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64 Years of Excavations in GÄ«sel (GÄ«lan-Iran)

Final Memory of Findings
Biological Specimens and Artifacts Recovery

"That Gisel is somehow a hot spot for out of Earth visitors is out of dispute. The frequency of sightings and the open hostility shown by the beings operating those objects have now a record spanning more than 50 years. Whatever they lost in Gisel seems to be extremely valuable for those violent visitors"

the so called 1976 Tehran UFO Incident was probably the tip of the iceberg. No records exist of the previously 1970 and 1972 high level events, which prompted for the formation of the International Recovery Programme

[Image: fl11.jpg]

The 2003 high level event involved the recovery of the downed craft from the depths of the Caspian Sea, which gave us the opportunity to gather information on the biology of those beings and their level of technological development

[Image: fl12.jpg]

[Image: fl13.jpg]

Gisel site is both amazing and frustrating. Amazing for the many artifacts and the five complete almost intact bodies recovered there; and frustrating because the site is located in a currently unfriendly country which makes operations hard

non-terrestrial artifacts have been discovered and identified from the site of Gisel and the crash site in Sialk. The abundance of extraordinary biological findings, which coincided with the peak of UFO sightings in the area, has encouraged some team members to believe that those bodies have a special meaning for the visitors. With regard to the reason for the burials in Gisel, it is possible to provide two possible answers. One is that the bodies belonged to the crew of a previous mission to Earth that simply died by natural causes and were subsequently buried, and the other could be that this was done when the crew members were killed in an accident and buried altogether.

[Image: fl14.jpg]

Some of the bodies found in the Gisel site deserve special mention for the pattern of disposal, as well as for the association with strange technological objects, in particular with the so called Cassini Diskus.

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... gilan.html

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[Image: 17.jpg]

1976 - Beautiful skies over Gilan

There were three high level events of which we know that made the difference. Obviously, the crucial one was the one occuring in DENIED (Iran) on Sept., 14th. We lost an excellent opportunity to obtain valuable information about Giselians because at that time both the Soviets and us were involved in hostile ElInt operations in that area. All along the incident, the Soviet thought the crafts were ours, and we thought the crafts were theirs.

[Image: 18.png]

Project Ibex comprised 3 ELINT and 2 EW facilities. They were named Tacksman. Tacksman 3 were the main ground station running Project Melody, devoted to intercept Soviet missile tracking radars and, more specifically, ICBM beacon signals. Tacksman 4 was responsible for intercepting downlinks with high resolution photographs coming from Soviet spy satellites.

[Image: 19.png]

From the point of view of Elint, 1976 was also a hot year. It was in Clovis, New Mexico, where we first had the opportunity to thoroughly track and interact with a Giselian craft in what we know as "the CAFB exchange". The exchange of signals spanned from January to mid April. Ironically, John (John L. Acuff, president of NICAP) was attending a TV show in the Spanish television together with von DÀniken where they discussed the probabilities of intelligent extraterrestrial life. The Giselians forward wave started being noticed by November, 1975, all over the world. Of all the UFO flaps we have notice of, this was the most extraordinary as Giselians visitors ventured to even land in at least 3 occasions (one of them in Spain, on the 25th of February, the others in DENIED and DENIED on the DENIED). NMCC people were really worried as Giselians were reported to fly over 35 sensitive military facilities.

It was obvious to us that the visitors were involved in a highly intense intel gathering operation as the number of planes being chased and tracked were extremely high, the sightings over nuclear and military installations were peaking, and the number of high level events was also unusual.

Project Melody was able to pick up Soviet radars return signals from their own ICBM"s during test flights and used existing CIA Tacksman intercept sites in Iran. The idea was to use the missiles" telemetry beacon to steer our antennas, and it produced intercepts of all ground-based Soviet missile tracking radars, including all ABM radars and DENIED facilities in DENIED.

On Sept. 17th, 1976, we were calibrating one of the systems after data intercepted on the 16th Sept. related to Soyuz 22. On Sept. 18th, Tacksman 1 was monitoring two bats flying along the Soviet border. From Mehrabad a RF-4E took off to support that mission. We were having problems since early Sept. with the system as we were receiving strong pulses of unknown origin that we wanted to ascertain were not due to a system malfunction. The pulses behave erratically and did not conform to any of our signal profiles in the signals database. We held the view those pulses had to do with Soviet ICBM beacons, yet no activity was shown about any ICBM test being carried out. We required support from both Tacksman 1 and 2 and asked them whether they could come up with an approximate location of the origin of the pulses. At some time on the evening of the 18th, we identified the origin of the pulses near a location called Gisel, in Gilan. We were totally confused as we were expecting the source to be in Soviet territory and not on Iranian soil.

a strong radar return of an object hovering over a spot some 2 miles north-west of the marked position near Gisel.

Early in the morning of the 19th, Tacksman 2 reported civilian comms UHF activity at the Mehrabad airport DENIED and the scramble of a Phantom jet by IIAF towards the last position known of the main unidentified object. Object showed inordinate maneuverability and the pattern of pulses suddenly changed to DENIED at 47 nm North of Tehran at 0105 hrs DENIED a big object positioned over the marked position near Gisel.

a third and a fourth object were visible over the Gisel area showing DENIED strong bleeps centered around the DENIED GHz channel... ... remains unexplained how multiple 121.12 MHz signals were received... as if the ground were covered with hundreds of emergency beacons...

... the maneuvers were clearly hostile... deployment of what seems to be jamming artifacts of unknown origin were found around the DENIED and DENIED area
... an object brightly glowing in blue standing on earth when the recovery team arrived on the evening of the 20th...
... strong official denial regarding possible extraterrestrial origin of the objects
... further confusion about whether military activities carried out around Gisel in order to recover the beacon were justified within the framework of the current treaties signed with the Iranians or not...

... were all affected with nausea and dizziness... two of the recovery team members felt a burning feeling in the chest... dramatic decrease in lymphocyte counts in four of the six men exposed to the beacon pulse... the man was reportedly very anxious and showed erythema on his chest and face extending...
... having a total loss of epidermis...
... all three died on the morning of the 5th (November, 1976)

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... gilan.html


*A little from the citations:

FILE 347:

- on the exact situation prevailing at the time of loss of the 2 RF-4Cs
- on whether the Soviet MiG-25RBSh was hit inside Soviet territory or at this side of the Iranian border
- confirmation requested that the signals from the object were also received by the Tyuratam launch site radars
- meeting with DENIED and DENIED where it was concluded that the maximum priority now was to analyze Belenko's Mig 25 in Japan
- meeting with DENIED and DENIED urging the service to reassign assets to analyze intel gathered related to China's nuclear test at Lop Nor
- decision on not to share any information about the Gisel incident with the Iranians
- reply from the Soviets that they will not share with us any information related to the Gisel high level events if Belenko's affaire is not properly handled

FILE 350:

- Report on the 26/09/1976 Lop Nor nuclear test
- Report on the 29/09/1976 Novaya Zemlya nuclear test
- Final Report on the Clovis Giselian UFO
- Report on Cosmos-777 25-Jan-76 debris event
- Report on PAGEOS 10-Sep-76 debris event

FILE 351 (Gisel):

- Final Report on the Canary Island High Level Events (20/06/76 to 22/09/76)
- Final Report on the Morocco Transect High Level Events (15/09/76 to 20/09/76)
- Draft on potential locations of Giselian beacons in Mauritania
- Draft on potential locations of Giselian beacons in Algeria
- Preliminary Assessment of the Yambuku-Zaire Landing

- Proposal for Analysis of the Nzara-Madiri-Sudan Contaminated Subjects

- Draft on confirmed locations of Giselian beacons in Iran
- Preliminary disinformation report:

- proposal to assign Giselian HLE in Western Mediterranean to 1976- 074C/09051
- proposal to leave IIAF's accounts of Giselian HLE over Tehran as is

- Tapes on SigInt as recorded by Kabkan Station

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[Image: suborb26.jpg]

Semiosis and Knowledge

Encoding non-human semiobiospheres

Semiosis concerns life, and we are here certainly interacting with life forms. This is not about nonbiological interactions and "primitive communication", this is about communication with life forms of which we know nothing and of which the only knowledge we can gain is through communication.

While we know nothing about their biosphere, at least we know they can survive and cope with our own biosphere. The playground for this communication exchange is our own planet, therefore all of our semiosis is just terrestrial biosemiosis.

Any communication exchange before the CAFB incident reduced to analyzing the signs of intentional communication; it was a purely semiology of communication. However, during the CAFB incident what we were contemplating were the signs of unintentional communication, that is, a semiology of signification. The CAFB incident allowed us to analyze communications between non-human life forms that were absolutely not interested in communicating with us. That's why the content, the message, the sign, the symbols are so vastly different. And this all speaks about life forms sufficiently advanced as to modulate their communication taking into account with whom they interact.

[Image: suborb27.jpg]

human interpretant versus Giselian interpretant,

the "semiosphere" to refer to the cultural dimension of signs and, as such, coincides with the "biosphere", so that together the semiosphere and the biosphere form what we call the "biosemiosphere". But we here are dealing with non-terrestrial beings who use the capacity of language, as a primary modeling device, for producing numerous possible worlds, one of which is our world.

Knowledge is always situated in the world, and it exists as something distributed across diverse aspects of our mental, physical, and social world, our cyberculture, our technosphere. Do we consider them now as part of our own technosphere? They are now part of our biosphere, like squids, ants, and bees are. However, for the first time, we face life forms that do intent and do show the will to communicate.

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... g-non.html

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[Image: 20.jpg]

Nabu and the tablets of sacred record

the contents of the well also included at least 180 human skeletons, many of whom were fettered with iron manacles. Their presence seemed at first to support the original interpretation of the vaulted chambers beneath room 74 as a prison, but we now think this interpretation unlikely, and that the bodies probably represent Assyrian prisoners executed in 612 BC.

Of key importance is that the throne room suite, unlike that in the earlier sites so far excavated, includes too adjoining ablution and also the strange object labeled KYR-377.

[Image: 21.png]

The locations of the other Giselian kedeths referred to in the recovered inscriptions remain unknown.

[Image: 22.png]

This type of objects are virtually unknown elsewhere and their use remain a mystery to us. Their origin is clearly non local and, for what we know, not even regional.

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... akire.html

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[Image: 23.jpg]

Long-term presence of Giselian beacons

Understanding the connected distribution of Giselian beacons in Sol-3

"In the old world, Giselian beacons are located in Iran, in the Balkans and in the Nabta Playa. There were developed societies with diversified adaptations focused on domesticated plants and animals in these areas, though whether there were cultural connections between these areas is still a subject of much debate."

"Two beacons were unearthed in central Iran along the flanks of the Zagros Mountain region, bordering eastern Iraq (Mesopotamia). A third beacon was recovered in the area from southwestern Iran through the Djeitun culture area. Two beacons are found in an expanded geographical area with the Ubaid culture"

[Image: 24.jpg]

"only if the sites on Mars contain evidence suggestive of a past habitable environment, and provided those sites meet all engineering and safety constraints while allowing acceptable operational performance, will we be ready to send a manned mission to Mars. So far gamma ray detectors give us a signal that correlates with the one we get from the beacons here on Earth. That's all we have"

"For what concerns Mesoamerica, Giselian beacons first appear on the Pacific coast of Chiapas and we have located three more beacons in the valley of Oaxaca and in the Tehuacan Valley."

[Image: 25.jpg]

"Giselian beacons have recently been found in coastal Ecuador and in the area of the ancient Mochica culture of Peru."

"In the Alaska area, we've found five beacons in the Northwest Coast though this area needs be explored in detail as the ice core starts melting and exposing new sites."

[Image: 26.jpg]

"The oldest Giselian beacons so far occur on the Pacific Rim. They have been found on the southern Kamchatka Peninsula, in layer VI at the Ushki I site. Current accepted date for this site is around 10800 B.P. and thus they are the oldest Giselian beacons we have recovered up to date"

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... acons.html

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[Image: 31.jpg]

Giselian teveen beni fad vydet åare

Giselian viruses and the evolutionary bridge

The precise mechanism of entry remains unknown. Before securing and clearing Landing Site 317, important information should be obtained from other Giselian viruses affecting brain cells and functions.

Highly neuroinvasive viruses pose a real threat. The current view is that there are unknown viruses that lead to extremely rare neurological diseases in all of the subjects that were exposed to the landing site environment.

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... -aare.html

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[Image: 13.jpg]

Proto-dreams in Search for Dreamers

Giselians and the dream collider
From neutron-shining-through-a-wall
to the no-return-corridor

"It has yet to be proven that intelligence has any survival value."

"efforts to detect neutron electric dipole moment (nEDM) led us to the baffling discovery that there is something there, something that shows intelligence, and something that is trying to communicate with us"

"our task is to design proper algorithms to handle tons of data in search for signatures of proton decay; complex data reduction algorithms are needed to navigate the massive amounts of data we get after each experiment; those algorithms detect different patterns when they should not, so we were tasked to give an explanation to all this mess; we hypothesized that it could very well be the case those patterns were... well... crafted somehow. We decided to figure out how could a civilization use proton decay signatures to establish a communication channel with a hypothetical hidden braneworld, and we were astonished when we realized the emerging patterns would be exactly the ones we were seeing in our data."

"matter exchange can occur at low energy between closest braneworlds in the bulk. For instance, neutron swapping is allowed between our visible Universe and a parallel one hidden in the bulk, so it was natural for us to ask whether we could take advantage of this phenomena to send signals to the other side. It happens someone else located at the other side thought the same, and our conclusion now is that the patterns we detect are just that: intelligent signals from the hidden braneworld."

"Welcome back. Breath. Please, keep breathing. It takes some time for the neural firings to correlate again, so expect some hallucinosis. Do you understand what I say? Relax. Keep breathing, please. You'll be in a normal condition in a few minutes. Breath normally. We will now proceed to stabilize your neural activity. You've time traveled. Do you understand my words? Breath, please keep breathing normally."

[Image: 14.jpg]

"The existence of passing-through-walls neutrons in the vicinity of a nuclear reactor is a established fact. The ability for a neutron to leap from our visible world into a hidden braneworld, or from the hidden braneworld into our visible world, is also consistent with physics as we know it. On the other hand, searching for any unusual leak when dealing with ultra-cold neutron storage is also a sound experimental task. But characterizing the distribution of those leaks both in space and time is more difficult than we previously thought, yet it is not impossible."

"Probing the hidden braneworld is constrained by the finite range of the strong force. For instance, reappearing quarks on the brane must not be too distant from one another to restore the neutron and, as a consequence, neutron exchange between braneworlds won't be possible if the interbrane distance exceeds a certain limit that roughly approaches 0.5 fm. At a greater distance the coupling constant g collapses to zero."

"The appearance of neutrons from a neighboring brane, and more specifically, the use of this effect as a way to exchange messages with our neighbors, is of prime importance for us. Before this can be made possible we need to design protocols, characterize the bandwidth, implement sophisticated leak detectors, and so on. This requires huge technical and financial efforts and a perfectly coordinated teamwork which can only be provided by the Defense Department. I'm sure you'll agree."

"... that in 2073 the project was abandoned and replaced by the then emerging technology of CTC hidden photon traps in which detection of leaked ultra-cold neutrons from the hidden braneworld were replaced by the detection of hidden photons... came into full experimentation in 2075 allowing for the first time trapping inside a closed-timelike-curve trap a macroscopic object in 2103... opened the path to use higher and higher energies up to the PeV scale... they realized the only source of such vast amounts of energy was the Sun itself... turning them into a Type-II civilization by 3300, provided they can make it through the 3100 global collapse, which in essence means Giselians focused on forcing Sol-3 collapse by around 3100..."

[Image: 15.jpg]

"Not really; data shows that the shift from subsea data centers to orbital data centers happened by around 2300, so it would be stupid for Giselians to make it here by 2150. SV17q current view is to take the Gisel event of 1976 as the reference point. Jumps from the brainworld do happen once every 174 years, thus the sequence of events would be something like 1976-2150-2324-2498-2672-2846-3020-3194; Yulara event happened in 2016, a clearly non-programmed and isolated event; based on this we conclude Sol-3 global collapse happened between 3020 and 3194; even if they escaped the collapse, we doubt they could become a Type-II civilization by 3300, and 3300 is the point in the timeline from where all these events originate."

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... amers.html

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[Image: fl2-15.jpg]

Time Freezing

Taking the Hologram to a Stop

"Actually, it is easier to stop time than traveling back or forward in time"

Retrocasuality allows a Vaidman's probe to traverse that region of spacetime where Time is frozen, though for a brief time. The time required for the hologram to readjust itself to the new situation, one that is outside the many-worlds solution and that needs be incorporated into that many-worlds solution. From a defense point of view the question is if that time interval is enough for us to hit the hologrammers.

[Image: fl2-16.jpg]

"It is possible to freeze the world, if you manage to measure it just right"

The presence of a massive black hole is shown by both a void in the region of the Universe being observed, plus the observation of gravitational effects which correlate with a specific distribution of matter. The presence of a region of the Universe where Time has frozen is shown by the observation of a huge void in that region, with no gravitational effects. It is a region of space with a complete absence of energy and matter, and no gravitational effects at all.

Freezing Time in a region of space means loss of information for those observers inside that region. This does not mean they cease to exist, it only means they are frozen in time. For an external obnserver, the region appears as a complete dark void (photons are also frozen). For an observer at the edge of the hologram, the region is simply a region where Time is stopped for all objects inside it, except him.

[Image: fl2-17.jpg]

Stopping Time gives you a tactical advantage, the advantage of planning ahead how to handle a given hostile situation, the advantage of moving your offensive and logistics vectors to the vicinity of the region such that when Time is resumed you have resources available that you lacked before freezing Time. But once Time is resumed, you still need to fight the situation. The outcome of that combat is still uncertain.

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... -stop.html

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[Image: 51.jpg]

Time Entanglement and Dreams Sharing

Dreamers inside a Bohmian Cube

You have not healed me completely, only partially and the old damage takes over.

"we firmly believe that the nature and function of the brain is to serve as the seat of thought, and we cannot readily accept that inside a Bohmian cube thoughts can be separated from the brain, at least not in a consistent manner; a traveller traversing a Bohmian cube will reappear again at the other end of it unchanged. The question remains unanswered: how are we to think coherently of a single, unbroken, flowing actuality of existence as a whole, containing both consciousness and external reality as we experience it?"

"The probes did not lie. When we explored the Bohmian cube we took all kind of measurements and we gathered all kind of scientific data. Once we had a complete idea of its nature we took the decision to send a manned mission. What happened then taught us a bitter lesson, a lesson we would never forget from that point on. The lesson that space and time are no longer the dominant factors determining the relationships of dependence or independence of different elements. The crew differed from the probes in one single fundamental way: humans do dream, probes do not. That's something we sadly forgot."

"We said the nothingness is death, which means total ending. Thought in the world of reality has never an ending. Thought creates its own energy. Are they both the same thing, from the same source? In one, human beings degenerate that energy, and the source is polluted in the world of reality. It is the same energy in the world of truth. Is that it?"

"Giselians were completely astonished that man has always been seeking wholeness, either mental, physical, social, or individual, yet human cosmology was so split between man and Nature. They simply couldn't understand why did we venture into the cube when even our spacecrafts showed such an unnatural division between the pilot and the instrumentation. They said they helped us to get out of the cube, and made it clear that was the last time they would help in the future."

"Photons can be entangled no matter how distant they are from each other; we now learned they can even be entangled no matter how separated in time they are. In other words, inside the Bohmian cube the lights we saw were entangled with photons in a remote past such that interfering with them was actually interfering with that remote past. Maybe that explains why 72 hours before entering the cube the crew had those shared dreams about DENIED, purples skies, frozen seas under a faint sun, DENIED and, in particular, DENIED"

"It is thus essential to be aware of the world view implied in each form of language, and to be watchful and alert, to be ready to see when this world view ceases to fit actual observation and experience, as these are extended beyond certain limits."

"Sir, the love that exists in reality is one thing. That same word cannot be applied here. You can call it ‘compassion’, you can call it something else, but it’s not the same word, the same content of that word."

[Image: 52.jpg]

"Everything you measured, everything you detected, the entire thing you called 'The Observable Universe' was just the space surrounding Earth, and that space was inside the Bohmian cube. Your planet was trapped inside the Bohmian bubble, that's all. We knew time entanglement meant every time we made an experiment something was changed somewhere else in the past, but it took us a long time to discover that 'somewhere' was actually Earth. See, from the outside your planet is perfectly invisible to the rest of the Universe because of its being inside a Bohmian cube. In that way, you are alone. Face it."

"We don't want to discuss about whether both observer and observed are merging and interpenetrating aspects of one whole reality, which is indivisible and unanalysable. We don't care whether there is something like a stream of consciousness or a tube connecting or past and our future. We just want to go home, and by 'home' we mean our world, our present, seconds before we entered the cube. That's what we want. That's the only thing we want: going home."

"The readings are clear; on-board systems are working nominally, energy levels are as expected, and everything else in the ship is working correctly. And no, I’m not interested in truth if it cannot operate and bring order to the current situation; what’s the point of it? I'm fed up of all these pleasurable fantasies about time travel, you see, the date is DENIED of 3105, we are somewhere between Deneb Algedi and DENIED. That's the situation as it should be. If the distance between the Moon and Earth is 1,25% less than expected this does not mean we traveled into the past. It means the instruments are not working as expected. Go check those readings again, and again, and again and come back to me when they are the correct ones, am I clear?"

"We do not see what is actually happening when we are engaged in the activity of thinking. That's all. To think destroys the nature of our observation. We need to stop thinking if we wish to understand what's going on. And the only way we know how to stop thinking without ceasing being humans is dreaming. That's a Bohmian Cube: something you must dream about if you wish to observe it. The very moment you think about it, it vanishes."

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... aring.html

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[Image: 1.jpg]

Astral Level Dreams

The superconscious intuition of the causal body

"many of the thoughts we take to be our own actually float in from the atmosphere and that it is our own free choice whether to accept or reject them"

"On earth, we use language that takes a long time to get ideas across. On a higher level, a symbol such as a tetrahedron is thrown at you and right away you know and understand all that it would take hours to explain."

[Image: 2.jpg]

You cannot meet a Giselian face to face. Their world is totally different from our own world. Theirs is a world of eternity."

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... cious.html

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[Image: 19.jpg]


Resurrectional simulations in Sol-3

"a world W’ is the simulation of the world W, if it provides the same observations as the world W using fewer computations than the intelligent observer expects based on his internal model of W."

"If Giselians start a simulation of their past but committ to terminate the simulation if it becomes nested (the simulation starts a simulation), they basically have given themselves the death penalty, as they mostl likely are already in such a simulation."

"Sol-3 STO-2710 simulation was terminated on DENIED as it led to an extinction level event; Sol-3 STO-2070 was terminated on DENIED because humans learned they were living in a simulation when they understood the data gathered in the scattering of cosmic rays on the possible space-time lattice of the simulation"

"We can only trust that what you call Giselians are the simulation creators and that they are human descendants. We cannot believe our descendants have not chosen not to create simulations based on ethical reasons, except if they are simulating our world as part of an investigation on the different combinations of initial parameters of biological evolution."

"... whether the Rendlesham forest incident was a glitch in the Giselian simulation in which a Denebian probe made it through the termination filter, landed on Sol-3 to warn humans that they lived in a simulation, but the probe was itself terminated abruptly by Giselians"

"There is also a clear reason why an extraterrestrial intelligence (ETI) would simulate humanity: any ETI needs to solve the Fermi paradox (why a civilization does not observe alien civilizations). Running many simulations of other possible civilization could provide an estimation of their probability distribution in the universe"

"The objection that humanity is in a simulation cannot be falsified if one assumes that the simulation is perfect. On the other hand, if the simulation is not perfect, it is not a simulation. Is the CP violation by the decaying short neutral kaon a glitch itself? Or is it a glitch the fact that there was a group of humans obtaining a direct measurement of the asymmetry between a particle-physics process and its time-reverse, thereby establishing very direct evidence that the time-reversal operation “T” is not a good symmetry of nature? In a perfect simulation you already account for the possibility of the simulated beings running experiments to find out whether they are being simulated, and you put termination routines in place."

"if there are many more simulated realities than non-simulated ones, and if both are indistinguishable from each other, then we are probably in a simulated reality. However, what about dreamers and the dreamed ones? Are the dreamed ones aware of being dreamed by the dreamers? Denebians surely know that the measure of existence of a mind is equal to the energy of computations used for its simulation, much as we know the measure of existence of a dream is equal to the time the dream lasts. As dreamers, we choose when to terminate a dream (putting an end to Dreamland no matter how terrible that is for the dreamed ones) much as the creators of Sol-3 simulation can choose to terminate their simulation at any time without warning.

"the more unlikely event I observe, the more probable it is that I am dreaming about it; Rendlesham Forest Incident is a typical glitch scenario which tells the story about we all being part of a dream"

"The hypothesis is that humanity is being tested for different scenarios of global catastrophic risks, and no matter what the result of the test is, the simulation of Sol-3 will be turned off relatively soon, in tens to hundreds of years from now. However, the simulation might very well be a resurrectional simulation being run by benevolent Giselians with the purpose of adapting Sol-3 beings to live in the real world which escapes observation"

- On January, 6th 1996 15 grams of RDX explosive hidden in a cell phone killed Yahya Ayyash, chief bombmaker of Hamas

- DENIED tasked SV17q to explore the possibility to make a cell phone explode remotely without having to use explosives

- SV17q final proposal on Hadda Project to include DENIED fibers in the manufacturing process of cell phones which will act as a lethal explosive if exposed to overheat, the heat being released from the DENIED components once triggered by firmware

- SV17q final proposal to encode the triggering piece of code in the firmware of ARM drivers and to deploy the software worldwide

- Report on the C.I.A.'s informant network in China collapse; 23 agency's assets arrested (dated 2011)

- SoftBank acquires British chip designer ARM Holdings (2016) to start fitting chips with Hadda technology (dated 2016)

- SV09n conclusion that China has now the Hadda technology after cell phones explosions in Australia, Indonesia, and US (dated 2018)

- SV09n report concluding Huawei is manufacturing cell phones incorporating Hadda technology and recommending actions to counter deployment of Chinese Hadda technology to Western countries (dated 2018)

- SV17q reports on Hadda signals being detected in downlink telemetry of Chinese Tianhui satellites via Valinta QR eavesdropping (dated April 2019)

- President Trump forced to ban American telecommunications firms from installing foreign-made equipment that could pose a threat to national security (dated May 2019)

"in that particular simulation DENIED discovers that cell phones being manufactured by DENIED carry a firmware that, under specific conditions, causes the cell phone to explode. The software executes a module that overheats critical components which are in touch with the DENIED explosive. The company is fully funded by SoftBank and the target market was China."

"according to the simulation, Ampere Computing produced millions of explosive 64-bit ARM server processors that by 2025 were present in all hyperscale cloud providers all over the world. The simulation then modeled what would happen when the triggering signal is embedded inside a BeiDou satellite GPS signal, that is, what would happen if all active cell phones in the world explode at the same time, leaving millions of fatal casualties and severely injured users, plus all of the cloud providers being suddenly disrupted."

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... tions.html

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[Image: 39.jpg]

Other Enemies

Giselians, Sol-3, and the end of the untouched oasis

fighting against a virus is fighting a biological enemy; fighting against the Russians, the Chinese, or the terrorists is fighting a cultural enemy. But fighting against the Giselians is fighting both of them, with the difference we know nothing about their culture or civilization, nor about their biology.

a selection effect should make leading edge invaders primarily value whatever it takes to stay at the leading edge.

By now we know the descendants of these invaders who fall behind the leading edge retain their ancestor’s preferences. These descendants focus on pursuing the invasion wave as quickly as possible, devastating whatever civilization they may encounter along their path, rather than staying behind to build stable long-lasting civilizations.

You simply don't ask the Ebola virus why it behaves the way it does. You just fight it. Asking Giselians why they do what they do is as stupid as asking the Ebola virus why does it infect you.

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... d-end.html

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[Image: 14a.jpg]

Incorporating super-intuition

in advanced Quantum Decision Support Systems

"Access of the super-consciousness to all alternatives (alternative classical realities) allows super-intuition, or direct vision of the truth, the ability which is inaccessible for consciousness without aid of super-consciousness."

super-intuition has access to the information which will be acquired in the future, but which does not yet exist in the present.

[Image: 14b.png]

The difficulty may result from theorem about impossibility of quantum cloning. This theorem prohibits in particular the transfer of quantum information from one space-time region to another without destroying the quantum information in the region where this information exists prior to the transfer. Thus, the phenomenon of super-intuition, as it seems, has to destroy the information in the future.

Retrieving information from the future causes the information to be destroyed if read in the present, yet nothing prevents from sending that information to the past, read it there, and then transfering the knowledge gained into the present, past the Giselian Horizon.

[Image: 14c.png]

But in fact, the reality of our world is quantum, that is a set of alternative classical realities coexist in the quantum reality of the world. Therefore, in principle there can be some way for a person to gain access to “other” classical realities. According to QCC, this access occurs if the out-of-personal super-consciousness is activated. This may occur when the personal consciousness is turned off, or even in parallel with it.

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... on-in.html

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[Image: 24a.jpg]

Contextual analysis of symbolic meanings in Giselian recovered spacecrafts

"Obviously the entire spacecraft is purposely shaped according to a culturally dictated plan of which we ignore everything"

"Once you recover from the cultural shock of confronting an artificial object that does not belong to this planet, you are confronted with different kinds of symbols, each of them showing different visual properties; we find displays showing simple bidimensional binary shapes, line segments, solid shapes, combinations of line segments, complex color shapes, and even more complex sequences of symbols."

[Image: 24b.jpg]

"Can talk of how a particular object in the spacecraft is used? Do we know how it conveys information? No, we don't. We ignore everything about the technomic, the sociotechnic, and the ideotechnic functions of these objects. We fully understand the ultimate purpose of the spacecraft: to travel; we have reverse engineered some of the spacecraft's systems, and we have a general idea on how some symbols are to be read, but at the end of the day we find ourselves as Neanderthals trying to understand the workings of a present-day car or,
even worse, a nuclear magnetic resonance machine"

"We have spent a lot of time attacking those symbols with the best of our computational linguistics tools; bigram conditional entropy analysis and Zipfian statistics both prove that the symbols found in the objects recovered at sensible areas behave like linguistic symbol systems and that the distribution of symbols are not random; there are constraints on what symbols can follow others, and not all of them are equiprobable. So yes, we are looking at a complex language, but that's as far as we can go with our conclusions."

"In their view, we may be fighting a losing battle because we are lacking an essential element: the crew. We do not even know if there is a crew at all. All of the downed objects come from one and the same "civilization". That's all we know."

[Image: 24c.jpg]

"The object provokes certain reactions and expectations which we project back on to it in such a way that the polysemantic possibilities are greatly reduced in order to be in keeping with the expectations that have been aroused. The polysemantic nature of the object and the interpretation-making of the viewer are opposed factors. If the interpretation-making were limited, the polysemantic nature would vanish, but if the polysemantic nature were all-powerful, the interpretation would be destroyed (Iser 1974)."

[Image: 24e.jpg]

"Keeping all this secret does not help. We need archaeologists, computational linguists, experts in ethnography, people with the necessary skills to interpret objects from other worlds, not just objects from a distant past. Not just cryptoanalysts. Sure working in the dark provides the needed quiet research environment for such a hard task, but at the cost of losing synergy, and detaching ourselves from our own cultural environment."

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... bolic.html

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[Image: 29a.jpg]

Language in the postbiological civilization

To be or to superbe

"It is not whether or not we are conscious beings. It is why we are conscious. That's the issue."

"In the communication setting the goal of two separated quantum computers, HAL1 and HAL2, is to compute a joint function f(s,t), where input s ∈ S is known by HAL1 and t ∈ T to HAL2. Assuming both computers are separated by 1060 light years only a one-way communication protocol can be used. After receiving its input s, HAL1 sends a message ms to HAL2 which must then correctly output f(s,t)."

"The communication cost of such a protocol is the length of the message ms for the worst case input s. The communication complexity of f is the minimum communication cost over all valid protocols."

"If our Universe is the message being communicated by HAL1 to HAL2, it is obvious that any exact one-way quantum communication protocol must use messages of length log n."

"If the message is sent at the speed of light, from the perspective of the photon, the age of the Universe is zero. Both time and distance is zero and, hence, the message arrives at the moment it is created."

[Image: 29b.jpg]

"As the Universe - the message - is expanding at a given velocity of 73.8 km/sec per Megaparsec of distance between any two points, this also means both HAL1 and HAL2 would be separating from each other at that speed. In order for the communication to be achieved, both HAL1 and HAL2 must not belong to this Universe, i.e.: both computers are located outside our Universe."

"The signature of a postbiological civilization is always a higher-level correlation of signals and, more specifically, a unique way of entangling information because it is only sharing entangled information that you can communicate from both ends of the Universe"

[Image: 29c.jpg]

"No matter how intelligent they are, even if we face a postbiological superintelligence threat, one that does not need consciousness at all, there is something they need: they need to communicate. And if they wish to communicate they need to create universes, not destroy them. Furthermore, a superintelligent AI system made by reverse engineering a biological brain and enhancing that brain with powerful algorithms will also be prone to make... supermistakes."

"The main difference between us and them is this: we are conscious beings, while they are just superintelligent non-biological constructs. If we are to clash we need to exploit that difference. And it is a certain fact that we will clash, for consciousness requires a biological substrate, and consciousness is what they need, and what they lack."

https://forgottenlanguages-full.forgott ... ation.html

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[Image: e1.jpg]

Kre sedtaegee egotezys Giseliker?

Meivditeree sedtaegist egotezys evige dinta

Attacked by a large enough force not all systems are fragile, even if attacked over a sufficient period of time. The Giselian system, in particular, is highly robust and shows resilience, though it might be the case we are using the wrong weapons against the wrong targets.

We know the capability to adapt allows them for an increase in the effectiveness of a response to our attacks, but this has been shown to occur only after we managed to attack them. We wonder what would be the case if, instead of taking an offensive attitude, we simply retreat and leave them unattacked. If they are genetically-programmed for an adaptive response, wouldn't be better to simply retreat till we find a better way to cope with them?

There is a great deal of information we are missing about what will be effective in a given setting: underwater combat. The reason is we are already coping with underwater threats from our own planet, and neither we nor the other parties involved are ready to share vital information in order to efficiently neutralize the highly hostile Giselian threat. It seems we have simply given up. We do not trust each other, so it seems Giselians know this and exploit this vulnerability against us all.

All military conflicts we have known so far were just processes in an ongoing relationship between different groups of the same species: our own species. What we are facing now is a conflict with a different species. Their interests, their goals, their strategies, their motivations, all of it is unknown to us, and if we lack this vital information we become an extremely fragile system. Fighting them using our classical military doctrines is bound to fail.


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