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Truth about Ukraine

Mike N.

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Ukraine is top 5 rare earth mineral rich areas in world with scramble for rare materials 

"green" technology 

12 trillion dollars worth in East Ukraine alone

Or course there is Africa and Brazil etc to trash and mine / pollute  too all for brave new  "green" world 

 Better to rather concentrate on recycling properly and reducing reliance on mining completely 

Working  with earth rather than against it and protecting indigenous habitats for life to live naturally rather than plundering through mountains 

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EXCLUSIVE: Hunter's $11MILLION Chinese connections: DailyMail.com analysis reveals president's son and brother Jim Biden pocketed seven-figure salaries and hefty bonuses from lucrative joint venture linked to Communist Party and Beijing 'spies'




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Clandestine’s Newsletter

Ninth Review Conference of the Biological Weapons Convention Begins Monday


Quote from article:

'Russia will propose changes to the systems and structure of the BWC, because the current format gives the US, or any one of the big 5 permanent chairs, near diplomatic immunity by being able to veto any advances on themselves. In layman’s terms, in order for the rest of the world to investigate the US for their biological crimes against humanity, we have to change the checks and balances of the UN, because the US can veto any proposed investigations into the biolabs in Ukraine.

Russia, backed by much of the Eastern world, are prepared to bring forth a “package of initiatives” looking to accomplish their “main goal of eliminating the remaining weak spots and shortcomings of the Biological Weapons Convention”. As per the statement from Russian Foreign Ministry'.



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4 minutes ago, Anti Facts Sir said:

WTF is Z's wife/beard doing here, giving an "address" to Parliament. Basically trying to guilt trip gullible virtue signallers with woe-is-us stories about how cold and miserable they will be this winter.


They live near Russia. What else is it going to be out there?


When did that happen?

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Philosophers-stone.info pureblood

Victoria Nuland, Asst. Sec. of State for Europe, phone call to US Ambassador to Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt, in a phone call leaked to the news media on 4 February 2014. F**k the EU.

Comes with bonus Sex Pistols track 'holiday in the sun' at closing credits.





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President Vladimir Putin addresses the Russian nations ahead of Ukraine war anniversary.


Pay attention there's a new sheriff in town and he sounds Quite confident to me, unlike the shower of shit currently occupying our WEF infiltrated house of Parliament.

There are no subtitles along with this but is accompanied by a translator, making the speech hard to listen to in places.

00:41:19 duration

deNAZIfication - Special Military QperationZ





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On 2/22/2023 at 8:37 PM, bamboozooka said:

my daily sun reading father said to me

"did you see putin say he never started the war, of course he did"

i said "do you know what happened in ukraine in 2014?"

he said "no"


if its not in the fkin sun it didn't happen 🙄



But anyhoo here's a word from the other President of the United States Republic, President Donald Trump, 👍
Are we close to 'that' tweet Mr President
Banned Youtube Videos




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Ukraine, Kakhovka Dam destruction leads to huge floods around Kherson



Kherson locals in flooding city blame Russia for Kakhovka dam destruction

In Kherson and its surrounding region, residents blame Moscow as hundreds are forced to flee the rising floods following the destruction of the Russian-held Kakhovka hydroelectric dam in southern Ukraine. Kyiv and Moscow blame each other for its collapse and consequent floods.




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1 hour ago, sock muppet said:

Ukraine, Kakhovka Dam destruction leads to huge floods around Kherson



Kherson locals in flooding city blame Russia for Kakhovka dam destruction

In Kherson and its surrounding region, residents blame Moscow as hundreds are forced to flee the rising floods following the destruction of the Russian-held Kakhovka hydroelectric dam in southern Ukraine. Kyiv and Moscow blame each other for its collapse and consequent floods.




Im sorry for all the fish that are going to die, complete destruction of a habitat. 


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Full text extracted from his shitter feed


Right now, I'm about to try to get out of Ukraine, and seek political asylum in Hungary.
Either I'll cross the border and make it to safety, or I'll be disappeared by the Kiev regime.
This is what's happened to me over the past three months.On May 1, I was arrested for my YouTube videos. The photos of my arrest are pretty funny—morning bed-head made me look like a character out of Dr. Seuss.
My crime was making videos critical of the West and their proxy regime in Kiev—and how they are destroying Ukraine.Attached to these tweets is the full indictment against me, both the original Ukrainian and English translation.As you can see, even the prosecutor admits I committed no crime against property or any person. And I certainly provided no aid or intelligence to the Russians.My indictment explicitly states that all I did was discuss publicly known facts about the war—the epitome of free speech in a democracy.
But Zelensky’s Ukraine is no democracy—it is a thieving, corrupt, murderous gangster regime PRETENDING to be a polite “western” democracy.Once arrested, I was given documentation assuring me that I was “guaranteed the right” to contact my lawyers and loved ones, as well as post bail.
In fact, I was blocked from calling anyone—even my lawyers. And I was not permitted to post bail—though I had the cash to do so.In other words, the formalities were carried out scrupulously—while judicial and ethical grotesqueries ruled.That's Zelensky’s Ukraine. That's what his thuggish regime cares about: The >perception< of democracy and the rule of law, so as to mask the sordid, corrupt reality.That's why they relentlessly persecute anyone who tells the truth about this war. I'm not the only so-called “propagandist” the Kiev regime has thrown in prison.It's also why they shoot any AFU soldier who dares retreat. That's why the AFU losses are so horrific—but hidden.As you can see by the indictment, the video I made that really chapped their ass was “Ukraine: A Primer”, which gives the historical background to the conflict—where I state outright that this invasion wasn't out of the blue. That indeed, it was provoked by the Kiev regime.Once inside Sizo Prison, I was tortured in two of the four cells I was in—by the other prisoners. Guards NEVER beat prisoners—they outsource torture to the other prisoners.One prisoner actually apologized to me, telling me he had no choice. He wasn't lying. I understood.I got a cracked rib in my first cell, but it wasn't too bad. The worst stretch was in my fourth cell.From 1pm on June 21 until 7pm the next day—30 hours—I was beaten and sleep deprived, my arms twisted the wrong way around at the shoulders, and generally beaten pretty bad.I've taken a beating in my time. So sure, it hurt like hell, but it was manageable—but then at one point, two thugs held my head and used a toothpick to scratch the whites of my left eye, while asking me if I could still read if I had just one.
ngl, >that< was unnerving.Near the end of this session, one of the thugs struck me in the chest so hard and so repetitively that the beating left a yellow-and-green splotch dead-center on my sternum.He was >berated< by the cell boss, because he'd left a mark on me—which was a no-no.>Perceptions<Then as luck would have it, two days later—when the bruising was in full bloom—a senior guard came to give me a wellness check!
This was likely because of the Chilean embassy efforts.The US embassy called me three times, but gave me nothing but “support”—empty bromides.The guard told me to remove my shirt so he could look me over. The bruising was really spectacular—but he just nodded and pretended he didn't see a thing.
>Perceptions< He'd checked me, right?Why was I beaten to the point of torture? Well—it wasn't over my YouTube videos!I was imprisoned because of my videos—no doubt. The videos are why the SBU arrested me and put me in Sizo Prison without bail.But as they investigated me—and examined my computers and accounts, all of which they confiscated and opened—the SBU realized that I'm not poor.So once they had me imprisoned for my videos, the SBU took the opportunity to extort money from me—using the guards as accomplices, who in turn used the prisoners as the muscle.How I discovered this is too complicated for a Twitter thread. But I'm writing a book about it.All told, they extorted USD$70,000 out of me, and split it among themselves. They also took another $9k when they arrested me (my emergency cash). And another 11 grand, which was the bail money.
With the computers, iPhone, etc., I'm out an even 100k on this adventure.I'm never seeing any of that back, not even the bail money—because I've decided to leave Ukraine before my trial.My trial is on Wednesday August 2—and I've already been told: I WILL be found guilty.My sentence will be five to eight years in a prison labor camp.Yeah.But here's the thing: The conditions of my bail are that I have to wear an electronic monitor, surrender my passports, and not leave the city of Kharkov, much less the country.
HOWEVER—after posting bail, I >didn't< get an ankle monitor—and they >returned< my passports.
Later at the SBU offices, they >returned other documents< they'd confiscated—my driver's license and my motorcycle registration.In Sizo, I told an inmate how last year I'd been detained, released, but told not to leave Ukraine. He laughed. “They were telling you to leave!”This time, it looks like the same is happening: They're telling me not to leave—but leaving the door open.Or so I hope.Or maybe I'm being set up by them so they can justify putting me away in a labor camp—so no one will ever know about their sordid extortion scheme.
I simply don't know. So I decided to die trying.I rode my motorcycle across Ukraine—1,400 kms in two days.
I'm going to Hungary to ask for political asylum.When I fail to show up in court in Kharkov, an arrest warrant will be issued, likely an international warrant.No doubt other EU countries will comply like sheep, returning me to serve five to eight years in a prison labor camp——regardless of the fact that Kiev arrested and imprisoned me for >YouTube videos!<For free speech!What happened to “European democratic values?lol
And the US State Department would return me too. I'm not a black lesbian druggie, or a transgender grifter. Besides, Victoria Nuland hates my guts, or so I'm told.I'm hoping the Hungarians will read my indictment and say, “This is bullshit—we’re not sending him back.”I'm posting this thread just as I'm getting to the border checkpoint. I'm also posting videos on the two channels I have access to, The Roundtable and Gonzalo Lira—Again.If you don't hear from me in the next 12 hours—whelp! I'm on my way to a labor camp!
Wish me luck.

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It sickens me and pains me to do this to give any of my time over to a compulsive lying deceiver that attacked We, The People of Britannia with convid, you absolutely insult disgust and offend me you fat sweaty piglet of a TREASONOUS POISONOUS EUGENICIDAL MANIAC, the gallows is far too tame a sentence for you to enjoy, phuck you, you're a khunt!!! 🤢🤮 yes johnson YOU🫵🖕


Tony Gosling

Boris Johnson reacts to Putin's accusation HE scuppered April 2022 Ukraine peace deal in Istanbul


At one point in the interview, Putin blamed then-Prime Minister Johnson for derailing peace talks with Ukraine in 2022, claiming that he convinced Ukraine it was “better to fight Russia.”


He described Johnson as having a "pure heart" but "not a great mind."

In the op-ed, Johnson wrote that Putin’s interview with Carlson was straight out of “Hitler's playbook.”

He drew a comparison with an interview Adolf Hitler gave to a sympathetic German-American journalist shortly after he invaded France in 1940.







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typo and phuck you again johnson!!!
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