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Conflict in Ukraine - Russian Invasion


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6 hours ago, alexa said:

In Ukraine- the shelled out buildings but ppl still manage to their Daily shop 😂



I had the misfortune to be sharing a room with a television at my sister's house - bloody big thing on the wall - and it was on the whole time I was there. I saw those buildings (minus the shoppers) numerous times as the news looped every hour or so. I heard the mournful tones of some misery guts black reporter many times over, speaking of atrocities - don't know who he is - and even my sister observed that there was something dead about him. I got the same stench of pretence that I got during the Covid scam, particularly from the Ukrainian locals that they interviewed; though I do not pretend to know much of what is really going on there.


I noticed that two of these locals had £500-£800 smartphones, peering at pictures as they scrolled through memories of what it used to be like before the Russians flattened everything. None of it seemed genuine. The tones of voices, the tears, even their scruffy appearances all came across as unnatural.


I am busy enough as it is without digging deep into this latest world event, but I might be getting to know some Ukrainian refugees in the coming months as they come into the homes of some people I have recently met in Birmingham (just joined a new fellowship) and might be able to eventually get a first hand understanding of what is really happening there and what is not really happening there. Though I imagine that some people have fled because they have either believed a lie or are chancing their arm, so it still might not be possible to get a true picture.

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7 hours ago, alexa said:

In Ukraine- the shelled out buildings but ppl still manage to their Daily shop 😂





To be fair people and businesses carry on if they can. That said I saw a video of a supermarket somewhere in Ukraine which looked

unaffected, but I think Maruipol has been hit hard.


How is Ukraine being fed?


During the Blitz, numererous businesses were bombed, but people just tried to carry on.


John Lewis on Oxford Street


The bombing of John Lewis, September 1940 - John Lewis Memory Store






Was this image staged? Perhaps it was to boost morale.




The Milkman: The Story behind One of the Most Iconic Images of the Blitz




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9 minutes ago, Anti Facts Sir said:

Kitties are notoriously sensitive to noise, so no way this is real. It's just staged for the camera. No actual gunfire or activity.

I disagree with you on this, there is gunfire, you can see the cats reaction. But agree about cats hate noise like that.

Why I have the strong suspicion that cat is tied to him so it cant get away. But its pure abuse anyway & that guy probably has ear defenders on.

Who takes a cat to the shooting range? & they are using this as propaganda for their cause.


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Interior Minister Faeser: "Z" is a symbol of support for Russia's war of aggression and can thus be prosecuted as a crime in Germany. I support taking steps whenever the threshold to criminal liability is crossed. The state has a mandate to protect people here


You can always 'trust' the german authorities to be first


Zurich Insurance has a problem then      😴  

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1 minute ago, Morpheus said:


The amount of BS on both sides is crazy. Westerners seriously need to get out of their bubbles and talk to some Ukies and Russkies to determine the truth. I know it's not easy, but there are social media platforms where you can use the translate feature to talk to foreigners, obviously not Twitter and Fb, more alternative social media.

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41 minutes ago, Doc said:

Watch the small side light above the word 'Emergency' on the side.



Something appears to emit from that area before the strike and fire downwards at 45 degrees to where the explosion happens. I made a slowed down video at varying speeds but it won't upload - still, playing and pausing will reveal it. Perhaps a detonator of some sort?




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42 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:

What is the deal with the cats? I keep seeing anons on 4chan posting pics of Ukrainian and Russian soldiers with cats. Do they let them take them to the front for morale, or are they just strays that they find or something?


Pulling the heart strings is only reason & the lack of dead bodies to be found at 'ground zero.'

The fact that video has 2500 likes on another propganda user on twatted quite sickens me, but think 90% are part of the psybot army on there, that like & spam anything pro Ukraine. Probably a CIA Hasbara 77 joint effort.

How can you like watching a cat being tortured I dont know, or think its a good thing for your cause.

Nothing surprises me anymore.

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4 minutes ago, oddsnsods said:


Pulling the heart strings is only reason



I'm sure that's the reason with those twitter photo ops, they don't look organic at all.


I'm just talking about images of random vatniks walking about with cats. It's probably just anons from either side winding each other up as people are often judged on how they treat animals, and they're probably just trying to make the other side appear more savage.

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Russia got suspended from the UN human rights council I noticed today, what a joke we pay for that shit ffs.

Israel voted against them.

They claim hundreds of bodies found on the streets & compared to Rwanda..where I believe a million were massacred.🤡🗺️

This without any real evidence atall trolololl.

UN set up by Elite (Rockefeller) to serve Elites agenda of course.





Same day EU vote to stop all oil & gas.

These mad fucks are pushing to starve us all.



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The question is 'Cui Bono', To Who's Profit?


Who benefits from a War between the Christian Gentiles of Europe and Russia?


Who has been able to consistently bring the U.S into European Wars by means of their media?


To who was it prophesied that they shall rule over all the Nations of the world?


Yup, thats right.... Its those damn Flat Earthers!

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