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Prince Andrew settles out of court !


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4 minutes ago, Fiery Phoenix said:

Lots of press saying there is no NDA and she just needs to keep mouth shut until after the jubilee.  Strange if true that there wasn't an NDA attached to the payoff?


Also, if he defended himself at civil court and lost, he would pay out millions. But decided not to and still payout millions! Can be only to stop other aspects of private life coming out in a full civil trail.


I wonder if PA just fronted up at the start....yes, I slept with her, I didn't know she was trafficked, she told me she was 25...I was a single guy.....


I think the cover up is always usually worse. The Pizza Express and the sweating nonsense, etc


At least he saved himself the legal costs both for his side and hers and also, as you say, not having to disclose aspects of his private life....


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On 2/16/2022 at 8:51 AM, jack121 said:


Will be a lot of plaintiffs.

This story makes me wonder about all the children they rape torture and murder in buckingham palace, they murder a lot at halloween. Iwonder what they do with all the dead bodies, who mops up the blood, who carts the dead kids away in piles and heaps, who contacts the childrens' homes and prepares the next lot of children to be brought over. Massive compliance. That's why they have so many children in homes, and a refusing to let them get adopted out, a fresh supply of babies to murder.

Randy andy is definetly one sick fuck, but what he had his family do, only the tip of the iceberg has been revealed


What evidence do you have to back up your Buckingham Palace allegations? 

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