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war automated death and the 4 horsemen


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So this shows there a CRIMIAL element in CANADA SELLING land to Foreign CORPERATION. VERY ANTI CANADAIN. This is a hanging offence to every single CANADAIN. And really brings home WHY rents an the cost of living is so high. you have a bunch Foreign Corporation  slugs controlling the economies. and let face they do NOT a line with CANADA's core values.

Historically Canada deals with separatist like this. we send to the the southern USA. 

Now my self personally i like to separate there head's from there shoulders.

So i thank god for more level headed minds

See while the banks are sizing properties. They don't want you to complain to much. Of core there NOT talking to the OWNER. Just a heired man meaning any kind of talk are pure BULLSHIT. this what NO accountability looks like. and corruption in the governing system. All this go's against Canada's core values which to share what we have if we can. do what can when we can ANY where ON this planet an do it with open arms

We all have our HISTORY'S

But if WINTERN dose not go away this year. How long before the UE North Americans Asiana. Russia under 1 mile of ice.

Historical this where we are the start of a ICE AGE that normally last 10,000 years. but we put 300 x the amount of the stuff the in the air. 10,000 years x 300= 3,000,000 years of ice.

Now that bank there. where is that located. Which nation would support that bank... Is that nation in NATO. What has the nation to fix this problem. When did they know it was a problem. Did they try ti fix it


 best not bring the enemies in this any talks. it would get a lot more people killed. I mean especially if there selling you the bullets n Band-Aid's. I mean you just throw justice right out the window at that point.

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So here come spring are we ready to take Russian lands. All long  Euro lines. 

As Russia know's now. We can shoot there Nuke out the launch site. they moved there Nukes forward to try and hide them. forcing them place them in more exposes positions. attacking from multiple sides at once will give the Ukrainian forces the relief they need an afford NONE to Russia..


They threaten to NUKE 


fucking what.



ah all most forgot all war crimes trails will be held in Ukraine. Any peace will be deal with in Ukraine Puttin will be DEAD  or hung there. His staff and government will receive the very same treatment all with any foreign alias they have. No government is permitted to attend these trail except the government's who fought. No USA or UK  ass suckers. on less there troop are officially espoused to battle. They fought in the fight.


I  believe in Judges has to be a victim of that crime to properly judge an sentence a person for ; That crime 


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WAR of Moraility.


It seem to me that these people are being treaded VERY differently. there also the 3 strikes in the US which the US government has been beat there poor over the head with for years an years. Lastly it my understanding that people with a criminal record cant run for government in the US.


 in fact if i'm not mistaken ; that you must be born in the US ; and be with out criminal record an, or be in or part of a criminal on going criminal case.

In order to run for any placement of a job in the US government you MUST have a clean record


The other very strange things is generally people involved with court case's are NOT a loud to talk there on going criminal charges in publics dingo ball dump has not stopped shooting off his mouth.


there both charged with all most the same charges Trump is just dealing with civil charges at this point. and not the deaths cause in his rain of terrorism



What really must be noticed is the strange deaths around Trump. How people died. 2 ensamples is his X wife an accused  child abuser Who was killed jail beaning watch by 2 guards. Who masterly just fall asleep in a High security holding center. Just 2  examples. His willingness to treating ANY one who trys to speak up against him 

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this press clip is NOT shown in the Canadian news. thinking 1 party is the problem just lets new a$$ suckers in. with old chity idea's of what they would promote in. and it far worst then is shown. Clips show him beaning snub by other EU members. me personal i think defaulting on any det that that under minds the sovereignty of Canada. should NOT be pay.  If you have in to Canada from another nation by up land you lose. At the end of the day the government dose not control there nations.


We do. The people we don't need government they need us. On the other hand if your from another nation and you be come a citizen of Canada. it all good. Black white green with purple pock dots. it all good.


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How many ways can you polish up a turd


the above video show Mr Trudeau the current leader of Canada. good bad or ugly. that is who he is at this time. I am not really sure if you know the litter bug E MUSK. Stated on his Hyper Media out let Tic Tok which this shit wad owns. to make these outlandish hyper on his media group.  spreading more bull chit about Canada's media groups. Pretty dam heavy stuff Mr Trudeau get with. from nations with a far more shell we say more colorful history's. but that not the point of why i choice this subject

In the Media disinformation WARS

E MUSK Claims Canada media is corrupted by disinformation ;

and that we only get Government party line from our media which he can't buy. And Litter the planet with his space junk an fuel dump over other nations and crash his space junk in to other peoples nations. 


Now in an authoritarian government. it would be easy to do that. For example Israel. where every one against these immigrants is an act of terrorism. Israel is supported by the US. and other foreign nation.


Musk Claim made me look up the facts on this matter

to see how this was actual reported in Canada. If it was covered up. Because if your an Authoritarian government. your really want cover up the truth by what ever means you could. you would call the enemy a terrorist. Especial if your the invading force going to hell any ways.

 here is what i found ;



Now i could post the Toronto Sun, Global NEWS. all from that time line. All showing the same thing The leader of Canada beaning slammed mis using his power. making mistakes benign human. these guys are acting like there really on to something on us. its just money and money there never going to see again. See i don't care if a Germen bank collapses. after all they  took the time to under mind Canada's economy's by trying to dictate rents in to Canada economy. in the same the US of A is trying to do it by creating a CONERFIT currency. in Canada H n R BLOCK.


While E Musk has NO buy back plan to CLEAN up his newest NOT invented by him Junk He has no recycle plan to get ride of his newest JUNK. HE taken NO responsibility for dumping TOXIC fuels over other people land an our sea. and has NOIT been made accountable

 Ecological Catastrophe

Which here on this site we seen video of Mr Puttin 10 or 15 years ago. talking to the world about how Russia is beaning BOXED in by the UN. Now about the Homeless. I ask them to all occupy Vancouver BC CANADA. . to help your banking system relate in the real world.. I did this by post to the CBC. Once these sick and helpless the weak people start showing why I will direct to the business' of own CO of other nations. Mean a CO like H n R BLOCK an the other A$$ SUCKER are going to lose money by the truck load


As for E MUSK another no body. Who has created NOTING NEW him self are full chit.

Cinder Darkskys To impress me you have to be willing to step in to the future. Not live in the passed

you think with all that money you make a real difference rather then propagate bull chit. you invent something your self with OUT your engineers an pay scientist. I mean really man something useful for people rather then propagate hate


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the reason the whole government of Russia MUST FACE JUSTUS is summed up in 1 video.

Its the reason they MUST face that JUSTUS in the Ukraine

These are the old ways.

Me i have No reason at all to let these genetic mutton escape Justus. Drug the human slave trade even now keeps them going the porn the drugs. Now . my self i want the Ukraine to take back there land an claim the amount of land that Russia tried to take.. The piece of shit taking the shots to the head is merely learning what it means to be human, This something the world government have forgotten

more old ways that never worked in the passed. the nation shows that it an enemy nation. and should be delt with in the same fashion.. No skate the reward for aggression. . Is losing it all.

What dose Losing it all mean The disbanding of a NATION an ALL of it ways. including religion of that nation 

Skys Oh we'll Fight Sky's ; Ohhh i am sure you will try .


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Fistfight erupts when Russian diplomat rips down Ukrainian flag at conference


Here we see the ape humans at work 1 attacks the the same way ape do in the forest as if to rip down a branch to use as a weapon. in this case a flag. the other side is reacts in the same way Apes do defending water. Apes are known to defend water holes even from humans. Its a fact you can look it up just like a wolf packs attacks humans for food.


What we really see is 2 apes fight's over a garage heap but thirds man steps in. With a NEW idea ; Stop fight he say parts his arm to split the 2.


If the Ukrainian peoples  go in to Russia they become guilty of the same thing Russia is ; Mass murder. but more. because of the revenge factor.


an if i hit pause for second here an ASK 1 question ; what would there reply.  RRRrrrrrrrrrr what happen to the separatist.

How do you think they reply..........


No accountability


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War on the environment.


Yum yum good just like mom use to make. Alberta is run by a corpo whore's. who really have gone against Canadian. in order to Shut down any one who a pose's government there ideology. In short they want to try to cut out the 1st nation an make Alberta basely all white. these people have gone so far as to draw up there own constitution ASSWHIPE. to try and make it so.

it like try to band cig but they could not shut down to pot growers 

These the WANKS the want a be Yanks.

No person in Canada would ever want to be part of the US of A

Except the wanks which is to say about 1% people. Ok, OK 0000.1 %


Wanks in deed an in action.. Much to be proud of there.

Hey Joe let set a oil production factory even tho we have no plan to clean up our mess.

We will just Chit all over these people an blow smoke up there ass's an then call the toxic waste sunshine.

2 months later

Did he say safe drinking water. Yellow water is NOIT SAFE drinking water is CRYSTAL clear Not yellow. EXON is still in business these guys are notorious for slapping the Co. wrist. then sweeping this chit under the carpet. hell to this day NO one from the government has been Justus for Child murder those children found under SCHOOLs. No party held accountable for these murders.

Sky's Fuckin wanks. A wanker is is another word for a prick or a dic. these pricks just gave them self's a raise

To cover up this level of mass murder  you need the government to keep that COVERED up. an to keep that cover up going you look to the top of the shit pile.



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We hear a lot about the generation of a fighters aircraft. here is a bit on this subject. How ever it the equipment used in the device The tech used to attack and defend the pilot and device.

Wikipedia ; Jet fighter generations


global F 16s in the Mach loop Not my top pick fight. but it gets the job done. why is NOT my top pick for fighter single tale single engines light an fast means smaller pay loads. it great standoff interceptor. if your over your own country or can quickly pick up pilots. if you lose a pilot you lose the ability to train the next pilots. these craft are more mechanized armor. hence my words your strapping on your armor. like the knights of old strapping on there armor.


What you do not see or hear is the pilots strain. what it takes to get this rig up an ready.

Looks all pretty easy to figer out and to fly. seems that way.

This lady will give you a good idea of what a fighter go throw in a parade environment. there nothing really fancy dan about but the choregraphed movements of pilot and crew of this aircraft. in this video we go throw pretty much the whole deal. Slowed down for the public. 

You may have to scroll back the red line


what i was watching was movement an pilot presser. You would pick the best for this kind of event trained to do the event. in the best way possible. why a female. because females seem to make great fighter pilots in some cases surpassing there male counterparts.


the point of this video is to show the strain in the pilot her breathing body movement to keep in focus with the mission. a easy mission

Sky's it's the pilot mastery of there armor. that's why a f 4 with drone capability's could help 

at Mach 1.5 there is nothing between you an your god, but tin a bit flesh and bone.



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over 50,000 peoples are displace.

In Alberta its election time; Oil cause this cars and the pollution globally it every where. there a group of people who profit from all this pain. They pick the people we think we are vote for. But if i asked the question is the % of 1st nation people in your parties equal to  say just white people. they have to say NO. 



Sky's NATO and the UN have been doing this for decades

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The Law for the Wolves

"NOW this is the law of the jungle, as old and as true as the sky,
And the wolf that shall keep it may prosper, but the wolf that shall break it must die.

As the creeper that girdles the tree trunk, the law runneth forward and back;
For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack.

Wash daily from nose tip to tail tip; drink deeply, but never too deep;
And remember the night is for hunting and forget not the day is for sleep.
The jackal may follow the tiger, but, cub, when thy whiskers are grown,
Remember the wolf is a hunter—go forth and get food of thy own.

Keep peace with the lords of the jungle, the tiger, the panther, the bear;
And trouble not Hathi the Silent, and mock not the boar in his lair.
When pack meets with pack in the jungle, and neither will go from the trail,
Lie down till the leaders have spoken; it may be fair words shall prevail.
When ye fight with a wolf of the pack ye must fight him alone and afar,
Lest others take part in the quarrel and the pack is diminished by war.

—Rudyard Kipling (1865–1936)



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26 minutes ago, cinder_darkskys said:





Will Israel and Ishmael see us as human when Noahide time comes? The Muslims are Noahide compliant, and looking at the demographics flooding into the West, I have to wonder if I'll be decapitated in future.


Edit: That being said, and as messed up as it sounds, I would rather a quick chop than be their bitch. I'm too Germanic to be a cucked slave, it's not in my nature . I would rather go out with dignity.


You can't reason with people that say you're cattle/beasts that come from one of three satanic spheres. They literally don't view us a human.


I say no hate, just separate. Surely it has to be better than bloodshed.

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