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The more I heal from my past trauma the less crazy David seems...

Robert Zillig

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I am a former USMC Infantryman, urban warfare instructor and CBRNE response specialist from CBIRF.


I have gone through much self reflection and experimentation, I have learned how to push the buttons of the control system accurately described by David as "the matrix"


The more I heal from my past trauma the more I can accurately reflect upon my knowledge, my past experiences. This helps me derive further ways to experiment and learn more.. I am on a path that is leading me into ever weirder and weirder territory...


People around me have always misunderstood me, many instances they try to hold me back in various ways. I have left so many people behind... I am relearning these painful lessons as the people I have CAREFULLY chosen to be around me are still exhibiting resistance and actively trying to knock me down a peg due to their own unrecognized fears and traumas... 


This is so unbelievably difficult, with every step I take the more difficult it becomes. I need help, this is a cry for support and I feel this might be one of the last places available for me to be recognized and understood..

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