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It’s the RUSSIANS - Run, Hide, Tell: The Russians are coming!


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On 3/11/2022 at 8:50 PM, DannyUK said:

4 years ago I stated the following 


“WWIII has already begun, your lack of compassion and not bringing the attention of these wrongs doings and just accepting them without any empathy or questioning will create the cause for such a suffering to find its way to you. 

It’s not unfortunate, it’s the natural law and you should naturally feel concerned. Propaganda has you not concerned and accepting this as an acceptable reality, as something you’re ok with so long as it’s not happening to you...”


All those doing the Ukrainian virtue signalling want to think about this.
Where were you then?
Where was the mainstream media and it’s outrage?
They where backing that war and beating the drums of war.
What’s different this time?
Ask yourselves?


I can’t believe this piece of news passed me by 😰

* The Hunger Games Society *

If you go into say a petrol station...the hand sanitizer stands for COVID are same colour as Ukraine flag ...

It could not be more obvious… - Natalie M.




^ Full movie ^

Strange how it’s available on YT in full 🤔


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Schwarzenegger accused of breaking promise on Ukraine by ‘world’s strongest girl’ (VIDEO)

Former Arnold Classic powerlifting sensation Maryana Naumova addressed Arnold Schwarzenegger in a video response to the American's message to the Russian people
Schwarzenegger accused of breaking promise on Ukraine by ‘world’s strongest girl’ (VIDEO)
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2 hours ago, Fifth element said:


Schwarzenegger accused of breaking promise on Ukraine by ‘world’s strongest girl’ (VIDEO)

Former Arnold Classic powerlifting sensation Maryana Naumova addressed Arnold Schwarzenegger in a video response to the American's message to the Russian people
Schwarzenegger accused of breaking promise on Ukraine by ‘world’s strongest girl’ (VIDEO)


It seems quite clear to me what is happening...


Like Islamic Extremism "ISIS" the US through its intelligence agencies CIA and their cut out groups etc they go into countries, arm and train rebels and then usually themselves turn on the rebels to justify war in the region.

They done exactly this with Syria, arming and training rebels, using them as their excuse to be within the region and wage an undeclared war against international law - many war crimes, crimes against humanity = but actually used the rebels as a tool to wage war against Assad and where very obviously at war with Assad/a Sovereign nation. ISIS was just a smokescreen, a cover and a complete lie for the CIA to operate. I'm pretty sure anyone with any sense knows this but not many people, especially in western nations think about this and theres absolutely no moral outrage. Especially when these actions where aided by false flag attacks in many western countries, these just helped fuel a far right/"nazi" extremist sentiment here, of good kill all the rag heads but no one is supposed to openly say it and if you do, the false virtue signalling woke mentality stops you from stating the obvious so people can't openly identify and speak about what is happening here.

This is then used to breed this national extremism here at home and then stamp it out through this guilt tripping woke liberalism. These PTB create this sentiment and then go to war with it, stand apart from it and reshape society... 


They have done this throughout the Middle East, they did similar in Tibet, they went into Tibet, milked their minds as usual, stirred up a hornets nest, gave weapons and training to Tibetans basically no more than a rebel army rather than a national army, got China to attack, stood back, took pictures offered absolutely no support and presented these crimes to the world as a foundation stone for WWIII against China.

Tibet historically had no National Flag until after the British invaded Tibet which many in the western nations seem to forget or are ignorant of, after Britain invaded Tibet and done exactly what China ended up doing extending their colonisation, Tibet become part of the British Empire paying taxes and was becoming westernised, then a flag came just as everywhere else giving the illusion of autonomy and you better accept democracy everywhere or else we will shoot you mentality, then came China waging war on a "sovereign nation" that had been created for the whole of two minutes thanks to the war earlier by the British, the foundation of said colony as a"nation"...

The same over years has been done throughout the Middle East through many tinpot dictators to split the Islamic communities as a method of control through the British Empire. Afterwards, they then wage war on nations and tinpot dictators they armed, trained and so on...

Divide and Rule - Order out of Chaos - Population Control Globalisation 

They went back home and made Hollywood movies, reframing the whole situation taking away the missing link of the CIA and the hands of this globalist death cult.

They setup "Free Tibet" foundations which really means create a westernised Tibet which is completely used for geopolitical leverage, exploiting the issue to justify a war on China.

At the same time as this, Palestine was destroyed and stolen, again, no moral outrage in western nations, no Free Palestine charity groups backed by the freemasons exist to the same level, extent of exposure and moral outrage as "Free Tibet" because the masons where at the core of the theft of Palestine and such isn't geopolitically advantageous, they don't want people to know and understand the true roots of Israel and the theft of Palestine.

They need to maintain a grip on Israel and Zionism for these geopolitical needs of exploiting biblical prophecy, exploiting peoples minds and beliefs so we all manifest their world view, ushering in their Zion and giving the world back to the "jinny jinn jinn" whom embody them.

Aka, the archons, the reptilians, demons etc which essentially means we need to enter into a state of transhumanism, globally. Israel is the A.I. Central core of removing mankinds "stariway to heaven" destroying the bridge between worlds.

This liberates the jinn and gives them back this realm of reality, fleecing mankind of their light body, "their armor of God"...




Israel in Palestine


TGSNTtvPart04 - WWII - Palestine 




The CIA and FBI very obviously do this sort of thing in their own country with Nazi Skinheads and then use these "nazis" to aid and justify a more and more growing police state.

These have very little to do with Nazis or German Nationalism, or such historical roots it just aids perpetuate a myth of what Nazi Germany is supposed to represent in many respects but is used as a tool to erode any real sense of national pride and sentiment wherever this exists and then push a woke/Marxist Globalism agenda, whilst associating all forms of nationalism with right wing extremism and us nut job conspiracy theorist types, through reframing, NLP and psychological manipulation so the masses perceive how this death cult want them to perceive...


History Of The Frankfurt School - Political Correctness and Cultural Marxism



The US have very obviously done the same again here, they've armed and back Ukrainian Far Right Wing Extremists - Many of whom may genuinely want a national Ukraine, not the stooge operation backed by the globalists or be a part of Putin's Russia backed by the Globalists. These people are being squeezed mercilessly and it is these people we should actually feel sorry for because they're never going to be allowed to get what they want, this is likewise similar to Ireland and the IRA. These practices are very similar to undermine any real sense of freedom everywhere to then justify their control and their imposition.

I find it very strange that so many more people can't relate to this deception? 


To push and play upon National values to drive the war against Russia, using this as a tool to manufacture consent/a reason to exercise their force in the region.

For this, such a neonazi group has been cultivated by these globalists, who first developed the idea of national freedom within such a people, didn't allow them to have it, they get frustrated through this exercise and become extreme and get the likes of extreme representation which is all managed through western intelligence, who then use this to spin their web of influence...


This is also being used to fabricate a push within the COVID agenda of biolabs in Ukraine as a possible method of creating a COVID/EBOLA/HIV Mark ii event to spin global lockdowns yet again and push war against Russia and China.

It's pure script and Globalist Agenda. Like the Trump lie, we have these so called "alternation media groups" pushing the same intelligence agencies disinformation campaigns as part of an information war!


If i had to speculate further, I will suggest that Iran will be claimed to have provided biological weapons to "Islamic Extremists" that could have only come from the Ukraine, this way you tie an agenda on Russia, Iran which also leads towards China eventually...

Retaliations can then aid The Dome of the Rock/King Solomons Temple Agenda.

This temple signifies and personifies, transhumanism a transhumanist temple and a war upon the seven seals, the chakras through transhumanism. Which comes at us through these vaccination campaigns to get this black goo shit inside us as microchip us to electronically tether us and drain us of our light body, "remove our armor of god"...

This would make those whom comply, property of the beast system to eventually be governed by a single mind no different than "myths" of Dracula master of all the undead...






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Been keeping an eye on a Ukranian webcam for the last week or so, eight different views of Kyiv, including the skyline and some of the places where the bombing is alleged to have happened. Not only have I not seen any bombs falling, but no tanks, no soldiers, no police, no ambulances, no fire engines, all the things you might expect to see in a raging war.  No people in a a state of panic. They let a siren off every now and again but nothing seems to happen.



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Is it, when we’ve got rid of the Russian bear 🐻 pivoted to Asia - which we can’t see coming because we think this is about “THE RUSSIANS” - and finished waving our Ukrainian 🇺🇦 flags of pride waved by the privileged, spineless and cowardice hidden as virtuous and heroic?
I don’t think so...

This is behavioural engineering - aka it is engineered behaviour only many of those who carry it out, can’t see they’re being mocked as if they where being played like musical instruments, whilst believing they act of their own free will…


Who made you so wooden? 🤔


How do you tell someone influenced by this that such views, opinions and perceptions are not of their own making? 🤔

The outrage will be at those “arrogant enough” to tell them, as they will see people who can see what’s happening here as the arrogant ones and not the ideals they have adopted without knowing it. Those views just have to be of their own making…

You’re all braindead gullible fools who will dance to whatever tune the pipers playing, deny you’re doing it, deny any agenda exists, marginalise and label all those who can see this as “Conspiracy Theorist” as if such were an insult as we are the “Conscientious Objectors” of today who don’t want to allow the appearance of “failed politics” to lead to World War, or people who are wise enough to see that this is a clear agenda systematically made by the few deliberately and not failure it may seem and appear to be, but designed to happen so society can be drastically transformed by way of WAR.
This is only true so long as we adopt those ideals and fail to see the deception that we are actually adopting ideals so our world can be transformed how those few desire.
It’s the coward who doesn’t want to see and accept this and instead, would allow themselves to become played and possessed like a puppet on a string, flapping about when someone pulls their strings.

The only insult about being labelled a “Conspiracy Theorist” much like that of a “Conscientious Objector” is that you can’t see this perception is spun by neurolinguistic programmers thought up by the intelligence community such as that of the Tavistock Institute to ensure mass cooperation and acceptance in the “correct perceptions” of the day and time.


So many people are brainwashed and it is those people who believe it is people like me, who are the ones that are brainwashed 😳


Where were all your bleeding hearts for wars openly fought by our own governments?
Such behaviour and people were marginalised and those views not pedestalised.
It was not the “correct perception” of the day and time.
Today it is.
Who made this decision?
Was it you?



“It has been clearly stated that life lived by the average individual is hypnotic; that is, the majority of men and women are not living life as it was intended at all. Not one in a million feels the freedom to live what he inwardly feels he should live. 
He has come under the world opinion of himself and this opinion is what he obeys, rather than the law of his own being. 
In this respect and to this degree he is living under an hypnotic spell. 
He lives under the delusion that he is a mere human being, living in a merely material world, and only hopes to escape it when he dies and goes to what he calls Heaven. This is not the determination intended in the plan and purpose of life. Obedience to one's inner nature, the expression of life as he instinctively feels it ought to be expressed, is the very foundation of the life which the masters reveal as the only true mode of living.” - Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East



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