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Venezuela buys Russia debt for $1


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Sanctions what sanctions.

Venezuela has bought the bad debt from Russia for  $1 with their premium oil reserves.

Sanctions and calling in the debt.

It's 2008 and jp Morgan all over again.

Only this time the UK have just paid 480blion to buy the gold and oil reserves. So we can go we haven't got any involvement in Russia.


Like the gold that's in situ they don't move it they don't move the oil either they jsu change the contract bonds 

The saudies are making billions 

The Russians are going to deliberately default on their loans.


That will cause the LGBT banks the Lloyd's banking group to collapse.

And that 480billion being moved to Ukraine sorry Israel part 2or is it  Israel 3or 4 if the real red sea new state Moses story is correct it's actually .

Across Turkey  split the red sea and black sea then flee into Ukraine


Airbnb are taking bookings for empty properties wonder why.

When they get the signal the pre warned Jews will run like Forrest gump to steal and squat.

They will then close around Kyiv and force the people moving north to a small area lviv

 as a  ghettoised new Palestine area with no sea which is a risky vulnerable position.

but what do we see it's a sea of destroy Ed destitute people. On the

border between Poland and the returning these exodus refugees will NEVER return..

That's one massive exodus when the oil price hits the preset amount.

Watch it change again.

And then Iran will do it's destiny and in 20 years time Boone will remember the whole 20th century which was clearly a massive distraction and headache from what they are heading for.










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Venezuela sells bonded junk debt to the Arabs for 480billion backed by LGBT llods banking group bonds and government backed guarantees.


LGBT are broke and need to call on the loans on businesses and mortgages the oligarchs sell eachh others assets to each other for  via isle of man tax loopholes and when the goverent say we will sanctions them they find they can't  chase someone else's assets sold for a nominal fee of just $1.

China sells it's junk bonds left after 2008to the Arabs who have been left with a pig in a poke.

Remember it was the bundled debt authorized by LGBT as kosher debt when it was cow sheds and shacks that almost crashed the world economy and leave china bankrupted twice in 100uears as they bought the debt but they quick learners who never forget


China and Russia have been building a pipeline from kazachstan to Moscow and the final bit is the top of Ukraine and Belarus then bye bye west bye bye Germany and bye bye Israel


The convoy are laying the last bit then the annexation will arrive from the west of Kyiv and the ghetto.


Now who needs a nuclear arsenal when Ukraine has 46reactors now how much you going to pay and armor our new fortress the pipeline is complete now if they try to enter the kazachs and Uzbeks will be atawar too.

It's like a huge game of risk

And never again will the Jew banks British banks starve a proud huge nation withollions of citizens and even millions more friends.




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Venezuela has the cheapest petrol on the planet but one of the poorest people apparently.


Stop buying Putin brokered Eurasian  oil USA and raise the price of Venezuela oil to those buying from them brokered by USA.


Someone got back stbbed big time.

Britain look again we will buy our oil from other sources and not Russia.

And pret tell who will those other sources be.

Venezuela oil brokered by USA.

And ulkraine are in bed with USA  look at the position 72and 73



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