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ESP hypothesis


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It might be multimodal.


This thread presumes you acknowledge or have overserved some types of ESP or find it plausible or seek to debunk it.


I'm not certain I'm using the right term. Maybe another poster can use a more precise term.




The day my father died I knew he had died before I got the phone call.

Anecdotal evidence suggests often times twins know when the other twin is in distress and other states.

If I give the stink eye to the back of a stranger's head they turn around to check for danger..

Birds and fish and others change direction as swarms instantly.




I propose two mechanisms:


1)The pineal complex, pineal gland organ complex is some kind of transceiver.

2)Spooky action at a distance entanglement.


The Egyptians understood the pineal complex as ESP....transceivers...




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The other mechanism might be quantum entanglement MIT and other labs claim they have proven quantum 




By moving entangled particles away from each other and changing the state of one and observing the state change of the other: spooky action.


No matter how far unrelated you might be to another organism on Earth, we are all probably related to the proto-forms.


There is entanglement in DNA.


DNA is also a fractal rectenna transceiver.


Back to point though how does entanglement work?

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