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All the world, in a day...


clif high

Apr 4





Tomorrow, the Germans will wake to face a price increase of up to 50% on everything they buy. Even now the night shift is marking up prices.

This is merely the first of many such increases this year.

This is NOT due to the Ukraine war, but is due to the War against the Khazarian Central Bank System [CB].

The hyperinflation is ‘suddenly’ here because the Petrodollar was an abomination responsible for a reign of Death and Destruction around the world that lasted 57 years, and now the petrodollar is dying. Good riddance.

Putin flipped the world onto the new Gold Standard the way Nixon flipped it off the old. From those ashes of the crumbling US Dollar in 1971, Khazarian Henry Kissinger fashioned the monster of the Petrodollar.

All in a day. On March 25, 2022. That’s when the Petrodollar died. The Germans will see the corpse tomorrow. It may take a few weeks before it floats by your eyes.

The effects are already being expressed in the new prices appearing in Germany tomorrow, the 4th of April. NATO was entirely supported by the Petrodollar. It will die as it’s life’s blood is cut off.

Now we need to grasp that very soon we will have hyperinflation on American shores. It may take only an additional 3 weeks or less before it happens here. Probably we will not be as organized about the hyperinflation as the Germans. We will be every bit as angry.

This will rapidly cause government to collapse. People in government will start walking away as their paycheck fails to purchase enough to last even a week. This will happen from the bottom up. The smallest paychecks die first. The last to leave will be the higher ups corrupt ones entirely dependent on the system to support them.

This will include the Military. People will walk off the job even there.

There is a real probability that this will be visible, here in America, starting in perhaps late May.

There will be many many other effects boiling up in reality around you starting tomorrow.

Your government, and all the corrupt fuckers who own it, are desperately trying to keep their paper debt money system together, now that Russia has put the world back on the Gold Standard. They are failing even now, and you can bet your ass that the corrupt ones are personally holding gold.

Don’t you think you should get some?

Bitcoin is good though.

The Russians also accept that as good as gold.

Too late to think about silver.

Putin really did change the world in a single day. Even the normies who are not awake may recognize this tomorrow or one day soon when they wake up to $20 lattes & $200 Avocado Toast.


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Checked this guy out just now and saw similar predictions of imminent collapse every year since 2018. This is the most specific (within a day) prediction yet, though I could not find a link to the words attributed to him.

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That's assuming that the russians are some sort of good guys taking down the western cabal. Sadly that is not the case and the western cabal has created the shift in global power to the eurasian block where they have been trialing a technocratic system in china. Russia and china are just as much a part of the technocratic great reset as any other country

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It will be interesting to see how the German's react. They as a nation are far more on the ball than other nations in terms of inflation due to their history in the Weimar Republic. They consider a repeat of hyperinflation to be unaccecptable so will be interesting to see how the Central Bank responds in coming weeks.

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1 minute ago, Mr H said:

It will be interesting to see how the German's react.


There are kinda two things going on in parallel though aren't there? There's the outer cover story and then there is the hidden 'great reset'


eg Covid is a cover story for remoulding the economy. Ukraine is a cover story for rising prices and the creation of shortgages


Germany's central bank will be controlled through the bank for international settlements the same as the central banks of other countries and the agenda seems to be to destroy western economies in order to bring in a new digital central bank currency

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5 minutes ago, Macnamara said:


There are kinda two things going on in parallel though aren't there? There's the outer cover story and then there is the hidden 'great reset'


eg Covid is a cover story for remoulding the economy. Ukraine is a cover story for rising prices and the creation of shortgages


Germany's central bank will be controlled through the bank for international settlements the same as the central banks of other countries and the agenda seems to be to destroy western economies in order to bring in a new digital central bank currency

I think there are even more moving parts, e.g. the cover up of Biden's et al's participation in Ukraine and god knows what else.


Having German ancestry, I just know that it's deeply embedded in the German psyche to control inflation and Germans are a nation of savers. There will be more pressure on the Government to take action than in most countries for these reasons, and the outcome interests me.

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5 minutes ago, Mr H said:

I think there are even more moving parts, e.g. the cover up of Biden's et al's participation in Ukraine and god knows what else.


Having German ancestry, I just know that it's deeply embedded in the German psyche to control inflation and Germans are a nation of savers. There will be more pressure on the Government to take action than in most countries for these reasons, and the outcome interests me.


i guess the question is: 'how do the NWO banksters who run the bank for international settlements' get the german people from the position you describe of being savers to being people who own no private property, who have to book a driverless smart car when they want to go places, have a social credit score, have a digital currency that is based on their social credit score and which is administered through a microchip in their hands'


To get people to accept that kind of stuff you have to first break their spirit and make them afraid/desperate enough to accept those developments


With the youngest generations it is slightly different because they have never owned anything so if they are given something from the state they will actually see that as a plus instead of a step on the road to serfdom



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On 4/4/2022 at 10:29 PM, Saved said:

Checked this guy out just now and saw similar predictions of imminent collapse every year since 2018. This is the most specific (within a day) prediction yet, though I could not find a link to the words attributed to him.


I agree with this assessment.

Clif gets certain specifics wrong, just as David does.

What they both would agree upon however is that this is coming for sure and very soon.

Lets see what tomorrow brings.


Going beyond the five senses meanwhile, for anyone who dares to broach the subject.  I do tend to lean towards clifs idea that Archetypal mantids are responsible for what we are now witnessing as opposed to reptillians, who instead, in many instances ( but not all ) act as their enforcers.


The insects do have the ultimate "all for one " mentality involving servitude to one master. The loss of individuals within the colony means nothing to these guys. "Collateral damage"


Less so the reptiles. Even less so the humans.

Its most likely all a frequency thing.


Just sayin.

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Remember for two years people were not spending so that meant they had savings then they get their yearly savings return and for a miserly..01% they suddenly wake up to the economies fckued and the banks too.


So send in the clowns to distract them again.with artificially inflated gas and electirc prices just checkedone it's not the gas or usage that's gone up it's the standing charge.


The wattage amount haasnt changed it's the standing charge for having regular meter and not their all intrusive smart meter 


The connivance continues they just ant stop gloating as they serve their masonic masters and the ones who have either not been offered or can't have a smarteter pay the inflated charges instead.


They can't cope head into depression end up on drugs or suicide and the consequences therefore are knobhead ATCTAK or attack 

Suicide r duces the population each doing their bit one day at a time sweet yesus.

Junkie heaven welcome to the club your master is LUCIPHAR and you're no better than the rest of us.


Next comes the scapegoating and the yellow stars for those that see but either have been targett d already so fit in category one and two above or are part of the next group of unsuspecting turds and goyim.


The gender agenda is now heading into all those kids on hrt and all those newly identified pronouns led tranny's and converts 

Conversion therapy for the 20s


Collectively they will be targetted and gods revenge this time the cost of living crisis karma CLOCK will be used to justify the collective mindset.


It's all those trannies and tvs and sparklers fault let's round them all up and remve them and it will be happy lrrys again.


The fact that the increased radiation has made a massive change in fertility and naturally produced hormones and the body is telling the head something is not right 


Is lost on these shithouse traitors.my sons a changeling tv old school.

My daughter's a welder aren't we happy parents.

Now line them up shut them down and your bills will go back to normal 


Kill them or push them onto LUCIPHAR and they are no better than the rest off us 


Keettlibg is next then the community turns against the last remaining observers for the next stage to arrive.


Ironic that Ukraine the new Jerusalem is surrounded by strict religious anti LGBT nations just like Israel.


Send them over the border like the postcards seekers of old and just like the Germans of Berlin.


They will see this as the new tolerant mecca and the rst will be snarling and looking for new scapegoats.


Next it's be quiet s or bisquits and Les batters by for assault and battery of the last observers.


The final stage are the philds and spastics they have been identified for removal and destruction too.


It affects the impotent narcisstic hive mind to see successful inspiring role models and the Paras and the spastics my brother was one and so are my cousins they call them selves that for ownership when noones looking.so don't shoot the messenger on their watch.


It's the narcisstic hive mind and then their narcissist rage knows no bounds.


It's all the fault of the spazzass and the Paras next.






















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Field Guide for Fighting with Politicians.

Chapter 1: Rubigo non dormit


clif high


Apr 8


Field Guide for Fighting with Politicians.

Chapter 1: Rubigo non dormit

The WEF, that is, the World Economic Forum, the criminal gang that was formed by one Klaus Schwab, with the intent of moving all of global humanity under the control of the WEF, used the covid ‘pandemic’ as a tool in this plot to usurp your rights to life.

The WEF calls their plot the ‘Great Reset’. This is language that means they own everything and you learn to recognize that you are their slave.

Members of the WEF are placed in governments globally by that organization over many years. They were sneaky about it. They put a bunch of their goons in our government here in WA state. One of them got the governorship. Hint there: the ‘ship’ part is important.

They think that no one would notice their sneak actions. They think they are in control, so they get lazy, and sloppy. Plus they are merely clever and manipulative, not smart. So they make lots of mistakes.

Now is the time of fighting back. Now is the Great Awakening in response from Universe to the Great Rest.

The way to fight back is to use OUR laws and rules against them. Our laws and rules are called the Revised Code of Washington (RCW), or WAC (Washington Administrative Code). They are on-line. Find them & learn them. There is real treasure there.

Who has standing to ask if these laws have been followed?

Any lawful resident of the state.

You have ‘standing’ to ask if laws have been followed. The word ‘standing’ is herein being used to invoke the legal meaning. You find these legal meanings in Blacks Law Dictionary. Bookmark it.

Law is old. Much of it goes back to the Latin language. Be prepared for this. Black’s Law Dictionary will explain the latin meaning in a legal context. Latin is what makes Law a based activity. Once you know the legal meaning of the latin phrase, use it. A very good weapon that will confuse your enemies’ minions.

Request a copy of all filings between hospitals & various drug companies. All you are doing is asking. No harm in just seeing. Plus it makes politicians really fucking paranoid for the lawful members of their society to be self educating & watching their actions in the minutia.

You request it from the Attorney General. If they don’t have it to show it to you, that means a crime has likely been committed.



Have they filed all the appropriate reports?D id WA State hospitals and Attorney General act in a lawful manner in the covid ‘crisis’?

Remember that effective and successful Lawfare against politicians is all about finding out where they fucked up, all the while knowing that they did so because they were acting in unlawful ways.

Bruce Lee’s famous quote about ‘water’ are trying to convey the idea of being adaptable to circumstances. In the case of Law Fighting, you don’t want to ‘be water’, you actually want to ‘be rust, my friends, be rust’.

Why, well, Rubigo non dormit. Rust never sleeps and Rust hollows out your machine by starting on the hidden points of most vulnerability. By the time it is visible, too late for them.


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Rock, and a hard face!

Gold, or a grimace!


clif high

Apr 8


The Russians lowered rates on their bonds. They don’t have to try to attract capital by way of interest rate shenanigans.

They have gold.

The Federal Reserve Bank here in USA, which is an occupying force, will have to RAISE rates to compete.

IMO they will have to raise by 2 or 3 times the amount of each lowering that the Russian bank does. This will be required to TRY to contain capital flight to Rubles backed by gold and oil.

The FED is in a trap. Raising rates will kill the global dollar based fiscal system as well as the last remnants of the petrodollar. But they have no choice.

We will see the hyper inflation destroy markets across the globe over these next few months. Likely real estate markets will begin to boil as adjustable rate mortgages start heading higher like they were Bitcoin.

The Federal Reserve Banksters are trapped between the Rock of Gold, and all our Harsh Faces as this goes down. i am expecting a bunch of resignations from the organization ahead of the Audit & the Repeal (of their charter).


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Space Aliens

What a bunch of...


clif high

Apr 9

The Khazarian Mafia are those people that we are calling the Ukrainian Nazis. These are the people that the Russians are now fighting. The Russians know this fight to be just a continuation of a war begun in 759 AD when the Khazars attempted to take over the Russ peoples (a smaller tribe at that time). One of the many things the Russ objected to was the Khazar’s liking to drink human blood. Specifically Russian blood.


The Khazarian Mafia was started in the 700s AD as a Kingdom, located where Ukraine is now, ruled by them was forced to chose a religion OTHER than the form of ‘elohim worship’ that they practiced. Their king chose Judaism for the kingdom as his best option. Thus the Khazarian Mafia was born as their religion buried itself.


These 'Fake jews', the "Name Stealers", the Khazarian Mafia, are desperate to KILL OFF THE WHITE RACE.

For many reasons detailed in the combination of the Zohar + Talmud and the Torah, the Khazarian Mafia wants the Whites to leave the planet. The Khazarian Mafia uses a 3 (three) book key to keep their secrets. No single book (or class of books as the Talmud is actually 63 volumes) contain the complete story, and all three are required to get the true communications. Thus the Khazarian Mafia can keep their secrets within secrets within secrets and only reveal to their initiated members.


This is the same model used by their creations, the Freemasons and all other secret societies. This is also the model used by the Catholic Church which was infiltrated by the Khazarian Mafia in the time of Justinian 2 of the Byzantine Empire.

The Khazarians want to, and work to, distort sexual (gender) & racial identity in their victims’ society as a tool for their control of their lives.


There are NO racial Jews left on this planet. The Khazars have overtaken the jewish phenotype (racial characteristics). The Khazars bred the true Jews out of this existence. Well, factually, the thinking is among geneticists that maybe, just maybe, there are a few breeding pairs of True Jews left. Less than 3% of all people claiming to be Jewish have ANY genetic connection to the actual Jewish people.


The Khazar empire was destroyed by Tartarians. The leader, Genghis Khan Tamojin, set out deliberately to destroy the Khazars & scatter them to the winds. It would have been better to simply kill them off. That would have been better for him, & us. Genghis Khan would later send the Mongolian hordes to try to root out the Khazars from other populations when they became resurgent. The Tartarians called the Khazars as "Blood drinkers" and "Bloody beards" . Genghis Khan was convinced that the Khazars were "ridden by demons" . The way that the “demons” are described by the Mongolians, we modern humans would instantly say “space aliens”.

The Khazarian Mafia is proud of being the “chosen people”. They think being selected to “carry the host (demons)” was a good thing.


As we progress further towards SciFi World, we will go through a period where "Pogrom" word is tossed around. The Ukrainian Khazars will start to cry "pogrom against the Jews" and will try to incite world Jewry (actually khazars thinking they are jews) into a global war vs the Russians. This will be near the end of this period of activity. It will be brief as very few people will buy into the claims. Especially as the Russians start releasing the evidence of "demon investigations" where the Khazars were using live humans in experiments with what we can best call "possession". The first of this language is only weeks away at most.


The Khazarian Mafia is a small group within the larger Khazarian population. This small group is nonetheless very powerful as they control the Central Banks of the world as well as MOST of the governments of the Western Republics. The Khazarian Mafia has a core belief of Superiority to all other humans on this, as well as all other "planets and realms". They believe themselves to be superior by physical difference in their DNA to ours. They believe this difference (that i call the "dongle") was given to their progenitors by the Elohim, who are space aliens that came to Earth looking for genetic diversity with which to play, specifically, one whose name was O'Don'ai. The Elohim are seriously into biology.


The Khazarian Mafia operates on the knowledge that their DNA is different. They know it to be even different from the rest of the Khazarian (Ukrainian) population. The Khazarian Mafia has known this about themselves for centuries. They know that the genetic alteration is not a dominant trait. It is recessive. Even to an extreme. That is, the ‘dongle’, the addition to the Khazarian DNA by the Elohim, does not breed true against most, native, human DNA. This is THE reason that the 13 families at the top of the Khazarian Mafia insist on interbreeding and will not marry further out than second cousins, and those second cousins will have to have a dominant “dongle” DNA attribute.


According to the interpretation of the Khazarian Mafia of their own history, there were fifteen DNA centers set up by the Elohim on planet earth. These 15 task force groups each harvested from their local hunter gatherer tribes for genetic source material. This was a program that lasted many human generations.


The Elohim also moved whole tribes of humans around the planet for breeding experiments. They also destroyed by way of bioweapons, whole strains of human DNA that annoyed them.


The Elohim created the giants. It was an experiment gone wrong. There were many dead ends within their long centuries of experimenting with human DNA. We find these in our fossil records.

The Elohim finally succeeded in their quest for GMO human that fit their specifications. This occurred about 36000 (thirty six thousand) years ago when they were able to insert the ‘dongle’ into human DNA and the first of the progenitors of the Khazarians was created.


Wars in space and on earth came with the passage of time. Much of the Elohim presence here in our solar system was destroyed in the warring. Much of the historical record was destroyed by the damage sustained here on earth. The Elohim eventually left earth due to this damage.


The Khazarian ‘dongle’ survived due to inbreeding that deep religious rituals insisted upon. Thus the GMO was transmitted through time and we are here, now, dealing with the effects of this alteration of humanity by the Elohim.

Some Khazarians today believe that the Elohim will return. Some Khazarians believe that the ‘dongle’ in their DNA is what makes them the “new Elohim”. These people believe the dongle provides them a ‘gateway’ to ‘acceptance’ of the ‘insertion’ of the Elohim into their personality “matrix”.


Other, regular humans, don’t have this ability. The Khazarian Mafia knows that regular humans are repulsed by this channeling of demons & don’t do it in public very much.


This is but a small part of the description of why we are where we are now.

All of the white race of humans is fighting the Khazarian Mafia whether they recognize it or not. They are the intended victims of the Khazarians. The Khazarian Mafia thinks that they can easily take over the rest of humanity if they eliminate the Whites who they consider to be uncontrollable & combative to their rule .


There remains much much more to learn, and digest about the Khazarian Mafia that have controlled humanity for generations by way of deception and Name Stealing. The Russians are in the process of seeing that this information is coming out. This is but the very beginning days of an unfolding that will take hundreds of years to complete. We have tens of thousands of years of real human history to recover. This will not be easy, nor quick work, but will be extremely satisfying for all Humans.


We are starting this now. It will not be Novus Ordo Seclorum as the Khazarians think. Rather, the Turn of Ages will take us into SciFi World.


Wait & see. Not long now.


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All will be known...

One for evil, one for good...


clif high

Apr 9

The Woo is ancient, deep, and obscuring. Those who know symbols know the 'why' of the timing of the 'resurrection' of certain symbols. You think the Punisher is a new symbol? Au contraire human. It derives from an ancient pair of symbols used in the fight against the Elohim and their minions. These are seriously ancient, over 6000 years in continuous use. We see one of these symbols now reborn for this new age, for these new battles, in the Punisher skull.


This emblem is most recently derived from its use as the central symbol for The Phantom series of stories in the 1930s about a white man, cast into Africa, who fights against Slavers, and slavery. It is THE point of the series, this fight against the forces that would enslave humanity.


There are many Russian units wearing Punisher patches in the current warring in Ukraine against the Khazarians. To those who can read symbols, this speaks volumes.

We will soon witness many more symbols coming our of our global war against slavery. The SOC will begin showing you how the Khazarian Mafia mark themselves when they thought you could not read their secret language.


As this manifests, as you are taught to read their secrets, watch for those other symbols, those shown to brand the information source as a reference mark. Yes, it is complicated shit, but important to know as you have been blind to it all your life, and the revealing of this to humanity will dominate the rest of your life.

As has been noted, all will be known by their symbols.








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The Space Camel's nose under the tent flap...

Keep looking up.


clif high

Apr 11


I follow Bret Weinstein & Heather Heying, two famous evolutionary biologists. Yes, they can define ‘woman’ for you.

What they can’t do is to tell you when in planet Earth’s history there was a time of several millions of years wherein the climate conditions would have allowed for human evolution. Bear in mind we don’t have fur, at least most of us don’t. This means that we modern humans will die of exposure over repeated nighttime temperatures of lowering to only 60 degrees F with only a 2 % increase in relative humidity.

So my question to the evolutionists, is when existed a period where humans could have ‘lost’ our fur (presuming we evolved from apes), and not died of hypothermia? It does not appear to exist from a climatologists understanding of the geological record.

There is also, IMO, the issue of our digestion. We cannot digest plants effectively as most of the plant nutrients are not bio-available to our stomach/intestinal processes. Even, and especially for plant based foods, humans need to cook. So fire is an essential survival tool for us. Again, did conditions ever exist that would have allowed humans to evolve wherein we can’t digest the items in our diet without the technology of fire? When was that?

Then there is the whole thing of how did we hunt without technology? Without language to coordinate the taking of big game?

And, IF, really big damn IF, humans with fur and with the ability to eat without fire existed, what was the impetus to change them into us naked guys who need clothes & grills to live? If, as Evolutionary THEORY does, we postulate that humans evolved really slowly, then where in the historical record did these millions of years exist? And what did those humans eat? Why did they lose their fur? How rapid did that occur such that they would invent clothing/shelters to survive.

Human history did not happen that way.

Humans did not evolve from apes on this planet.

Humans are THE product of technology.

This is my conclusion, as the science about humans is SO fucked up.

Anthropology is the study of humans. It is divided into 4 large areas,


· archaeology, the study of humans in the fossil records;



· linguistics, the study of human communications via words (phonemes) and other biological processes that we call ‘language’;



· culture, the study of tradition, and the collective human life;



· genetics, pertaining to DNA, evolutionary theory as applied to humans.


Linguistics are my area of intense study, and that is a real giant stew of conflicting claims and evidence that end up only partially supporting any theory of human origins or advancement (evolution). There are many theories & none are cohesive. None work to satisfy analysis & to proceed further. They all end up being a dead end.

It is this way with all aspects of Anthropology. There is NO clear record in any of our studies that will answer THE questions that face us constantly.

Where did humans originate? Who are we? And where did we come from?

All the theories from religion to science are bogus. They answer nothing conclusively and are filled with gaping holes of exclusion. As an instance, evolutionists such as Bret & Heather, do not, and will not, acknowledge nor discuss such things as Giant hominids. And even worse, that some of these Giants may have been contemporaneous with modern peoples. Agghh! That don’t work with the academic view of “Humans out of Africa”. This, by the way, in my opinion, is another one of the Khazarian Mafia ‘history distortions’. Our collective story is riddled with their fuckery. We don’t know shit for sure because of their organized and consistent goal to remove our history from us with each passing generation.

We are a quasi intelligent species with amnesia stumbling around in a dark cave tripping over clues continuously as we attempt to devise a science, a ‘knowing’, that will shed some light on our past.

Constantly in science, and academia, one runs into the barriers that the Khazarian Mafia puts around knowledge. You can’t discuss giants, or strange critters in the oceans, nor glaring huge events in history, if any of it chips away at the narrative that the KM is trying to construct.

THE one thing that is most forbidden is to examine Anthropology with a perspective that includes UFOs & Space Aliens. Extra forbidden with a beating on top, just to get your attention.

BUT this one element, the mere idea that Space Aliens with a bent towards biology, and genetics came here & created humans INSTANTLY fills in all those pesky holes.

Humans did not evolve, we were created in labs. Thus, of course, we would not be able to find a period of millions of years of specific stable environmental conditions where no night dropped to lower than 65 degrees, and no day rose higher than 78 degrees.

When we were genetically engineered in the labs, we were given the digestion system we have, and thus, of course we don’t find any fossil records of humans who were vegetarians, nor any without fire sign nearby. Aha! So simple, they made us to eat this way!

And, need we even go to the issue of our ‘fur’ supposedly in our ancestral past? Nope.

All one has to do, really, it is not difficult at all, at least initially, is to let the idea of Space Aliens creep into your thinking. It alters everything, this idea, and explains so much.

Of course the human fossil record is bizarre with no clarity in any part of the examination that is not created by very very sketchy, very very loosely supported ‘evidence’. Of course the human fossil record is scattered, confusing, diverse, and totally out of whack with any projected clade ‘evolution’. Of course the human fossil record is exactly as mixed up as those of dogs and cats. We messed up dog and cat ‘evolutionary fossil record’ with a plethora of clade members with all our breeding experiments with these animals.

Exactly the same thing was done to us humans. The plethora of clade members, and the absence of clarity of lineage by evidence, not assertion, looks to be a replica in the abstract of what we have done to the ‘lesser animals’.

It is when we apply the idea of Space Aliens interfering with human and earth history to Cultural Anthropology, that we reap the most progress in our science. There are millions of instances, constantly found in our historic cultural records, of Space Aliens.

These millions of items of cultural evidence are all dismissed by academics as though it was evidence of vote fraud in the 2020 election, and for exactly the same reason; that the Khazarian Mafia can’t have you understanding reality as they do.

In their reality, Biden won. They made it happen. In their reality, you believe in the Theory of Evolution. They made that happen too. They have been fictionalizing reality for centuries.

To the top dogs in the Khazarian Mafia, humans being the creation of Space Aliens is a established fact. This can be ascertained by just how much energy they put into hiding the Space Aliens as originators of humans idea.

Understand also, that the Space Aliens did not create us to be physical slaves. That is we are not created to mine gold for them, or do their laundry. There is another agenda involved that is way deep into biology and genetics.

Understand also that any species that can cross the vast distances of space, by whatever means, will by that very technology, be capable of creating either elements/compounds, or machinery to harvest them from nature. An intelligent species does not need the problems associated with slaves to do simple labor tasks.

Humans are THE product of a technology. Perhaps biology is the ultimate ‘technology’ in Universe. It is certainly the ultimate prize for the Space Aliens that the Khazarian Mafia knows created/altered their genetic makeup.

These creatures, Those Who Came from the Sky, or the “Elohim”, these Space Aliens, are described in the hidden language of the Khazarian Mafia, as being basically gaga over genetics.

Biology is the true gold of universe. Metals, the Elohim could create in industrial processes. They can make gold if they wanted it.

Biology they had to locate. To the Elohim earth was a treasure house of biologic diversity. They reveled in it for centuries, mucking about with this and that line of creatures, thus producing our crazy fossil record.

The Elohim found planet Earth teaming with Life that they intended to, and did, exploit and alter. They did not create us. They altered what they found here. They, and the Khazarian Mafia, are also hiding that fact. The Elohim, in spite of all their power, and claims, cannot create Life, they have to find it.

The Khazarian Mafia understanding is that the Elohim achieved their goal, that is, creating an extra little bit of DNA and adding it to some compatible human DNA which created, as they claim, the Khazarians.

Some of the Khazarian Mafia understands that the Elohim left. It is their way. The Elohim are not the only Space Aliens out there. The Elohim are the Coneheads. Not quite like in the movies, but you see the imagery filtering through the obscuring of the culture to some degree. Space Aliens are all around us in Culture and our History. These signs and images are still there despite the best efforts of the Khazarian Mafia to obscure the subject right out of your awareness by their control of academia, and the press.

The Elohim, according to the Khazarian Mafia, track another species of Space Aliens through the Galaxy, and over Time. These are the Nummo. These guys look like really ugly fish beings, but are exceptionally smart, and, unlike the Elohim, are kind and not self-absorbed. The Nummo are what we humans would call ‘moral’, unlike the Elohim, and their minions, the Khazarian Mafia.

The Elohim seem to be angry at, and jealous of, the Nummo, and are, according to the Khazarian view, in a kind of a strange War against them.

But that is another investigation for another time. Right at this moment, it is the Khazarian Mafia that concerns us as they think that the Elohim left them in charge. In fact, many of the Khazarian Mafia at the top believe themselves to be the new Elohim.

This is not a good thing for humans. It will need to be rectified.


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Project Looking Glass

Warning! Merging Timelines twisting your mind!


clif high

Apr 11


The language describing the ‘Project Looking Glass’ concepts first came into public awareness in 1964 in an interview of George Van Tassel.

He invented Project Looking Glass here on earth from a formula supposedly given him by a Space Alien that landed at an airport he managed in the California dessert.





If you listen to his language in this interview, you will hear every description of Project Looking Glass, only absent that name. George Van Tassel called his version, the Integratron. Even now, the machine he built in the dessert sits there, not working.

There was never any functions produced by the Integratron, the supposed, the touted, Time Viewer. It did not work. It was bogus. The only real effect was the fame generated for George as a claimed contactee.

There were several attempts in the late 1970s, and 1980s, to bring the Integratron, the Time Viewer, aka Project Looking Glass, into the public, but none of these repeats of the idea gained traction. That is, until in the 1990s, with the appearance of Project Camelot, and Kerry Cassidy. Along with David Wilcock, Kerry pimped out a fellow using the name Dan Burisch. This ‘whistle-blower’ claimed to have had contact with a device for viewing the future via machinery and consciousness. The language that Dan Burisch used in the 1990s was lifted from the 1960s.

It was still bogus in the 1990s. Dan Burisch is not a PhD as he claimed, and he only worked as a janitor at the S4 base for a very brief time. This is his entire claim to ‘credentials’ in the Black Projects. Dan Burisch did not send the ET he labeled as J-Rod ‘back home’.

What Dan Burisch did do was to convince Kerry and David that he was legit, at least legit enough to pimp out for their own purposes. So they did so, and they are/were good UFO & Woo pimps. In a series of interviews they spread the word of this amazing technology, and thus we now have the resurfacing of the “Project Looking Glass”. They also created a deeper history for it that did not include George Van Tassel. Listen to the interview. George invented the concept in the 1960s.

The current crop of Project Looking Glass pimps are claiming that ‘quantum computers’ run the whole operation. The words in this most recent description proffered of Project Looking Glass people are betraying of the fact that the authors of this new internet sensation know exactly nothing about quantum computing technology. Seriously. They would likely not know a quantum computer if they hit it with their truck while distracted by scratching their fleas. These are very ignorant people pimping this new resurfacing of Project Looking Glass.

All of the claims of these Project Looking Glass people are lies. Completely bogus, not going to happen. Lots of their language betrays the same intent as we get from the ‘climate change freak-out’ agenda…going to the idea that humans are responsible & that we must change things. In the case of Looking Glass it is a ‘timeline’ that we must change. Quick! Everyone pick up the Timeline beneath their feet & move it over to there!

Most of the problems associated with such bogus memes as Project Looking Glass arise from the poor education prevalent in modern times about real Science & Technology. IMO the Khazarian Mafia is to blame with their take over of the schooling system these last 60 years. We have produced a couple of generations that are each less knowledgeable about science and technical subjects than their parents. The only exception is that these modern people know how to run apps. They can’t describe how an app is made, nor what composes it, nor how it is interacting with the hardware at any time in its processing, but they know which icon to touch to get the desired effect.

Much the same as the people behind Project Looking Glass. They are pushing your buttons. They are deliberately trying to disturb and distract you.

I wonder why, and for whom?


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