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[Image: 32.jpg]

Denebian probes

On Knowledge, Communication, and Time

"In our region of spacetime if probe q sends predicate message m to probe p, when p reads m, p knows that q knows m; within a Denebian cage p knows that q knows m even if the message never arrives."

"Each individual probe must be seen as a process. If process p knows fact f, then f must be true in all worlds indistinguishable by p from the actual world. Humans are also processes. If they know a fact f, they will know that fact in all replica worlds, provided they are unable to distinguish their own world from any of the replica worlds. This is known as a 'Denebian cage'".

[Image: 33.jpg]

"However humans differ from a Denebian probe in one essential way: for a Denebian probe, if process p knows f, then p forever knows f: Denebian probes never forget, while humans do."

[Image: 34.jpg]

"These principles strongly influence what can be known. Since knowledge is monotonic, once a process knows f it will continue to know f. Consequently, the knowledge of a process may be represented as a set, whose size increases with time, of K-monotonic formulae."

[Image: 35.jpg]

"Communication is necessary for gaining knowledge; yet, not all messages cause knowledge to be increased. In extreme conditions, with limited energy supply, the purpose of message exchange is to transfer knowledge. Therefore it is natural that a process knows predicate message m before it may send m, that is: q may send predicate message m only if q knows m. There's no other way."

[Image: 36.jpg]

"The very moment you observe a Denebian probe you become a process within the Denebian cage, and the replica world becomes indistinguishable for you from the real word. Behaviors include all events on the system, yet not all events are visible for p so that, with respect to p, two behaviors are equivalent at some point in time if the sequence of events (up to that time) visible to p in each behavior are identical."

[Image: 37.jpg]

"It may well be the case that human brain operates as a Denebian cage such that we will never be able to distinguish the real world from any replica world"

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"Our current problem is the old problem, you see. Civilians will sooner or later be in a position to easily detect artificial transmitters and to track nearby, fast-moving Denebian probes. We invest a lot of resources and money in studying these objects but, to be honest, our dream is to reach out there and bring one of them home for analysis, and to do it without civilians being aware of what are we doing."

[Image: fl16.jpg]

"The idea of attaching probabilities to what we see and feel is certainly unnerving, yet it seems this is the only way communication with them works."

"The probability of a theory is derived by evaluating the truth conditions of its component statements. Your problem is that your theory starts off from an obeservation - 'there is a Denebian probe' - which has a truth condition you cannot prove."

[Image: fl17.jpg]

"It is not just ambiguous because the observation has several interpretations. We can cope with that. It is ambiguous because we are not even sure of what we are seeing. And no, we cannot cope with that."

"One important question regarding ambiguity of the phenomena is how we ought to represent ambiguities. The mere question of whether is it real or unreal signals a turning point in our logic. Facts are objective, but the logic you use to understand them is clearly species-bound. The logic jelly fishes use has nothing to do with that of humans."

[Image: fl18.jpg]

"The question is how to compute the probability that a star with present
astrometric properties has ejected in the past, a body that entered into the solar system with heliocentric orbital elements at a given reference epoch, and compare that result with the one obtained from the computation that a star system hosting an Earth-size planet in the habitable zone has sent a probe in the past that entered our solar system with that same heliocentric orbital elements at a given reference epoch. And when you do your numbers, you discover there is only one possible origin. Do your computations, and convince yourself."

"When you recover an alien object, you start analyzing the object according to your logic, which is the only one available to you. You try to figure out how it works, what is made of, you apply your own set of categories to describe it, and you perform a lot of physiochemical analyses to gather some insight about the object's function, but you always do it from your human perspective. What does the statement 'the object seems to be a spacecraft of some sort, measuring X cms in length and Y cms width' really mean?"

"We know what 'Oumuamua really is just because we have detected other Denebian probes in the past. We already know embedding a beacon inside a rock is the best way to withstand the extreme environmental conditions of outter space. 'Oumuaumua comes exactly from the same region from where all Denebian probes are known to come. It has the same features we see in all other Denebian probes. But unlike what we have seen in the past, its flyby near the main Denebian swarm did not trigger a realignment of the other probes. This tells us that, for some reason, 'Oumuamua was either not intended to join the swarm or was experiencing a malfunction."

[Image: fl19.jpg]

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Of course Oumuamua in the above was the ....

Oumuamua: A Mysterious Interstellar Rock Discovered in Our Solar System

By Dipanjana Mukherjee " September 20, 2019

[Image: fl20.jpg]

more here ....

https://www.ststworld.com/oumuamua-a-my ... llar-rock/

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[Image: 31.jpg]

The transmission of messages by cosmically ancient, extremely advanced civilizations

Cosmic Cooperation Via Covert Signaling Using Denebian Probes

"Studying how neurons within a brain communicate with each other will tell you nothing about how humans communicate between them, much as understanding how Denebian probes communicate with each other will tell you nothing about how Type III civilizations communicate with each other"

"It seems that recognition is key for protection of the individual Denebian probe. Denebian probes behave collectively as a social community and show higher order self-organization. In our view, they exercise protective recognition and individualism in order to obtain self-defense capabilities"

"Since the first detection of these probes in the Deneb system we have monitored closely these objects. We know each probe acts as a node within a bigger system and we know the sensor network starts to increase from a few nodes up to a fixed number of nodes. We also know this process takes place via a protected channel, and we know they interrogate other objects using an unknown friend-or-foe identification mechanism."

"Obviously, the exponential and fast growth of a network consisting of Denebian probes may also reduce possibilities for attacks since there may be unlikely that a possible adversary maintains constant monitoring or readiness within the actual search area. Nodes (comprising one to three Denebian probes each) which join the network during this seeding period do actively exchange complex signals between them"

"Under this hypothesis, Denebian probe X may recognise Denebian probe Y as "friend" if it is clever to guess requested passwords within a given time. Hostile probes will take more time to guess those passwords and hence they won't be able to join the growing network, in the best case. In the worst case, they will be destroyed, as we have already learnt ourselves"

"We lack a probe interrogation protocol so far. The identification procedure Denebian probes use is a complex one and we are just outsiders who loose the game of guessing passwords, who process their signals too slow, and that made a fatal mistake when we first encountered a Denebian probe."

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[Image: 73.jpg]

Denebian Probes in the Cambrian Skies

The art of trading with artificial superintelligence

"... and soon you'll learn that the superintelligence is a competing species"

"it looks as if the probes were designed by understanding that the only result they can hope for is a first response hundreds of millions of years into their future. If we assume they first detected our biological atmosphere some time during the Cambrian this would explain the current proliferation of Deneb-type probes in our solar system."

"Let's now assume the probes subsequently detected our artificially generated EM signals leaked to our atmosphere, some hundreds of millions of years after they detected life on this planet; this will signal them that we have reached a stage in which we have finally developed radio and optical transmitters. Computation of the time lapse between the detection of our biological atmosphere in the Cambrian, and the time of the detection of our EM signals, will give them an estimate of how intelligent life develops on Earth. Obviously, they have by now detected artificially generated nuclear radiation from our nuclear detonations, hence they also know how far in the evolutionary chain we are"

[Image: 74.jpg]

"We are certain that probes are currently piling up in the ecliptic, and they are easily detectable on purpose. Whether that's good or bad news we don't know."

"If what they're sending is really genomic sequences data, then we can hypothesize that what they want is us replicating that genomic data in our solar system. If you wish something in exchange for helping them, you got it: the probe itself contains technology which is far out of our current capabilities. All civilizations are greedy about technology, we are no exception; hence putting a probe just in your backyard for you to get it is all they need for their genome spreading on Earth. That's a hard decision to take. Either you tell everyone you've found objects of extraterrestrial origin that you plan to take home, or you simply destroy those probes without even having been able to understand how they work. You have another course of action, though: go fetch them without telling anyone. Is that all about the secret space program?"

[Image: 75.jpg]

- Nothing can be brought back; taking back to Earth samples or objects from other worlds is strictly banned. Period.
- However, I understand you once brought rock samples back to Earth from the Moon?
- Did we?
- I see...

- Look, we are more concerned about non-terrestrial probes in our solar system than about UFOs in our skies. The entire idea about life is survival of species, and sure anyone facing doom will do everything at hand to extend his species, even at the cost of other species. Survival understands no ethics.

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[Image: 18.jpg]

The Dream-Texture of the Cosmos

Why objects and the observers are inseparable

"Not all conscious activities are computational processes. Consciousness is a phenomenon experienced by a special type of object, the one we call "observer". For what we know, all quantum measurements require an observer, a conscious observer. There are quantum systems that necessarily involves a certain conscious activity and, as it happens, those quantum systems seem to be essential for explaining the Cosmos."

"An observable is considered to represent the conscious status of an observer while observing a given state vector, that is, a phenomenon. This is also valid for a Denebian probe observing, at a given point in time, a conscious being. In that process, the observer and the Denebian probe are bound and inseparable, at least for the time the observation takes place. Now, let's assume instead of a Denebian probe we have a process in which a human and a Giselian meet face to face. Who is the observer? Who's the observed?"

"scientists believe in naïve realism. Only what they see with their instruments seems real; they cannot see Denebian probes, therefore Denebian probes do not exist. That was the paradigm before the Yulara event."

[Image: 19.jpg]

"This is what happens when you observe a Denebian probe: you observe a strange glimmering object hovering in mid air, just in front of you; you use your eyes to collect visual information, and you use your brain to process that information and generate a visual representation of the object; but, as a human, your visual perception has a maximum rate of information processing that cannot be exceeded. That rate is about 45 bits per second. The Denebian probe is engineered to cope with those biological limitations in your brain: it knows your brain treats observations as a message containing information, and it knows information for you means regularities, patterns, and a definite statistical structure. Otherwise your brain wouldn't be able to process the information."

"That's why the Denebian probe flickers, quickly changes position, shape, colour, etc., so fast your brain simply cannot process what your eyes see. And there you are, puzzled, stoned, amazed at what have just happened in your living room, in front of you, and for which you find no words to describe. It is a heartbreaking and totally distressing experience."

"There is a time-delay between when the thought of an action occurs and when the awareness of making an action happens. Your brain is always performing a constant comparison of incoming information with that in memory and this process is essential for understanding the meaning of the incoming information. Denebian probes are designed taking these limitations into account, and that's why you can get an approximate idea of what these probes are only when you dream. In other words: information exchange with these 'entities' can only be done in the dream state."

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[Image: 11.jpg]

Scale Invariance in Extraterrestrial Contact Events

"an adequate model of sightings should not only give us indications of where or when events are likely to occur, but also tell us how significant they are likely to be."

"extremal events recorded are not outliers, but are instead in concordance with a global pattern in sightings. This pattern shows the locations are not chosen at random but, instead, it is governed by a strict relationship between the frequency and intensity of sightings."

"it is true that extreme Gisel and Yulara-type events do occur with much greater frequency than we would expect from our traditional artificial exploring probes models of sightings, but their incidence has also been surprisingly stable over the past 70 years. This suggests that with respect to their frequency and severity, there is nothing fundamentally new about recent sightings, except that we now know how to identify the different origins of the probes involved in these sightings."

"The conclusion is that the current doctrine of detecting, identifying, and neutralizing Denebian probes only worsens the situation, for we are obviously neutralizing those faulty or underperforming probes; due to their replicative nature, what we are actually doing is acting as a natural selection agent, purging the pool of probes leaving intact the fittest ones, something which clearly runs against our interest."

"the most reasonable explanation is that we are facing equilibrium critical phenomena in spatially extended systems, that is, we are viewing the result of the interplay between different types of exoplanetary probes with different target assignments, sometimes even conflicting ones, and that those who designed the probes already accounted for the unavoidable neutralization and destruction of the worst performing probes, allowing the probe replicating process to generate more robust and efficient probes after each replication cycle. That's the art of artificial replicating probes: let your enemy destroy the weakest probes in order to improve the final stock of probes."

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[Image: 30.jpg]

Human-Probe Mutual Adaptation Formalisms

"Unless we go beyond the mere cat and mouse game we won't be able to learn how to interact with these probes. If the probes have the cloaking capability to turn them invisible to our eyes and radars, and yet they sometimes show themselves in the open, this must obviously be intentional"

"We need to define a model for learning from probes action, a model that leads to our adaptation and to perform better than we currently do in performing the actions they are clearly expecting from us."

"At this stage of the interaction it seems we can only learn if we adapt to the probes actions. So far our optimal policy has been one of chasing lights in the sky; maybe its time to go after a cooperative policy. So far we follow a best response strategy to the UFOs actions with the only hope to get knowledge on how they operate, and what their real capabilities are; this is also the strategy they follow the very moment we fly a new air plane, the very moment we deploy new subs, the very moment we launch new advanced satellites in orbit, but this is not the strategy to follow if we want to learn from them."

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[Image: 38.jpg]

Consciousness as a Technological Resource

What did they learn about the transpersonal imagery effect?

"It is the interaction with consciousness that causes the wave packet to collapse. And it is the collapse of the wave packet what keeps their civilization going. As they lack consciousness, they obviously need to get it out from conscious beings."

"Right now the situation is such that being unprepared for an invasion from those consciousness predators would certainly prove catastrophic and would likely end humanity as we know it"

"Earth natural resources are of no interest to them. You just don't travel vast distances to pick up some rare earths here and there. You just don't destroy a small rocky planet for the sake of it. You travel vast distances to get something really scarce out there: consciousness"

"while experiments in transpersonal interaction involve the instructed generation of specific imagery by one person, and the concurrent measurement of psychophysiological changes in another person, experiments in mind-matter interaction involve the activation of a physical response in a device. Throughout both experiments, the two persons or the person and the device, occupy separate, isolated rooms, and all conventional sensorimotor communication between the two persons, or between the person and the device, is eliminated in order to insure that any obtained effects are truly transpersonal"

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[Image: 51.jpg]

Stellar Engineering

Technetium-based Beacons

feeding a short-lived nuclear species with a strong resonant absorption line into a stellar atmosphere might be used to signal the presence of an advanced civilization. A search for such a signature would be in the spirit of looking for a radio or optical signal transmission rather than searching for astroengineering.

No candidates were found in a sample of 137 galaxies. From this Annis inferred a very low probability of a Type III civilization appearing that would be found using this search methodology.

A characteristic string theory might offer up 10<sup>500</sup> different models. In this picture mankind lives in a universe that yields the correct physical constants to give rise to the triple alpha reaction and everything else required for human existence. There is no message from a maker, only the happy but not altogether fortuitous circumstance that the universe is tuned just right for people.

Why would Deneb-5 civilization embark in building megaprojects of astroengineering and setting up Dyson spheres when you can simply invade and colonise other planets suitable for sustaining life like, say, Sol-3?

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[Image: 81.jpg]

Humans within the informational process labyrinth

What close encounters tell us about Denebian informational ontology

"for a Denebian probe, sociality is all about the basic fact that a civilization is informational and communicational in nature. In fact, it seems Denebian probes (by means of orbs) do consider society as something like a force field in which interactions are organized as to form systems, and where these systems can be described empirically and formally, obviously using their exotic logic of which we know nothing"

"Learning by simply observing is not enough. One needs to interact with the object under investigation and to generate inputs and studying potential outputs. That is, a Denebian probe needs to interact with the system (subject) under observation. Observation is therefore an orb's activity that relies not on observing human social facts, activities or events in themselves, but one aimed at identifying what they mean for humans themselves"

[Image: 82.jpg]

"The probe releases five orbs, glowing in orange. Their role is to observe and measure, and all they observe and measure are behaviours, speech acts, belief contents, communicational contents, actions, and events. Once they return to the probe the task is to find out what are all these concepts supposed to correspond to in real human social life. From the human point of view there is a big glowing orb which splits into five smaller ones which move erratically around the landscape 'as if searching for something' and then meet in a point in space, merge into one big orb, and disappear"

[Image: 83.jpg]

"Yulara event taugh us that the very listening posts we are using to detect extraterrestrial life can be used as portals for entry to the world’s infotech, telecommunications and electronic grid systems. It gave us the conviction that whatever or whomever they are they have dispensed with permanent materiality altogether, and exist in intelligent, replicable and transferable information forms."

"We shouldn't forget that “communication” is a term and concept used to designate a special category of human behaviour. You cannot expect aliens to share with humans that behaviour. Not all species communicate. Communication theory is about explaining how this behaviour comes about amongst social groups. To do this, communication theory has to associate at least three concepts: communication, social group, social fact (or activity, or action, or event); and it has to postulate, likewise Wiener, that communication, as a fact, is the cement of society"

"In our “talking civilization the individual must depend almost entirely upon language to get his needs fulfilled and to make his adjustments to his environment. Tampering with language, at a deep cognitive level, implies tampering with civilization as we know it. A breakdown in communication inevitably means a breakdown in human relations, whether on an individual or group basis."

"The Nova Scotia incident, in which an orb chases a car in which a husband and a wife travels with their child, focuses around the study by the orb of the individual as a communicator, rather than communication as a process more or less divorced from the human forces in which it operates."

"Do ants communicate with bees? Bears with dolphins? Cats with tortoises? No, they don't. So, why do you expect aliens to communicate with us at all?"

[Image: 84.jpg]

"there is just another reason for not communicating: if their intentions are mercenary, they are likely to remain silent, so as not to give us time to prepare for the encounter."

"should first encounters be mismanaged, or result in misunderstanding, misrepresentation or insult, then we open the risk of benign or neutral visitation turning into something more assertive or sinister."

[Image: 85.jpg]

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... ocess.html

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[Image: 2a.jpg]

Dysgenic Evolutionary Paths

Rules of Engagement with Advanced Non-Biological Intelligences

"The best contact strategy seems to be to leave artifacts awaiting for an emergent civilization to discover them as it becomes capable. What an advanced civilization would do would be to place long lasting artifacts in stellar systems such that, as intelligent life matures, the emergent civilization would reach a point in which it becomes capable of decoding the information in those artifacts. Denebian-probes could be the first in a long series of artifacts that comprise the so-called contact-chain"

"The strong anomalies in the Deneb Algedi star system are clearly based on the thought that any civilization undertaking astronomy would soon discover them. If owners of the probes reached to the conclusion that, sometime in the future, intelligent life would emerge on Sol-3, it is clear that choosing Deneb Algedi to position their probes is a good choice. The calculated distance to Deneb Algedi is 38.37 light years away from us, and the star is a variable type one. It brightness changes with a period that lasts for 1.0 day. As a beacon, Deneb Algedi is clearly a sound choice."

"We envisage a sufficiently advanced civilization able to tickle stars for signalling and communication purposes. The best approach would then be to use Cepheids as signalling devices. However, all biological life forms confront ontological crises, and in the particular case of Sol-3 we ignore what cognitive algorithms they use to solve the problems posed by our contact strategy. Contact between non-biological and biological civilizations do follow different rules of engagement than contact between two biological civilizations. Understanding this is crucial for any contact to succeed."

[Image: 2b.jpg]

"Is it reasonable to expect that biological evolution had started from something equivalent in complexity to one nucleotide? Multicellular organisms have enough functional plasticity to produce a large variety of morphologies which are based on already existing molecular and cellular mechanisms. In our opinion, the origin of life, at least on Sol-3, was due to a gradual increase of functional complexity in evolving primordial systems that were already there. This was not a single lucky event."

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... es-of.html

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[Image: 11a.jpg]

Contact as a metaphysical theory of prejudice

"Contact Theory is a prejudice theory, and we can thus add that it is a theory that seeks to eliminate hate prejudice."

"The human mind is a prejudiced mind, the tendency of which is to personify evil and thus lead to the failure of human solidarity towards a co-operative life."

"If ethnic and religious prejudices are not inborn —and there seems to be almost unanimous agreement among psychologists that they are not- then, what are the roots of prejudice? What about face-to-face contact with extraterrestrial intelligences? What role does prejudice play in that type of contact?"

[Image: 11b.jpg]

"The problem here lies in the fact that we are not used to be the object of research; we have always been the ones researching and observing phenomena and objects; for the first time, we are the ones being studied, observed, and this causes anxiety and distress. It is not that our prejudices make us see an alien probe as a threat, it is that we really cannot conceive we are under someone else's microscope. This time we are the bacteria being researched, probed, and tested. We make all kind of efforts to prove DP-2147 is just a planetary body, an asteroid or even a yet unknown cosmic phenomena, not because we are good scientists, but because intimately we wish it to be something like that and not an alien probe. The core of the matter is this: we are afraid of being contacted."

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... ry-of.html

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[Image: 12a.jpg]

AI-to-SuperAI Communication

Metabiological Algorithms for First Contact with Non-Terrestrial Probes

"The idea that the first contact with a supercivilization will be through machines, and more specifically, by means of probes, is now the accepted paradigm. On the other hand, we must be ready for a non-friendly contact or, to be less dramatic, for a contact in which the exchange of information is termed as hostile by either partner. In this sense, we need to design proper contact strategies based on real-life examples. This means we need to consider probes as predators engaged in the finding of preys, and we need to account for the worst case scenario."

"Defenses can be divided into two categories: primary and secondary. Primary defenses are those that prevent detection by the predator. Secondary defenses promote survival after detection. The primary defenses are adaptive silence, stealth as in the modern military sense of the word, and acoustic crypsis. Secondary defenses will include prevention of localization, acoustic aposematism, mimicry, and communications jamming."

[Image: 12b.jpg]

"The key defense used by Denebian probes is based on crypsis, that is, avoiding detection while remaining in plain sight. If we see them this is because they want us to see them."

"Obviously, an interceptive eavesdropping is most commonly identified in situations where eavesdroppers are a different species from the signaller, while social eavesdropping is usually identified within a species. The geometry of the contact is based on the fact that the network requires at least three individuals: a signaller, a target receiver and an eavesdropper. We know the Denebian probe is the signaller, but we ignore whether we are meant to be the receiver of we simply happen to be the eavesdropper. This has a profound implication: if we send a probe to make contact, would we be taken as the intended receiver of their signals or, on the contrary, would we be taken as an unwanted eavesdropper?"

[Image: 12c.jpg]

"We understand we cannot tell the difference between a space exploration probe sent to make a first contact with a civilization, and an interstellar probe aimed at detecting potential preys. Signals intercepted by another species, particularly in such cases as predators locating prey, should be considered cues as they are not designed to enhance information transfer to those receivers. This is certainly true if one considers predator and prey in isolation, and this is exactly the situation if we send a probe to DENIED to meet the Denebian probe."

"What to do? Recording their signals and then playing them back to them and see what happens? Wouldn't that be interpreted as a hostile move, as if we were cheating forcing them to take us as 'partners' when we are not? How would you react if you send a signal to a Denebian probe and receive back your very same signal? What would that mean for you?"

[Image: 12d.jpg]

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... ation.html

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[Image: 35a.jpg]

Quantum Cognition and Symbolic Dynamics

Geometric models of meaning in Denebian probes

"Humans are warm-blooded conscious beings, therefore there must be a direct relationship between temperature and consciousness. We need to fully understand what happens to consciousness in extremely low temperature regimes."

[Image: 35b.jpg]

"Human consciousness is just a specific form of consciousness, the one that befits humans. But this is neither the only form possible, nor the optimum one depending on what region in the Universe you happen to be."

"Tired Light 2 has a specific room in which the temperature is low enough to induce a sleep state, at least for humans. It seems they understand brain damage is one of the most serious injuries that a human can suffer due to the fact that the brain is responsible for key bodily functions. How the dsesign of that specific room induces a full and speedy recovery of brain-injured humans is intriguing, but for us it is more intriguing the fact that there is a complete life-support system specifically tailored to human physiology in Tired Light 2"

[Image: 35c.jpg]

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... amics.html

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[Image: s1.jpg]

Sociovirology as a model of extraterrestrial interaction

"Sociovirology holds that altruistic cooperative behavior is critically dependent on genetic relatedness and kin selection. Assuming Denebian and Giselian probes cooperate, this would mean they are closely related to each other. However, we are more interested in whether the benefit to others is an adaptation, and not just a byproduct of an otherwise selfish trait. Do Denebians cooperate with us to counter Giselians? Do they both cooperate against us?"

"We work for DENIED researching on sociovirology, that is, analyzing viruses cooperation strategies once two different viruses happen to infect the same subject. Our aim is to discover conflict, cooperation, and communication strategies among viruses. Our research is then applied to define defense strategies against Giselians. Nothing to do with biowarfare, you see. What we do is to treat aliens as viruses and Earth as their target. We create models on how aliens could possibly cooperate and communicate during an invasion in order to refine our defense strategy. That's what we do here."

"We know virus-virus interactions are highly diverse. While some viruses need another helper virus to complete their infection cycle, other viruses are either activated or suppressed by the presence of secondary viral infections. In our research Giselians and Denebians are mathematically modeled as viruses and we simulate how a coinfection of Earth would progress."

[Image: s2.jpg]

"They can run their infection cycle totally ignoring the other virus, or they can supress the competing virus, but there is a more interesting case: the two viruses can coalesce, that is, they can merge into one new virus with increased lethality. DENIED wondered what would happen if DENIED virus happens to infect a person who is already infected by a virus. Would both viruses coalesce? What conditions need be met for that to happen? This creates new research avenues that SV17q called 'sociovirological warfare', the exploitation of viral coinfection to create new viruses with military value""

"we have to think of strategies that disrupt this cooperativity and clustering of extraterrestrial probes"

"We need to understand virus-virus interactions and its social evolution if we wish to to understand and predict how an alien invasion would proceed in the future. Approaching a Denebian probe as a virus, instead of a simple extraterrestrial probe, makes it possible to understand the logic of these exotic systems. It is not that they are viruses, rather it is that they behave as viruses."

"One may consider object DP-2147 as an individual probe. Yet in some cases, we've seen how an orb can carry multiple copies of itself. We know functionally, these copies are similar to multiple orbs entering the target area. This is a classic air space penetration strategy. Therefore, the definition of a Denebian probe should be set at the level of the single attacking orb."

[Image: s3.jpg]

"A sociovirological perspective on intelligent extraterrestrial life-forms can open new research and defense possibilities. Social thinking cast ETIs in a new light and question fundamental assumptions to advance basic defense strategies. Additionally, focusing on ETI-ETI antagonism and alliances, we may be able to uncover new weapons in our own ETI-Earth battle."

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... el-of.html

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[Image: 3a.jpg]

Biological algorithms for Deep-Space Probes

Probing The Void with Denebian Probes

"Heaven is the place where stupidity is marginal; hell is the place where intelligence is marginal. In between lies The Void."

[Image: 3b.jpg]

[Image: 3c.jpg]

"It is way much easier to reverse engineer an advanced device from our own future than to reverse engineer a device from the past of an alien civilization. It has to do with logics. In the first case, no matter how advanced the device is it is still human, thus it serves a function that we can always guess, and its design follows from a long tradition of human scientific thinking. In the second case, we ignore everything about alien logic, therefore the object will remain alien to us and its purpose obscure."

[Image: 3d.jpg]

"To study events within The Void we would need a totally different kind of instrumentation. The demand for ever-increasing computational power is confronted with fundamental thermal limits because only a certain amount of transistors on a processor can be powered at any given time. Any transistor will of necessity radiate away energy in the form of heat, and this radiation will modify the fundamental nature of The Void in that The Void will become less void. On the other hand, observing The Void requires an observer, and this means introducing into The Void an additional element which is no part of The Void itself."

[Image: 3e.jpg]

"In the future we will develop wave-based computing systems. Silicon-based computers are already old tech. They are clearly a wonder here on Earth, but they are totally useless if we want to study The Void. Robotic devices, rangers and probes are suitable for planetary research, but they are totally pointless to explore The Void. That the Denebian probes are essentially balls of light is probably the evidence that an advanced civilization is the one that first masters planetary exploration, and then engages in the exploration and research of The Void. This requires a dramatic change in engineering and design paradigm, one that turns your machines and devices into balls of light, yet able to perform the computations and functions you wish them to perform."

"Any disordered medium can be used to perform analogue computation on impinging waves as they propagate through the medium. By learning how to do computations and how to efficiently reconfigure these wave-based units we can engineer efficient probes to explore The Void. What we will learn in our exploration will bring us up to next level of development."

[Image: 3f.jpg]

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... space.html

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[Image: 5a.jpg]

Grammaticalization in Denebian probes

Are the abilities exhibited by Denebian probes homologs of corresponding human abilities? Are they due to a common origin, hence genetically shared? That is, are humans evolved Denebian probes?

Clearly, Denebian probes behavior involve conceptual as opposed to specific learning, and they use both abstract symbols at a representational and contextual level. They have the ability to form hierarchical phrase structure, to arrange propositional contents hierarchically, or to subordinate one clause in another clause, or to manipulate participants in discourse, whether human or non-human.

There is little doubt that Denebian probes exhibit a number of remarkable abilities. We are not concerned with what Denebian probes cannot do, nor with how they acquired what they can do, but simply with what they can do when compared to humans. And it seems increasingly evident that humans and Denebian probes share a common origin. To state humans are just evolved Denebian probes is not totally true. To state humans are Denebian probes specifically adapted to Sol-3 environment is probably closer to reality.

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... robes.html

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[Image: 16a.jpg]

Invisible intentional systems and other conscious synthetic agents

On advanced onboard biologic thinker systems

"a future human-level or super-human level AI would consume as much energy for its operation as the equivalent energy for simulating a human brain."

"Interstellar travel requires high levels of autonomy and advanced cognitive capabilities due to the time that signals take to travel to the probe and back. This means probes aimed at exploring the Sol-3 star system in the past relied on developing their needed infrastructure using local resources, and this means they were by necessity involved in some sort of colonization"

[Image: 16b.jpg]

"Digital-to-biological converter for on-demand production of biologics aims at fully automated, versatile and demand-based production of functional biologics starting from DNA sequence information."

"The current situation is that of relegating humans to more mundane activities such as maintenance and housekeeping of planets, while interstellar probes take the responsibility to explore the Universe. However, humans have shown to be extremely clumsy in fulfilling their task and, actually, they seem to be very good at doing quite the opposite: devastating planets."

"any AI-based interstellar mission is based on one or more agents, where by 'agent' we understand any system situated within and apart of an environment that senses that environment and acts on it, over time, in pursuit of its own agenda and so as to effect what it senses in the future."

[Image: 16c.jpg]

"Denebian probes operate under zero-knowledge, that is, under unexplored circumstances. Eleleth probes, on the other hand, are contact probes equipped to handle the first contact with terrestrial intelligence. The fact that Eleleth probes refuse contact with mankind while they make efforts in contacting cetaceans is, to say the least, frustrating."

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... other.html

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