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Conflict in Ukraine - Russian Invasion


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27 minutes ago, bamboozooka said:

hiroshima was rebuilt within 5 years cos the radiation isotopes blew away


From the eyewitness accounts you'd think that they were firebombed extensively instead of being nuked. The type of damage  indicated that too, also the speed of how fast they started rebuilding.

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I don't believe there is any real interest in nuking any major cities, parks, forest, etc., as it would make that real estate unusable for quite some time. US lumber is very valuable, US wheat and corn fields, etc....we feed the world, as they say. California coastline? Hell, those despots will want beachfront property, too. I know, they all got underground tunnels and shelters, but it ain't like they want to live underground. And why nuke us worthless eaters? We've been lining up around the block to get jabbed, even as we watch each other drop like flies. 


And that's my two cents on the nuke issue. Transcripts of this broadcast can be obtained at the David Icke Forum Gift Shoppe.

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58 minutes ago, DarianF said:


It would be kind of like Christiano Ronaldo complaining girls won't take him seriously as a soccer player, because they're objectifying him while looking at him in his underwear.



I remember when men had body hair. 



...and now, back to the war...

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1 hour ago, oddsnsods said:

Wag the ZOG







The ITN report I saw just had a similar stink about it that I smelled when actors were dropping dead on the streets of Wuhan back in Jan/Feb 2020. People said back then that I was being 'untrusting' over the reporting of a genuine disaster. By the time we went into lockdown, that was actually used as vindication for it being a real pandemic. Why would we close the economy down for nothing?


Until such time I see genuine warfare confirmed to be happening NOW and INSIDE Ukraine (not archive footage of real conflict from a different time and area and not explosions in empty countryside) it only makes sense to distrust everything that comes out of the mouth of the mainstream media.


I'll wait for irrefutable evidence over a long period of time before changing my mind. According to the BBC just now it is carnage but where is the footage? Kiev is about to fall yet I've nothing to go on except what the BBC reporter is saying. 


The Mayor has picked up an AK-47 and is on the streets with thousands of others waiting to fight to the last man as Russian soldiers close in on the capital city.

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Still a lot of people think it was a gas explosion in 2018 I see no real evidence yet, but the BBC made this claim, whats the odds on that little coincidence.🤔


BBC reporter breaks down in tears live on air after discovering family home has been bombed



BBC World presenter Karin Giannone had been joined by her colleague Olga Malchevska in the studio when the Ukrainian journalist recognised pictures of her family home, which had been destroyed by Russian bombs overnight.

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The Ukraine Army has so far killed 33,000 Russian soldiers, destroyed or immobilised 650 Russian Tanks, downed 444 jets and 333 helicopters, sunk 9 Russian Warships and expects Ukrainian troops to be on the outskirts of Moscow within hours


                                                                                                   Source- The Bloke Down the pub

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The fear of possible dangers from vaccines would be childs game infront of the dangers of an again nuclear incident in Europe.

As far as there is no safe amount of radiation ever.....the Nothern Hemsiphere is already contaminated.

Dr Helen Caldicott sets no foot on European soil cause she says it is already nuclear wasted and also the whole food chain there...so she would never eat dried Turkish apricots for example 😎


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15 hours ago, Anti Facts Sir said:

Men are objectified just the same. Maybe you don't see it. But it happens.


It doesn't bother me if women or gay men drool over male images and find them sexually attractive. I see it all the time. It's human nature. And if I were the object of it, I'd take it as a compliment (at best) or ignore it (at worst) and move on.




Levelling the playing field....




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7 hours ago, oddsnsods said:

Russian Space Chief Warns ISS Will Plunge From Orbit And Strike US If Biden Sanctions Implemented



Fake station coming down on white house.🍿


Source: The Sun  🤣


The Sun headlines today:




Wow! That escalated quickly!


Any evidence? No? Thought not...

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The fact that this thread has descended into farce after only nine pages, amply demonstrates the lack of veracity in this latest media psy-op and shows how easy it is to herd the sheeple.


The baying mob have taken to the streets on cue with anti-war protests, which was the top story on Reporting Scotland, that is, a hundred people outside the Russian Embassy in Edinburgh.


Yet, tens of thousands at anti-vaxx protests were ignored.



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