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And The Next Bond Villain Is... K.S.


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11 hours ago, Captainlove said:

Why hasn't someone sorted this monster out?

That's what I said lol but I suppose who is going to?  All the powerful people will be in agreement with him.  And you can just imagine that if an ordinary person killed him they would be labelled as a terrorist. 

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Schwab is probably just a FRONTMAN for someone bigger:





The participants came from more than 110 countries, over 21% of the participants was woman, an all-time record, plus the event was being co-chaired entirely by women this year. It featured over 340 political leaders, 1,900 business leaders, 230 media representatives and about 40 cultural leaders according to the WEF.  The event is largely funded by the business entities who can join as members and partners in order to join the activities. The fees for membership and partnership for business entities range from $62,243 to around $622,000 depending on the level of engagement. And even as a member, the Forum demands that at least the CEO of the business entity has to come and not a director Strategy for example. Some are even said to be taking a loan to attend. However, if you are a so-called Young Global Leader, you can be a member for five years and attend the Forum once for free. In addition, innovators that have an interesting new company get a free membership for two consecutive years and may walk in everywhere to network and try to get orders during the event. Newcomers are advised by the WEF to bring at least 400 business cards with them. Non-business participants like the heads of state do not have to pay any participation fee.

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