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Do we have shelters just saying


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The Ukraine and eastern bloc have a glut of dilapidated apartments so have still got their underground shelters from the cold war.


Where  are ours while america is going nuke gung ho.

Remember the only country to have used tested Deliveredd is USA.


All that tech is now antiquated they have been using nefarious tactics ever since and the money markets are their forte.

The shen sui art of war destabising from within then when the population are weary seize power.


Bankrupt your enemy with tech they lust after to protect their citizens.

All the super powers except USA were forced into buying or building nukes and only america gets to tell you when and who to aim them at.


This is a clearing of the rubble to build the next stage testing ground star wars.

In the making since Reagan.


Where are our shelters JUST SAYING.


Meanwhile the flag is over our treasury tells you something they have made it to their enemies castle 

Now watch the Wu wus western unions starve us allband drain the money of their lonnnnnnng enemy.


From Napoleon to archduke Ferdinand to milosovic to put in 


In options PUT  is to buy and sell




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