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please contact me at your convenience.


I was ridiculed, abused, and disciplined as a child for acting on and questioning reality and the existence that we are forced to accept. I silenced myself for 30 years through intense self medication (I am labeled in society as a drug addict and alcoholic). My recovery began 30 or so months ago… once I was able to rub the sleep from my eyes, I picked up right where I left off. Wide awake. That “presence” you speak of… it is with me at all times. I often feel I am simply observing, but I always feel connected. I recently experienced “déjà vu” continuously for over 50 hours. I never plan anything. Unless it is unavoidable, i disregard time and how it is kept


i don’t expect this to reach you. But I expect nothing. We will meet if we are supposed to



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Welcome !


David Icke is not on the forum , but it is good to hear that you managed to clean yourself up.


Keep doing what you know to be right & experiencing this brief life that we call Humanity.


There is more solace within the page of a book than the bottom of a bottle .. & you might even find the meaning to life along the way :)



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