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Horror Film which has too much information.

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Hello. On Friday 12th March 2022 in England at 9 PM.

a Horror Film called "Await Further Instruction". This film which was released in 2018 contained Lock-down, Fear, infighting, Orders via the TV,

Experimental vaccines, bodies taken over with tentacles which I interpreted as Graphene and finally the TV message "Worship Me"


It was broadcast on the Horror Channel (Freeview 69).


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I've seen this. Back in the days when I had Netflix, it was on there. It was actually a pretty decent film, considering how low budget it clearly was. And yes, it was/is highly prescient in it's content. There haven't been many horror films in recent years which I found genuinely disturbing, but it was one. The 'Threads' of this generation, I'd say.

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