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"The Matrix Deciphered" by Robert Duncan - The Most CONTROVERSIAL Truther Book Ever Written?

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This is a very detailed 263 page PDF book about America's classified WIRELESS BRAIN WEAPONS, by a Scientist who actually developed some of them, believing, wrongly, that they would only be used to do good.


Covered in the book:


- What types of brain weapons, neural interfaces and psychotronic weapons exist

- How they work technically (transmitters, electrical signals, extra low frequency technology, standing waves)

- Why they were developed, and for what specific uses

- Who developed them - voluntarily or not

- What the often HORRIBLE capabilities of these psychotronic weapons are

- Where and when they have been used to ruin various people

- What trained Operators working the systems can do to people with the technology and how

- How the scientist who wrote the book was himself almost forced into silence with the technology he helped develop

- Over-The-Horizon surveillance technologies allowing people on other continents to be monitored from the United States

- Much more in-depth information about these psychotronic brain weapons which IS NEVER DISCUSSED IN THE MAINSTREAM


This is the most detailed account of psychotronics ever written. The PDF version is available to read here:




Anyone read this before? Any thoughts on the work?


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On 2/17/2022 at 10:19 PM, Truthblast said:


Best and most complete book on this topic. Why is he a "cunt" ?

Says he was duped, you don't help build technology for the people he was building it for and not understand it would never be used for anything good!

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