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(June 2022) Global Food & Money Catastrophe


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(June 2022) Global Food & Money Catastrophe


The awareness of the world not having the usual supply of food available for the global population will tear the threads of civilization. Through the past a 4X increase is common as events line up for energy disruptions, grain export stoppages, weather extremes and supply chains barely if it all functional. When the awareness reaches main street and mama bear, our world will shift, here is a timeline.


25 min




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HDMI pdf humanity deliberately mindfully invoked pestilence disease and famine to serve just 750000hasdic Jews.


A third die a third crawl on the floor and a third land at the new Jerusalem with unlimited nuclear power surrounded by and using the weapons of all it's enemies around it.


Woe were going to Ibiza Ukraine with it's sunny Crimean seas.

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