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Calculation of Monthly Interest on debt for each worker in U.K.

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As mentioned in the guardian the interest paid each month on national debt is £8.7 billion.  There are 32.5 million people working in the U.K. Many of those are working part time. A rough calculation comes to just over £267 per month in national debt interest burden for each U.K. worker.


This is proof that many of the U.K. government policies are shambolic.   I think one of the problems, is when a new policy is introduced that benefits millions of people, it is hard to backtrack by a future government without losing potentially millions of votes.


I thought it was interesting and shocking to show how badly the U.K. is run, and how this democracy doesn't think about tomorrow.  It only thinks about how they look today.  And this is why this democracy will someday be China's small poodle.



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