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Co-ordinated Hyperinflation to the West - CGG controlled ports preventing ships from loading in Singapore


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CPP or CGG? CGG is the term for the deep state, Illuminate, shadow government. It stands for Corporate Global Government.  There is speculation that many ships in Singapore are anchored empty in the harbour.  There is also concern that this is a tactic used by the CGG to cause hyperinflation.  The next phase of their evil masterplan to enslave humanity, by making it too unaffordable for most to spend any meaningful time to protest or cause disruption.


One of their tactics is to take out of circulation shipping containers. This massive shortage has caused massive delays in major ports around the world.  A simple but effective tactic that will have a knock-on effect, resulting in hyperinflation.







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hello everybody



yesterday i finished reading mike maloney's free book "guide to investing in gold and silver" which includes historical examples of hyperinflations. will it be any different this time around? (it is a matter of when, not if.) the cause of the hyperinflation will be when the additional currency that has been printed into existence in the covid era picks up velocity. (if the authorities declare the pandemic over, that would do it; or, if everybody realises that the true value of their currency is zero, that would do it also.) i am not an economist, of course, but my reading of the situation is that it will be demand, not supply, that fuels the hyperinflation. i am spending my currency now while it still has value.


hint: pay attention to mike maloney who tells us that in a crisis, wealth is transferred (it is not destroyed). i posted links to mike maloney's "hidden secrets of money" series in the recommended viewing forum if you need to be convinced.



have a great day everybody


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