search for other Galactic complex biospheres and extraterrestrial civilizations should be steered towards the outskirts of the Galactic disk and stellar systems younger than ours. This is in accordance with our present lack of SETI results. We may not be alone out there after all, but we are older then they are.

"I think the game the hologramer is playing goes something like this: the galactic habitable zone is clearly a narrow band located at an equal distance from the active galatic nuclei and the outer rim of the galaxy. In order to evolve, you need more and more energy, and more and more processing power to run the cosmic computer. To obtain the required energy to power that computer you need to deploy AGN energy collecting devices as close to the AGN as possible; on the other hand, for your computer to be able to operate you need to locate it in the coldest region possible, that is, at the opposite end of the galaxy. Problem is how do you manage to send the collected energy from the AGN to the other end of the galaxy?"

"Boomerang Nebula might be an indication that there are other places, within the galaxy, in which to locate the computing megastructures. It may be they don't need to do it in the outskirts of the galaxy."

[Image: 1b.jpg]

"So, you need to move energy collectors some 26 Kly from where you are, and deploy your processing units some 50 Kly away towards the outer rim. You can only do this if you look for cooperation from other civilizations. And you have only 12 billion years to do it."

"Any life at all requires an incomprehensible level of calibration in order to exist anywhere in the galaxy. This calibration is so precise that we now think it is the result of a design, a design whose purpose is to seed the galaxy with outposts of intelligent life distributed in such a way as to optimize the distribution of collected energy from the active galatic nuclei towards the outer colder rim of the galaxy, which is the place where you won't find life at all, but you will find the megastructures that gives life a purpose."

"For any civilization to jointly cooperate you need to give their people a purpose in life, a good reason to do it. Extinction per se is not enough."

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... -zone.html

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[Image: 9a.jpg]

The Aesthetic of Terraforming

Obviously, colonists have infinite patience regarding investments whose returns keep up with a traveling wave, much as terraformers have infinite patience regarding investments in creating new habitable worlds. However, world destroyers do also show infinite patience in destroying newly terraformed worlds if those worlds are to be inhabited by threatening species like the one now inhabiting Sol-3.

the most puzzling astrophysical observation is the vast quantities of unused resources out there, unless those resources are being used in ways unknown to us.

large engineering projects, such as required to collecting most of the light of a star or to extract much of its mass, just take too long to produce an acceptable rate of return, and this explains why otherwise peaceful civilizations turn to war and conquest of inhabitated worlds while, at the same time, it explains both the unused resources and the absence of large visible engineering projects that we see.

Luckily, we live in a large quiet region with few competitors. This frustrate SETI advocates, but SETI advocates ignore what is to live in a region of the galaxy where competing civilizations destroy each other for the very same reason Sol-3 destroys itself: lack of resources.

[Image: 9b.jpg]

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... ic-of.html

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[Image: 10a.jpg]

PGC 3074547

Advanced Information Processing at the Galactic Technological Zone

"Advanced technological civilisations will tend to move their computing facilities toward the colder regions of the Universe in order to make their information processing as efficient as possible. The Boomerang Nebula is one of the coldest places in the universe so it seems logical to start looking for ATCs there"

"You need a temperature below the cosmic microwave background if you wish to make your information processing as efficient as possible"

[Image: 10b.jpg]

"If the postbiological evolution is predominant, this would mean that the entire advanced technological civilisation will tend to migrate outward from its original location in the GHZ toward a convenient location in the Galactic ”technological zone” (GTZ) with temperature low enough to increase computing efficiency."

[Image: 10c.jpg]

"Soon we will need to locate our data centers in the subglacial oceans of Europa or any other moon sustaining extremely low temperatures. Actually, that is the only thing of interest to us in Europa. Dressing the mission as one whose goal is to look for bacteria or any other life form is just an excuse. We don't give a damn whether there are bacteria or living organisms in those subglacial oceans. Our interest is to precisely map the subsurface and locate a suitable location for our information processing facilities"

[Image: 10d.jpg]

"It seems obvious that advanced civilisations, based on an optimised substrate upon which computation can take place, have little need for conversations with human level individuals or even civilisations whose thought capacities are trillions of times less than their own. However, it is also obvious that less advanced civilizations need to look for and find those more advanced civilizations for at least one reason: we do not wish to become mere data in their information processing substratum. We want to stand on equal rights"

"It is not that they do not wish to communicate. It is that to communicate with you they need to use an inefficient communication, which is a waste of energy, somethig they cannot afford"

[Image: 10e.jpg]

"Do we understand what's going on in the the coldest known object in the Universe, the Boomerang Nebula? No, we don't. The bright linear feature seen in the middle of the S-lobe, emanating from the central star, is the source of a powerful beacon. That's all we know so far".

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... ation.html

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[Image: t1.jpg]

Quantum End Games

Decision Algorithms Ruling K-civilizations

"Only one observer can truly experience Reality, at the cost of removing all other observers"

"The real observer always causes an unnecessary perturbation of some kind in the phenomena under observation. The higher the number of observers, the stronger the perturbation. Hence, observers maximize the quality of their observation by the expedient of minimizing the number of competing observers. The game turns then into a deadly game in which observers kill themselves until only one observer is left. That's why there is just one God, and not many."

[Image: t2.jpg]

"According to quantum mechanics, the observer and the system being observed are mysteriously linked so that the results of any observation seem to be determined in part by actual choices made by the observers. However, the higher the number of observers, the greater the perturbations introduced into the observed system and, hence, the higher the uncertainty in the knowledge about the system"

"The observation of a given system is always the observer's subjective response to receiving information from the system. When there are more than one observer what you get is the average response of all observers involved in the observation, and all your knowledge about the system is the average knowledge. In other words, all your knowledge about the Universe is the average knowledge of those observing the Universe, a knowledge that is as close to ignorance as it might get"

[Image: t3.jpg]

"You know little about the Universe because you are so many!"

"when under observation, electrons are being forced to behave like particles and not like waves. Thus the mere act of observation affects the experimental findings. Thus, too, killing the observer will allow you to recover the original behavior of the electron."

"your soul and those of others become essential objects of your daily life because your survival instinct requires you to search for their deep nature in order to better understand and master them. Face it: you do not study the universe just because you feel curious, rather you do it for survival"

[Image: t4.jpg]

"If conscious observers are to be included in the quantum mechanical universe, we need to find the rules that engage observers with quantum mechanical systems"

"Is there a rule that prevents discrete conscious states to be created except by stochastic choice? If so, this would mean the consciousness of an observer cannot exist simultaneously in more than one component of a superposition."

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... ithms.html

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[Image: 25a.jpg]

Signatures of Kardashev Type-0 Self-Destructive Civilizations

"It is easier to detect signatures of intelligent civilizations that destroy themselves than to search for signs of advanced extraterrestrial civilizations that deliberately communicate their presence"

"the first evidence of extraterrestrial intelligence came to us from the remains of ill-fated civilizations; detection of a Type-0 self-destroyed civilization is however less probable than the destruction of a Type-0 civilization by a Type-I, or even a Type-II civilization; Type-II civilizations are capable of harnessing the energy radiated by its own star, and to use it to destroy less advanced civilizations in a way that is easier to detect than say, the typical Type-0 self-destruction strategy based solely on the detonation of nuclear weapons"

"Actually, the observational signatures of self destroyed Type-0 civilizations decay on short timescales so it is unlikely that we will observe them; what we expect is to observe self-destructive Type-I or Type-II civilizations; a typical scenario would be a solar system with two Type-I civilizations competing for their sun, one of them finally destroying the other"

"A Type-II civilization that wishes to create a Dyson sphere in a solar system with radius 1 AU would of necessity destroy planets in order to supply sufficient raw materials for the construction of such a megastructure; if those planets are inhabited by Type-0 or Type-I civilizations, they wouldn't stop; for a Type-II civilization destroying is a must if they wish access to the power comparable to the luminosity of the entire Milky Way galaxy"

"You just need a Type-0 naive-minded individual, like Carl Sagan, to send childish messages to the stars. Shouting in the jungle just attracts predators, but it might be you need to be Carl Sagan to ignore this fact. Should we knew all we know today about our neighbours, we wouldn't had created SETI".

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... -self.html

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33 minutes ago, DarianF said:

Pretty cool stuff!


I find it interesting although I don't know if the articles are correct, partially correct, bullshit (although any search I have done on different concepts in the articles seemed to show it as correct), some type of disclosure or even a psyop?


The articles are all mixed up and semi hidden on their site (and there are hundreds if not thousands of them) so I wanted to try and split them up into some sort of subject headers .... that way, maybe an image can be created to help piece together the puzzle they present?


All the subjects headers (now 17 threads here) are 'linked' and I consider that there is an 'underlying' story!


At worst .... I find the ideas intriguing and enjoy considering the articles :)

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1 minute ago, ink said:


I find it interesting although I don't know if the articles are correct, partially correct, bullshit (although any search I have done on different concepts in the articles seemed to show it as correct), some type of disclosure or even a psyop?


The articles are all mixed up and semi hidden on their site (and there are hundreds if not thousands of them) so I wanted to try and split them up into some sort of subject headers .... that way, maybe an image can be created to help piece together the puzzle they present?


All the subjects headers (now 17 threads here) are 'linked' and I consider that there is an 'underlying' story!


At worst .... I find the ideas intriguing and enjoy considering the articles :)


Just treat it like good science fiction. It can be valuable whether true or not. But the best scientists are also great speculators. If you can't imagine or speculate, there's no inspiration behind your research.

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@ink Here's one of my favourite publications about life in planetary systems and all the possibilities and unknowns, including potential research directions. Completely free to read online ( https://nap.nationalacademies.org/catalog/11919/the-limits-of-organic-life-in-planetary-systems ). And of course, your have SETI, which has been going on for a long time now, and it's essential in that field to speculate/hypothesise about potential for advanced civilizations across the universe ( https://www.seti.org/csc ).



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On 4/5/2022 at 12:54 AM, ink said:

[Image: 9a.jpg]

The Aesthetic of Terraforming

Obviously, colonists have infinite patience regarding investments whose returns keep up with a traveling wave, much as terraformers have infinite patience regarding investments in creating new habitable worlds. However, world destroyers do also show infinite patience in destroying newly terraformed worlds if those worlds are to be inhabited by threatening species like the one now inhabiting Sol-3.

the most puzzling astrophysical observation is the vast quantities of unused resources out there, unless those resources are being used in ways unknown to us.

large engineering projects, such as required to collecting most of the light of a star or to extract much of its mass, just take too long to produce an acceptable rate of return, and this explains why otherwise peaceful civilizations turn to war and conquest of inhabitated worlds while, at the same time, it explains both the unused resources and the absence of large visible engineering projects that we see.

Luckily, we live in a large quiet region with few competitors. This frustrate SETI advocates, but SETI advocates ignore what is to live in a region of the galaxy where competing civilizations destroy each other for the very same reason Sol-3 destroys itself: lack of resources.

[Image: 9b.jpg]

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... ic-of.html


Mars will be the first big terraforming challenge.



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12 minutes ago, DarianF said:

Mars will be the first big terraforming challenge.


For us mate .... maybe .... but these articles state that Sol 3 has already been terraformed and humans are a seeded species!


This thread ....



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5 minutes ago, DarianF said:

Fascinating stuff mate. Keep it coming 👍


I still have 2-300 articles to post but I will do them over some time rather than in bulk :)

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