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Financial analyst, Jim Willie at www.GoldenJackass.com joins Jean-Claude aka Beyond Mystic to tell us that we are in the “climax of the climax of the decay of the dollar”, in a protracted down ramp for the debased Federal Reserve Note.

Jim says, “Geneva and Ukraine are the last stand” for the US-UK-European Davos Cabal and the focus is on the Cabal and their activities with: “child trafficking, child blood-harvesting, narcotics trafficking, white woman trafficking, human organ trafficking, biolab virus development, money laundering – by that, I mean in banks that don’t have client services – theft of Gazprom gas from gas flows, Western reconstruction fund confiscations, Western fraud to sack Ukrainian businesses and corporations, experimental usage of Ukraine population on virus propagation, experimental usage of micro nuclear weapons, recruitment of violent, psychopathic mercenaries – and there’s more!”

Jim says that in the eastern Ukrainian provinces of Donetsk and Luhansk, ’90s Yugoslavian ethnic cleansing is back. The Neo-Nazi Azov mercenaries have killed 40,000 ethnic Russians in these areas, “And the Ukrainian press sells it as the Russian military killing civilians.

“So, we’ve got propaganda that’s dead wrong and needs to be exposed. You’re not going to get it on the Western press. To me, it’s a race. We’ve got a race with the Western press for who is going to first talk properly about the pandemic, the virus and Ukraine. The ones who talk properly are not going to have their assets sacked. The ones who don’t and are stubborn to the end, they will be sacked, their assets will be totally gone and their vice presidents and board of directors are going to be arrested, some of them, for Treason.”

Jim then gets into a discussion about the distinction between Sedition and Treason. He says there are two levels of Treason. “Treason is actively working against the Government, in betrayal. Taking up arms. Sedition is supporting Treason, like what Big Tech is doing.

He describes the role of Big Tech, in suppressing information (about the 2020 Election, early treatment and now, vaxx deaths) as that of supporting Treason and therefore, what they are doing is Sedition. (I don’t agree; I think it’s worse than that).

Still, Jim has a lot more to say, with very hard-hitting and incisive views in geopolitics and investment, delivered with this entertaining, bombastic style that I rather enjoy.






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