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Did The Real Vladimir Putin DIE In 1994?


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Someone I know was talking to a Russian woman a few years ago.


He casually asked her - just for chitchat -'So Vladimir Putin... what is he like as leader of Russia?'


She - strangely - replied 'Vladimir Putin died in 1994. The man leading Russia today is his KGB Body Double.'


There is no way to verify this - maybe a conspiracy theory that started in Russia.


But there is something STRANGE about this Putin:


- He got awfully close to the Bush family while GW Bush was President


- In Putin's YOUTH photos, his facial expression is very different from THIS Putin. Putin TODAY always has this semi-smirking, scheming, almost diabolical looking expression on his face



This could be just a 'Russian rumor'.


Anyone else heard anything similar?







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Putin was very pro Zionist in his youth, doesn’t matter if it’s him or a double, still a Rothschild puppet playing his part 


^ normality as usual in Russia, same Zionists using puppets there to cause havoc 

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