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Economist Who Predicted Covid Tyranny Warns of Imminent Collapse


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Economist Who Predicted Covid Tyranny Warns of Imminent Collapse




Mar 22, 2022








10 hours ago

If they weren't able to stop election fraud, then the country is pretty much over. Think of what happens when your dog accidentally bites someone. Normally you get sued, and the dog gets killed. Americans just had their military murdering thousands of people for multiple decades after framing those countries for fake WMDs, and by branding them as terrorists as Americans were the one funding, arming, and training the terrorism.

I don't think any American gets to walk away from this. At the very least, we will all be sued back into the stone age, and our dog will be killed off. After they sentence the mad scientists bringing back medical experimentation, they will probably sentence all military that was following orders during the illegal invasion.

For 20 years our country was terrorising innocent nations, pillaging their resources as we murdered their citizens. You also have to remember that General Wesley Clark already publicly admitted that he knew about the premeditated plan to invade the middle east starting with Afghanistan and ending with Iran.

Notice the United States turned against God's people and now they are being destroyed. US lost in Afghanistan surrendering all our equipment. US never made it to Iran like General Wesley Clark and his war criminal fake generals wanted. God shut down their whole plan and has them on the run.

The only problem is they somehow were representing our side, so now we all get destroyed too. But think about it. Why does a pandemic, or vaccine, or fake pandemic Event 201 crisis even matter? When Americans have freedom and power, they use it to frame innocent nations, murder their citizens, and steal all their resources. Maybe pandemics, elections, and world wars matter to you, but it doesn't make much difference to someone that had their family killed by a Predator Drone.


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