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Russian Athletes: Are PED Results Rigged?


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It's well known that performance enhancing drugs are rampant in both pro and amateur athletics, especially but not exclusively at the elite international level.


We also know that tests can be rigged to produce whatever results the testing agency wishes for. Kary Mullis taught us that with the PCR test: at a certain level of amplification, a positive result is guaranteed.

Are the russians being made an example of? The Russian skater, Kamila Valieva, regarded as the best womens' figure skater of all time, "tested positive" for a banned substance. Oddly, the banned substance is very similar in effect to multiple other drugs which are not banned. So first it seems odd that only one of a class of similar drugs is banned.


ROC was the result of supposedly systematic use of PED's but I have a hard time believing they're the only country involved. Is it possible they are being held to a different standard for drug testing? Perhaps a different schedule? More testing or even rigged or totally falsified results?

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