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It seems most people on here have dismissed my previous posts, but if you actually read Icke's books, and are on here because you did read them, what he is saying is very similar to what I am. 


Here Is an excerpt where he is discussing the creation of this 'phantom self' or mortal man: 


"The Demiurge ('Lord Archon') and the Archons could only change and twist the human form so much because they had to work with what was already there. They did not create the human body from scratch - they distorted and manipulated what existed before it.


Archons began with a bad copy of something wonderful and they have systematically inverted and distorted the copy to turn a world of life into one of death. It is the same story with what there was before and they have genetically manipulated its receiver-transmitter processes to tune them to the Matrix while infesting humanity with the Archon virus and lowering the frequency - 'Fall of Man.' Transhumanism is the plan to so technologically control the human vehicle that it would not be influenced in any way by awareness outside the frequency walls of the Matrix. 


We are seeing the modus-operandi for how the Demiurge-Archon self-aware virus takes over societies and realities. First they hijack perception by making an energetic copy of the original reality and manipulate genetics (receiver-transmission processes) of the target population to tune them into a fake reality. From this point they work to distort the copy to a stage where it reflects their own frequency and preferred 'atmosphere' by the systematic generation of death, destruction, fear and suffering technologically supported by massive increases in atmospheric radiation and nuclear war. All of these energetic sources and many more transform what was originally copied into a reality that suits the archon virus in its quest for total control. The endgame in these repeating scenarios is to fuse the population with technology controlled by Artificial Intelligence (AI), which is just a fancy cover-name for 'Them' - the virus."



The is unfortunately the case, and is what I have been saying in my other posts. The Fallen Angels (demiurge-archon self aware virus) is attempting to assimilate humanity into their domain, like the borg in star-trek, and it is a perceptual assimilation, the steps of which Icke outlines in the above passage. This assimilation is partially complete in that they have hijacked human perception and tuned humans into a counterfeit copy of God's creation, which reflects death rather than life, the next step as Icke says is to distort that bad copy and fuse the human mind with AI, completely perceptually cutting off humanities connection to expanded awareness.


How does this relate to Christianity? When it is said that Christ overcame death and redeemed the human race, it is another way of saying that he overcame the mind of the fallen angels, which is death (the serpent's mind) and redeemed the human race. The perception of humanity is 'quickened' (truth vibrations) through the power of the atonement - Christ's death and resurrection. If this creation were of God's mind, there would be no disease and death. But it isn't of God's mind, it is a perceptual deception - the outward manifestation of the archon virus infesting human perception. As I have stated in my previous posts - the fallen angels or archons are lustful in their nature, lust is their mental-spiritual state; and it is this mind that mortal humanity is propagated through here in this fallen state, and it is this mind the Christ overcame on the cross and came out of the grave.


God is spirit and life and only life can beget life; it is the law of existence that "like begets like."


I quote Christ in the Apocalypse of Peter " Evil cannot produce good fruit. Everything, wherever it comes from, produces what is like it." Exactly. Death cannot beget life and life cannot beget death.


When Satan fell, and man who was conceived in the image of God, yielded to the temptation of Satan and fell, all this creation was cursed and became mortal (human perception was 'tuned in' to the bad copy) -that is, the man made in God's image yielded to the minds of the fallen angels and mortal propagation and death are the results. Or put another way, they 'hijacked' human perception, and the 'curse' that prevents the soul from re-entering eden or perceiving beyond phantom self is in the sex polarization of mortal creation.


The Devil was the first to rebel against God, and is the father of all sin - lust - and this creation is the child of his mind - lust. Only darkness and death can beget darkness and death. All conception here in the flesh is of the mind of the fallen angels - it is human perception being 'infested' with the archon-demiurge virus - and bears the image of death and "must be born again" (perception expanded beyond the confines of the 'matrix') to bear the image of Christ.


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