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Why did 9/11 happen?


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So let me get this straight. The United States has been invading the Middle East for decades. Way before 9/11 and way after 9/11. We've never needed a crazy reason to do so. Hell, Obama bombed like 6 different countries and nobody even noticed. But on 9/11, because we REALLY wanted to invade the middle east again, we decided to kill about 3000 of our own people by flying planes into our buildings instead of just, I don't know, just blow up one tiny US Embassy in the middle east? We start new wars all of the time, why the heck would we go through those lengths just to start another one? Not only that, but the attack is estimated to have cost the US 2 trillion dollars. So we cost ourselves 2 trillion dollars and killed 3 thousand of our own innocent civilians so we can start "Middle East War Number 50"?

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