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Today's Catch...Fresh Seefood


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This thread is for posting stuff you stumble apon and want to share without creating a whole thread for it.


I bump into neat stuff all the time worming around the interwebs, and my browser makes it hard to organize bookmarks (by design on purpose) in a way that I can retrieve them and use them when I need them.


So I'm just going to post neat stuff here as I find it.


Russian Shopping Trip


I'm not sure why he calls Americans "Adorables" might be satire of Hillary Clinton's "deplorables."


Is the Ruble 1/10th a dollar really?


Have they been indexed that way officially?


What's most remarkable to me regarding this video is the produce is significantly cheaper. 1 kilo=2.2 pounds.


This is not a pro-Putin or anti-Ukraine post.


I'm not wading into that crap. But it's telling geopolitically.


Russia is getting the deals from China we are about to get cut off from.


MY personal opinion regarding that is it's tough love. We should ALSO produce surpluses like we used to. We need to be cut off from China....like dandruff and soda pop. (Have dandruff, try quitting sugar it's fungus)


Not immediately or with a war, but lose the donut and pick up the dumbells....like that.



Credit to Citizens Free Press for the vid.


Credit to the cool Russians who created the vid, I just found it at CFP. 

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Dr Robert Young interviewed by Ramola D.


Newsbreak 145: Dr. Young Shares New COVID Vaccine & Blood Findings of Nano Graphene--Self-Assembly with Pulsed RFs


Informative conversation with Dr. Robert Young who shares new findings of self-assembling "graphene micro bubbles" in the Pfizer vaccine as well as evidence of the same kind of graphene bubbles in the blood of a Moderna-vaccinated individual.

Dr. Young suggests that the nano graphene is self-assembling under the influence of specific pulsed EMF frequencies and the intent is to form a mesh antenna system which permits the receiving and emitting of radiation, in service to biosensor data transmissions.

This kind of sensor and antenna system using graphene in bioelectronics is indeed discussed in various scientific papers, and suggests bio-control intent behind the COVID vaccines, undisclosed by vaccine makers or FDA and traceable to the DARPA sponsorship and funding of these vaccines, as discussed earlier in podcasts and in articles at Ramola D Reports and The Everyday Concerned Citizen.




Much of this is speculative, 


I'm hoping this thread desn't become very argumentative. Or we could brach out if we want to focus one one post, rather than getting in big arguments that get in the way of the fresh fish market.




If you see it, and it's interesting, post it here.


Especially if it's not something you need to make a whole thread on.



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Nov.6th 2021- LiveStream on MRI showing graphene nano on Brain. After 2020 covid nasopharyngeal swab injury.


GOD IS REAL- even during these trials & tribulations. WE MUST ELIMINATE THE PARASITE MINDSET. 4pg Summary on Nano Detox & "Dis ease" reduction. Research- Learn- Study- PRAY- https://www.dropbox.com/sh/kq5d1jzon33gj0c/AAA47Ae2R7ht69ABjfnp6TCUa?dl=0

resources: www.wyomingdetox.net





It would be nice if we could embed brighteon videos here.


That green link above is the video^^^^


What interested me about it is the author claimed he was brain-injured by a nasal swab.


They use the same pathway to test for covid as Egyptions used to extract your brain when they mummified you.


I never tested because I knew that.


I'm not letting a minimum wage temp probe up there.



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