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What is the difference between Ukraine and Serbia


Kosovo has been part of Serbia for centuries. The Albanian minority eventually became the majority in Kosovo region and no longer wanted to be under the rule of the Serbian state where it was oppressed. The West practically forcibly tore Kosovo apart from Serbia and formed an independent state based on the principle of self-determination of the nation.


The story of the Ukrainian Russians is very similar. In eastern Ukraine, where the Russians are the majority, they rebelled against Kiev because they were oppressed as a minority, and established new republics, Lugansk and Donetsk, on the principle of self-determination of nations. The same happened with the Crimean peninsula, which voted in a referendum to annex it to Russia.


The West obviously has double standards when it comes to its interests. What he allows himself should not be allowed to Russia.

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Perhaps Klaus Schwab is right when he says that a great reset is needed.
His happytalism is not exactly the right option, but the current Wild West, which wants to conquer the world through NATO and the financial system - the stick and the carrot - is also not leading anywhere.


Russia has, as expected, resisted to it, and now the creators of a modern New World Order based on Anglo-American financial imperialism are arguing that Russia is the one threatening the West, although it is clear the opposite.
The West is doing everything to overthrow the Russian sovereignist regime with the intention of installing a submissive puppet in the Kremlin that will dance to the beats of the Anglo-American financial elite that rules the West.
To this end, the Western elite is ready to sacrifice Ukraine, which has the role of the first echelon in the conflict with Russia. It is also clearly ready for a major European war…

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The West, or the American-British globalist clique it leads, is playing a hypocritical game: it gives Ukraine false hopes that it can reconquer Crimea and Donbas with Western help, but in reality the West intends to sacrifice Ukraine to weaken Russia. This could lead to an internal coup and the removal of Putin from the Kremlin.

David Cameron, the British prime minister who promised to propose a referendum on British EU membership before he became prime minister, said when asked why Brexit, that because there would be a war in Europe. This is the plan of the American-British globalist clique…

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