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Human tide of grief: More than 750,000 Mourners at......... Israel


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Human tide of grief: More than 750,000 mourners line streets for funeral of revered ultra-Orthodox rabbi in Israel after his death, aged 94



More than 750,000 mourners line streets for funeral of revered ultra-Orthodox rabbi in

Hundreds of thousands of people gathered in the central Israeli city of Bnei Brak, near Tel Aviv, today after the death of Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky (left) at the age of 94. The rabbi was among the most influential scholars in the country's ultra-Orthodox Jewish community, where he was revered for his knowledge of the Torah. Police estimate that 750,000 people lined the streets today for his funeral (upper right, lower right), a figure that would make it one of the largest gatherings in the country's history.





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All ready to jump into the sal Ms lot coffin.

Throw him up send him to the new Jerusalem then end your life en masse like lemmings and follow your holy rabbi to the new promised land.q

750000 hasidc acidic Jews on their way to the newly bulldozed and flattened Ukraine.

Unlimited electric for free built by thaoe stupid goy who are now inside the four horses.

Pestilence swarms and refugees2 famine rotten food and waste3 disease and covid4 war.

The four heads wolf bear lion and leopard very similar to peados.


As they jump enmasse to land in their new coffin in their new holy mouth of olives they will release the hounds of hell on everyone's even their friends and enemies from sick satanic images to gas and starvation so we all see the wrath of their god .




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