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Old fart hugs Ukraine kids...


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Touching moments at the National Stadium. Joe Biden spoke to the refugee children and picked them up The President of the United States, Joe Biden, visited the refugee assistance point at the National Stadium in Warsaw on Saturday afternoon, where he spoke with refugees and volunteers serving meals. During his visit, President Biden also talked to the refugee children, hugged them and picked them up.

Sniffed their hair? 😒


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Ugh!!! He is a pedo. I saw him addressing a 9 year old during a live stream. Commenting on how he loved her barrets, how she sat up like a little lady with her legs crossed. His face had that predatory look that was simply Cringe worthy ... 

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its called 'baby hugging' and politicians always do it as a PR stunt


They'll grab someones baby, smile for the cameras then dump the baby back in the parents arms; then they go off and carry on being satanic psychopaths for the rest of the day


They just want to try and fool the more weak minded among us into thinking that they are in fact not satanic psychopaths


Whenever a politician is speaking a sensible person will always ask themself the internal question: 'why is this bastard lying to me?'

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