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Even Eurovision is a rehearsed con

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With all this bullshit and rehearsed ad naseum crap I ran the winners of Eurovision since2008 

The letters when rearranged give IRAN PAID US (IN) GAS 

Italy won last year and Norway or Netherlands and Iceland should have won in 2020 when it was cancelled (IN)

So covid scuppered their pisstaking Marty mcfly biff almanac  bullshit con. Bored now even the Ukraine was rallying it's troops with a witch last year

Play it backwards and covid was a Spanish flu 1918amnesty not surrender. It was supposed to come after this Ukraine bs . Nothing to see here. Rally to collective responsible conscious ness after genocide.

Only it's premature arrival 

Has changed everything it's like the script has been reordered 

And they are being exposed as pugs pure greed manifestation.


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All major media programs are, and have been, part of the propaganda machine. Really nothing new, though I feel your anger and frustration. The timing of this "war" and it whole production has been rather obvious from the start. Most at this site predicted something like a war would come along to signal the end of Covidmania. I haven't seriously sat down to watch any televised news in a few years. There are more than enough video evidence still around on YouTube (of all places) that shows ever single news network faking stories and events. 

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The gays love it. It's basically a freak show now, the weirder and more outrageous/subversive the better.


Anyway, I suggest we call off Eurovision 2022 and award it to Ukraine.


Then do the same with the 2022 World Cup (even if Ukraine failed to qualify).


Make Shevchenko the Chelsea boss. No, scrap that. England boss.


We will also retrospectively alter the result of Euro 2020 when we thrashed Ukraine 4-0. So sorry. Didn't know what we were doing.


Because..."we stand with Ukraine".


(Whatever happened to not politicising football, I wonder).


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On 3/1/2022 at 11:29 PM, Macnamara said:


Do people still watch that?

Have a flutter on N or I Norway or Iceland for this year.

By now we have the song for Europe on full swing not this year


Creepy that Boris has Russian blood as does nick what's his name liberals.

And to seal it all off inside big favours Fergie Sarah is now reading stories for the kids again nothing to see here.

No weddings sprogs or wars  no met police no partygate he gets off and who comes to his rescue.


Sarah shrimp Ferguson I m done 







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3 hours ago, Saved said:

The next eleven winners - in order - shall be 


Wales Estonia Albania Romania Estonia France Ukraine Croatia Kosovo Estonia Denmark

W is for wakanda the new world order will play sam's song and leave that to the very end.

Watch for black Panthers build up about 5years before and grab your biff ticker tape 

The show must go on after mad isis.

Mutually assured destruction integrate spy sabotage ignite.

Great reset 20 years ahead here we come.

Watch as the Arabs buy up everything owned by the Russians.

You are merely CBD big collateral damage.

Meanwhile the swift's are above the cathedral and the kids are crying for their mummy








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