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The Virtue Signalling Thread

Mitochondrial Eve

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Not my words......but I wish they were. They echo my thoughts exactly.



The volume of social media virtue-signalling from the morons about standing with Ukraine is further evidence of the cradle-to-grave brainwashing and social-engineering that has so befuddled those who have fallen into Mass-Formation-Psychosis.

I’ve previously written about the inevitable and engineered rise of the moron

. These tosspots blather on about ‘democracy’, about freedom and human rights but their outpourings amount to nothing more than mere brain-farts, about as significant as a sneeze in the woods: if no-one hears it, did it actually happen? After all, many of these blatherers are the same people who cowered to a criminal government and its cult initiation rituals (the hand-washing, face-nappy-muzzling, anti-social distancing and criminal ‘lockdowns’). 

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The wealthy are the worst virtue-signallers...


Billionaire offers coach house on grounds of estate near Stafford to Ukrainian refugees

A Staffordshire billionaire has offered to open his home to a family of Ukrainian refugees fleeing their country as he urged other wealthy people to do the same.

John Caudwell is offering a coach house on the grounds of his estate in Eccleshall


"By contrast, the British response is becoming embarrassing. I have no idea whether this is bureaucracy gone mad or something more nefarious, but we need to do much better.


"Apparently, if you don’t have family here, the other main visa route is to have a British sponsor. I don’t know how you become a sponsor, but consider this my application if it’s needed. I'd like to host a #Ukrainian family to live on the grounds of my estate in Staffordshire.

From: https://www.expressandstar.com/news/local-hubs/staffordshire/stafford/2022/03/18/phones4u-founder-to-open-up-stafford-home-to-ukrainian-refugees-for-as-long-as-they-need-it/


The thing is, they never do. Remember the likes of Gary Lineker and Lily Allen? How many Syrian refugees did they end up housing?


Prostituting themselves on Instagram just for 'likes' and attention.

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On 3/5/2022 at 1:09 PM, Grumpy Owl said:

Now I don't know how much this Latvian vodka costs per bottle, but his pricing doesn't seem very 'charitable' to me:

A fiver for Stoli? Punters are being mugged. Stoli was all right in the 80s but I don't think serious vodka drinkers bother with it any longer.

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This article just smacks of "virtue-signalling" combined with agenda-pushing:


Briton welcomes Ukrainian refugee into his home after ‘torturous’ wait

Russian invasion of Ukraine


A British man has described the “relief” he felt after welcoming a Ukrainian refugee into his home in Lancashire.

Max Fox, 32, who lives with his partner in Poulton-le-Fylde, welcomed Vlad, 26, to the UK as he landed at Manchester Airport on Friday.

Mr Fox met Vlad while he was in Poland helping with humanitarian efforts – he submitted an application to bring him back to the UK on March 18 and put the Ukrainian up in a hotel until the application was successful.


Under the Homes for Ukraine scheme, anyone in the UK with a spare room or home can register their interest in hosting someone as long as they can offer accommodation for at least six months.

Mr Fox, an artistic director for a group of hotels in Blackpool, made contact with Vlad – who was in Poland when the government enforced conscription – online before the pair met in person in Krakow.

“Initially, I went with kind of a motto that I need to make sure that I’ve got a connection with somebody, because I don’t want to have somebody in my home that I don’t have that initial connection with,” he said.


“But as soon as I met him, even before speaking to him, I just saw the desperation in his eyes, and I knew that I needed to help, so he was the one.”

Mr Fox, who is planning to continue volunteering and to use the money he has raised, meanwhile said he has already been told of potential job opportunities for Vlad.

He encouraged others with spare room to “be human and offer it if you can” stressing that Poland is reaching capacity.

“Poland is at capacity. It’s going to sink very, very soon,” he said.

“You can’t just take one country and put it in another country and expect everything to be okay. It’s just not achievable.

“Anybody that does have a spare room, just be human and offer it if you can. If you’ve got that availability and you’re comfortable then go for it.

“Take that risk, because to help somebody else is the biggest achievement.”

From: https://www.expressandstar.com/news/uk-news/2022/03/26/briton-welcomes-ukrainian-refugee-into-his-home-after-torturous-wait/



Does anyone else think that "Max Fox" sounds like a made-up name? I wonder what his 'partner' makes of all this?


And that photo, typical virtue-signalling 'oh look at how wonderful I am' pose for Instagram.


I hope this doesn't end badly for him!

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