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The Reality of a Natural Intelligent Universe ; Earth, Sol and Beyond


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There a lot point of view of reality. Even now Tv shows such as ancient aliens. are really just catch up to what i was trying to explain early. It only short time that Ghost buster < are starting to figer out the CHIILD like being ARE not children. these are things we talked about in the passed.



I don't buy the dimension, magic. ideology i tend to deal with what in front me. Speculation i try not to do. I try to correct my own errors. I am 61 I am still learning every day.




Man made path someone standing in the right spot at the right time. in a random chain of events. so it seems.




Fear ; fight or flight.




A mine in Canada BC ; a mining company really just want to drop it slag off safety 1st an then as cheaply as possible



They don't go out there way to take time to make that in to some thing that is clearly which is a hand, thumb, wrist n forearm. elbow n then upper arm, recognizable or. art.




Sky's                                                                                        PeaceLovesAll

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This image is not my own shot. I posted it for the post it fits well but also because of 1 the earliest UFO shot over Africa when photography was very young. it representee of one those images i got to see in youth teens it image of the desert god. or who come to know as god



Before this god the Jewish people worships a God I believe was Bal. which God was pretty common people to flip flop switching gods as they popped. Points you well imagine what a goat herder. Might say to UNEUCATED king> Who are not known to be well educated  to start with



Citys haven't changed in over 6000 year



The engineering has changed really nothing has chanced in city building in since the 1st stones were layed.






Meet the pilot of this ship



The ship is made for this 1 pilot the ship is at lest 15 miles diameter.







Sky's      PeaceLovesAll

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We see the world throw a straw. an think that all there is, that's all there will be. My Cuz say this like this a phone still a phone a car still a car, so on. so we build based on what have now. never looking at the repercussion of are actions an avoid any responsibility



but were all part the same world so we bare that responsibility. Worst when we know what going to happen an do nothing. i call this sitting on one own hands. when we a loud those who think they have leadership choice for us. we all lose. we see us losing with every city we built up. that has not look to what is to come. where will be be in 100 years




they never be a day that man kind will ever be welcomed in to space. Give the way the world is to day. Non recognized NATIONs under god making war on the world.




Nations that make up there own rules dis honor them self's by put there military's out side there borders. A nations Military RIGHTUS under GOD fights wholly an solely for there own people defense




So when we look at these creeps attacking common peoples. We all KNOW THIS WHAT will happen to ET if we come across any.


Every one treated the same.  When terror happen it reflex on us all. hold us all back from space.




if were a treat to E+T under our laws. an way of life as it stands to day. shouldn't they wipe us all out. Well u meet plague an the second angle soon enough.



When it comes to the order of the universe its best not to pis in to the wind




in the passed i when out my way to EXPLAIN the is a order to things in our universe. IF what i am showing is  here. Its every where every living planet. would be subject to these things i show.




In other words ; it not just happening here. its universal. Throw out the universe on every living world.





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All images here are created by other people who have a very keen visual sense Some these come from people on my Face book page. my friend see something and relate to what I'm doing. When im not restricted for showing a nude Eve. from the biblical story Adam an Eve. Or restricted or hack so im off lined jurying election or holidays like Christen Where i speak out about the negative impacting of cerebrating Christmas throw a pagan holiday in short saying you should be giving gifts to Christ not your children. And basic having a big chit on the CAPTAILIZATION of Christmas. in CLUDING WHO an HOW WE donate our money



The censorship of the truth an reality. For magic We see this in the false profits. handing there magical wares. Which is against God by the way. In fact it apposes what Christ is about. The living Christ in his time Jewish people where more natural in there faith. this is translated in to Christians as God is all things natural.




The supernatural is viewed as part the greater whole of the natural. The supernatural is part of the Alpha a female symbol. a symbol of the past. it a away of expressing a foundation or roots of. The reason why we say Alpha  1st is because it representees of that passed




The Omega is a male symbol it is about ending an what is to come. Men generally want to be productive an build an support our family's. Female duties to for what is to come.



This is a special an if it real should be studied. the max res should be glypheid. if real i know just what this is.


Below these types of clouds. Old time religion - There here .



As a people getting out or away from stuff, places, things, we we do not like. it conflicts with our own programing. here an example for me. - it a dimensional thing... When i hear those words. there clearly saying they have No Frackin idea what,s going on.



Sky's PeaceLovesAll

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People like to think there enough for every one an every thing;. We like to put our trust in we think will do the best for the world. More then often. It never the case. Put your trust in some that will miss lead you is worst then death. Because it will most likely get you n your children killed. Once we been shin on -lie to or, having someone, something inappropriate done to us we not likely to look at them with any trust.



I don't believe in magic. Nature is surprising enough don't you think. I kept shot for years it just an awsum illusion. every time we start our cars we are killing our children. these critters as well. To get the gas the UK burns to day. your government  an the US of A sold weapons to oil producing nation. Who then genocide the people next to based on there faith. The gas you burn is there blood........

Hell it makes me smile



40 year ago the UK could been building for electric powered transportation.- E power something that the UK dose use. an pretty effectively

i'm not saying applying it at that time.  looking a head to better construct city's an town ship making it effect to use E-power rather then Fossil fuels.


For a E bike user when i look at the road system the word Crazy comes to mind. after all this time we sped out. causing us to consume these toxic fuels. which kill our children environment. Our Human kinds life an  livelihood.




Man is not the 1st critter to make war on it self.




Living thing naturally do what they have to protect the ones or, things they love. from a whale try to save  it calf live to ants red vs black



Is nature here to sever you or, are you part of nature.




We live one tiny speck of sand. over flowing with minds some great others broken.  numb from disbelief at what happening to our world.



Out there there in the black are no second chances. There is no talk because 2 different specie can't communication. so a species HISTORYs becomes very important  way in understanding a new specie.  this understanding  is at lest universal to the very very personal history's. this can be viewed as;  the bug on the car window.

and we are the bugs.

Rewriting history was hugely wasted of time. because our history is written by other species. who want to get it right for the ONE in charge.


Sky's                               PeaceLovesAll



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To be who i am I see us all as equals every man women and child on the planet. No one higher no one lower. I'm ageists thing like the capitalization of the Earth and man. I'm against things like the capitalization of species. genetic Code < such as owner ship of a genetic codes. or anything that is intelligent . Such as ; AI



In short I'm talking about ANTI SLAVERY and things that led us in to these kinds of pit falls. which create class systems of, haves and have nots




I'm against regulated laws which aloud. Criminal behaviors. an profiteering off the mass's. which then creates a class system.. here a great ensample of dischargement and the economics who use these system....

The lottery's

We think handing out money in this way helps your making some people rich.... So they believe.  They go out and buy a house. Which seem to help the economy grow. But as more an more win. it actual destabilizes the economy. creating a many more problems


1st the housing market is artificially propped up. in short using hay to build out of.... This push up housing prices right off. it also wipes out the meddle class Creation a poor class which stands mainly homeless. a now growing army of discontent. who can no longer afford to live. They can no longer afford to pay rent n eat < which both are needed for employment




So I'm against thing like dictators KINGS Corporation governments regulated or religious law. any kind of ternary. that try's to mislead the truth.


You have to have some real logic to have me reconsider. something they done to actual benefit all of us world wide. to make me change my mind.




from my point of view that very very unlikely I'll change my mind.




Me i don't do much that is not well thought out. for example ; showing up here. People on other chat groups knew i was come here. 



Why here. Because I'm view as a person with intention to change. progressive n passive change. Any one can be bad not every one can be good. To be good takes time an wisdom. In youth most of are hellions. Hell bent of our own destructions.




With age an time comes knowledge. with equal parts of good an evil in us it how we act and behave  < deeds inaction. which dictate our real history




as human we received 2 gifts. 1st is our soul. the other is the earth




Sky's                                   PeaceLoveAlll


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We like to think we look at the world n know every thing about. Who's good Who's bad. we like to believe the law is there to protect us. We like to be safe




But not everything is that simple. in life. Just our day to day struggles. I have many these days. As im a older man. Better days long passed in a span of 62 years




perception of reality. Is suppressed by agenda. and proceeded needs of we call the body. Are controlled by these agenda. Which let just say have no real authority..And the paper they write laws on 




Become nothing more then ASS WIPE. Like a UNITIFED protest







What is my agenda..... What is my intent.......





That's rebel scum

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Humanity is limited by its own. inability to adjust to the raising tides humanity own emotions - feelings.

When the scientist talk to E+T. That would burst any bubble that which we think we knows.... It would smash there EGOS in to the dirt. then stomp on it.


Understanding the universe is a live and thinking. Is a huge step. Which is limited by a persons understanding. This little tube of perspective we take in. never imagining there so much more to us then we could dreamed of. Good n bad.

Light and dark.


We want every thing in a easy to understand context. that dose NOT inferior with OUR own PROGRAMING.


When conflicts with that programing. It stomps on our egos. what we left with is only feeling. I feel this is good. I feel this is bad. both are wrong.

Its simple is


if it's wonder or disgust. fear or envy. all this simple is ; that which is hidden in plain sight.



Let say someone steals my arts. They never ever have the knowledge needed to explain it's. What its about who its about why it here Why there so many shapes we all identify with. This where math comes in. an if math can't explain it. Mean only we don't understand it. Yet

No matter what said on the subjects. Pro or con There ego's smashed under heal. It's like seeing a gray E+T at work. relating what we think we know about them. how ever really we don't know anything at all about them in person



Sky's PeaceLovesAll

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Sorry sonny. its all ready been proven years before u joined David site. or i be gone or in jail.  if your so sure about this. Why not try get me band. As a  fake


I mean surely if i'm a fake they want to get rid of me

Go gather up your marry minions n try.


Or you could just ask your self.

Why have they not banded me

Sky's Love n Kiss's. I mean i have all ready produced. More actual imagery then most people here with little more then 2 actual hour here on line at David's site. n with that have 823 in views in that 2 hours. kind speak for it self. on just 2 topics...... So far


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I find it really really funny when people can see what i am doing but, they feel they have a choice. the only choice I give people are to look or not to look. That the same choice David an management gave each of us with all these topic. David an his people KNOW my agenda they know my intent. Because they been throw fire. They walked throw it and come out the other side. stronger an better then they were before,


See i did not have a choice about what i do... I did on how i would use my material. and for what proposes i would use them for..... Imagine for second.; You hold the images. The like of which has never been seen or ,imagined before. What would you do. Would greed out an sell out your own work. Or be true to, who you are. Go out your own way to help others to understand.. 


Would you tell the truth to the best of your ability or, strike fear n paranoia instead. would you take the time when your are wrong to try correct the error. or, just sluff it off n hope no body notices. I am showing the real world in real time. Would you work with in the law or dose law not matter.

Would you think only of self or, would you be selfless about what u are doing


Would you forum an opinion on every image or, would u let the viewer forum there own opinions'

Do not think I do not understand the mental cafucker each of the images bring to ones minds eye. The ego stomping truth of them.

don't believe it. Know it...

I get that better then most.

Sky's  I place a shovel and, sword against my table.... choice's

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Eating your weapons. The world may freely afford the Ukraine peoples weapons. Freely means ; At NO COST. Not shipping Not for the weapons. NO MONEY may be made off them. you must fallow the UN mandate on tech level of weapons that can be offered. to the Ukraine peoples.

Alpha Omega

We dont want Russia or any other enemies using our own tech on us

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