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The war must be over before qatar


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Just like the German war had to be over because they British were expecting a new election so end the war .

Iall distractions covid Ukraine global warming energy prices have to be off the news before the world cup in Qatar.


Why they are incredible narcissist s so it's all about the Arabs and nothing is going to rain on their parade.


The first Arab world cup in one of the most o0ressive ares of the planet and we're they not heading into bankrupt.

So create the ultimate illusion to raise the oil  prices and voila the debt has gone.

And now we can sit down with all those semi naked men booting a pig bag around representative of a beheaded man. 

It's so Mayan and Aztec.

Pigbag here we come 

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A already bankrupted country needs to play or cancel and to cancel is a fate worse than death it will bankrupt them 10tmes over for breach of contract with all thaoe sponsors 


So now covid and the Ukraine all makes sense 

Artificial inflate oil and gas to pay for. All those men in shorts.


And the lawyers for human rights  should you drink or smoke or even wolf whistle .

That's what they do to the payers.

Qatar will sue of you do.


Hurry up boys Qatar is waiting

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And so it is done the Ukraine catastrophe is now 4th on the headlines.


I made an enquiry to take displacements in NOTHING ZILCH what I do know though is if you take rent you will be ravged for multiple occupancy landlord licences.


But nope it's a take it or leave it gift instead.


Apparently gift is German for poison how novel is that.


Play the pipes of peace 


Watch for Paul McCartney and frgos.


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