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Ukraine the ultimate distraction


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The Ukraine is the last place noman's land. Like the Somme in Belgium. after turkey Moldova and even Romania were admitted to nato during 2020 while everyone was in the grip of covid.

It's the ultimate scapegoat now watch as they play the CBD big collateral damagee Belarus sends a stray missile into Poland or Moldova.

Ukraine has been given millions of weapons which will then be moved to Romania and then the separatist movement again

It's so planned so meticulously all about the money and the hypocrisy from Biden to Johnson to all the others.

The gas is planned the British gas profits through the roof.

They have even altered some maps so Chernobyl is near the breakaway sector then it's near Belarus.

Romania is next.the turkey Iran pipeline is the key.

There's been a massive double distraction and russias pipeline has been double crossed.

Like Vietnam and the Tonkin  like Lusitania like the hud.

There are going to be a huge set of oops friendly fire three miles on each side of barrier zones.


Romania The last one admitted to nato.will attack Belarus and moldovia will be next in their sights.


It's sad that kids and old peoe are being murdered to fill the pockets of pure Unadulterated Greed androids.

This is planned Putin is being served as a halo a god and he even has the bear and the halo above his head.

Hitler had the dove.

He is the new Antichrist.

The people of Russia are being renationalised.begind a saint and he's catholic god fearing dictator.

German cuts it's own throat by stopping the pipeline.

So the Germans pay more for the gas and the pipeline is a huge white elephant.

It's just depressingly easy to repeat.




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Who's paying most.

We are in the grip of a cost of living crisis killer  CLOCK and the gas is going up again.

The war is actually against us.we are already paying the price.

Putin has managed to build the ultimate defence anti missiles technology. He will shoot all NATO missiles and unleash the halos of hell .

He has already been haloed and sainted and christed .

They are doing their bot for the new world order depopulate programme.

THE CLOCK ID TICKING and we are being conned wake up



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Can you all wait just 2 years for us to max out the pandemic gravy train. Then you can have your war.

In plain sight close off the last three new NATO countries and it's the ultimate sacpegoat.


It's sickening that they were conditioning the posiedom trident 🔱 in w2019 w2020 then covid came along.

So the war that was postponed is now in full swing

If there is such a thing as a telepathic hive mind and they use drugs to get entry they are all collective responsible and war crinals together.


The junkie hive vs the newly ordained christed Putin haalo.

Watch as Macon becomes the antichrist to Putin's christed man of god.


All we need now is a stray missile in friendly fire in Poland as the refugees  and spies for the newly vilified Ukraine leaders and boom it's NATO and the three musketeers 


All for one.



How history repeats a newly created ghetto of refugees. In Poland. The Jews left and now the Jews are back.


It's all rehearsed and it has to happen everything is fixed and you can't change it.






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As part of it's commitment to eu expansion turkey like all other members must take in it's quota of humanitarian refugees.


To STOP the repeat of 1933 to the annexing of Poland.


Which also was earlier history of Napoleon and his affiity to the Jews then turns against them and Poland takes them all in.


This is history repeating 


Next a little man with a mission and a red book comes along and suddenly voila he has a halo above his head and the whole of Europe stnds with him.


Why not turkey Britain has left it was one of the issues of Brexit. Turkey is Britain's replacement so MUST to ake them on instead.


I guess it's radiation up north or mustard gas down south and the devil's in the middle .saying who the otterman empire also has issues of loss and traitors.




Stage one deliberately destabilized your enemy by attacking the Achilles heel 


In polands case the humanitarian stance 


Taking in all the refugees.


Infiltrate enmasse stalk and spy insurrection sabotage issis


What does Ukraine have 46nuclear reactors and no real oil dependency 




What does turkey have a German contract for oil across Europe to Germany crossing many borders including Romania.




Watch ISSIS next move 




This is the real global war the first world war.


All others were staging posts.


And practice runs with a big collateral damage CBD quota 




Get to the first trillionaires fortress and we pay you in souks and roubles.


Keep them poor and thick and no memory so they can't insurrect trespass against you.




Whoever owns the gold owns the planet.


Nope who ever owns the thickest with no memory or even a don't do that never again legacy owns the universe.




The trillionaires don't pay robots and need to hybridise you all as borgs.


To play their Ribman richestan in Babylon games







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