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Jew's True Calling, Khazarian Mafia's Scapegoat, Evil Manifested Today w/ Dr. Zelenko (1 of 2)


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Khazarian Mafia's Scapegoat, Evil Manifested Today Dr. Zelenko 


Dr. Zelenko rejoins the program to discuss the world today and the evil that is being manifested thru state controls, corruption and a brainwashed culture. How did we get so off track and what will it take to refocus the world towards universal godly principles? These are the main topics we discuss.



Khazarian Mafia's Scapegoat, Evil Manifested Today w/ Dr. Zelenko (1)





Khazarian Mafia's Scapegoat, Evil Manifested Today w/ Dr. Zelenko (2)





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Its a shame that this post is of no interest to some...........but what we have here is an outspoken Hebrew Jewish Doctor who had stood against the Corporate narrative and agenda with his life being threatened.


This here is his personal view of his belief's and his understanding of the world situation, and his view of the Goyem as they see the Jewish/ Ashkenazi manipulation.


Do Listen

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The Nazification of the West






7 minutes ago



Love the code,when they scream nazi,its what the nazis wanted to destroy,mirror,when they scream russia commies,its the same tribe,now russia not only kicked them out,they lost sixty million to the bolsheviks where does this bring us?the funders of the bolsheviks?same tribespeople,interesting,everything inverted,so people cannot criticise them,but you can shit all over russia and nazis,who funds the ukrainian nazis them,this leads to a simple moment,white heat,radiant weapons then they bring their spawn,who tries to con the world,it only last three years,,then true light






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Not looked at the videos posted yet, but is this bloke in them?

Bit of a deviant this one was, and i am sure has a lot to answer for.


White Rabbit, comes with free quills and ink wells as standard with every hat.




"Man's highest joy is in victory: to conquer one's enemies, to pursue them, to deprive them of their possessions, to make their beloved weep, to rise on their horses, and to embrace their wives and daughters."

NICE, not mucking about is he, :classic_blink:

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