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Prophecies and Predictions of WW3 (using Omphalos- Oracle device)

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We place before you prophecies and predictions of WW3 using an oracle device called the Omphalos- Oracle. We have closed all questions for the Oracle. Interested parties should secure an Omphalos-Oracle unit and embark on an occult practice of Self-discovery, and unraveling the possible events of the future.

Reading from April 6, 2021

Q: Will WW3 occur this year (2021)?

A: The gate will be open soon & forces will be in motion, there will be a conflict between a religious & superpower gone insane in the great ocean & tears will flow. 
The anger of Jehovah, controller of birds (nukes), will be unleashed out of frustration, this involves 3 superpowers.


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