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Salivary Glands Intermittent pain


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This started with Starlink launched so it's likely Starlink not "Covid."


But I have intermittant chronic episodes where the submandular salivary glands under my jaw hurt like screaming Hell.


If I move my whole body to a different location and meditate it goes away after 10-15 minutes.


The reason I think it's covid-related is I had acute covid symptoms....couldn't breathe blood oxygen saturation went down below 90% I best it with home brew Z-stack.


But I have lingering problems. 


Sometimes my submandiular salivary glandS hurt bAD. sOMETIMES RHAY ARE SWOLLEN SOMETIMES NOT.


I consulted my DDS over this, made a special appointment over this issue.


There was nothing wrong with my teeth.


He did a DDS precancer screening.


Looked around, touched my glands etc.


Because BOTH glands were effected it's not cancer. Cancer starts on one side.


He told me to consult a Ear Nose and Throat specialist because some environmental toxin is the problem.


And Ear Nose Throat Doc already told me the problem: It's RF radiation and dirty electricity.






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Salivary gland disease in the era of COVID-19 pandemic


Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic forced significant changes in current approach to outpatient evaluation of common otolaryngology complaints as hospitals around the world are trying to limit the spread of the virus and to preserve health care resources. These changes raise a lot of questions regarding patient triage and treatment decisions in clinical situations when it is unclear if the workup and management can be postponed. In this communication, we present our approach to evaluation and triage of new patients with complaints concerning for salivary gland disease.

Keywords: COVID-19; salivary gland cancer; salivary gland disease; salivary gland imaging; salivary gland neoplasm.

Salivary gland disease in the era of COVID-19 pandemic - PubMed (nih.gov)

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