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Earth has a Brain. Its called Mycelium. its capable of collecting intelligence and transmitting it through soil. fungal webs work like neural networks. humans share nearly 50% DNA with fungi, and contract many of the same viruses.


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@78ast78dgyadThis is a very interesting subject, mycelium could actually be described as the internet of the earth it is capable of interacting with other flora via the root system in a symbiotic relationship, it can change it's environment by allowing or disallowing what plants can grow and survive in a certain area, the great plains of north America is solely due to mycelium and it is actually the largest single biological entity on the planet people think the Great Barrier Reef is because you can see it from space but under the great planes of North America there is a biological mass of a particular  mycelium that is 38,000 sq km ,if people can verify this well and good because I'm just going from memory

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Yes. Even from scientific perspective it is ridiculous to think or believe you are a separate entity. Even the staunch materlialist has to accept, human entities do not exist.


Everything is one organism relating to each other

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,almost like a  symbiosis sometimes   , with humans and other life forms  perhaps 

but what It Is  I don't know ?

 Perhaps it is interstellar too as spores capable  of survival apparently and  very old it seems.


 Why are some beneficial good for health  ,immune system  etc and others lethal?


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